Fed-Up California Conservatives Make Power Move Against “Sanctuary City” Status

Sure, we make fun of the liberal bastion of California quite often because a majority of the state are tree-hugging, crunchy hippies who are still waiting for socialism to kick in. But we must not forget our conservative brothers and sisters who live (mostly) in the northern parts of the state, where traditional American values still run deep.

Lately, a group of angry conservatives in the southern part of the state decided to fight back against the “sanctuary city” status that puts their communities in grave danger, and they scored a major victory…

Breitbart reports:

The city council of Los Alamitos, California, in Orange County voted 4-1 Monday night for an ordinance to defy the state’s new “sanctuary state” law, and to assist federal law enforcement in stopping illegal immigration.

As Breitbart News reported Sunday, the city took on SB 54, the so-called “California Values Act,” which constrains state and local cooperation with federal immigration enforcement. The U.S. Department of Justice is challenging SB 54 as one of three “sanctuary state” laws that, it claims, violate the U.S. Constitution’s Supremacy Clause.

Members of the city council were concerned that SB 54 required them to violate their oaths of office, which require them to uphold and defend the Constitution. Although legal experts say that there is a chance SB 54 will survive in the courts — since unlike the other two law it merely requires state and local government not to assist federal law enforcement, while the other two laws interfere with federal authority — city council members were still concerned,

The Orange County Register notes that the city council debate on Monday evening was intense on both sides:

While the crowd had dwindled both in and outside the chamber when the vote came, people erupted in cheers after the vote and began chanting “USA.” But on the pro-immigrant rights side, there was this chant: “The people united, will never be divided.”

Someone shouted out to Councilman Warren Kusumoto, who introduced the legislation, “great American patriot!” while someone else screamed out “America first.”

Throughout the night, many in the crowd of more than 150 people from Los Alamitos, Long Beach and other communities engaged in heated debate – sometimes in front of the dais, other times with each other.

Separately, Register also reported that Kusumoto was particularly concerned that SB 54 would require him to disobey the Constitution: “California legislators are bulling local elected officials into violating our oath of office,” he said.

The council also voted to direct the city attorney of Los Alamitos — the county’s second-smallest city — to prepare an amicus brief on the side of the Department of Justice in its case against the State of California.

Source: patrioticexpress.com

Trump Drains Swampiest Liberal Agency In D.C., 75% Gone Overnight

The high priests of the official state religion of the US, ‘Climate Change,’ are unhappy with President Trump and his leadership team.

Apparently, they do not believe they are getting the respect they deserve.

Anyone who does not buy into the theory of climate change is immediately written off by the left as a kook, an ignoramus, or a “flat-earther.”

If man-made global warming turns out to be a flawed theory, you don’t need big government to fix it. And that’s the real tragedy the left is worried about.

Nine members of a twelve-member advisory panel on national parks threw a pity party because wouldn’t sign off on their liberal policies.

So Trump took it as a great excuse to drain the swamp.

From HuffPost:

See the source image

Most of the members of the National Park Service Advisory Board have tendered their resignation over frustrations with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, The Washington Post reports.

Nine of the 12 board members quit Monday night, citing Zinke’s refusal to convene the citizen advisory panel or discuss matters with it since he came into office last March.

Zinke has drawn criticism for a number of his actions in the Interior Department, including silencing scientists about climate change.

Where does the HuffPost get its news? Far from being “silenced,” there are plenty of scientists talking about climate change. Nonstop.

Zinke has rejected numerous requests to meet with the advisory panel, which is required to meet twice a year, despite his efforts to review restructuring national parks.

Departing board Chairman Tony Knowles told the Post that the panel has waited to work with Zinke but has been ‘frozen out.’

Great. Now we’re getting somewhere. Mr. Knowles should be thanked for sharing this good news with us. One more worthless part of an unnecessary bureaucracy has just bitten the dust.

Joel Clement, a former employee who claims the Interior Department retaliated against him for his work on climate change, told HuffPost in October that the morale under Zinke was ‘in the toilet.’

Clement also criticized Zinke’s comments that questioned the department staff’s ‘loyalty’ to him and President Donald Trump.

This actually gets amusing as you realize what’s going on. Of course, a department full of liberals is going to go berserk when they can no longer dictate the agenda. Maybe the whole department will quit and go to work for Greenpeace. We could be so fortunate.

National Park System Advisory Board Logo Dark Green

And a left-wing article would not be complete without attacking one of the left’s most hated industries. Watch for it. Here it comes:

“It’s profoundly offensive because it portrays a lack of understanding about the civil service and the mission of the agency,’ Clement told HuffPost.

“It made it clear that what he’s trying to do is not work with the career staff and advance the mission ― he’s trying to undercut the agency and its mission. And it became very clear that his interests were aligned with special interests, like the oil and gas industry.”

