McConnell’s Senate Approves $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

Mitch McConnell

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on Congress and a $1.3 trillion government spending bill (all times local):

12:45 a.m.

Congress has approved a $1.3 trillion measure bestowing hefty increases on military and domestic programs. It gives President Donald Trump just a nibble of the money he’s wanted to build his wall with Mexico.

The Senate gave final passage to the bipartisan legislation by 65-32 early Friday. The House approved it 256-167 hours earlier.

Trump is expected to sign the bill before Saturday. That would avert what would be a third government shutdown this election year, which would embarrass Republicans controlling the White House and Congress.

Trump initially promised Mexico would pay to construct his “big, beautiful wall.” That country has refused, and Trump has sought $25 billion for the project and other border security efforts.

This bill provides only $1.6 billion for a year’s work.


12:21 a.m.

A $1.3 trillion spending bill has cleared a crucial hurdle in the Senate. That vote has cleared the way for final passage of the measure, which would provide big spending boosts to defense and domestic programs.

The House approved the legislation Thursday afternoon. After hours of delays, the Senate voted 67-30 to topple procedural hurdles to passage — seven votes more than the 60 that were needed.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign the legislation.

Had Congress not approved the bill by midnight Friday night, there would have been a government shutdown for the third time this election year. That would have been an embarrassment to Republicans, who control the White House and Congress.


11:40 p.m.

A fresh obstacle — whether to rename a national forest in Idaho — has been tossed in front of the mammoth spending bill Congress is trying to finish.

Idaho Republican Sen. James Risch has objected to a provision in the 2,232-page bill that would rename a forest in his home state for Cecil Andrus. Andrus was a four-term Democratic governor who died last year.

Aides and lawmakers from both parties say Risch is delaying Senate approval of the $1.3 trillion spending bill unless the forest isn’t renamed.

In response, the Senate passed language halting the renaming effort. That provision would require passage by the House, which has left town for a recess.

Senate leaders are talking to Risch, hoping to resolve the issue and free the spending bill.


1:17 p.m.

A budget bill passed by the House does not include money for work to develop and build a nuclear waste dump outside Las Vegas.

President Donald Trump has proposed reviving a long-stalled nuclear waste repository at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain, 100 miles from Las Vegas. The state’s Republican governor and Nevada lawmakers from both parties oppose the plan.

Republican Sen. Dean Heller, who faces a tough re-election this fall, pushed to exclude funding for Yucca from the massive spending bill, as did Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto.

A spokesman for Cortez Masto says she was pleased that Congress “has recognized this boondoggle for what it is.” Spokesman Ryan King adds that Cortez Masto “will continue to fight like hell to make sure any efforts to revive Yucca Mountain in Congress are blocked.”


1:01 p.m.

The House has easily approved a bipartisan $1.3 trillion measure handing huge spending increases to defense programs and domestic initiatives ranging from road-building to biomedical research.

Thursday’s vote was 256-167. That shipped the 2,232-page package to the Senate.

Passage there is assured. But some Republican senators upset that the measure spends too much could delay the bill. The question is whether it will be approved before midnight Friday night.

If it isn’t, that would force the year’s third government shutdown. That would likely be brief, but still embarrass Republicans controlling the White House and Congress.

The bill provides just $1.6 billion to start building pieces of President Donald Trump’s wall with Mexico and for other border security steps. But it doesn’t temporarily extend protections against deportation for young Dreamer immigrants.


12:44 p.m.

The White House says President Donald Trump will sign a $1.3 trillion budget bill that boosts military spending, but does not include all the funding he sought for his promised border wall.

White House officials say the plan includes key administration priorities, particularly defense spending. They argue they could not get everything they want because Democratic votes are needed in the closely divided Senate.

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said the bill was not perfect, but “that’s not how the process works.”

He noted the deal includes at least some money for new construction along the border.

Trump sounded less than enthused by the bill Wednesday night. He tweeted: “Had to waste money on Dem giveaways in order to take care of military pay increase and new equipment.”


10:55 a.m.

A sweeping $1.3 trillion budget bill that substantially boosts military and domestic spending but leaves behind young immigrant “Dreamers” has cleared a procedural hurdle.

