CNN Shocked After Lifelong Democrats Go 100% Pro-Trump On Camera

CNN and other liberal media outlets love to have Democrats and Republicans on various shows and interviews who can’t wait to dump on President Trump. But with the economy booming like never before (literally) and the job market flourishing, CNN is having a little more difficulty in finding Trump-bashers willing to talk.

Why? Because aside from maybe hyping up the Russian collusion fantasy, you factually can’t knock the guy. He’s literally Making America Great Again.

So, it’s no surprise that CNN wasn’t exactly thrilled with a group of Democrat voters in Youngstown, OH that they interviewed, because what they said about Trump is NOT what CNN wanted to hear…

Daily Wire reports:

CNN’s Martin Savage interviewed a diverse group of Democratic voters from Ohio on Wednesday who all praised President Donald Trump for the things he has done during his first year in office.

The group of Democratic voters, who had all crossed over to vote for Trump during the 2016 election, agreed in their assessments of the president and on the importance of his key agenda goals, like ending illegal immigration.

When asked how they thought he was performing, the group replied, “Fantastic,” “Phenomenal,” “Better than I ever would have dreamt,” and “He’s doing wonderful, he’s staying on task.”

The panel did not agree with the media and the Democrats’ portrayal of Trump being a racist, as they also said he does not get a fair shake from the media.

One of the members of the panel, student Justis Harrison, a minority, said she met Trump and she did not think there was any reason to even suspect that he was a racist.

“He was just the nicest person and if he was a racist as everyone paints him out to be, he could have just walked right past me and not even said a word,” Harrison said.

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Democrat Leader INDICTED – 10 Charges, Including 5 Felonies!

Nancy Worley, Head Of Alabama Democratic Party, Indicted On 10 Felony And Misdemeanor Charges.

Here’s a little story from earlier this month that the mainstream media completely skipped over: Nancy Worley, former secretary of state and the current chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party, turned herself in at the Montgomery County Jail following indictment by a grand jury on felony and misdemeanor charges related to her unsuccessful 2006 re-election campaign.

According to the indictment, Worley broke the law when she wrote a letter to her employees with the underlined words, “I want to ask for your support and your vote in the June 2006 Democratic Primary Election.” She followed up the solicitation by saying, “If you choose to support another candidate you have every right to make that decision without any problems from me.

However, as stated in Alabama election law, it is “unlawful for any officer or employee to solicit any type political campaign contributions from other employees who work for said officer or employee in a subordinate capacity.” Worley’s attorney claims that her latter statement indicates that her employees were not pressured into contributing – but Worley’s employees see it differently.

According to Ed Packer, one of Worley’s many disgruntled former employees, “Aside from it being illegal it just seems wrong for an elected official to request money or other kinds of campaign support from their subordinates because of that employer – employee relationship that could be coercive just by its very nature.” Packer also said that Worley sent her employees bumper stickers and a mailer to volunteer or request a yard sign.

Worley was released on bond after turning herself in. She faces five misdemeanor and five felony charges – and she hasn’t wasted any time blaming Republicans for her own criminality. “This is happening to Democrats throughout the country who don’t bow down to Republicans,” she said.

This is far from the first time Worley has faced criticism. Her four years in office were plagued by complaints about everything from her selection of a gas guzzling SUV that the state paid for to low morale among her employees.

Yet, in October 2017, Worley hypocritically proclaimed that Alabamians should vote Democrat because several Republicans had been ousted from office due to misconduct.

But the truth always comes out, doesn’t it?

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Democrat Leadership: 10 Minutes of Shantytowns

It would seem Democrats would rather slam President Trump for his alleged ‘sh**hole’ countries comment, than say anthing positive about Trump’s policies to improve our economy or increase jobs! I guess they would rather just continue to stew in their ‘shantytowns’ because of their socialist policies, right Maxine? Right Pelosi?

Democrats have no problem with letting a few more thousand illegal immigrants into our country, but when it comes to taking care of our own homeless people strung across acres up and down streets in Orange County well….that’s another issue.

If there’s any one state in that could be properly termed socialist, California would certainly be in the running.