Now it’s complete. President Trump has been vilified. His interior secretary has been vilified. The oil and gas industry has been vilified. And the purveyors of the climate change theory have been exalted.

All in all, a predictable, normal news story from a leftist news outlet.

Source: HuffPost, patriotjournal.org


nfl boycott flag

Every conservative in America needs to read this—please share!

In response to the new NFL trend of ‘taking a knee’ to protest the national anthem, conservatives all across the country are organizing a nationwide protest on the League for Veteran’s Day Weekend—November 10th through November 12th.

The movement began with Main Street Patriots, a Tea Party activism website, which has rallied fellow citizens to show their support for the American flag and the national anthem by boycotting the NFL. “I urge patriotic Americans to exercise their First Amendment rights and boycott the NFL and their sponsors,” co-founder Debbie Dooley said.

“I have watched professional football since the time there were two separate leagues—AFL and NFL in the late 60’s,” Dooley said. She adds that unfortunately, NFL players have been “seeking to change that by attempting to shove their political views down the throats of fans.”

Dooley isn’t the only American who’s grown upset over the relatively recent trend of boycotting the national anthem. Millions of Americans have ardently vocalized their opinions on the matter, and the nation seems to be widely split on the issue—you’re either for, or against it.

The proponents of the NFL claim that they’re raising awareness and protesting “racial inequality” in this country. They point out that the prison population is overwhelmingly black, that police arrests are unproportionally black, and that wealth is almost non-existent in black families.

Those against the NFL tell a different story, however—while many of them support freedom of speech, they condemn the NFL players for disrespecting the very same flag which affords them such a right.

“The U.S. flag and the freedom for which it stands, at levels never before witnessed in our country, is under constant attack from the Left and now pampered sports figures,” Ralph King, co-founder of Main Street Patriots said. “Now is the time to be united in standing in defense and proper recognition of Old Glory.”

Main Street Patriots reports:

Main Street Patriots is calling on all our fellow Red, White & Blue patriots to rally in support of the ultimate symbol of freedom – the US Flag — in the nationwide Flags Across America Rally!

The US flag and the freedom for which it stands, at levels never before witnessed in our country, is under constant attack from the left and now pampered sports figures! We cannot allow these attacks to go unanswered! Now is the time to be united standing in defense and proper recognition of Old Glory!

All across our great country this Veterans Day weekend, Americans will be coming together to not only support our veterans — but to embrace and show the proper respect to our US Flag that our veterans so proudly served to protect.

We are encouraging Americans & liberty loving groups across our great country to host or attend a Flags Across America Rally the weekend of Veterans Day 11/10 – 11/12/17.

From shows of support at High School football games on Friday, Saturday College games to NFL games on Sunday, town squares, bridge overpasses, major intersections, etc… join in the nationwide show of support!

To host a Flags Across America Rally email us at mainstreetpatriots@gmail.com.  For updates and rally locations please check our website www.mainstreetpatriots.us.

So far, the movement has gained massive recognition as large conservative media outlets such as Breitbart have helped publicize it. That’s not enough, however—we need every single man, woman, and child in America to help send the NFL a message loud and clear.

For too long have these pampered, spoiled NFL millionaires disgraced our flag and crying “racism” while they eat caviar in their penthouse suites. For too long have they disrespected our veterans, who’ve shed blood to keep us safe…and for too long, have they dishonored our country, which is the greatest country in the world!

Please share this article on social media by clicking on the link down below—every man, woman, and child must know about this nationwide protest. We need 50 million conservatives boycotting the NFL, to send them a message LOUD AND CLEAR!


Paul Ryan Is Over?! Conservatives Revolt Against Him, You’ll Never Guess Who They Want To Be The New Speaker



The most obvious bad effect of this is that the only party that can actually do something besides the Conservatives, are the Democratic party which is becoming more of a circus,

For a long period of time, they guaranteed us everything – even the moon.

Congress is also a funny game, detested by everybody, and which is all good. Especially by conservatives, who are lied to multiple times by their “leaders.”

On top of it, the big cheese in the House is a liberal who’s been dawdling on everything Trump has proposed.

He runs away from the real problem and states the most politically correct things possible, as it’s each of the fronts to hide his real plan, which is to capitulate to the Left at each open door.


So are a great number of his associates, who are tired of his failure of authority and they are already looking for a substitute.


Via Washington Post:

“The group has gone so far as to float the idea of recruiting former House Speaker Newt Gingrich or former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum as potential replacements for Ryan (R-Wis.) Should there be a rebellion.

The Constitution does not require that a elected member of the House serve as speaker.