The Republican-controlled House narrowly approved a measure allowing the bill to go forward as lawmakers struggle to meet a Friday night deadline to fund the government or face a federal shutdown.

The bill negotiated by congressional leaders deprives President Donald Trump some of his border wall money and takes only incremental steps to address gun violence.

Although some conservative Republicans balked at the size of the spending increases and the rush to pass the bill, the White House says the president backs the legislation.

The 2,232-page text was made public Wednesday night. Democrats say lawmakers had little time to read the bill before voting.


12:14 a.m.

Congressional leaders hope to start voting as soon as Thursday on a sweeping $1.3 trillion budget bill that substantially boosts military and domestic spending.

A stopgap measure may be needed to ensure federal offices aren’t hit with a partial shutdown at midnight Friday when funding for the government expires.

The bill keeps the government operating but leaves behind young immigrant “Dreamers,” deprives President Donald Trump some of his border wall money and takes only incremental steps to address gun violence.

The White House says Trump backs the legislation, even as some conservative Republicans balk at the size of the spending increases and the rush to pass the bill.

Talks continued into Wednesday evening before the 2,232-page text was released. House Speaker Paul Ryan says no bill that big is perfect.


James Woods Blasts Trump, ‘RINO Wimps’ Over Omnibus Budget Surrender

Two-time Oscar nominee James Woods blasted congressional Republicans as “RINO wimps” over the just-passed $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill.

“I never imagined I could loathe the @GOP more than the I loathe @TheDemocrats, but they got me with this suck-ass budget,” Woods tweeted to his 1.36 million followers, adding that he hopes “they get what they asked for in November. When will these RINO wimps stop sticking their asses in the air for the Democrats to violate?”

This massive omnibus bill, which only funds the government for six months, is widely seen as a total capitulation to Democrats. Although Americans put Republicans in charge of all three branches of government, Planned Parenthood remains fully funded, while there is virtually no funding for President Trump’s wall or border security. The bill is expected to add another trillion dollars to a national debt that is already over $20 trillion.

In other tweets, Woods also hammered Trump over his broken promise to build a border wall:

Although Trump at first signaled that he would sign the massive and massively unpopular bill, the growing fury in his own political base appears to have changed his mind. The president is now threatening a veto.

Woods’ frustration speaks for many — not in far-left Hollywood but in Middle America, who time and again see the GOP rolling over, even though they are completely in charge of the government. Moreover, all the wasteful spending on utter nonsense continues while priorities like border security remain under-funded.

On his nationally-syndicated radio show Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh said that he believes Trump signing this omnibus bill could be the kind of act that at long last creates a rift between the president and his loyal base of support.

“I predict this is going to be the first phase of Trump voters beginning to go wobbly. This is the swamp on steroids. This was not supposed to be happening anymore, this kind of thing,” he said.

“My fear is that this could be the issue, the item that begins to cause Trump voters to go wobbly, ’cause this was not… Let me put it another way.  This is the kind of thing that was going to stop — specifically under that umbrella, definition, ‘draining the swamp.’ My sense is that this is going to cause a massive amount of anger and opposition,” Limbaugh warned.


Donald Trump: ‘I Am Considering a Veto of the Omnibus Spending Bill’

President Donald Trump announced on Twitter on Friday that he was considering a veto of the omnibus spending bill.

“I am considering a VETO of the Omnibus Spending Bill based on the fact that the 800,000 plus DACA recipients have been totally abandoned by the Democrats (not even mentioned in Bill) and the BORDER WALL, which is desperately needed for our National Defense, is not fully funded,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday morning.

Trump’s statement counters his White House budget director Mick Mulvaney, who told reporters yesterday that the president would sign the bill, even though it was not perfect.

“Let’s cut right to the chase: Is the President going to sign the bill? The answer is yes,” Mulvaney said on Thursday.

But the president appears to have second thoughts after the bloated $1.3 trillion spending package passed the Senate in the middle of the night. Many members of Congress already leaving Washington, DC for their break or on foreign travel.

Trump has repeatedly questioned the bill’s failure to fund the wall, frustrated that Democrats refused to budge on his funding priority.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan traveled to the White House with Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to discuss the bill, and felt comfortable that they had the president’s support.

“The President supports this bill. There’s no two ways about it,” Ryan said on Thursday.