After all, the Golden State is where taxes are high, the so-called “safety net” is wide, economic growth is low and anyone who disagrees with leftist orthodoxy is chased off of state-run college campuses.

Well, if you want to call California socialist, all we can say is this: We’ve seen the future, and it doesn’t work.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at this video showing the homelessness in Orange County, California. It’s a 10-minute bike ride through one of the largest shantytowns in America:

The encampment in question is along the Santa Ana River right by Angel Stadium.

According to the Los Angeles Times, authorities decided to shut down the encampment last November, although we wish them good luck with that.

In a now-deleted post, the Retired Orange County Deputy Sheriffs blamed local officials for it: “Orange County is now a s*** hole country thanks to Sheriff Sandra (Hutchens) and her co-conspirator Don Barnes,” the description for the video reads, taking a slight page from Donald Trump.

However, while enforcement of transients laws may be local, it’s kind of hard to blame Hutchens and Barnes, or really any county government. Homelessness in California is a massive statewide problem.

At one point, the largest homeless camp in America was in South San Jose; The Atlantic blamed the 68-acre shantytown on those darn Silicon Valley firms and the rising housing prices that came with it.

Maybe that had something to do with it, but Oakland isn’t exactly Silicon Valley. Yet, a homeless encampment there is spilling out onto the street.

OK, but that’s still the Bay Area. What about Los Angeles? Well, here’s 37 minutes of footage from a Skid Row homeless encampment there:

These are four places scattered over 400 miles644km apart. What’s the one unifying factor? They all share the same state government — a state that’s more than $400 billion in debt.

According to The New York Times, one in four homeless people in America — 114,000 in total — live in California. Los Angeles County alone has 55,000 homeless, a number that rose by 13,000 from 2016 to 2017.

Lest you think that these homeless encampments just create a visual blight on the California landscape, consider the fact that a recent wildfire that destroyed six homes in Bel-Air was started by cooking from a nearby homeless encampment.

And state government doesn’t appear to be getting any saner in the near future. While Democrat Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is term-limited and can’t ruin the state any further beyond 2018, the odds-on favorite to replace him is former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who will likely be worse.

Despite a movement to draft conservative actor James Woods to challenge Newsom, the likelihood of a Republican victory is probably slim at best. Thus, there’s likely going to be another four years of Democrat “leadership” that’s going to be tasked with solving the homeless problem.

According to even the NY Times, every year, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development releases a Point in Time count of the homeless population. This year that number reached nearly 554,000 — a 1 percent increase from last year, driven by the dramatic surge in West Coast cities.

More than one-quarter of the total homeless population nationwide lives in California, roughly 114,000. The vast majority are “unsheltered” — a more bureaucratic term to describe the thousands living on the streets, under freeways and tucked into grassy fields and parks in cities all around the state.

Undoubtedly, Los Angeles County is the epicenter of the homeless crisis — up to more than 55,000, an increase of more than 13,000 compared with last year. Eighty percent of homeless people in Los Angeles live on the street or in public parks. Last year, voters approved a ballot measure that expects to raise about $4.7 billion in the next decade for affordable housing and homeless services.

So while the Democrats continue to balk and protest over Trump’s alleged ‘sh**hole’ countries’ comment, those same politicians that represent California, like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Maxine Waters seem to care little about their own growing homelessness population in California. They’d rather continue to provide shelter for thousands of illegal immigrants in Sanctuary cities than care for the thousands that are homeless in their OWN state.

What a sad group of Democrat leaders wouldn’t you say? Democrat Leadership and Shantytowns 101, you don’t need a class to understand that socialism DOESN’T work!

Major California Democrat Openly Supports Trump’s Top Priority Live On T.V, You’ll Be Surprised

It’s taken them a year to make sense of it. Be that as it may, a few Democrats have found that President Trump truly knows how to get his agenda implemented. As such, all that discussion about “winning” did not simply rant. He sketched out what he wanted to complete, and has to a great extent achieved that motivation in his first term.

