Clinton: If Sessions Appoints A Special Counsel That Would Be A …

This Wednesday, former Secretary of state and Democratic Presidential nominee who got herself humiliated in the election Hillary Clinton had an interview with Mother Jones in which she trashed U.S. Attorney General because he considered appointing a second special counsel to investigate her previous actions connected to her emails and the Russia Uranium One scandal on the urge of President Donald Trump. On this, Clinton said that if this happens, we might just look up like one dictatorship.

This is what she said:

I regret deeply that this appears to be the politicization of the Justice Department and our justice system. This Uranium One story has been debunked countless times by members of the press, by independent experts. It is nothing but a false charge that the Trump administration is trying to drum up in order to avoid attention being directed at them. I mean, even Trey Gowdy, somebody who is hardly a fan of mine, said that there does not seem to be the basis for a special counsel. Of course, there isn’t

She continued that it is ”Personally offensive that they would do this. But taking myself out of it, this is such an abuse of power, and it goes right at the rule of law… And if they sent a signal that we are going to be like some dictatorship, some authoritarian regime, where political opponents are going to be unfair, fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract we have that we can trust our justice system.

With this, Hillary Clinton definitely confirms that she has something that she hides, making herself look untouchable by the laws of our country.

All it takes for Jeff Sessions now is to have the courage and to listen to President Trump’s instructions and appoint that second counsel.

BREAKING! DOJ Confirms It! They’ve Been Investigating Clinton And Comey This Entire Time!!

The Department of Justice confirms that multiple referrals have led to the investigation of not only Crooked Hillary, but James Comey and Susan Rice as well.

Circle reported:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has confirmed it has received multiple congressional referrals for investigations over the past year regarding the sale of twenty percent of the American uranium supply to Russia’s nuclear arm, as well as calls for investigations into allegations of pay-for-play regarding the Clinton Foundation, Circa has learned.

Multiple sources, including congressional officials, tell Circa that the requests sent to the Department of Justice over the past year have led to ongoing investigations, which they say also include investigations into the alleged leaking of classified information to the media and the improper unmasking of Americans.

DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores told Circa, “the department takes seriously all allegations from Congress of criminal conduct in determining whether to open an investigation.” She said, “requests to open an investigation would be referred to the appropriate investigative agency, such as the FBI, for review.”

Read more: (Link:

REPORT: Robert Mueller Was FBI Director When Agency Hid Evidence On Clinton-Russia Connection

Robert Mueller, who is the special counsel in charge of the Russia investigation, oversaw the FBI when the agency allegedly hid evidence it had collected that showed that Russian officials were engaged in a bribery scheme aimed at growing their atomic energy business inside the United States.

The details were outlined in a report on Tuesday which showed that the evidence was withheld even from lawmakers as they questioned the Obama administration’s approval of the sale of Uranium One to Russia’s Rosatom, which led to Russia controlling 20% of U.S. uranium.

Former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), who chaired the House Intelligence Committee during the time the FBI probe was being conducted, told The Hill that he was never made aware of anything regarding “Russian nuclear corruption,” though many of his fellow lawmakers were concerned about the deal, which was also approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

“Not providing information on a corruption scheme before the Russian uranium deal was approved by U.S. regulators and engage appropriate congressional committees has served to undermine U.S. national security interests by the very people charged with protecting them,” Rogers said. “The Russian efforts to manipulate our American political enterprise is breathtaking.”

According to The Hill, there are strong ties between the high-level officials who were involved in the allegedly undisclosed investigation on the Russian bribery scheme and the current investigation into whether Trump campaign officials “colluded” with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign:

The investigation was ultimately supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, an Obama appointee who now serves as President Trump’s deputy attorney general, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, now the deputy FBI director under Trump, Justice Department documents show.

Both men now play a key role in the current investigation into possible, but still unproven, collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election cycle. McCabe is under congressional and Justice Department inspector general investigation in connection with money his wife’s Virginia state Senate campaign accepted in 2015 from now-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe at a time when McAuliffe was reportedly under investigation by the FBI.

The connections to the current Russia case are many. The Mikerin probe began in 2009 when Robert Mueller, now the special counsel in charge of the Trump case, was still FBI director. And it ended in late 2015 under the direction of then-FBI Director James Comey, whom Trump fired earlier this year.

Mueller has come under fire after it was revealed that the attorneys on his staff made previous political donations to the Democratic Party, including to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton while making none to then-candidate Donald Trump.


Donna Brazile: Clinton Campaign ‘Was a Cult

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile called Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign “a cult.”