GOP and Democrats Fully Fund a Border Wall – In Jordan


The 2018 omnibus provides just enough funds to build 33 miles of fencing on the Texas border — but it also provides $500 million to help Jordan build a wall and defense line against jihad terrorists trying to cross its 287-mile border with Iraq and Syria.

The omnibus budget says on page 394:

SEC. 9011. Up to $500,000,000 of funds appropriated by this Act for the Defense Security Cooperation Agency in ‘‘Operation and Maintenance, Defense-Wide’’ may be used to provide assistance to the Government of Jordan to support the armed forces of Jordan and to enhance security along its borders.

On page 375, the omnibus says:

For the ‘‘Counter-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Train and Equip Fund’’, $1,769,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2019 …

That these funds may be used in such amounts as the Secretary of Defense may determine to enhance the border security of nations adjacent to conflict areas including Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia resulting from actions of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria:

The U.S.-funded, $500 million, 274-mile Jordan-Iraq border wall was described by, in a 2016 article titled “The Great Wall of Jordan: How the US Wants to Keep the Islamic State Out”;

The wall, which began as a $20 million project in 2008 to erect a set of surveillance towers along a 30-mile (50 km) stretch of the border with Syria, has since expanded into a program costing half a billion dollars, according to defense officials who spoke to VICE News. Called the Jordan Border Security Program or JBSP, the wall is ostensibly meant to stop weapons of mass destruction from getting out, but since 2013 has refocused on detecting Islamic State fighters and arms smuggling, as well as refugees, on both sides of the border …

The first phase of the JBSP, the erection of the towers, was completed in September 2009. Phase 1B, the beginning of the fence, was completed in March 2014. Phases 2 and 3, the building of a fully integrated and networked fence running along a 275-mile(442 km) stretch of Jordan’s borders with Syria and Iraq and costing some $300 million, are scheduled to be fully operational this year. Further phases will extend the fence along the entire border and improve surveillance and detection gear. Mobile surveillance stations and quick reaction forces will be stationed at vulnerable points or emerging hot spots.

It’s all paid for by the United States taxpayer.


A Pentagon video explains the project, saying the border defense is 552 kilometers.

One of the contractors is Raytheon, which boasted in a 2015 press release:

 “Our team has delivered on that model supporting [U.S. government] DTRA border security contracts across the world in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and in Jordan.

“In total, the systems we have installed protect 4,500 miles of borders.”

The Jordan wall is designed to block the movement of jihadis — but the U.S. border wall is being designed by Republicans and Democrats to leave large holes for migrants to move into U.S. jobs and into Democrat-run cities, where they force down wages earned by blue-collar Americans and paid by local businesses.

For example, the 2018 omnibus bill only extended the border fence by a mere 33 miles, even though Trump’s deputies have developed a plan to close up 700 miles of open border.

The omnibus bill also reduced the number of detention beds kept to hold migrants prior to their asylum and deportation court hearings. Agency officials want additional beds because they are required to release migrants whenever the flood of migrants exceeds their detention capacity. If released, the migrants move into Democratic-run “sanctuary cities” or to GOP-affiliated cheap-labor employers in the agriculture and food industries.

The 2018 omnibus bill also denies Trump’s request for explicit authority to block federal grants for cities which shield their large population of low-wage migrant workers from federal enforcement agencies.

Democrats and business-first Republicans go to great lengths to protect the supply of cheap migrant labor.

In New York, for example, the city’s government has declared itself a sanctuary city partly because upper-income residents and business groups are heavily dependent on the cheap labor supplied by a large percentage of the 500,000 illegal immigrants who live in the city. The huge labor force of illegals in New York has successfully kept food-industry wages extremely low, according to 2017 state data, despite the high cost of living in the city.

Nationwide, according to a February 2017 report by the Washington Post:

“In major cities, you’re talking about a restaurant workforce that is maybe 75 percent foreign-born, and maybe 30 to 40 percent undocumented,” said Saru Jayaraman, a labor activist and the founder of the worker group Restaurant Opportunities Center United. “The restaurant industry in major cities would absolutely collapse without immigrants.”

National Public Radio reported:

Tim Zagat, founder and CEO of the Zagat Survey, says that immigrant labor, legal and otherwise, is nothing short of vital to the inner workings of most New York City restaurants.