What stays to be settled are migration issues and the substitution for Obamacare. Furthermore, even some of those objectives have been expert by means of executive orders.

Obamacare has been to a great extent gutted and now exists generally in name as it were. What’s more, the border wall is coming paying little mind to what Nancy Pelosi and her buddies want.

An ever-increasing number of cracks are showing up in the Democratic restriction to the border wall. Presently, a Democratic congresswoman from California Jackie Speier has declared that she is prepared to work with the president.

Also, it’s sheltered to expect that in the event that one Democratic individual from Congress is prepared to participate on the wall, there is numerous business as a usual influence who have just not made their positions public yet.

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., broke ranks with Democratic leaders on Thursday and said she is willing to work with President Trump and congressional Republicans on legalizing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in return for border wall funding.

“I’m willing to go, you know, midway with the president and the Republicans to fund higher-tech walls along our border, more border security, enhanced measures, but I really feel very strongly that our DACA kids need to be protected,” Speier told MSNBC host Craig Melvin, who seemed stunned by the statement.

This is most likely all the sin a Democrat can articulate without getting suspended from the party. What’s more, it reflects the position as of late distributed by the Washington Post.

So what we may have here is an organized push to in any event remove a portion of the credit for achieving something. All things considered, they unquestionably would prefer not to be viewed as simply lounging around superfluous as the Democrats did amid the president’s tax bill achievement.

“‘To be clear, I want to clarify. You are okay with giving the president his wall in exchange for DACA?’ Melvin asked.

“‘I would be willing to give the president a high-tech wall, willing to give him some amount of money to build his wall to a certain degree,’ Speier said.”

We have every one of the makings of effectively passing legislation tending to these issues. It’s simply a question of working out the points of interest alongside a lot of political performance center to fulfill supporters in the two parties.

Demonstrating they are yesterday’s leaders,  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have both previously insisted the Democratic Party would not compromise on that request.

Those two offer nothing of significant worth to the American individuals and are really a delay their own particular party. In any case, in the finest of political traditions, they remain either unconscious of or unconcerned with, their own particular pointlessness.

At any rate, Pelosi and Schumer complete one thing admirably. They show the kind of leaders who ought to be constrained into retirement.

In the interim, they can watch a genuine leader, President Trump, work with those individuals from the Democratic Party to advance his agenda. It’s comment.

What do you think about this? Do not hesitate and write your thoughts in the comment section below.

h/t Washington Examiner,

Major California Democrat Goes Rogue, Openly Supports Trump’s Top Priority Live On T.V.

It’s taken them a year to figure it out. But some Democrats have discovered that President Trump really does know how to get his agenda implemented.

In other words, all that talk about “winning” was not just bluster. He outlined what he wanted to get done, and has largely accomplished that agenda in his first term.

What remains to be finalized are immigration issues and the replacement for Obamacare. And even some of those goals have been accomplished via executive orders.

Obamacare has been largely gutted, and now exists mostly in name only. And the border wall is coming regardless of what Nancy Pelosi and her pals want.

Image result for democrat leaders

More and more cracks are appearing in the Democratic opposition to the border wall. Now, Democratic congresswoman from California Jackie Speier has announced that she is ready to work with the president.

And it’s safe to assume that if one Democratic member of Congress is ready to cooperate on the wall, there are many more of the same persuasion who have simply not made their positions public yet.

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., broke ranks with Democratic leaders on Thursday and said she is willing to work with President Trump and congressional Republicans on legalizing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in return for border wall funding.

“I’m willing to go, you know, midway with the president and the Republicans to fund higher-tech walls along our border, more border security, enhanced measures, but I really feel very strongly that our DACA kids need to be protected,” Speier told MSNBC host Craig Melvin, who seemed stunned by the statement.

This is probably all the heresy a Democrat can utter without getting excommunicated from the party. And it mirrors the position recently published by the Washington Post.

So what we might have here is a coordinated effort to at least take part of the credit for accomplishing something. After all, they certainly don’t want to be seen as just sitting around irrelevant as the Democrats did during the president’s tax bill success.

“‘To be clear, I want to clarify. You are okay with giving the president his wall in exchange for DACA?’ Melvin asked.

