Birds Of A Feather: Muller’s Star Wittness & Convicted Pedophile Caught on Vacation With Bill Clinton

In criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offense that the person would have otherwise been unlikely or unwilling to commit.

Take the case of Robert Mueller’s latest witness, George Nader, for example, who is the latest target the special counsel has interviewed in his extended fishing expedition.

Nader apparently met with “senior White House” officials at some point in the nascent Trump presidency.  Considering the number of anti-Trump, Deep State, establishment-globalists who had wormed their way into the White House early in his administration, absent the names of the senior officials Nader met with, the fact that he was in the White House says nothing about Trump but more about those persons who may or may not have been briefed on who he was.

Here’s what we do know about Nader.

According to court records, George Nader, was indicted in 1985 on charges of importing to the United States obscene material, including photos of nude boys “engaged in a variety of sexual acts.”  And in 2003 he was convicted on 10 counts of sexually abusing underage boys in the Czech Republic.

So Mueller is using a convicted pedophile to go after Donald Trump.  It’s a serious charge for a president to be associating with a known pedophile, don’t you think?

But here are the pictures that prove the president’s association with Nader:

Bill Clinton pictured with George Nader (right)

Ricardo Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, José Calzada, Rolando Gonzalez Bunster

The pictures were reportedly taken in January of 2017 only days before Trump took the oath of office.  Could these two pedophile dirtbags be discussing a scheme to entrap Trump? 

We know the long knives had been out for president-elect Trump much earlier than that so what is it Mueller hopes to prove by using the testimony of a Clinton pedopal?

First Hillary pays for a phony dossier and now Bill arranges for his pedopal to give Mueller dirt on Trump. 

Is Mueller really going to rely on criminals colluding with criminals to bring charges against President Trump?  That strategy didn’t turn out well for Andrew McCabe and it’s not likely to turn out any better for Mueller.


Bill Clinton BLASTS President Trump as a ‘Dictator & Liar’ – Hits Rock Bottom on Nat’l TV [VIDEO]

Former President Bill Clinton needs help.

America has known this for a very long time.

Check out this TV interview Clinton recently did, where he slams President Trump as a dictator and a liar.


From Downtrend:

And the Dictators Club in the world, they want two things. They want nuclear weapons, because they feel like they can never be dislodged no matter how much people hate them if they’ve got nuclear power.

And they want to abolish the line between fact and fiction and truth and lie, because they figure if you don’t what’s true and you don’t think you could ever know, pretty soon, everybody will accept the fact that democracy’s no longer possible,” said Clinton.

“Are you talking about foreign countries now or here, because that shook me to the bone for a second,” asked O’Brien.

Clinton paused for a long moment and tried to speak but couldn’t form any words.

“You just said a lot by saying nothing,” said” O’Brien.


More, from Hollywood Reporter:

During an appearance on Conan on Wednesday night, former president Bill Clinton reflected on the “different America” he saw while campaigning for his wife versus when he was president.

“The good news is … the country is much more diverse than it used to be, and I think that’s a good thing,” Clinton began, adding, “Youth matters. The median age of the workforce is a big deal in terms of the economic potential of the country.”

Clinton then emphasized the need for more immigrants. “Since the birthright of native-born Americans of all races is just barely at replacement level, we need immigrants to come in and keep diversifying the country.”

Trump is the liar, Bill?


That’s rich.


Bill Clinton Is CORNERED! – Monica Lewinsky Just Scorched Him Big Way!

As the illiterate liberals were blindly forcing the #MeToo as well as the #TimesUp movements without having an idea that they will eventually hit back their own.

These movements later have shown that they revealed more scandals by the liberals that they were supposed to.

In their pointless attempts to make the President look like a sexual predator, what they did is failed miserably, because President Trump is an honorable man without any sexual misconducts in the past.

As it was revealed that his history is clean, it was also revealed that one of their movie producers, Harvey Weinstein was the one who has been terrorizing women for decades.

After this, a Million other liberal ‘soldiers’ fell on accusations of sexual misconduct and eventually, their leader Bill Clinton.

