House Republicans And Democrats Agree To Shut Down Obama’s Pension — Barack Is Livid

Why in the world would a former President of the United States need a pension, or any other financial benefits, for that matter? All they have to do is give one or two speeches per year and they will make more money than only the wealthiest of Americans. If they cannot make it on speaking and consulting fees or lucrative book deals, that’s just too bad.

We have an example being set by President Trump. He has refused to accept his presidential salary. No doubt that practice will carry over after he leaves office, taking the form of his refusing the presidential pension. While this won’t fix the deficit, it does point in the direction of the original idea that those in elected office should be citizen-leaders, rather than those looking for a lifetime income from their government “service.”

It turns out that Mr. Trump might not even have to make that decision to decline the presidential pension. The House just voted to cut the size of pensions for millionaire past presidents. It’s about time. If Mr. Obama is unhappy, he can get to work, although any “work” he might do is a far cry from what the vast majority of Americans do on a daily basis.

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The House easily passed legislation on Monday to reduce the pensions and federal benefits provided to former presidents.

“Before approving the bill by voice vote, lawmakers expressed agreement that modern-day former presidents don’t need financial assistance from the government if they already earn salaries in the millions.”

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It’s interesting to note where this practice of paying past presidents pensions got its start.

“Under a law established in 1958, former presidents are eligible for an annual six-figure pension, plus funds for staff salaries, office space and other expenses.”

And here is where it is likely to get cut.

“Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), the author of the bill, questioned the necessity of providing funds for former presidents who can make millions of dollars from book deals and speaking engagements.

“‘Because of these opportunities, it’s no longer necessary to provide taxpayer-funded support to former presidents in the same way as envisioned in 1958,’ Hice said during House floor debate.”

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Mr. Obama vetoed a similar bill, claiming concerns over the fate of presidential staffers and the security for past presidents. Whatever. This time around it will be President Trump who will have the opportunity to sign the legislation.

And there should be no doubt as to what this president will do.

Source: The Hill,

New Damning Photo Has Sent Obama Into Full Delirium — There’s Nothing He Can Do About It

Over the past eight years during the Obama administration, and even now during the Trump administration, we’ve seen former President Barack Obama maneuver his way in and out of scandals. He must have taken some advice from the Clintons prior to running for office.

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However, his past deeds may finally be catching up to him. With the allegations that Obama was involved in a conspiracy to wiretap Donald Trump during the campaign cycle, among many other details, Barack may need to find a Johnnie Cochran-style lawyer to bail him out of his crimes.

Amidst all of the drama of the “Towergate” scandal, another old skeleton in Obama’s closet is coming out. Thanks to Barack’s brother, Malik Obama, we now have proof that Obama was born in KENYA.

From The American Mirror:

An Obama has joined the birther movement.

Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother, tweeted image of what appears to be Barack’s birth certificate.

Except it’s not from Hawaii, but rather Kenya.

The document is from the “Coast Province General Hospital” in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, and is for Barack Hussein Obama II, who was born on the “4th day of August, 1961.”

In 2011, the White House released what it claimed was President Obama’s “long form birth certificate.”

The President believed the distraction over his birth certificate wasn’t good for the country. It may have been good politics and good TV, but it was bad for the American people and distracting from the many challenges we face as a country. Therefore, the President directed his counsel to review the legal authority for seeking access to the long form certificate and to request on that basis that the Hawaii State Department of Health make an exception to release a copy of his long form birth certificate.

Obama’s staff released this image of his Hawaii birth certificate:

So now the question becomes, what in the world do we do with this information? Why in the world didn’t this come out during Obama’s first campaign as president? Can this information be used right now to throw Obama in jail as a traitor to America?

One thing we do know – this proves President Trump right again. Hopefully with further developments and investigation, we can properly hold Barack Obama accountable for these heinous actions.

Source: The American Mirror,

PHOTOS: Trump’s Convoy Passes Vietnamese Street, Sign In The Crowd Leaves POTUS Speechless

President Donald Trump’s twelve-day trip through Asia has been a historic journey thus far. However, what happened after he landed in Vietnam on Friday took the cake. As Trump’s convoy was traveling down a street in Da Nang, he spotted a sign being held by a Vietnamese man in the crowd, and it left him speechless.

President Trump landed in Vietnam on Friday ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang, marking the fourth leg of his overseas trip, which began in Japan. There, Trump met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, an important ally against North Korea’s nuclear-crazed dictator Kim Jong-un.

