Oh My! 46 of 55 House Committee Members Received Money from Facebook

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How can 46 House committee members sit in judgment of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and the social media platform’s practices when they have received contributions from said social media giant?

Why didn’t the media pick this up?

Zuckerberg has just testified before the House Committee and looked at friendly faces and that just anger just about everybody.

Remember, a lot of people really think these Congress swamp runners are going to tear him apart when it looks like once again, this is another showing at Kabuki theater.

According to a report last week by USA Today, some of these lawmakers are also the “biggest recipients of campaign contributions from Facebook employees directly and the political action committee funded by employees.”

The average Republican got $6,800, while the average Democrat got $6,750.

Committee Chairman Greg Walden, R-Ore., received $27,000, while Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey, the top-ranking Democrat, got $7,000.

Source: Western Journalism,conservativepost.com

WHOA! Scumbag US Olympic Committee Just Did It To White Athletes – Olympics Is OVER!

The Olympics is supposed to be about good sportsmanship, an impressive level of achievement,  and people coming together from all backgrounds and from around the world to compete against each other. Athletes who have made it to this point did so through their own hard work and dedication to the sport – they weren’t selected to be there by affirmative action. The only thing that got one competitor or team of competitors in the door, was having worked harder than those they were up against. Sheer determination and skill level, not race, has put the best of the best athletes up against each other, just how it should be.

However, that’s about to all change as the US Hockey team has just found out just hours before they’re set to compete in a game they’ve worked years to get to. For the US Olympic Committee (USOC), it’s not about ability and hard work, they’re more concerned with making sure everyone gets a ribbon even if it means America goes home without a medal in any sport and regardless of who they have to cut from the competition to ensure “fair and equal treatment.”

The committee previously expressed their displeasure with the team they sent to the Winter Games this year, which also happened to be the largest ever. Yet among those competitors, they noticed a massive problem. They had selected participants based on skill and accomplishment, just as they were supposed to, but the diversity didn’t shake out the way they had hoped. Not that it even should manner since race is not factor in qualifying for the Olympics.

However, the committee couldn’t let it go and waited until the last second to deliver some really disgusting news to the US hockey team which happens to be all-white by total coincidence.

The USOC has previously stated that it’s of top priority that they eliminate the overwhelming proportion of white participants and replace it with more diversified athletes. They boasted that this year, a mix of all races and sexual orientations had been achieved more than before in who they sent to the 2018 winter Olympics. However, there’s one exception to that which is an apparent thorn in their side as the hockey team is all white, which evidently, makes the USOC look bad.

Independent Journal-Review reports:

Of the 243 athletes set to compete in this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, 10 are African-American and 10 are Asian-American —- more than the number in previous years. There are also two openly gay men, one of whom has made news for his comments about Vice President Mike Pence.

Still, there are concerns among officials that improvements could be made, perhaps in light of how, for instance, USA Hockey had 131 team members in 2016, none of whom were minorities. Maese writes:

“The lack of diversity on the winter teams is certainly not a new issue, and it’s not unique to the United States. But the USOC has identified it as an area for targeted growth. Thompson was hired to his post in 2012, shortly after the job was created, because the USOC saw room for improvement at every level: from athletes and coaches to the officials who run the national governing bodies for each sport and executives who work for the USOC.”

“[W]e’ve just been trying to find ways to make sure our team looks like America,” Thompson said.

For their part, the committee is not so concerned about this because of their own ideas, they are receiving some substantial outside pressure by lawmakers to ensure a “fair” level of diversity. This is pretty disgusting.

“The USOC and the governing bodies for each sport are required by law to submit a report to lawmakers every four years detailing the participation of minorities, as well as women and disabled individuals,” IJReview reported. “Additionally, the USOC requires the governing bodies to fill out an annual ‘diversity scorecard,’ as Maese describes it.”

“We wanted to see what that diversity looks like, how we could measure it, track it,” Thompson said. “That has had an incredible impact. I think it means we’re being transparent with our fans, so people can see, No. 1, it’s a priority, and, No. 2, we’re being honest about it. In some areas, we got some work to do.”

Whatever happened to diversity being among people’s skill level and picking from that? How incredibly dull would the Olympics become if they best of the best aren’t competing against each other – races are of vastly different ability levels. There’s no competition there. The one person actually qualified to be there would blow the others there on affirmative action alone, out of the water. It’s not even a competition at that point, it’s just a ribbon ceremony where everyone gets a participation prize.


Deep State Patriot Reveals Contents of House Intelligence Committee Memo: Evidence of Plan to End the United States – Explains Why Schumer Shut it Down!

Elder Patriot – QAnon is reputed to be a patriot with extensive evidence of the Deep State’s war on President Trump.  He took to the Internet yesterday to reveal what will be revealed either directly in the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence memo or as a result of the investigation that will result from it.. 

QAnon’s post requires some explanation but it makes clear that the information detailed in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is going to blow the lid off the treasonous intent of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Obama, the highest levels of his administration, and the entire Democratic Party.

QAnon’s Internet post yesterday exposes all of they key points in their plot to take down the United States.

QAnon begins by asking “Does Sessions have the courage to bring criminal investigations against Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, as well as criminal elements in the DNC, the FBI, and the DOJ?”

He says that if Sessions lacks the nerve after the “Nunes Memo” has been made public, President Trump will be forced to replace him as Attorney General.