Now, Monica Lewinsky publicly revealed that Bill was indeed a sexual maniac.
This is what Lewinsky tweeted:

“For 20 years, I’ve marked 16Jann as the day i survived another year from 1998. on this 20th (!!!) anniversary, thinkin’ maybe we could try a survivor’s chain. whaddya think? (too corny?) RETWEET if you survived the unimaginable in your life.”

This is such a huge deal that even liberals backed Lewinsky and criticized Bill as well as Hillary Clinton for their gruesome actions on Monica. CNN host, Jake Tapper was amongst the first to speak up. He is known for dating Lewinsky at the time.

“What the Clinton WH and too many of its allies in media, politics, and the progressive community did to attack Monica was unconscionable.” – Tapper added.

Also, the general public stood up on Lewinsky’s side immediately.

“I admire you for your courage and for how you’ve turned the horrible experience into a campaign to stop bullying.” – One Twitter user said.

“Your Twitter is the best thing to come out of the shit show that I remember as the 90s. Thank you!” – stated another user.

Well done Lewinsky for standing up against the cruel liberal leaders and using their movement to reveal their dirty secrets.

BREAKING News From Arkansas!! Bill And Hillary Clinton To Be INDICTED!!!!

For years  Bill and Hillary Clinton have evaded prosecution for dozens of crimes, but it appears that her luck is about to run out. Over the years, Clinton has been involved in numerous scandals that would land anyone else in America behind bars for life. However, since the Clinton’s are top leading liberal politicians, they have been able to fly under the radar despite the public outcry for their arrest and prosecution.

Both Bill and Hillary’s arrogance knows no bounds, and that has been evident in the way the two have flaunted their freedom in front of the American people and on the world stage. For instance, just last year, during the presidential campaign, Clinton was cleared of any wrong-doing by the former FBI Director James Comey for the use of a private server and deleting countless sensitive emails which happens to be a federal crime.

However, instead of Hillary being indicted, she was cleared of all charges, which seemed only to encourage her, as she began to accuse President Trump of Russian collusion and a myriad of other crimes worthy of his impeachment. But now the tables have turned in the last week as new evidence of Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One scandal has been revealed which could land her behind bars sooner than later after the first indictments have been handed out over this weekend, but that is just the beginning.

Now, an Arkansas grand jury has convened to indict both Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as countless other Clinton Foundation employees which means we may finally see justice happen in our lifetime.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been aggravating conservatives for the past year as he has refused to go after Hillary Clinton and her various crimes. For months, we have witnessed the smug two-time failed presidential candidate traipsing around the country slamming President Trump and all those who voted for him spreading her vicious lies.

However, those smug days may be over since Sessions has ordered prosecutors at the Department of Justice to begin interviewing FBI agents about evidence they uncovered in a criminal investigation into a highly-controversial uranium deal that involves Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Then to add more fuel to the fire Corey Hiland, a US attorney picked by Trump in 2017, has convened a grand jury in Little Rock, Arkansas, that has been working hard for last several months, according to the Washington Post.

US Attorney Corey Corey Hiland has promised to deliver swift justice to victims of the Clinton Foundation.

According to recent reports, Hiland has reopened the Clinton Foundation investigation that was shut down by Loretta Lynch and disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, but of course, the left is doing their best to protect the Clinton posse.

The mainstream media in their desire to shield the criminal Clinton’s has done their best to push this significant news story under the rug, but that will be hard to do considering the recent indictments handed down.

Here is more from Breitbart:

An 11-count indictment has been handed down from a grand jury investigating possible Russian bribery involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal negotiated when she was part of the Obama administration, a report says.

The indictment was levied against Maryland resident Mark Lambert, a former co-president of a nuclear transportation company involved in Hillary Clinton’s deal to sell U.S. uranium interests to a Russian company. A Department of Justice statement says that the 54-year-old Lambert was charged with “one count of conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and to commit wire fraud, seven counts of violating the FCPA, two counts of wire fraud and one count of international promotion money laundering.”

The statement added:

The charges stem from an alleged scheme to bribe Vadim Mikerin, a Russian official at JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX), a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation and the sole supplier and exporter of Russian Federation uranium and uranium enrichment services to nuclear power companies worldwide, in order to secure contracts with TENEX.

