Elderly Patients Attacked By Entitled Black Nurses, Get INSTANT Karma With What Else Was In Room!

A family from Dearborn, Michigan, is now suing a Livonia nursing home after a hidden camera captured footage of employees screaming at and roughly throwing an 89-year-old man onto his bed and wheelchair. The family of Hussein Younes got suspicious when his son, Salim Younes, noticed several bruises and cuts on his father’s head and legs, along with significant weight loss and apparent signs of abuse. Although healthcare workers there blamed the injuries on him falling 11 times over a five-month period, the suspicions remained. Since they had no proof, they decided to set up a hidden camera in his father’s room to get to the bottom of what was going on at the facility. What they saw in the video footage was heart-wrenching.

Salim Younes effectively hid a camera in an alarm clock next to his father’s bed. The family’s lawyer, Jonathan Marko told ABC 12 News they gathered a total of 119 clips documenting neglectful behavior over the period of only two days. On top of the hitting he had also had his call button taken away, he was denied water, and was forcibly shaken multiple times while the caretakers yelled ethnic slurs at the man.

The family, when they saw the video, quickly removed Hussein Younes from the facility in December of 2015.

The lawsuit alleges caretakers physically abused and hurled ethnic slurs at Hussein Younes. Attorneys for the home say the company conducted an internal investigation and reported the allegations to several governmental agencies and the employees in the video have been fired while the rest of the employees are receiving additional training.

Additional training in what? If you don’t know you aren’t supposed to hit and throw around another human being, let alone an 89-year-old man, then you are beyond any training that will help you.

Do you agree?

Watch the video.

Via MSN:

“The family of an elderly Lebanese man in Michigan is suing a Livonia nursing home after a hidden camera captured footage of employees at the facility yelling at and roughly throwing the elderly man onto his bed and wheelchair. Some caretakers also reportedly directed ethnic slurs toward the man, reports said Wednesday.

Hussein Younes, 89, was being cared at Autumnwood of Livonia in 2015 after a bowel obstruction surgery until his son Salim Younes, 51, spotted several bruises and cuts to his head and legs and evident weight loss.

“They blamed his injuries on him falling 11 times over a five-month period,” said Jonathan Marko, Younes’ attorney, adding that evidence suggested it was “not an isolated incident.”

“One woman praised Donald Trump… and his efforts to deport Arab Americans, referring to how they were ‘taking over Dearborn’ as she abused Mr. Younes,” Marko stated. He added that the actions of the staff might have been racially motivated.

The 89-year-old was an immigrant from Lebanon. His family removed him from the facility in December 2015. The company that runs the nursing home said the responsible caretakers captured in the footage had been fired. However, the management was not made aware of the video until May 2016. The lawsuit alleged that caretakers cursed and hurled ethnic slurs at the elderly man.

“I raised concerns with Autumnwood many times and they assured me everything will be taken care of. Then, when my dad’s situation worsened… I told him we have to have proof,” Salim said. “We agreed on putting a hidden camera in (an) alarm clock next to his bed. After a couple of days… I discovered unspeakable horrors.”

The video in question has been making rounds on the internet and was viewed more than 40,000 times at the time of publishing this story.

The lawsuit also alleged Younes was denied water, had his “call button” taken away from him, violently shaken by his head and had his legs run into the wall while being transported on his wheelchair.

Younes’ attorney said the company, which runs the nursing home unsuccessfully sought to prevent the video footage from being released.

“They don’t want people to know. They went in court and argued this should be kept secret,” Marko said.

He added the family gathered 119 clips from the hidden camera in the time span of two days that documented neglectful behavior.

The company reportedly conducted an internal investigation and reported the allegations to several governmental agencies. However, the company was “unable to substantiate the allegations with the information we had at the time,” attorneys for Autumnwood said.

“Although the Younes family had in their possession in December 2015 a video that provided information related to the allegations of abuse, the existence of the video itself was not disclosed to my client until May of 2016, when the video was sent to my client along with a demand for payment of monetary damages,” Autumnwood attorneys added.

“The actions depicted in the video are in no way illustrative of the quality care that is provided by the caring staff at Autumnwood on a daily basis,” Autumnwood’s attorneys said.”


Breaking: NRA Releases Bombshell Video After Brutal Attack At Oscars

The NRA is under attack from all angles.  After last night’s attack at the Oscars the NRAS is pushing back
Conservative Tribune Has The Story: There was plenty of politicizing to go around at Sunday’s Oscars, which wasn’t too much of a surprise. Given the political inclinations of the audience, it wasn’t a shock that the National Rifle Association was a target, either.

However, what a lot of people may not have suspected was that the NRA wasn’t going to take it lying down. On the contrary, they decided to fight back with a video about what the organization and its members stand for.

The politicizing in question came from rap star Common, who was nominated for Best Song along with Andra Day. He took the stage with 10 liberal activists, according to Variety, including a Syrian refugee and Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards.

“For the performance, each activist was contacted personally by Common and Day, who came up with the idea to use spotlights on stage as a visual element and to literally highlight those on the ground doing the daily work of changing the world,” Variety reported.

During the performance, Common, whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., decided to do a bit of political freestyling.

“On Oscar night, this is the dream we tell. A land where Dreamers live and freedom dwells. Immigrants get the benefits, we put up monuments to the feminists,” Common said, according to The Hill.

“Tell the NRA they ain’t God’s way. And to the people of Parkland, we say Ase,” he continued

Ase, for those of you wondering, is a philosophy of the Yoruba people of Nigeria which involves conceiving of the power to make social changes. Deep, man.