“‘I would be willing to give the president a high-tech wall, willing to give him some amount of money to build his wall to a certain degree,’ Speier said.”

We have all the makings of successfully passing legislation addressing these issues. It’s just a matter of working out the details along with plenty of political theater to satisfy supporters in both parties.

Proving they are yesterday’s leaders, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have both previously insisted the Democratic Party would not compromise on that request.

Those two offer nothing of value to the American people and are actually a drag on their own party. However, in the finest of political traditions, they remain either unaware of, or indifferent to, their own uselessness.

At least Pelosi and Schumer do one thing well. They demonstrate the sort of leaders who should be forced into retirement.

Meanwhile, they can watch a true leader, President Trump, work with selected members of the Democratic Party to move forward his agenda. It’s something to behold.

Source: Washington Examiner,


Democrats love their activism. However, it isn’t 1965 anymore and the days where protesting really makes a substantial difference are long gone. But that doesn’t stop people from continuing to protest. And while many of the Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others rallies and protests are disgusting in their nature this latest protest in New York City will make your skin crawl because of the callousness of it all.

This past Thursday a Democratic New York City Councilmen named Jumanne Williams and Ydannis Rodriguez were both arrested and handcuffed after protesting. But it wasn’t just their protesting that was the issue. They were purposefully blocking an ambulance with a person inside who needed to be transported to the local hospital immediately.

Both of the councilmen were protesting the White House administration, the President, and ICE over a supposed illegal alien activist who was allegedly being held for deportation at the airport. A cop had them face down on the hood of two cars while both of them were chanting, “Freedom. Resist. Freedom. Resist. We are going to resist.”

The New York Post reported,

The 39-second clip also shows cops grappling with several protesters sitting on the street. A photo posted on Rodriguez’ Twitter account shows him being restrained by at least two cops, one of whom has both arms wrapped around the back of pol’s head and neck. “This is NOT how you treat people who are protesting for Human Rights. This is NOT what democracy looks like. We can’t call ourselves progressives and pro-immigrants when the @NYPDnews is doing chokehold to us. Injusticia!” the caption says.

A female protester also claimed she was roughed up by cops. “They were picking me up and throwing me because I’m small enough that they could,” freelance journalist Indigo Olivier, 22, of Brooklyn, told The Post. “They kept going for my breasts. They were really aggressively pushing and I kept saying, ‘Those are my breasts.’” Around 300 people took part in the protest. The NYPD said 10 men and eight women were taken into custody, but didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the claims regarding its officers’ conduct.

Mayor de Blasio has “been briefed on the protest and police activity along Broadway in Lower Manhattan,” a spokesman said on Twitter. “The area is covered extensively by cameras and we’ll be reviewing the footage to get to the bottom of what happened,” spokesman Eric Phillips added. Officials will scrutinize the actions of both cops and protesters, City Hall sources said. An NYPD union leader called on de Blasio ” to start an investigation on these council members that actively went in front of an ambulance with its emergency lights on taking a patient to the hospital.” “They have a right to protest. It’s the American way, I get it,” said Lou Turco, president of the Lieutenants Benevolent Association.

But they cannot block an ambulance going to the hospital. And these are council members who are dictating policy for the city of New York.” Ragbir, executive director of the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City, was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials during a “routine check-in” at 26 Federal Plaza, according to a statement issued by the group. He was put in the ambulance after fainting, Maguire said.

All those arrested were taken to the 7th Precinct headquarters, where the Rev. Raymond Blanchette emerged and told fellow activists that Williams was going to be released with a desk appearance ticket. But Rodriguez is being booked on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstruction of government administration, and will be held pending arraignment, Blanchette said.

An immigrant from Trinidad, Ragbir was ordered deported in 2006 following his conviction for wire fraud and conspiracy, but has remained in the US by challenging that ruling. Lawyers with the Immigrant Rights Clinic of Washington Square Legal Services filed a suit on his behalf Thursday against US Attorney Jeff Sessions and other government officials, claiming Ragbir has a “stay of removal” that’s valid through Jan. 19.