The charges come on the heels of an eight-year investigation into the sale of Uranium One to the Russian company. The sale was completed in 2013.

Peter Schweizer, Government Accountability Institute president and Breitbart News senior editor-at-large, broke the Uranium One scandal in his book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

The Uranium One scandal centers on the partial sale of the Canadian firm Uranium One to Russia’s atomic energy giant Rosatom. The Obama administration was required to approve the sale because it transferred 20 percent of U.S. uranium stocks to Russia. As it happens, Hillary Clinton was on the federal board that approved the deal in 2010.

The Uranium One scandal centers on the partial sale of the Canadian firm Uranium One to Russia’s atomic energy giant Rosatom. The Obama administration was required to approve the sale because it transferred 20 percent of U.S. uranium stocks to Russia. As it happens, Hillary Clinton was on the federal board that approved the deal in 2010.

Soon after the word was spread about the indictment, Jullian Assange posted a tweet that had many people scratching their heads. However, if you are a chess player you will understand the significance of this post, and here is why.

The chess piece shows a move from what many hail as the greatest chess game of all time in a step from the 1918  Capablanca vs. Marshall game. Checkmate is just one move away which is a signal to Bill and Hillary that they are about to go down and it is about damn time.


H/T [The Washington Times],

Bill Clinton: ‘Trump’s Fans Are Ignorant And Violent, They Have No Clue What They’re Doing To…’

Former US President Bill Clinton stated that these days everybody is a nationalist all over the world, however for a nation to prevail, he thinks that it has to accept immigrants.

Clinton made his comments amid a special campaign occasion for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy in New Jersey.

“Everybody is a nationalist … the question is are you an inclusive nationalist or a tribal nationalist?” he stated.

He stated that America kept on developing only because they could assimilate extensive numbers of newcomers from all over the world.

“Look, does every country need borders, laws and rules? Yes,” he said. “Do we need young immigrants who are willing to work hard and contribute to our future? You bet.”

Clinton clarified that the US was confronting a similar issue as every rich country in the past, referring to the low birth rates in our country.

“Like every other wealthy country in the world, the more you give women access to an education and the workforce, the lower the birthrate is, the smaller families are,” he stated. “It doesn’t matter if you are pro-choice or pro-life … in every society on earth this happens.”

Immigration, he clarified, was basic for the overall success of this nation.

“You need them!” he said, speaking about newcomers. “We need to do this together.”

He bashed the way Republican voters behave and stated that they are full of hate.

Republicans he also stated, were aiming to get fans “foaming at the mouth until they need a rabies shot” and“stark raving crazy” to force them to vote.

“It’s like food that leaves you hungry 30 minutes after you eat it,” he stated.

Clinton additionally stated that Russia was a genuine danger to the US, in the wake of attempting to destroy democracy in our country and install a president who will suit their interests.

“What they’re really trying to do is be able to dilute the sources of information so much that there will be no difference between fact and fiction, truth and lie,” he stated. “And then all the crowd of authoritarians will come along and say … it’s impossible to have a genuine democracy.”

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Bill Clinton Gets Horrific News, He Deserves This

With the numerous allegations of sexual harassment following the Harvey Weinstein revelations, others have been caught up in scandals of their own.

According to The Daily Caller, the media has made a surprising move. They’ve decided to address the numerous sexual harassment allegations facing former President Bill Clinton.

The bold accusations from supposed victims of sexual harassment has inspired others to come forward with their own stories, encouraged by the acknowledgment and attention others have received.

Alleged victims of former President Clinton’s advances have found themselves going unheard and unacknowledged given the power and influence he held. Now that he and Hillary Clinton have lost some of their political might after the failed 2016 election, and in the wake of other accusations, some journalists and members of the media are finally putting a light on their stories.

Most prominent among the accusations leveled at Mr. Clinton comes from Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley, and Juanita Broaddrick. Women who have long fought for their voices to be heard and the crimes against them acknowledged, only to be silenced by the Democrat Party or Mrs. Clinton.

