Colin Kaepernick Sends Not-So-Subtle Message To Whites On MLK Day


Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who couldn’t quite make the cut and decided to turn to a life of social activism by disrespecting the national anthem, had something to say to white people on Martin Luther King Jr. day.

And what he said might have been disguised as something else, but it’s not difficult to read between the lines on this one…

Wildcard reports:

Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick has seemingly all but accepted his life as a social activist and not an NFL quarterback.

If his grievance claim against the NFL and its owners for supposedly colluding to keep Kaepernick out of the league isn’t evidence enough, his latest Twitter stunt certainly seems like a strong indication.

While much of the United States celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day by remembering all the good he did for social rights and equality, Kaepernick took the day as an opportunity to skewer white people. He tweeted an image of King along with a quote:

“I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate,” MLK is quoted as saying in the tweet.

Kaepernick was referencing a letter that King wrote from a Birmingham, Alabama, jail in 1963.

As in 55 years ago.

The great irony of Kaepernick’s attack on white people is the fact that he’s basically saying, 55 years later, that MLK didn’t accomplish anything.

“Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will,” King wrote.

In fairness to MLK, in 1963 he was probably on point with his assessment of general racial indifference.

But in 2018?

It’s hard to interpret Kaepernick’s usage of the quote as anything other than an attack on white people.

It’s no secret that he vehemently opposes bigots, and that’s as it should be. Racism has no place in America today.

But for Kaepernick to claim grave disappointment in the “white moderate” seems like he’s lashing out at anyone who’s not sympathetic to his cause, regardless of his protests during the national anthem, his pig socks and his Fidel Castro shirt.

News flash to Kaepernick: Not everyone sees everything as inherently black and white.

Not everyone takes offense to the slightest misspeak or term.

Not everyone is out to keep you down.

Frankly, Kaepernick’s tweet is a rather sobering look into his frame of mind.

Even on a day of remembrance and celebration such as MLK Day, he sees fit to make everything about division and an “us vs. them” mentality.

That’s not exactly the type of narrative that you want a backup quarterback to be pushing on your roster.

It’s shocking that nobody wants to sign him.

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Mike Huckabee Destroys Colin Kaepernick After GQ Made Him “Citizen of the Year” Mike Huckabee Destroys Kaepernick

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee had the perfect comeback for former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick after learning that GQ magazine named the unemployed football player “Citizen of the Year.”

In a post to Twitter, the former Republican presidential nominee was quick to point out that the honor would be fitting if it came from the country of Cuba.

“Kaepernick named “Citizen of the Year” by GQ; Huh…of what country? I guess Cuba?” Huckabee wrote.


Huckabee’s tweet highlighted how it would make much more sense for Cuba to bestow such an honor on Kaepernick, since the then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback praised Fidel Castro, the communist country’s former leader, and wore a shirt featuring Castro’s image, during a news conference last year.

All the while complaining about how oppressive the United States can be.

In an interview with Armando Salguero of the Miama Herald, Kaepernick defended wearing the shirt, pointing out that Malcolm X was also on it.

“I’m not talking about Fidel Castro and his oppression,” Kaepernick said. “I’m talking about Malcolm X and what he’s done for people.”

Then he went on to defend some of Castro’s policies.

“One thing Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system, which we do not do here even though we’re fully capable of doing that,” Kaepernick told Salguero.

Yes, he actually said that.

If America is so oppressive, maybe Kaepernick could look for some work there.

After all, kneeling has does so much good for the oppressed.

If Cuba is so great, perhaps the former football star could find a place there for his voice for the persecuted to resonate.

Most likely, Kaepernick would choose to stay in the U.S., where he can raise a fuss but retreat to his comfortable home when he feels like it.

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Colin Kaepernick Named GQ’s ‘Citizen of the Year’

Who said unemployment doesn’t have its perks? Despite being out of a job and achieving pariah status in the hearts and minds of most American sports fans, Colin Kaepernick is winning and scoring points somewhere.

That “somewhere,” is the front cover of GQ.

Gentleman’s Quarterly has named Colin Kaepernick their “Citizen of the Year,” for 2017. GQ described Kaepernick as the “man who became the movement.”

The magazine wrote, “Much has changed in the four years since Colin Kaepernick was last on the cover of GQ. Back then he was a rippling superhero of a quarterback on the rise.”

Yet now, according to GQ, Kaepernick has become something much more.

“But a simple act – kneeling during the national anthem – changed everything. It cost him his job. It also transformed Colin Kaepernick into a lightning rod and a powerful symbol of activism and resistance.”

Kaepernick began his protest movement in the preseason 2016. He, at first, sat on the bench during the playing of the national anthem. then switched to kneeling on the advice of former Army Green Beret Nate Boyer.

Kaepernick played the rest of the 2016 season, but then became a free agent after walking away from his contract in San Francisco. Since then, Kaepernick has been unable to sign on with another team. Kaepernick believes that the NFL has conspired to keep him out of the league. Pursuant to that, the former 49er quarterback filed a grievance against the league in October, alleging collusion.

Ironically, Kaepernick’s “Citizen of the Year” award comes after the 2016 presidential elections, where we learned that Kaepernick not only declined to vote, he wasn’t even registered to vote. Citizens normally do those types of things.

NFL Legend Just Issued Death Blow To Colin Kaepernick After He Sued The League For Not Hiring Him


What to do about Colin Kaepernick? That’s the question on the minds of many football executives in the United States today because the controversial player has stirred up such a stink, and he’s not going to be soon forgotten. To be perfectly honest, from a purely PR perspective, the day Kaepernick knelt for the National Anthem was the day he endowed his career with brilliance because from that day forward we have not stopped mulling over what to do about Colin Kaepernick.