Mr. TIM ZAGAT (Founder and CEO, Zagat): I go into the backs of restaurants all the time. In most restaurants, and I’m talking about the better restaurants, there may be one European and everybody else is from South and Central America.

California Gov. Jerry Brown defended his state’s opposition to immigration enforcement, saying March 7 that enforcement agencies are “going after men, women, and children — some who have worked 10 or 20 years picking our food, washing our dishes, building houses.”

In February, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned a local business association that enforcement agencies were planning to pick up numerous law-breaking migrants in the city. The businesses in the association include numerous restaurants and catering companies:

The inflow of cheap labor excludes lower-skilled Americans from jobs. In Chicago, for example, a federal investigation showed hundreds of illegals working at a bakery. Once the illegals were excluded, the bakery’s management had to raise wages to attract American workers, including hundred of African-Americans.

Four million Americans turn 18 each year and begin looking for good jobs in the free market.

But the federal government inflates the supply of new labor by annually accepting roughly 1.1 million new legal immigrants, by providing work-permits to roughly 3 million resident foreigners, and by doing little to block the employment of roughly 8 million illegal immigrants.

The Washington-imposed economic policy of economic growth via mass-immigration floods the market with foreign laborspikes profits and Wall Street values by cutting salaries for manual and skilled labor offered by blue-collar and white-collar employees. It also drives up real estate priceswidens wealth-gaps, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, hurts kids’ schools and college education, pushes Americans away from high-tech careers, and sidelines at least 5 million marginalized Americans and their families, including many who are now struggling with opioid addictions.


Trump Wants Border Wall To “Keep The Damn Drugs Out” … Liberals Furious

If we’re being 100% honest, if foreigners weren’t allowed to cross our borders illegally, the U.S. drug problem would only be a fraction of what it is now. That’s one of the main reasons that President Trump (and common sense Americans) want a wall on our southern border.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump vowed to get tough on the opioid epidemic, even proposing the death penalty for some of the worst drug traffickers.

“If we don’t get tough on the drug dealers, we are wasting our time,” he said at an event in New Hampshire. “That toughness includes the death penalty.”

Trump praised unnamed foreign leaders who had “zero tolerance” for drug dealers, which they argued helped them prevent drug problems.

“Unless you have really, really powerful penalties, led by the death penalty, with the really bad pushers and abusers, we are going to get nowhere,” he said.

Trump also criticized Democrats for opposing his proposed wall on the Southern border.

“Eventually the Democrats will agree with us to build the wall and keep the damn drugs out,” he said, prompting chants of “build that wall” in the room.

The president criticized sanctuary city policies for allowing illegal immigrants and drug dealers to remain in the country. He called on Congress to end funding for sanctuary cities.

“If we are not going to get tough on the drug dealers who kill thousands of people and destroy so many people’s lives, we are just doing the wrong thing,” he said. “We have got to get tough.”

Trump specifically vowed to empower law enforcement to crack down on the supply of drugs, including prescription drug reforms targeting doctors and drug companies.

“I love tough guys, we need tough guys,” Trump said, pointing out an ICE agent in the audience.

The audience in New Hampshire cheered Trump’s proposed solutions, many of them wearing red Make America Great Again campaign hats in support of the president.

The president also announced a plan to create more advertisements to “scare” young people away from opioid addiction, much like cigarette advertisements.

“The best way to beat the drug crisis is to keep people from getting hooked on drugs to begin with,” he said.

He promised that the Department of Justice was considering a federal lawsuit against some of the drug companies who manufacture opioids. Trump also announced plans to provide narcan to first responders in areas devastated by opioid addiction. Narcan helps block the effects of opioids, especially in overdose situations.

“I want to win this battle, I don’t want to leave at the end of seven years and have this problem,” Trump said.


JUST IN: McCain Wants To Kill Border Wall Funding

Sen. John McCain, over the past few years, has distanced himself from the conservative movement by continually taking an establishment Republican/left-of-center approach to important bills. He single-handedly killed the first few GOP attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

His latest move has conservatives even more angry, as it could mean putting the U.S. at higher risk on our southern border, which is already dangerous enough. Without a border wall, America will be overrun with illegal aliens within the next decade…

Hannity reports:

‘Maverick’ GOP Senator John McCain and Democrat Senator Chris Coons plan to unveil a revised immigration bill Monday afternoon; providing a pathway to citizenship for ‘Dreamers’ but omitting funding for President Trump’s signature campaign promise: The Border Wall.