Paula Jones said she was harassed by Mr. Clinton at a hotel room in Arkansas where she worked. Apparently, Mr. Clinton had made numerous, albeit unsuccessful, advances towards her before he exposed himself and solicited oral sex.

Kathleen Wiley says Mr. Clinton had made numerous advances to her and groped her a number of times within the Oval Office — a place where he infamously received oral sex from the young intern, Monica Lewinsky.

As bad as these allegations are, the worst comes from Juanita Broaddrick, who says she was raped by Mr. Clinton while he was serving as Arkansas’s Attorney General. On Twitter in early 2016, she stated, “I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73….it never goes away.”

All three women’s stories have been disregarded and ignored by the media. Following the many other allegations against notable individuals, some have decided to revisit their stories.

MSNBC host, Chris Hayes, said on Friday “…that Democrats and the center left are overdue for a real reckoning with the allegations against [Bill Clinton]”

Editor of The Atlantic, Caitlin Flanagan, wrote an article titled “Bill Clinton: A Reckoning” where she stated that those individuals who defended Mr. Clinton were “on the wrong side of history.” She also said that “The Democratic Party needs to make its own reckoning of the way it protected Bill Clinton,” particularly attacking feminists who were quick to defend Mr. Clinton and reject the allegations.

The sudden support and acknowledgment of these accusations from members of the media have left Juanita Broaddrick stunned. On Monday she posted on Twitter, “New York Times opinion ‘I Believe Juanita’. Hell has definitely frozen over.”

Now that the drama of the 2016 elections has finally settled and sexual harassers are being held accountable for their crimes, perhaps these women can finally have their stories heard fairly without political agendas getting in the way.

If Mr. Clinton abused these women, he should be held accountable for his actions and brought to justice.

Is it finally time for Bill Clinton to pay for his crimes?

After Weeks Of Rumors, Bill Clinton Makes A Stunning Confession

You’d think that Bill Clinton would have gotten over his lies after his falsehood and fiction filled presidency.
However, You’d be wrong.

But now you’d probably approve his lies. You’d never guess what Clinton is working on. He’s writing a fiction novel, so it’s not just lies on the stand. He’s collaborating with James Patterson, an award winning suspense author.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The biggest summer blockbuster of 2018 might just be a book.

Former President Bill Clinton is writing his first novel in collaboration with prolific best-selling author James Patterson. The President Is Missing will be released in June 2018 and is being jointly published by Alfred A. Knopf, Clinton’s publisher, and Hachette, Patterson’s publisher.

Patterson, who has sold more than 380 million books worldwide during his decades-long career, said Clinton’s involvement in the novel provides “rich storytelling opportunities for this series.”

No release date was announced for the television version of the novel, but it is certainly an unconventional post-presidency venture. Former presidents routinely write memoirs but rarely delve into fiction.

(In 2003 Jimmy Carter wrote “The Hornet’s Nest,” a novel set in the Revolutionary War.)

A spokeswoman for Showtime said that the deal came together with assistance from CBS’s chief executive, Leslie Moonves. Showtime is a subsidiary of the CBS Corporation.

So, Patterson just struck gold and Clinton found an honorable way to lie, it looks like a win win for both of them.

 “Working on a book about a sitting president — drawing on what I know about the job, life in the White House, and the way Washington works — has been a lot of fun,” Clinton said in a statement Monday. “And working with Jim has been terrific. I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time.”

It’s not a surprise he’s a fan of fiction. At least now Clinton found a way to be honest about his words.

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Source: DailyCaller,

Huge News Just Broke About Bill Clinton, He Makes Major Announcement !

Since previous President Clinton left office in 2001, we were all trusting that he and Hillary would, as Barack and Michelle ought to, step away unobtrusively from open life and appreciate the life of retirement.Lamentably, that is not the situation. Rather, we’re past overexposed to the Clintons, as Hillary has now made two fizzled endeavors to wind up the president, and Bill has attempted to raise money for their slush support known as the Clinton Foundation.