He then confirms that the memo is so damning that the entire Russian collusion narrative will be blown out of the water and that the result will:

  • Have Sessions reinstated with full authority including over the Russia probe.
  • Provide undeniable evidence of collusion between the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.
  • Provide undeniable evidence that Obama administration appointees John Brennan (CIA), James Clapper (DNI), Susan Rice (NSA), James Comey (FBI), and Loretta Lynch (Attorney General) along with many underlings conspired to create a false sense that Donald Trump a Russian plant.
  • Reveal absolute proof that the Obama administration knowingly provided a FISA court with false documentation to obtain the warrant that illegally authorized surveillance of the Trump campaign.

QAnon says their brazen disregard for the law was based on their belief that Hillary was a slam-dunk to be elected and that they would never be held accountable.

The Deep State patriot then outlines the Obama-Clinton 16-year plan to destroy America.  Nothing QAnon posted contradicts a briefing I sat through during Obama’s first term discussing some of the very same issues.

The plan called for a complete infiltration of rogue elements, including Muslim Brotherhood operatives – elected and appointed – throughout every level of government.

The multi-point plan called for:

  • Leaking intelligence – especially military intelligence regarding assets and methods.
  • Cutting and gutting the military.  Cut spending and deplete and degrade military assets through endless and unwinnable (because of strategy and rules of engagement) war.  Obama left the military at pre-WWI levels of preparedness when he left the White House at the same time we were fighting on multiple fronts. NOW CHUCK SCHUMER HAS CUT OFF ALL MILITARY SPENDING!
  • Purging qualified Generals to strengthen civilian command over military decisions within the White House.
  • Placing Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett in charge of determining any “Good Guys” either in the military, among elected Republicans, or within the permanent bureaucracy, and find a way to have them removed.
  • Compromising all Special Asset Program (SAP) highly sensitive intelligence protocols and SAP actors (spies) worldwide as Clinton did with her private server that she maintained with Obama’s approval.
  • Edward Snowden providing open source access to highly sensitive information that has proven catastrophic to our military.
  • Obama ordered the targeting of Conservatives both inside and outside of the federal bureaucracy.  From the IRS targeting Conservatives and Libertarians to reinstating Project Mockingbird funding of leftists journalists, authors, and the MSM, to Net Neutrality rules that provided Internet edge providers with the power to censor conservative content.  The Obama administration allowed the Internet giant edge providers to dominate the Internet content and revenue (space advertising) without fear of DOJ or Federal Trade Commission anti-trust lawsuits.
  • Flood the United States with illegals to insure the Dems’ voting base grew larger.
  • Maintaining a hands-off approach to North Korea’s developing nuclear weapons program.
  • Funding the development of Iran’s nuclear capabilities while arming and subsidizing their minion terrorist wing ISIS.
  • Instilling uncertainty in the US population by targeting conservative and libertarian leaders and media for removal while promoting hard-left Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa to create fear.
  • Strangle the economy through massive regulation, high taxes, and outsourcing jobs and manufacturing.

Clinton was going to continue leading the American decline using the same plan that Obama had implemented but with her eye on unfinished business:

  • Overturn the Bill of Rights either by packing the Supreme Court with Marxist sympathizers, using the judicial appointments already in place to stifle court actions – like we’re witnessing now with Trump’s immigration Executive Orders – through legislative action or by unchallenged and unconstitutional Executive Decree similar to how Obama established DACA.  This would include:
    • Banning personal firearm sales.
    • Ending Fourth Amendment protections against unlawful search and seizure
    • Forever ending the Tenth Amendment that protects the rights of the states and individuals.
    • Ending the Electoral College so that sanctuary states would determine the president
  • Finally from a March 13, 2013 HRC intercept; throw Black voters – who they kept “starving”, “blind” and “stupid” all of these years – overboard.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, a terrific investigative reporter provides greater details here:

  Qanon Decode Four Posts Sunday Jan 21 2018 Will Sessions Drop the Hammer Vers 17.0 Jan 21 2018 by Jerome Corsi on Scribd

Any one or even two of these points could be chalked up to a miscalculation by the Obama administration but the totality of all of these policy decisions is roadmap that points to TREASON. 

That means that every Democrat – because not a single one raised any red flags along the way – was complicit in TREASON.

It doesn’t end there.  Where were the Republicans who sat in the majority and did nothing but pay lip service to us?  Remember, without a scintilla of evidence of wrongdoing the Democrats are committed to impeaching President Trump if they gain control of the House. 

Either Republicans shirked their Constitutional mandate or they are too stupid to recognize a pattern of TREASON right under their collective noses.

In any event it’s time to clean Congress’ house.


KEY LINK: Democratic National Committee Indicted For MONEY LAUNDERING!

This Sunday on MSNBC the previous Gov. and chairman of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean (D-VT) is indicated for money laundering.

He is the predecessor of the momentary Gov. Jared Kushner who President Trump’s son in law. 

“Would Democrats be able to capitalize politically on the controversy surrounding the White House?” speculated Host Keir Simmons. On this, the accused Howard Dean (D-VT) did not agree and rejected the speculation.

Howard Dean commented the following: “We believe we may well have a criminal in the White House,” then he added. “Certainly, he has a special interest in the Trump family and their investments. And we think there is substantial likelihood that he has laundered money. That’s what his associates have been charged with. And so, this is a very serious matter. I don’t think this about politics, actually.”

Dean said that special counsel Robert Mueller is as he says “straight shooter” and is predicting that after going after National Security Adviser Michael Flynn together with his son are indicated, Muller would go after Kushner next.

The next step is going to be the Trump family itself,”  – Dean commented.

Then followed the next statement: “I expect that there’s a good likelihood Jaren Kushner will be indicted for money laundering. And then we’re going to have to see how far the Russian involvement goes. This is serious business. These people are undermining our democracy. And it appears to me what Bob Mueller is investigating is whether the president of the United States engaged with a foreign power in order to get where he got. That’s a very serious matter for this country.”