The new legislation reportedly grants citizenship to those protected under former President Barack Obama’s recently rescinded DACA policy -estimated to be anywhere between 700,000 and 1.8 million people- but neglects addressing the President’s key immigration issues such as “chain migration” or the “Visa lottery.”

Most notably, the proposed bill fails to fund the President’s barrier along the nation’s southern border with Mexico.

President Trump has routinely stated there can be “no deal on DACA” that does not include “strong border security and the desperately needed wall.”

“Any deal on DACA that does not include STRONG border security and the desperately needed WALL is a total waste of time. March 5th is rapidly approaching and the Dems seem not to care about DACA. Make a deal!” tweeted the President earlier Monday.

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After Trump’s Speech, Border Wall Poll Takes A Tremendous Swing

It’s amazing how fake news can split this country. For over a year, we’ve been told President Trump is the one dividing us. But when the people are allowed to see the facts, we discover the opposite is true.

The only people dividing us are the liberals. They lie in media. They lie in Washington. They push false narratives in order to keep many Americans in the dark.

But when they were allowed to hear from Trump himself, it makes all the difference. Since Trump’s State of the Union address, many people are singing a new tune. Turns out, most of us support Trump’s plan for America.

From Breitbart:

The majority of Americans want a wall along the southern border to protect the United States and American workers from illegal aliens pouring into the country.

Following President Trump’s “State of the Union” (SOTU) address wherein he demanded at least $25 billion from the Republican-controlled Congress to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, nearly 60 percent of Americans said they supported the plan.

The post-SOTU CBS News poll revealed that 59 percent of Americans said they supported “building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Only 41 percent of Americans said they opposed the border wall, but were not given other options in the poll for what they would like to see done about securing the country’s southern border.

The support for Trump’s border wall is just the latest development in Americans’ vast support for the president’s plan to transform the current legal immigration — whereby more than 70 percent of legal immigrants arrive in the U.S. for no other reason than to reunify with foreign relatives — into one based on merit, skills, and English proficiency.

It seems like the only people who want to protect illegal immigration are radical leftists. And, of course, the brain-dead celebrities who endorse them. Neither group has to deal with the fallout of increased illegal immigration. The rest of us do.

Most Americans are against illegal immigration. They don’t want millions of undocumented strangers flooding the country. We understand the danger that poses.

Most Americans also want improvements to the immigration system. And now we know, most want a border wall.

So, who’s standing in the way? Radical liberals who need illegals for their support. They aren’t interested in protecting the economy or national security. Democrats only want to exploit illegals for political power. Pathetic.

But more and more Americans are getting behind the President. Democrats will be forced to either support his vision or get voted out of office. Let’s see which happens first!

Source: Breitbart,

AP: Border Wall Models Thwart U.S. Commandos in Tests

President Donald Trump hinted during a cabinet meeting that he might be visiting the wall prototypes on the southern border.

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Recent assaults by tactical teams on prototypes of President Donald Trump’s proposed wall with Mexico indicate their imposing heights should stop border crossers, a U.S. official with direct knowledge of the rigorous assessment told The Associated Press.

Military special forces based in Florida and U.S. Customs and Border Protection special units spent three weeks trying to breach and scale the eight models in San Diego, using jackhammers, saws, torches and other tools and climbing devices, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the information was not authorized for public release.

A Customs and Border Protection report on the tests identifies strengths and flaws of each design but does not pick an overall winner or rank them, though it does point to see-through steel barriers topped by concrete as the best overall design, the official said.

The report recommends combining elements of each, depending on the terrain. The official likened it to a Lego design, pulling pieces from different prototypes.

Carlos Diaz, a spokesman for Customs and Border Protection, said the agency is still in “the testing phase” and that results are being evaluated. He said combining elements of different prototypes instead of picking a winner is consistent with previous statements by officials. He noted that the agency said in its bidding guidelines that a minimum height of 18 feet (5.4 meters) would be a key characteristic. He said he did not have additional details on test results.