“A longtime New Yorker, a husband and a father, Ravi is beloved by all of us who have had the privilege of working with him to make New York a welcoming community for all of its residents,” said the Rev. Kaji Dousa, co chair of the New Sanctuary Coalition. “The fact that ICE has taken him as if his spirit, family ties, and contributions to the community mean nothing is inhumane.” “ICE didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.”

This is the face of the modern Democratic Party. They preach tolerance and acceptance, love and hope. Yet they go out and they physically and verbally assassinate anyone and everyone who disagrees with them and gets in their way. It is very hypocritical behavior and the height of irony itself.

How can one promote tolerance, love, and open mindedness, and point to the Republican Party as callus yet sit their and block an ambulance carrying someone in critical need of hospital services? Perhaps for some the ends justify the means. But in reality they have become the very thing they hate, despise, and preach against in this political atmosphere.

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Trump Axes Obama 13 Billion-Dollar Deal in 2 Democrat States

While he was in office, former President Barack Obama worked out a $13 billion rail tunnel for two deep-blue Democrat states in which U.S. taxpayers would be paying for half of the bill. Luckily for the American people, President Donald Trump is in office now to put a stop to this overpriced project.

According to Fox News, the plan was supposed to renovate Amtrak tunnels and tracks between New York state and New Jersey that have fallen into disrepair.

Amtrak contends that these tracks and tunnels are so bad that they “could fail within 10 to 15 years, threatening daily rail transportation in the Northeast.”

However, the issue isn’t whether the repairs should be made. The issue is with who will pay for them.

Under the original plan, the costs would be split up three ways between New York state, New Jersey, and the federal government.

According to Fox, the two states have started to back out of their end of the deal. They now want to make up their payments using loans from the federal government. In other words, pay nothing at all for themselves up front, while the rest of the country picks up the tab for improvements to a transportation system overwhelmingly used by residents of New York, New Jersey and other Northeastern states.

As a result, according to Fox, K. Jane Williams — deputy administrator of the Federal Transit Administration — sent New York and New Jersey a letter stating “that the Obama-era deal was now ‘non-existent’ because the states recently requested that their portions be covered by loans from the federal government — meaning Washington would supply all of the initial funding for what the Trump White House is calling ‘a local project.’”

Of course, not everyone is happy about Williams’ letter — especially the Democrat states that were trying to get a deal from the taxpayers in the rest of the country.

According to Fox, Gateway Development Corp., the project overseer composed of representatives of New York, New Jersey and Amtrak called the federal letter “posturing” and said “we are confident that the Trump Administration will engage with us as the President turns to infrastructure in 2018.”

Social media users, though, questioned the reasoning of why other U.S. taxpayers should pay for something overwhelmingly benefits only two states.

Later this month, Trump is expected to unveil his 2018 $1 trillion national infrastructure plan.

This letter, though, leaves some doubt that these repairs will be part of it.

The states just need to pony up the money and help fix their own infrastructure. The federal government can help, but it’s time these liberal states pull their share of the load as well instead of putting the financial burden on the rest of the American taxpayers.

Source: BizPac Review,

Republicans Pass Anti-KKK Act – Outlawing Democrat Terrorist Groups!

That’s right – the KKK was a group that didn’t just hate Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, or anyone who didn’t look like a white Cracker…

… they also hated Republicans.

Because they were Democrats and they regularly lynched not only blacks, but Republicans too!

So, in 1868, after a mob of Democrats massacred 300 Blacks and Republicans in Opelousas, Louisiana on September 28th, Republicans began writing and passed the anti-Ku Klux Klan Act effectively outlawing Democratic domestic terrorist groups. Hat Tip: The Miller Center:

On April 20, 1871, at the urging of President Ulysses Grant, Congress passed the Ku Klux Klan Act. Also known as the third Enforcement Act, the bill was a controversial expansion of federal authority designed to give the federal government additional power to protect voters. The act established penalties in the form of fines and jail time for attempts to deprive citizens of equal protection under the laws and gave the President the authority to use federal troops and suspend the writ of habeas corpus in ensuring that civil rights were upheld.