U.S. President Donald Trump headed to Japan on the first stop of his five-nation tour of Asia on Saturday, looking to present a united front with the Japanese against North Korea as tensions run high over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile tests. [Source: Fortune]

From Japan, Trump headed to South Korea, where he was treated to a hero’s welcome. It had been speculated that there was some sort of diplomatic tension between the U.S. president and President Moon Jae-in, the leader of South Korea, but those rumors were put to bed when President Moon surprised Trump at Camp Humphreys, a U.S. military base in South Korea.

President Moon’s move to meet Trump at the base broke with protocol and was not previously scheduled, thus, it was taken as a gesture of extreme respect and gratitude towards the American president which did not go unnoticed.

There is a typical protocol when diplomats from different countries meet each other, but President Moon Jae-in shocked President Donald Trump when he met him personally after Trump had landed at Camp Humphreys, a military base located in South Korea. Moon Jae-in was patiently waiting for Trump as he deplaned at the military base. This is a break in the typical protocol and is officially an honor that no other US President has experienced before. [Source: US Truth Wire]

After his successful stop in South Korea, Trump moved on to China. Instead of forcing the president to exit from the “ass” of Air Force One when he landed, which was done to Obama, the Chinese rolled out the red carpet for Trump, treating him to a full military orchestra and children who were waving American and Chinese flags.

The accolades followed Trump to Vietnam on Friday, where the president was met by throngs of foreign supporters who flocked to the roadside just to get a glimpse at his presidential motorcade. In the midst of the crowd, one man stood out. He was holding a homemade sign which read, “Welcome The President (Angel) of America Donald Trump To Da Nang, Vietnam.”

Oddly enough, this story has not been reported by the media at all. Literally. Try searching the words on the man’s sign. You’ll come up dry.

Indeed, these photos were buried in the bowels of the internet, and we just so happened to come across them today in the midst of our coverage of Trump’s visit to Vietnam. Coincidence? I think not.

If it had been Barack Obama who was hailed as the “angel” sent from God to save America and the world from the depths of destruction, you can bet that every news channel under the sun would be covering this story. The photos of the man’s sign would have instantly gone viral; they’d have been passed around social media so much at this point that everyone would have already heard this story.

But, have you seen these pictures of the sign a Vietnamese man made for Trump anywhere else? Nope. Not at the time this report was written, anyway.

This is Donald Trump we are talking about, not Barack Obama, so the story has been completely buried. Please share this news about the warm welcome President Trump received in Vietnam because the media is trying to make him out to be some kind of bumbling buffoon on his overseas trip, when, in reality, he is beloved around the world.

Donna Brazile – Reveals the Truth About Barack Obama !

Last week, former Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile revealed that Hillary Clinton rigged the 2016 Democratic primaries against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Now, Brazile has released new information exposing Barack Hussein Obama himself…

The Daily Caller reported that in her new book “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House,” Brazile wrote that the Democratic party was “leeched it of its vitality” by Obama and others in the months leading up to the 2016 election campaign.

We had three Democratic parties: The party of Barack Obama, the party of Hillary Clinton, and this weak little vestige of a party led by [Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz] that was doing a very poor job getting people who were not president elected,” Brazile wrote.

Brazile slammed Obama for leaving the Democratic Party heavily in debt, meaning the party had to go to great lengths just to survive a national presidential race. Obama drained the party by using party funds for private pollsters and focus groups, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz failed to address this for years when she was DNC chair. Clinton then swooped in and bailed the party out just so she could take control of it.

This was not working to strengthen the party. He left it in debt. Hillary bailed it out so that she could control it, and Debbie went along with all of this because she liked the power and perks of being a chair but not the responsibilities,” Brazile said.

Obama, who swept the 2008 Democratic presidential primary away from then-senator Clinton, never had the strong connection to the DNC that other top Democrats had.

Barack never had seen himself as connected to the party. He had not come up through it the way Joe Biden and Hillary had, but had sprung up almost on his own and never had any trouble raising money for his campaigns,” Brazile wrote, adding that Obama “used the party to provide for political expenses like gifts to donors, and political travel.

She went on to say that because Obama “also cared deeply about his image,” he used DNC funds for “his pollster and focus groups” late into his second term, even though he couldn’t run for president.

Due to the fact that Clinton paid off the DNC’s debt, the DNC was beholden to her and she was therefore the de facto head of the party. Most decisions had to be run through Clinton’s Brooklyn, N.Y., headquarters, which Brazile called the “high command of Brooklyn” on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos Sunday.

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“We Want The America Of Barack Obama”: Obama’s Former AG SLAMS President Trump

Eric Holder is speaking his mind.

Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to let loose. Feeling unfettered since he is no longer in office, Holder bashed President Trump and Republicans in general and made the outrageous statement, “We want the America of Barack Obama.”