Contractors were awarded between $300,000 and $500,000 for each prototype. Prototypes were built last fall to guide future construction of one of Trump’s signature campaign pledges. Four were concrete and four were made of other materials.

Ronald Vitiello, the agency’s acting deputy commissioner, said after visiting the prototypes in October that he was struck most by the 30-foot (9.1-meter) heights, which are significantly higher than existing barriers. Taller barriers are undoubtedly more effective, but whether the cost is justified will be up for debate.

The highly trained testers scaled 16 to 20 feet (4.9 to 6.1 meters) unassisted but needed help after that, said the official who described the assaults on the wall prototypes to the AP. Testers also expressed safety concerns about getting down from 30 feet.

Only once did a tester manage to land a hook on top of the wall without help, the official said. Tubes atop some models repelled climbing devices but wouldn’t work in more mountainous areas because the terrain is too jagged.

The report favors steel at ground level because agents can see what is happening on the other side and holes can more easily be patched, the official said. With concrete, large slabs have to be replaced for even small breaches, which is time-consuming and expensive. Topping the steel with smooth concrete surfaces helps prevent climbing.

Customs and Border Protection leaders were scheduled to be briefed on the findings this week amid intensifying discussions between the White House and Congress on immigration legislation to avert a government shutdown and renew protection for about 800,000 young immigrants who were temporarily shielded from deportation under an Obama-era program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which is scheduled to end in March.

The administration has insisted wall funding be part of any immigration deal but Trump has been unclear about how long the wall would be and how it should be designed. The administration has asked for $1.6 billion this year to build or replace 74 miles (118.4 kilometers) of barriers in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley and San Diego and plans to request another $1.6 billion next year.

A proposal by Customs and Border Protection calls for spending $18 billion over 10 years to extend barriers to cover nearly half the border, though it is unclear if Trump supports that plan. The agency proposes 316 miles (505 kilometers) of additional barrier by September 2027, bringing total coverage to 970 miles (1,552 kilometers). It also seeks 407 miles (651 kilometers) of replacement or secondary fencing.

Mexico has steadfastly rejected Trump’s demand that it pay for the wall.

Contracts to do work on that scale would be hugely lucrative, and the prototypes, spaced tightly together in a remote part of San Diego, have captured widespread attention, including from architecture critics. W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co. of Philadelphia, Mississippi, and Caddell Construction Co. of Montgomery, Alabama, built one concrete model and one of other materials.

Texas Sterling Construction Co., a unit of Sterling Construction Co., and Fisher Sand & Gravel Co. of Tempe, Arizona, did concrete designs. ELTA North America Inc., part of state-run Israel Aerospace Industries, and KWR Construction Inc. of Sierra Vista, Arizona, built models from other materials.

Vitiello said in October that the testing could last up to two months and lead to officials to conclude that elements of several designs should be merged to create effective walls, raising the possibility of no winner or winners.


Democrat ‘Holy Grail’ Defects, Tells Congress To Build The Wall—Trump Wins Again

There’s a crack appearing in the liberal opposition to President Trump. Now we’re not talking about a thaw in nasty relations, let alone a full-blown rapprochement. And some of the Democrats will have to grit their teeth to cooperate with the president.

But some on the left have appeared to have decided that working with the man on occasion might be a good idea. Or at least a better one than opposing everything, and coming up empty-handed and looking irrelevant like the Democrats did with the tax bill.

So get ready for this one. That bastion of liberal ideology, the Washington Post, has admonished Democrats to support building the border wall. At least in return for some accommodation for the “dreamers.”

President Trump had already expressed a willingness to do this, so it looks like the left might be the ones who will be learning to cooperate. Still, it’s a shock to read such words on the editorial page of the Washington Post.

The Washington Post Editorial Board published a piece Wednesday begging Democrats to accept President Trump’s border wall in return for the protection of “dreamers,” the illegal immigrants currently protected by DACA.

The article, entitled ‘Take a deal for the dreamers. Build the wall,’ argues that while the wall is a ‘dumb idea,’ it would ultimately be a worthwhile trade-off to protect ‘dreamers.’

‘If a few billion dollars annually is the trade-off that provides certainty — a pathway to citizenship or permanent legal status — for nearly 700,000 young immigrants brought to this country as children by their parents, it’s worth it.