While the obvious answer to that question is the one that the 49ers were contemplating when Kaepernick chose to be a free agent, (fire the unproductive player) the social justice warriors league of America seems to have gotten together and decided that he is their mascot and must therefore be protected at all costs. The 3rd string backup quarterback who according to his own coach was fired because he couldn’t play in the pocket, now has a toehold to say his firing was illegal. And all because he knelt.

That’s a story we’re all too familiar with. What we’re not very familiar with until now is other football players calling Kaepernick out on his crap, but that’s just what NFL legend Warren Moon did in a recent interview. According to the Conservative Daily Post, Moon thinks that Kaepernick doesn’t actually want to play in the NFL, otherwise, he would have played his cards very differently:

 “[Kaepernick] was not a very good football player and was not going to be in the N.F.L. for very long due to that reality. He then began this mindless kneeling during the national anthem as he proclaimed the falsehood of “white privilege” and other untruths and it has become all that he is known for. His playing is still subpar, no team wants him due to his lack of talent, so now he is angry and suing the league, according to the Daily Caller.

To him, the fact that he is a lackluster player is not why he isn’t playing because he can not be that real with himself. Instead, he stretches the truth and implies that he is out of the league for other reasons, which is 100% untrue. Football legend Warren Moon chimed in and observed, ‘If he was gonna file a lawsuit, he maybe should’ve waited ’til this season was over if he did want to play this year because it was almost like, does he really wanna play if he’s gonna go and sue the league and then also try to get signed by a football team? The two just don’t seem to mix.’”

Most of us probably do assume that there is some nuance here that we’re missing; maybe since we’ve never experienced the NFL, we don’t really understand what it’s like to be in Kaepernick’s cleats. We do, however, know what it’s like to give respect to whom respect is due, and it’s a trait that we require of anyone who plans to make the big bucks playing a game that people play for free all the time.

“The disgraced kneeler is suing because he falsely claims that the league is ‘colluding against him,’ when in fact, he just isn’t good enough to earn a uniform.

Somehow, suing the prospective employer is the best way to get one’s job back, at least if one is Kaepernick. It is so sad to see him unable to accept the truth about his talent, or lack thereof.

If he had not race-baited in a bunch of unhappy protestors who feel that detestable people like Michal Brown did not deserve shot after robbing a store and charging a cop, no one would even know who he was. He would be recalled as “that one quarterback, what’s his name with the dumb hair….”

Colin Kaepernick spent most of his playing time face down because he was often sacked, could not scramble well, and played poorly.

The fact that not one person on his side, no matter how much they like sports, can name any of his stats is proof of his inadequacy on the field.

For that matter, he is a person who many loathe and his jersey is even used as a doormat.

As it stands, that seems like an insult to doormats.”

There are a million reasons why a player could be cut from a team, not the least of which is his disrespect to someone that the coach or the owner requires that he show respect to.

As much as we would all like to believe that Kaepernick isn’t playing in the NFL this season because he was disrespectful to the flag and the National Anthem, the more logical answer seems to be that he’s not playing because he’s not a great player, and all of this is fluff, meant to distract us from a washed-up has-been who’s only accomplishment in life is to single-handedly bring down a once beloved institution named the National Football League. RIP

Source: Conservative Daily Post,

Police Officer Dresses Up Like Colin Kaepernick for Halloween — And Holy Cow, People Are Pissed

A police officer in Reno, Nevada, is under fire after he dressed up like controversial ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for Halloween.

The officer, identified as Antonio Gutierrez, wore a wig, fake nose and a sign that read, “Will stand for food.”

While Kaepernick’s critics might think it’s funny, the officer’s boss isn’t laughing. Further, plenty of people on Twitter were seriously furious.

University of Nevada, Reno Police Chief Adam Garcia scolded Gutierrez for mocking Kaepernick in a statement.

“For those who have seen the Halloween costume of one of our officers apparently mocking a citizen who has chosen to take advantage of his constitutional right to protest, I offer my sincere apologies,” Garcia said, according to BuzzFeed.

“Members of our profession are held to a higher standard and denigrating another — on or off duty — is insensitive for its lack of respect and lack understanding on how others may negatively view their actions and may be impacted,” he continued.

However, Gutierrez will not face disciplinary action for the costume.

Kaepernick gained notoriety when he decided to sit and eventually kneel during the national anthem last year in protest of racial inequality and police brutality. Other players have since taken up his controversial protest.; Image

Just In: NFL Legend Jim Brown Just Gave Colin Kaepernick A Bold Ultimatum …

The legendary Jim Brown has thrown his 2 cents into the ring when it comes to the spoiled brat that is Colin Kaepernick.  This is just more reason to revere Mr. Brown, a gentlemen both on and off the field …
| Jim Brown, arguably the greatest running back of all time, came out with some brutal advice for free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Brown, a notable social activist himself, laid out an ultimatum in front of Kaepernick that many supporters of the controversial quarterback will not want to hear.

While Brown is definitely on the same side as Kaepernick in terms of his social causes, he believes Kaepernick is not going about this the right way.

“I want to be in his corner, and I do think, ‘God bless him,’” Brown said in an interview with The Post Game.

But Brown believes Kaepernick has to make a decision.

“Colin has to make up his mind whether he’s truly an activist or he’s a football player,” the Hall of Famer said. “Football is commercial. You have owners. You have fans. And you want to honor that if you’re making that kind of money.”

“You have to understand there’s intelligence that’s involved, OK? I can’t be two things at once that contradict each other. If I sign for money, then the people I sign with, they have rules and regulations,” he added.

But Brown saved his harshest criticisms for the actual protesting of the anthem itself.

“I’m going to give you the real deal: I’m an American. I don’t desecrate my flag and my national anthem,” Brown said. READ MORE