Holder is now working for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and recently told Politico that his new position allowed him much more freedom to speak his mind;

“You don’t do politics when you’re attorney general, but as a private citizen and as a defender of the Obama legacy, I’m free to say what I want and to say it in the way that I’d like to. I probably would not have [attacked Republicans like] that while I was attorney general. I didn’t have an orange man who I was serving under, but, I mean, I would not have said that about a former president, for instance, while I was attorney general. But now, I’m just a citizen and I’ve got the full range of my voice back.”

The former AG did not hold back. While he later admitted that today’s problems were not entirely the fault of President Trump, most of his statements seem to indicate the issues never existed under Obama’s reign;

“You’re telling Donald Trump that’s not the America I want. We want the America of Barack Obama. The president sets a moral tone, and I think in that regard President Trump has not done the job we expect of our leaders. The election of Barack Obama did not magically transform us as a people and eradicate bigotry, eradicate neo-Nazis and white nationalists. They were still there, but they didn’t feel empowered in a way that I think they do now.”

It is unclear what dream world liberals were living in for the eight years that Obama was in office, but Eric Holder was there. In less than a year, President Trump has done more for America than Obama ever did but the left is still caught up in their loss.

Source: The Washington Times,

At Least Eight Sheep in the World Can Recognize Barack Obama

These sheep probably don’t watch a lot of local news or follow American politics, but they certainly know a celebrity face from a random person if there are treats involved.

Scientists at the University of Cambridge published a paper on Tuesday outlining how sheep recognize faces. They presented eight female sheep with portraits of people on tablets: Each test showed the sheep a celebrity and a random person. The celebrities were Jake Gyllenhaal, Barack Obama, Emma Watson, and UK television journalist Fiona Bruce.

Sheep have a reputation for being clueless, but they’re actually pretty savvy animals. Their long life spans (compared to other research animals like mice) and relatively large brains, which are closer in size and complexity to humans, make them good subjects for researching brain disorders.

Previous studies have shown that sheep recognize their trainers’ faces and the faces of other individual sheep in their herd. This new study, published in Royal Society Open Science, confirms that sheep are right up there with humans and nonhuman primates when it comes to recognizing individuals by face.

In a video of the experiment, a sheep approaches two portraits on separate screens—one displaying a celebrity, the other a random person—and determines which smiling face will give her food. She pauses and considers: Will Barack Obama hand it over? Maybe Emma Watson will be generous with the treats? They’re not actually making judgements based on facial expression, but are conditioned to get fed by the celebrity photo, rather than the rando. The sheep correctly chose the celebrity’s face eight times out of 10.

Most interestingly, however, is how they score when the portraits are shown with the faces looking away at an angle. The sheep still recognized the celebrity faces that gave them treats, with only a 15 percent drop in accuracy. This is an ability, the researchers note, that’s only ever been shown in humans before.


This isn’t just a fun trick for shepherds: The researchers use experiments like these in their work around Huntington’s disease, a progressive brain disorder that causes cognition and movement problems. There is some evidence that the disease can impact how its sufferers perceive other people’s emotions and facial expressions.

This team recently began studying sheep that were genetically modified to have a version of Huntington’s. If the Huntington’s sheep showed a decline in how they perform in these facial recognition tasks, it could help them understand how human brains are impacted by the disease, and they could find news ways to treat it.


Obama refused to help Syrians who needed his help either because he was too weak or just didn’t care. Either way, these traits Americans do not want to see in a leader.

Because of this people across the Arab world are honoring president Trump in a few unique ways and shaming Obama in the process. They have started calling “Abu Ivanka al-Amriki,” or “Father of Ivanka, the American,” on social media. These nicknames are a way of admiring and respecting the president.

One CNN international correspondent tweeted:


Kassen Eid, a Syrian refugee who survived a 2013 chemical weapons attack said:


Some restaurant owners in Syria have honored Trump with changing the names of their shops. One Syrian man who opposes Assad said he wants to name his first son after Trump. Najim Hassan, a Syrian who lives in a city occupied by rebels against Assad said:


Barack left a huge mess for Trump to sort out. And as Trump is showing the world, action is rewarded and cowardice is taken advantage of.
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JUST IN: Congress Is Going To Investigate Barack Obama – FINALLY HAPPENING!


 It doesn’t matter if you are supportive of the Liberals or the Republicans, it is obvious that Obama’s arrangement was terrible – even catastrophic.
If we were doubting that some parts of the regulations were infringed, well after this investigation will know it all.

Republican Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Ron DeSantis asked in a letter, from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to make available Justice Department documents that they believe it would absolutely “help the Committee in better understanding these issues.”

Letter with the same content had been sent also to the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, demanding from him for all documents that State Department possess on this subject.