Partial transcript as follows:

SCARBOROUGH: Bottom line it for us. Why did they lose? Was it, at the end of the day, arrogance?

BRAZILE: Yes, Joe. It was a cult, I felt like it was a cult. You could not penetrate them. I mean, I — look, you can — I’m a grassroot organizer. I know street politics better than I know suite politics. I know how to touch people where they live, work, pray, and play. But I cannot help a candidate, Joe, if I don’t have the resources, if I cannot spend the resources that the party is raising because there’s a blind agreement between —


BRAZILE: A campaign—

BRZEZINSKI: Unspoken even—

BRAZILE: And, again, I want my party to come back from this stronger. I like what Tom Perez is doing. I know he said this is not about my book. Baby, I know it’s not about my book. But it’s about making much-needed changes and reform inside the party. I’ve sat at the table. I want to make room for others to sit at the table, but you have to come into the room knowing you have to change the recipe. Yesterday was a wake-up call for the Democrats, too. Because you know what? It’s coming from the bottom up. It’s not top-down anymore. It’s bottom-up politics now.


Source: Grabien,

Senator Wants to Expose Truth Behind Clinton and Obama’s Ties to the Dossier

Senator Mark Meadows wants to investigate the Clinton and Obama involvement in the Trump-Russia dossier.

Meadows says the American people deserve answers.

Watch the video:


Donna Brazile Uses One Word to Describe Clinton Campaign — Hillary’s Biggest Fans Will Be Furious

First, Donna Brazile called out the Democratic National Committee for helping Hillary Clinton get ahead in the Democratic primary. Then, she admitted Debbie Wasserman Schultz knew about the hack a month before it went public. Now, she is digging her heels in even more.

During MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, Brazile laid into Clinton like never before. And she took a swing at the former secretary of state’s presidential campaign that’s sure to leave a mark.

Joe Scarborough asked Brazile what made Clinton lose: “Was it, at the end of the day, arrogance?” She held nothing back in her response.

Brazile said:

“It was a cult. I felt like it was a cult. You could not penetrate them. I’m a grassroots organizer. I know street politics better than I know sweet politics.

I know how to touch people where they live, work, play, and pray. But I can not help a candidate Joe if I don’t have the resources. If I can not spend the resources that the party is raising because there is a blind agreement between a campaign…”

At which point, Mika Brzezinski interrupted by agreeing with Brazile. “Exactly,” Mika said, “unspoken even.”

Brazile’s comments mark the first time a former DNC leader has said such things about the Clintons.

Watch her remarks in the video below.

BUSTED: Even Clinton’s Campaign Manager Revealed The Truth About The Dossier! This Is BIG!

Image result for Clinton’s Campaign Manager

Hillary Clinton, her spokesman Brian Fallon, John Podesta, and the Democrats are denying the fact that the DNC paid for the anti-Trump dossier.

But today, we have a different case. Her campaign manager Robby Mook admitted that he knew that he was behind the hiring of the law firm.

The Daily Caller reported:

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said Friday that he instructed the campaign’s legal team to conduct the opposition research that led to the infamous anti-Trump dossier. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Mook also suggested that he and others on the campaign were briefed on some of the findings in the dossier, which was compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Mook did say that he was not aware that Steele was involved in the opposition research.

Mook said:

What I did know… is that when we started to look into Donald Trump’s business dealings, it was this massive tree of LLCs and shell companies. We were overwhelmed. We were out of our league on it, frankly. And so, I asked our lawyer and I gave him a budget allocation to investigate this, particularly the international aspect.

Also, referring to Steele, Mook said:

Well, look, they chose what to put in that dossier, so I can’t speak to that. I am proud that we were able to assemble some of the research that has brought this to light. And I am just glad that it is coming out now. I am glad that there was research there.

What do you think of this? Share your opinion!

Donna Brazille Reveals: She Considered Replacing Clinton With Biden Following The 9/11 Memorial Collapse

The Washington Post reported that ex-DNC Chair Donna Brazille recalled in her latest book which is soon to be published, ‘Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House,’ that she considered taking Hillary Clinton’s place on the Democratic ticket following the candidate fainted at the 9/11 memorial.

…Brazile details widespread dysfunction and dissension throughout the Democratic Party, including secret deliberations over using her powers as interim DNC chair to initiate the process of removing Clinton and running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.) from the ticket after Clinton’s Sept. 11, 2016, collapse in New York City.