Because the alternative — all those lives ruined, all those jobs lost, all that education and promise cut short — is much worse,’ the Editorial Board writes.

Note this is no full-scale endorsement of the border wall. The Post dutifully calls it a “dumb idea.” Yet they can see the writing on the wall: President Trump has made noises about doing something to help the “dreamers” find a way to citizenship.

The last thing the left needs is for President Trump to be able to take credit for accomplishing one of the Democrats’ goals.

To create the impression that this is no capitulation to President Trump, [t]he Editorial Board further notes that increased border security has historically been a bipartisan issue, such as in 2006 when both Senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama voted to support 700 miles of fencing on the Mexican border.

Image result for president trump

Maybe the Post as grown tired of losing and watching President Trump frequently win as he promised to do on the campaign trail.

While the Washington Post remains a staunchly liberal publication, its writers and editors are bright people. It’s bad enough for them to have to watch President Trump tear the Obama legacy to shreds and see the president’s tax bill become law.

Allowing him to claim credit for doing something for illegal immigrants is more than they can stand.

So, we see the Post’s strategy. Work with him on the border wall in return for being able to take some credit for providing a pathway to citizenship for the dreamers.

And claim that any compromise the left reaches with him on his border wall can be explained against a backdrop of previous support for fences on the border by Obama and Clinton.

The alternative is to watch him get his border wall anyway while co-opting a vital part of the Democrats’ agenda on immigration.

After all, the left can only lose so often before matters get intolerable. Or, to look at it another way, “If you’re getting run out of town, get to the front and act like you are leading a parade.”

Source: Daily Caller,

Major California Democrat Goes Rogue, Openly Supports Trump’s Top Priority Live On T.V.

It’s taken them a year to figure it out. But some Democrats have discovered that President Trump really does know how to get his agenda implemented.

In other words, all that talk about “winning” was not just bluster. He outlined what he wanted to get done, and has largely accomplished that agenda in his first term.

What remains to be finalized are immigration issues and the replacement for Obamacare. And even some of those goals have been accomplished via executive orders.

Obamacare has been largely gutted, and now exists mostly in name only. And the border wall is coming regardless of what Nancy Pelosi and her pals want.

Image result for democrat leaders

More and more cracks are appearing in the Democratic opposition to the border wall. Now, Democratic congresswoman from California Jackie Speier has announced that she is ready to work with the president.

And it’s safe to assume that if one Democratic member of Congress is ready to cooperate on the wall, there are many more of the same persuasion who have simply not made their positions public yet.

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., broke ranks with Democratic leaders on Thursday and said she is willing to work with President Trump and congressional Republicans on legalizing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in return for border wall funding.

“I’m willing to go, you know, midway with the president and the Republicans to fund higher-tech walls along our border, more border security, enhanced measures, but I really feel very strongly that our DACA kids need to be protected,” Speier told MSNBC host Craig Melvin, who seemed stunned by the statement.

This is probably all the heresy a Democrat can utter without getting excommunicated from the party. And it mirrors the position recently published by the Washington Post.

So what we might have here is a coordinated effort to at least take part of the credit for accomplishing something. After all, they certainly don’t want to be seen as just sitting around irrelevant as the Democrats did during the president’s tax bill success.

“‘To be clear, I want to clarify. You are okay with giving the president his wall in exchange for DACA?’ Melvin asked.

“‘I would be willing to give the president a high-tech wall, willing to give him some amount of money to build his wall to a certain degree,’ Speier said.”

We have all the makings of successfully passing legislation addressing these issues. It’s just a matter of working out the details along with plenty of political theater to satisfy supporters in both parties.

Proving they are yesterday’s leaders, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have both previously insisted the Democratic Party would not compromise on that request.

Those two offer nothing of value to the American people and are actually a drag on their own party. However, in the finest of political traditions, they remain either unaware of, or indifferent to, their own uselessness.

At least Pelosi and Schumer do one thing well. They demonstrate the sort of leaders who should be forced into retirement.

Meanwhile, they can watch a true leader, President Trump, work with selected members of the Democratic Party to move forward his agenda. It’s something to behold.

Source: Washington Examiner,