He is awaiting more info about January 16, 2016, exchange plan for prisoners with Iran and information, “for whom any enforcement activity was modified or canceled in connection with the swap, and indicate the activity was taken and how it was modified or canceled.” And also for “any Iranian national or entity investigated for, charged with, or convicted of engaging in violations of export controls, terrorism, arms sales, nonproliferation, money laundering, or other monetary criminal activity, from January 1, 2013, to the present.”

The letter got support from a 13 Senators that signed it. In the letter, it says: “We write to demand for your help in providing Congress with more info relating to the Obama Administration’s decision to drop the charges or convictions in the 21 cases. Based upon new reports, we are worried that President Obama and a number of former administration officials purposely suppressed the importance of the charges against these individuals in order to get public support for the nuclear deal with Iran, and we are concerned that these individuals may still present a risk to the national security and safety of the United States.”

It’s clear that time is not on Chaffetz side, but he will surely push this thing to the end.


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Sorry, Liberals…But Mike Flynn Contacted Russia Under Barack Obama

According to widely syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh, the media is once again pushing the American people to direct their suspicion and mistrust at President Trump for things that his predecessor is guilty of.

Donald Trump’s national security adviser Micheal Flynn has resigned, due to his own admission that he did not fully inform the administration about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States during the transition period. This has the media jumping up and down with excitement as they point fingers at the new president.

Before I go on, let me point out a few things about the above statement. First, why are we blaming the administration, when the issue is that he DIDN’T INFORM THE ADMINISTRATION? Secondly, “during the transition period” means that President Trump was, at the time, President-Elect Trump. He didn’t wield any power, he wasn’t in charge yet.

Want to take a guess at who was actually in power? Would you also like to guess who employed Micheal Flynn to the job that he was still in at the time of his indiscretions in Dec 2016? I’ll give you a hint, the answer to both is the same; Barack Hussein Obama!

Limbaugh pointed out this issue on his show:

“To show you just how lame the media is and how little they’ve got, they’re already asking, ‘what did Trump know and when did he know it,’ and that’s not the question. The question is, ‘what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it and what has he engineered here?’” Limbaugh said. “This all happened with Flynn back in December. Trump had not even been inaugurated yet. And it’s still mysterious to me what really happened.”

Was Flynn a traitor? Could be. Was he a double agent by the Russians to tattle on Donald Trump? Again, could be, we don’t really know. What we do know is who employed him to work at the white house, and in who’s employ he was when the objectionable contact was made. Again, it was good old Barry Obama.

Sorry (not sorry) Hillary supporters, you can keep sharpening your pitchforks if you want, but you’ll have to use them another day.


Ex-Aide Just Spoke Out for First Time – Reveals TRUTH About Barack Obama

Last week, we learned that Hillary Clinton committed treason against the United States while she was Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, when she transferred 20% of the United States’ uranium to Russian mining companies in exchange for a $145 million donation to her Clinton Foundation. Now, Obama has found himself thrust into the middle of the scandal after it was revealed that he personally benefited from this racketeering scheme and chose to silence any investigation attempts by the FBI.

Freedom Daily reported that a former FBI official who was responsible for blowing the whistle on Obama and Clinton is coming forward with startling new details that is ripping through the Democratic Party that cannot be ignored. The FBI informant just exposed how Obama and Clinton were personally engaged in “bribery, kickbacks, money laundering, and extortion in their attempts to corner the U.S. uranium market under the Obama administration.”

Victoria Toensing, the attorney representing the informant, is sharing the unbelievable things that her client endured under Obama. She explained that the unnamed male official was threatened bullied by Obama and his lawyers, to include Obama’s DOJ leader Loretta Lynch, who attempted to coerce and threaten the FBI informant from spilling the beans on what he knew.

Toensing told WMAL DC’s “Mornings On The Mall” host Vince Coglianese that under the Obama administration, lawyers from Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice (DOJ) coerced her client into dropping a lawsuit against the government last year.

“The Russians have threatened him, and up until just last night the U.S. government has threatened him,” Toensing said. “He was told that if he didn’t dismiss the case his reputation and liberty were in jeopardy.”

Toensing has files that prove the Obama administration wanted to keep her client quiet because the civil lawsuit would have taken place during the 2016 election, which could have had a major impact on the election. She said that she has memos that recount how the Justice Department last year threatened her client when he attempted to file a lawsuit that could have drawn attention to the Russian corruption during the 2016 presidential race as well as helped him recover some of the money Russians stole from him through kickbacks during the FBI probe.

She said that the informant was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement which prevented him from testifying to congress what he knows about the case.

“When he tried to bring some of the allegations to light in the lawsuit last year, “the Obama Justice Department threatened him with loss of freedom. They said they would bring a criminal case against him for violating an NDA,” Toensing added.

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