Founded as a fraternal organization by Confederate veterans in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan soon became a paramilitary group devoted to the overthrow of Republican governments in the South and the reassertion of white supremacy. Through murder, kidnapping, and violent intimidation, Klansmen sought to secure Democratic victories in elections by attacking black voters and, less frequently, white Republican leaders.

Here’s how it went:

This list was originally compiled by Michael Zak at Grand Ole Partisan:

September 22, 1862: Republican President Abraham Lincoln issues preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

January 1, 1863: Emancipation Proclamation, implementing the Republicans’ Confiscation Act of 1862, takes effect

BUT – The Democratic Party continues to Support Slavery – SO:

susan B


February 9, 1864: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton deliver over 100,000 signatures to U.S. Senate supporting Republicans’ plans for constitutional amendment to ban slavery

June 15, 1864: Republican Congress votes equal pay for African-American troops serving in U.S. Army during Civil War

June 28, 1864: Republican majority in Congress repeals Fugitive Slave Acts

October 29, 1864: African-American abolitionist Sojourner Truth says of President Lincoln: “I never was treated by anyone with more kindness and cordiality than were shown to me by that great and good man”

January 31, 1865: 13th Amendment banning slavery passed by U.S. House with unanimous Republican support, intense Democrat opposition

Republican Party Support: 100% Democratic Party Support: 23%

March 3, 1865: Republican Congress establishes Freedmen’s Bureau to provide health care, education, and technical assistance to emancipated slaves

April 8, 1865: 13th Amendment banning slavery passed by U.S. Senate

Republican support 100%

Democrat support 37%

June 19, 1865: On “Juneteenth,” U.S. troops land in Galveston, TX to enforce ban on slavery that had been declared more than two years before by the Emancipation Proclamation

November 22, 1865: Republicans denounce Democrat legislature of Mississippi for enacting “black codes,” which institutionalized racial discrimination

1866: The Republican Party passes the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to protect the rights of newly freed slaves

December 6, 1865: Republican Party’s 13th Amendment, banning slavery, is ratified

*1865: The KKK launches as the “Terrorist Arm” of the Democratic Party

February 5, 1866: U.S. Rep. Thaddeus Stevens (R-PA) introduces legislation, successfully opposed by Democrat President Andrew Johnson, to implement “40 acres and a mule” relief by distributing land to former slaves

April 9, 1866: Republican Congress overrides Democrat President Johnson’s veto; Civil Rights Act of 1866, conferring rights of citizenship on African-Americans, becomes law

April 19, 1866: Thousands assemble in Washington, DC to celebrate Republican Party’s abolition of slavery

May 10, 1866: U.S. House passes Republicans’ 14th Amendment guaranteeing due process and equal protection of the laws to all citizens; 100% of Democrats vote no

June 8, 1866: U.S. Senate passes Republicans’ 14th Amendment guaranteeing due process and equal protection of the law to all citizens; 94% of Republicans vote yes and 100% of Democrats vote no

July 16, 1866: Republican Congress overrides Democrat President Andrew Johnson’s veto of Freedman’s Bureau Act, which protected former slaves from “black codes” denying their rights

July 28, 1866: Republican Congress authorizes formation of the Buffalo Soldiers, two regiments of African-American cavalrymen

July 30, 1866: Democrat-controlled City of New Orleans orders police to storm racially-integrated Republican meeting; raid kills 40 and wounds more than 150

January 8, 1867: Republicans override Democrat President Andrew Johnson’s veto of law granting voting rights to African-Americans in D.C.

