Dems Stop Fighting For Gun Control, Demand MUCH BIGGER BAN Now – They’ve Lost Their Minds!

The recent call for gun control seems to have simmered to a low boil. Liberal Democrats realize that banning particular guns probably won’t happen thanks to the fact that an AR-15 is a single shot weapon, much like a handgun, and they will face an expensive uphill battle that not even Bernie Sanders could afford on his magical source of income. Changing gun laws to include more in-depth background checks, mental health checks, and police report investigations would be more sufficient causes to fight for instead of trying to ban all guns and control the American people by violating their second amendment Constitutional rights.

Some liberal Democrats have cruised over to a much more significant subject than guns. One liberal journalist went on a major Tweet episode where he shuns moto vehicles and mostly appears as though he wants to ban cars. It wasn’t that long ago when someone from BuzzFeed stated that vehicles don’t belong on the road. Even BuzzFeed readers probably gaffed at that claim.

The Twitter user is David Klion. Brian Anderson from DownTrend found his Tweets and pointed out the comedy behind them and the concept of banning cars. Just imagine you had to walk 20 miles to work every day because a liberal got their way and had cars banned. Or imagine hearing the clip-clop of your horse ride to work. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I suppose so many Democrats wouldn’t care if cars were banned considering how many of them don’t go to work every day and live on the government teet of welfare. In particular, those who are able-bodied and refuse to work, or illegal immigrants just here to milk the system and send the money to their family in their homeland.

Here are Klion’s Tweets:

People who think like this, and are not being sarcastic, belong in a museum that features the liberally insane. Driving should be abolished as much as clean drinking water should be banned.

We built our cities because we are a great civilization which has made incredible breakthroughs. If David does not prefer to be around cars, then perhaps he would move to a third world location in Africa where it’s mostly villages, no running water, and he has to hunt for his food. Perhaps he can fire a Tweet-storm at an animal who merely falls over in shock after reading his liberal lunacy.

In this case, then we’re also banning trains, boats, planes, and any other form of transportation that’s larger than a car. The only thing that might survive the ban is the pint-sized smart car which probably weighs as much as a dumpster filled with all of Klion’s tweets printed out and set on fire.

Wrong. Sad. Nope. People don’t feel bad about driving. People do feel bad about being late when they should have left five minutes earlier, which is me just about every day. He doesn’t need to wait for technology to make cars obsolete. He can just make himself obsolete. Then again, his Tweets are fun to read because they make average people realize how sane they really are compared to the DC native who states he’s a 5th generation New Yorker. Maybe he dislikes cars because traffic in NYC is pitiful?

What about people who live just outside of the city, where there are no skyscrapers and things are not within walking distance? There are areas between urban cities and the suburbs that still require vehicles to get around. At this point, he’s no longer making much sense, and it appears as though his tweets are a babbling reach for logic, of which there is none present.

Maybe it was built around the fact that people wanted things close by and they established cities from the center and expanded. A city will obviously need roads to travel from place to place, regardless of whether it’s by foot, bus, car, bike, or horse. In fact, you can find all of those forms of transportation in almost any city with fair weather.

What about delivery trucks who bring supplies to the city from factories located outside the city? How would they get around if there were no roads? There are so many holes in the “ban cars” logic that it’s just another far left reach that would point humanity back to obscurity.

Cars aren’t mandatory. People can walk, bike, or run to work or around town if they chose. No one forces anyone to buy or lease their own vehicle. That’s the extremist coming out of Klion. People drive by choice, not by mandatory rules. If someone works at a job that is far away, then they can take a bus, train, or walk four hours early if they chose. No one forces anyone to drive a motor vehicle. Most people just chose to and it’s their right to do it.

Another right that we won’t be taking away anytime soon.

Here’s a possible solution for David Klion:

GOP Lawmakers Demand Sessions Investigate Hillary, Comey or Step Down

While the investigation into President Donald Trump’s alleged ties with Russia has continued for several months now, there has been very little action regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s alleged corruption.

Trump, and some other Republicans, have expressed frustration that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has not taken a more hardline stance in going after Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey and Clinton.

Now, with Sessions expected to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, the attorney general is facing calls from some Republicans to either investigate Comey and Clinton or resign, The Washington Timesreported.

Sessions is going to face some tough questioning from both Democrats and Republicans. Democrats are upset over some inconsistent answers about Russia that Sessions has given.

Republicans are upset that Sessions hasn’t done more to reveal what actions, if any, the Justice Departmenttook during the 2016 election.

In an op-ed for Fox News, Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan and Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz called for Sessions to either get a special counsel to look into Comey and Clinton, or resign.

“It’s time for Jeff Sessions to name a Special Counsel and get answers for the American people. If not, he should step down,” the congressmen wrote after listing out a string of questions they want answered.

CNN noted that on Monday evening, Sessions asked federal prosecutors to determine whether a special counsel was warranted to investigate the circumstances surrounding the Uranium One deal, in which a Russian state-owned nuclear conglomerate obtained control over 20 percent of the United States’ uranium resources.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee outlining the steps that Sessions was taking.

The letter noted that senior prosecutors would make a recommendation to Sessions on whether “any matters not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources, or whether any merit the appointment of a special counsel.”

We should stress that a special counsel should only be opened if there is sufficient evidence to merit one. If Republicans open one just to go after a political opponent, they are no better than the Democrats.

It is unclear if Boyd’s letter will be enough to placate some of the more eager Republicans, or if they will still continue to cry for a special counsel.

Right now, the GOP is looking to deliver on its multitude of promises that it made in 2016, and is desperately searching for something to follow through on.

If by 2018, the GOP has held Congress for two years and done nothing, they can’t guarantee that the voters will show up to continue to support them in the midterms.

If a special counsel is appointed, that would most definitely change the game, and might make some Democrats very nervous.