Brazile writes that she considered a dozen combinations to replace the nominees and settled on Biden and Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.), the duo she felt most certain would win over enough working-class voters to defeat Republican Donald Trump. But then, she writes, “I thought of Hillary, and all the women in the country who were so proud of and excited about her. I could not do this to them.”

Brazile paints a scathing portrait of Clinton as a well-intentioned, historic candidate whose campaign was badly mismanaged, took minority constituencies for granted and made blunders with “stiff” and “stupid” messages. The campaign was so lacking in passion for the candidate, she writes, that its New York headquarters felt like a sterile hospital ward where “someone had died.”


New Dirty Clinton Campaign Secret Revealed – U.S Postal Office under Investigation

Every day new frauds are revealed and probably every American asks himself what is going on in this country. When we are speaking for frauds we have a new one. United States Postal Service is facing with huge problem and probably is in big trouble now. Imagine they illegally campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Now, Republican lawmakers, including Senator Trey Gowdy and Ron Johnson, are spearheading an investigation into the USPS to see what wrongdoing went on during their campaigning. At least 10 other federal agencies are suspected of having taken part in the same shady campaigning. If anyone can work just perfect, don’t quit until find evidence and solution and dig deeper it is Trey Gowdy and you can be sure that the responsible parties will regret their unlawful behavior!

From Fox News

Republican lawmakers are casting a wider net in their search for wrongdoing at federal agencies in past election cycles, after learning the Postal Service violated the law by allowing employees to do union-funded work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign while on leave.

The lawmakers blasted out letters on Monday to 10 other federal government agencies questioning their unpaid leave policy for union-related political work.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., led the charge on the review of agencies’ practices after spurring an investigation by the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) beginning in October 2016. That inquiry revealed that the USPS violated federal law by letting employees perform union-funded work for Clinton’s campaign and other Democratic candidates while on leave from the agency.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., joined Johnson’s efforts this week by penning joint letters to the departments of Commerce, Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, Labor, Transportation, Treasury, Agriculture, Veterans Affairs, and the Social Security Administration Monday. The letters concerned what’s known as “union official Leave Without Pay (LWOP)” for political campaign activity.

The letters cited the OSC’s findings regarding the USPS that “only [employees] who wanted to campaign for the [union’s] endorsed candidates were given the opportunity to take several weeks of leave on short notice, over the objections of local supervisors who raised concerns about potential operational impact.” The OSC’s findings revealed that the USPS violated the Hatch Act, a federal law that limits certain political activities of federal employees. While employees are allowed to do some political work on leave, the report said the USPS showed a “bias” favoring the union’s 2016 campaign operation.

“The procedures by which federal employees request LWOP, and by which managers and supervisors consider these requests, are the product of negotiation between the agency and the employees’ collective bargaining representative,” Johnson and Gowdy wrote, requesting specific information to “ensure federal agencies are granting LWOP in a politically neutral manner.”

Johnson and Gowdy asked for information regarding “use of LWOP in the three months prior to a federal election” dating back to 2008, agreements between the agency and employees regarding their leave, written policies and all documents and communications related to the use of LWOP.

Johnson and Gowdy requested “state-by-state” data for the requested information, giving a deadline of 5 p.m. on Sept. 11.

Fox News Just Revealed Smoking Gun That Will Finally Bring Down Clinton Crime Machine

Trump is doing his best to end as much government secrecy as he can. He released the fascinating JFK tapes and most people thought why did it take so long?

Secrecy for the sake it secrecy is a bad thing for a government to do in a free society.

Trump also lifted a gag order on a confidential FBI informant who blew the whistle on the shady Russian nuke deal under the Obama administration.

As soon as the gag order was lifted the truth – shocking how that works out – started to emerge.

And it has been devastating to the Clinton’s and Obama’s but nothing came close to what just happened on Fox News.

Victoria Toensing, the attorney representing the FBI informant, just revealed the smoking gun that will finally take down the Clinton Crime machine

She said there’s “on-the-record quid pro quo” between Bill Clinton, a Russian bank, and the Clinton Foundation.

“My client can put some meat on those bones and tell you what the Russians were saying during that time,” Toensing said, before speaking the blunt truth about whether all the smoke surrounding this shady deal is illegal.

“To pay bribes and kickbacks? Yes! It certainly is,” Toensing said. “The other thing that’s against the law is the quid pro quo of whether the Clintons benefited – and we know that they did. And that would be up for a jury to look at it and say, ‘Well, was there evil intent?’”

She then terrified Hillary and Bill saying this is just like Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) who is looking at spending the next decade or so in prison.