July 19, 1867: Republican Congress overrides Democrat President Andrew Johnson’s veto of legislation protecting voting rights of African-Americans

March 30, 1868: Republicans begin impeachment trial of Democrat President Andrew Johnson, who declared: “This is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President, it shall be a government of white men”

May 20, 1868: Republican National Convention marks debut of African-American politicians on national stage; two – Pinckney Pinchback and James Harris – attend as delegates, and several serve as presidential electors

1868 (July 9): 14th Amendment passes and recognizes newly freed slaves as U.S. Citizens

Republican Party Support: 94% Democratic Party Support: 0%

September 3, 1868: 25 African-Americans in Georgia legislature, all Republicans, expelled by Democrat majority; later reinstated by Republican Congress

September 12, 1868: Civil rights activist Tunis Campbell and all other African-Americans in Georgia Senate, every one a Republican, expelled by Democrat majority; would later be reinstated by Republican Congress

September 28, 1868: Democrats in Opelousas, Louisiana murder nearly 300 African-Americans who tried to prevent an assault against a Republican newspaper editor

October 7, 1868: Republicans denounce Democratic Party’s national campaign theme: “This is a white man’s country: Let white men rule”

October 22, 1868: While campaigning for re-election, Republican U.S. Rep. James Hinds (R-AR) is assassinated by Democrat terrorists who organized as the Ku Klux Klan

November 3, 1868: Republican Ulysses Grant defeats Democrat Horatio Seymour in presidential election; Seymour had denounced Emancipation Proclamation

December 10, 1869: Republican Gov. John Campbell of Wyoming Territory signs FIRST-in-nation law granting women right to vote and to hold public office

February 3, 1870: The US House ratifies the 15th Amendment granting voting rights to all Americans regardless of race

Republican support: 97%

Democrat support: 3%

February 25, 1870: Hiram Rhodes Revels becomes the first Black seated in the US Senate, becoming the First Black in Congress and the first Black Senator.

May 19, 1870: African American John Langston, law professor and future Republican Congressman from Virginia, delivers influential speech supporting President Ulysses Grant’s civil rights policies

May 31, 1870: President U.S. Grant signs Republicans’ Enforcement Act, providing stiff penalties for depriving any American’s civil rights

June 22, 1870: Republican Congress creates U.S. Department of Justice, to safeguard the civil rights of African-Americans against Democrats in the South

September 6, 1870: Women vote in Wyoming, in FIRST election after women’s suffrage signed into law by Republican Gov. John Campbell

December 12, 1870: Republican Joseph Hayne Rainey becomes the first Black duly elected by the people and the first Black in the US House of Representatives

In 1870 and 1871, along with Revels (R-Miss) and Rainey (R-SC), other Blacks were elected to Congress from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia – all Republicans.

A Black Democrat Senator didn’t show up on Capitol Hill until 1993. The first Black Congressman was not elected until 1935.

February 28, 1871: Republican Congress passes Enforcement Act providing federal protection for African-American voters

March 22, 1871: Spartansburg Republican newspaper denounces Ku Klux Klan campaign to eradicate the Republican Party in South Carolina

April 20, 1871: Republican Congress enacts the (anti) Ku Klux Klan Act, outlawing Democratic Party-affiliated terrorist groups which oppressed African-Americans


By the way, your liberal friend’s hero, Senator John F. Kennedy had opportunities to vote on the Civil Rights Act of 1957, but instead voted to send it to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But the vote happened and it passed with the help of majority Republicans, and even after becoming president, JFK introduced NO new civil rights proposals.

And that’s the name of that tune: Why do blacks continue to vote with the Democrat Party?

Will someone PLEASE answer that for me?

Gov. Jerry Brown Blows Away Conservatives When He Admits How Things Stand In California

It’s not every day when a lib Democrat admits the cold hard truth. About anything.

When it does happen, however, it’s worth noting why – and it’s always the same reason. Sometimes, speaking the truth will keep you in office.

And when it comes to choosing between ideology or political power, you can bet a Democrat will choose political power. It is, after all, the sole reason for his existence. And it also explains why California Governor Jerry Brown just admitted a startling truth – California, his beloved liberal state, needs fossil fuels.

Which means, of course, that liberal Democrat Jerry Brown also needs fossil fuels if he wants to be re-elected. So guess who’s now on the side of fossil fuels?

The Daily Caller reports:

Gov. Jerry Brown suggested Sunday that immediately banning all fossil fuel production in his state could lead to economic crisis and possible armed revolution.