While the chances that a non-House member could mount a credible threat to Ryan are extremely slim, the fact that the group even has toyed with the idea underlines their desire to create trouble for GOP leaders if they believe their demands are not addressed. “

Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Check Meadows (R-NC), together Trump’s previous boss strategist Steve Bannon is a part of the names involved with the uprising.

On Wednesday, Meadows, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) took their concerns individually to Ryan, telling him in a private meeting in the Capitol that his failure to fulfill conservative needs could defeat his cooperation among conservatives.

The WaPo report cites Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA) as not yet in the “Ryan Must Go” camp, but rather concentrating on that it’s the responsibility of Ryan to gather the troops and pass conservative legislation:

“We’ve failed on Obamacare, we did not do what we said we’d do.

What will it look like on tax? What about the debt ceiling? No one is really sure. “

Ryan has been a massive failure from the start.

With leaders like him, the GOP won’t be proportioning anything at any point in the near future. Rather, they’ll leave us picking through the fiery leftovers of our country.

We hope that you found this article informative and helpful. Share your thoughts and opinions with us!


George Clooney and Muslim Wife Wake Up To Nasty Surprise After Saying Conservatives Are a ‘Dark Cloud’ Over America

George Clooney took another opportunity to slam America during an interview about his latest film. Clooney called out Conservatives by calling them a “dark cloud over America.” The only dark clouds I see are ANTIFA and the Hollywood elites who promote hatred and violence across our great country.

For years, Clooney has proven how clueless he is about pretty much anything, and we have had to sit back and listen to his twisted world views. The famous actor has been working on a new movie called “Suburbicon.” The movie is basically about racism and how bad white people are which is right up Clooney’s alley.

George Clooney is a longtime Liberal and only agrees with America if it is being run by a Democrat. Unfortunately, Democrats are the reason our country is facing the very real problems plaguing us. Forget that Obama made the most powerful nation on earth look weak on an international scale. Forget that our allies don’t trust us like they used to. Mr. Clooney only cares about Liberals running the show.

Here’s what he had to say about the U.S., the country he moved back to after leaving Italy due to security issues…

According to Page Six:

George Clooney’s “Suburbicon” has a timely subplot — based both on present times and a 1957 incident — about racism in white America. That subplot, however, resounded deeply during the Venice Film Festival press conference for the film, which stars Matt Damon and Julianne Moore.

“I was watching a lot of speeches on the campaign trail about building fences and scapegoating minorities and I started looking around at other times in our history when we’ve unfortunately fallen back into these things,” said Clooney, talking about how the pic germinated.

While casting around for story ideas, Clooney found a 1957 incident that happened in Levittown, Pa., in which an African-American family moved into a suburban development; however, many white residents in the area reacted with violence. Then, while looking to try to make a film out of the Levittown story, he remembered that the Coen brothers had written a script called “Suburbicon,” so those two elements were meshed together.

Of course, at that stage, the Charlottesville, Va., race riots had yet to happen.

Clooney pointed out that the film’s very dark tone reflects the anger he sees in the U.S. today.

“If you go to our country…depending on what side of the aisle you sit on, it’s probably the angriest I’ve ever seen it,” he noted. “There’s a dark cloud hanging over our country right now.” But he added: “I’m an optimist…I believe that we will get through all these things…but people are angry; a lot of us are angry.”

The “Suburbicon” director also underlined that the film “isn’t a movie about Donald Trump. … This is a movie about our coming to terms constantly with the idea that we have never fully addressed our issues with race.”

Moore, who plays a double role in the pic, made a clear-cut a statement on the issues being raised by Charlottesville.

“We are living in the United States where people are arguing about removing Confederate monuments: They must be removed,” she said. “You simply cannot have these figures from the Civil War in town squares and in universities for our children to see. As a parent and as a citizen I need to be active in the eradication of those, in the re-education of everyone. We have to take responsibility for it.”

Clooney joined her on a similar note: “This is something that is really festering right now in the United States: Talking about the Confederate flag, and the Jefferson Davis monument,” he noted.

“Now, if you want to wear it [a confederate flag] on your T-shirt or if you want to hang it on your front lawn…have at it. But to hang it on a public building where possibly African American tax payers are paying for it — and it’s a symbol of hate — that cannot stand.”

There were plenty of reactions to Clooney’s statements and Twitter erupted with some brilliant comebacks.

The only dark cloud hanging over the country is Liberals and ANTIFA. They both have pushed the country to the brink of Civil War with their outrageous vision of our country. Perhaps, Clooney, you have forgotten that you left a country to come back to the safety of the country you are bashing. No one wants to hear anything out of George Clooney anymore. Just stick to directing and acting in your terrible movies that no one wants to see.

H/T Page SixYoung Cons , politicalmayhem.news