Be that as it may, it’s not over for these Clintons. As Hillary has as of late reported her arrangements to bring cash up in talking expenses for a political activity advisory group, Bill Clinton has his very own few arrangements. What’s more, that is, to compose a novel. Maybe composing a legitimate and later collection of memoirs would demonstrate excessively, as Bill’s adventures in the current over a wide span of time may uncover too ersonmany skeletons. So fiction is a protected place for him.From Right Wing News:

Many people have been hoping that, with Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss in November, the Clintons would finally retire from the public eye. But that appears to not be true. Hillary has been making public speeches again, and now, Bill Clinton has just announced some new plans of his own.

Clinton said he is writing his first novel, alongside best-selling author James Patterson. The book, titled “The President is Missing”, will be released in June of 2018 and will be jointly published by Alfred A. Knopf and Hachette, Clinton and Patterson’s respective publishers.

So far, not much is known about the plot of the novel. While the fictional president will be at the center of the story, all that has been said so far is that it will be “a unique amalgam of intrigue, suspense and behind-the-scenes global drama from the highest corridors of power”.

For his part, Clinton has spoken enthusiastically about the book. “Working on a book about a sitting President – drawing on what I know about the job, life in the White House, and the way Washington works – has been a lot of fun,” he said in a statement. “And working with Jim has been terrific. I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time. “

Maybe composing this novel will keep Bill occupied while Hillary is away on her talking visits to raise money. In any case, this book might be a sort of chronicled fiction, however, will most likely have more truth in it than Bill’s indictment hearing in Congress!

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Bill Clinton’s Sex Crimes Are Worse Than Anyone Thought — New Evidence Reveals All

A new book about Hillary Clinton’s ability to blame just about everything for her colossally humiliating loss to Donald Trump for the presidency is premiering titled, “What Happened.” As far as I could see, there was no question mark after the title, but perhaps there should have been, because she still seems to have absolutely no idea how she lost the contest. It would not be a surprise to learn in the book that she blames Climate Change for the loss…or did she already do that?

Anyway, there is also a new biography about former House Speaker Newt Gingrich about to hit the bookstores entitled, “Citizen Newt: The Making of a Reagan Conservative.” The book delves into the times of the “Conservative Revolution” and the Contract With America. But it also spends a bit of time on President Clinton…and his penchant for skirts.

The author digs into the many, MANY instances of Bill Clinton going above and beyond to show his affection (reciprocated and unwanted) for all the very special women in his life. The book also makes a point of saying that this was a well-established fact in Washington…that everyone was aware of his shortcomings…and were blown away by the fact that he was never brought up on charges and that Hillary put up with for a much longer time than what was initially suspected!

Image result for bill clinton creep

Western Journalism:

In a new book titled Citizen Newt, the Making of a Reagan Conservative, biographer Craig Shirley discussed former President Bill Clinton’s “womanizing and its impact on his early presidency.”

The astonishing thing was not just that he got away with it, repeatedly, without being sued, but that Hillary put up with it, as did the American people. But Clinton had perfected the talent of ‘getting away with it’ since his childhood. He could, as they say, charm the pants off of you. Or her,” Shirley wrote.

Image result for bill clinton women

Shirley referenced an American Spectator story from 2012 claiming Arkansas troopers “essentially acted as pimps for Clinton” during his years as governor, and that he would sometimes return home to an angry Hillary Clinton.

Time magazine called him a ‘reckless, obsessive womanizer,’” Shirley wrote. “If Hillary was awakened in the wee hours by her glandular husband, according to Time’s report, she would greet him with a ‘mouthful of four-letter words.”

Shirley wrote that Paula Jones became the first woman to officially file charges of sexual harassment against Clinton with her action against him in 1994.

Image result for bill clinton paula jones

With all of the horrible things that Bill Clinton did to his wife, one would normally feel a little sorry for Hillary for what she had to endure. It was also a horrible thing that he did to his daughter and to all those women, not to mention to a nation of people, many of which followed his lead and believed his rabid lies.

In the long-run, however, it really did become so difficult to feel sorry for a woman so completely and utterly consumed by being crowned queen that she couldn’t even bring herself to speak with her supporters on the night of her election loss. Between playing Russian roulette with our national security on her private email server to her nonchalant, cavalier attitude about the death of Ambassador Stevens, it’s really a wonder that she managed to dupe the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz into stuffing her ballot box in the first place!