Brown told reporters that cutting off the oil spigots could lead to severe economic destruction. His comments contrast with his belligerent position on fossil fuels.

“Well, if we stopped the 32 million cars [and] said you can’t use oil, the whole economy would collapse. You’d have a revolution. There’d be shooting in the streets — and you couldn’t do that, and no one would do that.”

Mind you, this is the same governor and state that tried to force people to buy inferior electric cars. It’s the same state that made endangered species a priority over human beings. California hates fossil fuels. To admit that it needs them is pretty humiliating.

And we should also read between the lines here – the fact that Jerry Brown had to make this kind of a statement at all suggests that lib groups were really pushing for California to ban cars.

And that’s just not something he can actually do. Especially not with Trump’s new tax bill on the horizon.

The tax bill would likely dash Brown’s hopes of keeping the anti-gas vehicle crusade on the straight and narrow. Reports show the bill could destroy the push.

Data shows that the elimination of the tax credit could be a death knell for the budding green energy industry.

Jerry didn’t want to make this statement – he had to. Otherwise the left would ban fossil fuels and push the state into bankruptcy.

And that, of course, means no more governing power for Jerry. And we all know which is more important.

Source: Daily Caller,

UPDATE: Democrat Congresswoman Arrested Facing 357 Years In Prison For This Heinous Crime!


UPDATE: A federal judge recently denied motions calling for either the acquittal of, or the granting of a new trial for, former District 5 Congresswoman Corrine Brown, in effect setting the stage for her to be sentenced on Nov. 16 for 18 counts of fraud.

Federal Judge Timothy Corrigan ruled on Wednesday, Aug. 16, that Brown was neither entitled to a new trial nor acquittal on her jury conviction, notwithstanding the arguments of her defense attorney, James Smith.

Smith argued before Corrigan that his client had not received a fair trial earlier in the year because one of the jurors had been dismissed after confiding to another juror that the Holy Spirit had revealed to him Brown’s innocence. Smith further argued that the prosecution had failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Brown had orchestrated a charity scheme to defraud donors.

The judge disagreed with both arguments. The dismissal of a juror was not an action that he undertook lightly, the judge said. “Quite the opposite,” Corrigan wrote in his 27-page decision, underscoring that he had dismissed the particular juror “only after finding beyond a reasonable doubt that there was no substantial possibility he could base his decision on the Court’s instructions and the evidence adduced at trial.”

The Verdict: “The jury reached a verdict in Corrine Brown’s federal fraud trial on Thursday, the day after a juror was dismissed and deliberations were restarted.

The jury found Brown guilty on 18 counts and not guilty on 4 counts’

Brown will not immediately go to jail. She will be sentenced in 90 days or more.

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Every time we hear of corruption and fraud it seems to be coming from the democrat’s side! Democratic representative Corrine Brown is the next one to bite the dust and she has just learned that she’s facing more than 300 years in prison. The 69 year old congresswoman plead not guilty to the charges that could have her locked up for the rest of her life.

From Patriot Hangout:

The charges are linked to the One Door Education Foundation, a Virginia-based group founded in 2011 that purported to solicit donations to help with things like scholarships. Prosecutors say the group was a scam and that most of the $800,000 in donations went to benefit either Brown, Simmons or the group’s president Carla Wiley, who has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and has been cooperating with the feds.

Part of the conspiracy, according to the 53-page indictment, involved Brown using her position and influence as a member of Congress to get donors to give money to the group.

“Brown, Simmons, and Wiley used Brown’s official positions as a member of Congress to solicit contributions to One Door for Education and to induce individuals and entities to make donations … based on false and fraudulent representation that the funds would be used for charitable purposes,” read the indictment.

Prosecute corrupt politicians no matter what party they are affiliated with! Truth be told, at least half the democratic party should be serving time for corruption, tax evasion, collusion and lying under oath, just to name a few…

They should be arresting Obama, Hitlery, Rice, Pelosi, Franks, Sharpton, Reid, Warren, Schumer, Waters, Lee, Cummings and lets not forget Paul Ryan ! And that’s just the beginning of the list. This woman is a small fry!