It’s curious that Common decided to take a dig at the NRA while he was on stage with a woman who heads an organization that’s pretty much based around death. The people running the NRA’s Twitter account decided not to question this association with Planned Parenthood, however, and instead focused on what their organization stands for.


The video features Dom Raso, a former Navy SEAL, talking about why he stands for the American flag.

“From high school gyms to towering stadiums, every time I see our flag wave, I feel a humbling reminder of the brave who keep and have kept us free,” Raso says during the one-minute video. “I stand to honor the sacrifices of the generations before me, heroes who charged into battle through bombs and bullets, who lost their brothers and still pushed through, fighting for every inch of our freedom.”

“I stand for my brothers who can’t stand anymore, men who hunted terrorists to the end of the earth, who sacrificed their bodies and their lives so we could peacefully live ours.”

So, what did Common do? READ MORE

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BREAKING News! 6 DEAD In Terrifying Attack On White People – MEDIA DEAD SILENT!

A 22-year-old Missouri man was indicted for the murder of five middle-aged white men since last year and one white woman — including four on south Kansas City walking trails. Frederick Demond Scott, a 23-year-old black man, and faces a total of six counts of first-degree murder and six counts of armed criminal action in a string of killings that began in August 2016.

He made the inflammatory and racist statements including an incident in January of 2014 at Center Alternative School where he threatened to shoot up a school and “kill all white people,” according to a municipal citation for harassment. Court records quoted Scott as stating – “I want to shoot the school up, Columbine-style.” He was sentenced to 180 days in jail but the sentence was suspended and he was given probation instead.  He was also ordered to stay away from the school and “intense” supervision was ordered at that time.

Scott (pictured in court in Sept) is now facing six counts of murder and six counts of armed criminal action after being indicted on three new murders Friday

He had also had other issues with local law enforcement.  Last year, he was found guilty of stealing a three-pack of underwear from a Dollar General.  He was also ordered to pay $100 restitution for ripping the screens off of two front windows at the home where he lived.  None of his previous involvement with law enforcement gave any indication that he was violent or had any intention of killing anyone.

All five of the male victims were white men between ages 54 and 67. All five were fatally shot, most from behind, in surprise attacks as they walked dogs, visited parks and, in one case, walked down a city street. The female victim was homeless.  Her decomposing body was found in a tent in woods in Grandview, a suburb of Kansas City.  According to police, she was also shot much like the male victims. If Scott is found to be responsible for all six deaths, he would meet the FBI’s standard of a serial killer.

Steve Gibbons, 57 (pictured) is the fifth and final victim, and was shot in the head in broad daylight

57-year-old Steve Gibbons is the fifth and final victim and was shot in the head in broad daylight

DNA linked Scott to his murder and to that of first victim John Palmer, 54 (pictured), police said

DNA linked Scott to his murder and to that of the first victim 54 yr old John Palmer.

Scott’s mother had stated previously in an interview with The Kansas City Star that her son suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and refused to take his medication or seek additional treatment due to the way the anti-psychotics made him feel.  In 2013, Scott was charged in a Kansas City municipal court for assaulting his mother and was court ordered to be evaluated for substance abuse.  She claims that she was unaware of any racial motivation for the killings or any problems he might have with white people. His mother stated of Scott and his potentially racial motivations for killing – “As far as I know Fredrick never had a problem with white people. He would do odd jobs for people and some of those people were white men.” She also stated she had no recollection of the events that transpired at Center Alternative School.

Scott repeatedly testified to detectives after his arrest about his anger regarding the shooting death of his 23-year-old half-brother on his father’s side, Gerrod H. Woods. Woods was fatally shot by Jimmie Verge, also a black man, in a December 14, 2015, robbery at a local convenience store. Verge was convicted and is currently serving a 45-year prison sentence for the murder of Woods and another man. Police state it is unclear at this time why Scott chose to target white men and they refuse to speculate on if the shootings were racially motivated.

The Daily Mail reports of the murdered victims and how law enforcement officials were able to trace the evidence back to Scott –

“The DNA trail that caught up with Scott didn’t end with, Steven Gibbons, 57, who died August 13, 2017, after he got off a bus in south Kansas City.

Police then matched the DNA from his crime scene to that found at the murder scene of John Palmer, 54, whose body was found on August 19, 2016 – making him the first of Scott’s supposed victims.

He was killed on East Bannister Road and Lydia Avenue near the Indian Creek hiking trail – which led to the slayings being dubbed ‘the Indian Creek Murders’.

The next victim linked to Scott was David Lenox, 67, whose body was found just steps from his front door on the 9900 block of Walnut Street on February 27 of this year.

Mike Darby (pictured), 61, was killed in May
61-year-old Mike Darby was killed in May 2017

David Lenox (pictured), 67, was killed in February

67-year-old David Lenox was killed in February 2017

He had been walking one of his dogs when he was killed. It was with him when police arrived. A .380-caliber bullet was recovered from the scene.

On April 4, Timothy S Rice, 57, was found dead in a shelter at Minor Park, near East Red Bridge Road and 110th Street, close to Blue River Trail.

He had been shot multiple times with 9mm ammunition in the head and elsewhere.

After Rice’s death, Scott reported that his 9mm handgun had been stolen, police claim.

Timothy S Rice (pictured), 57, was killed in April

57-year-old Timothy S. Rice was killed in April 2017

And the fourth alleged victim, Mike Darby, 61, the co-owner of Coach’s Bar & Grill, a popular local establishment, was found dead on the Indian Creek trail off 103rd Street.

He had been walking his two dogs when he was shot in the back of the head with a .22-caliber bullet on May 18. They stayed by his body until police arrived.

Karen Harmeyer, 64,  who was homeless, was found in her tent by friends on July 19, she also was shot.

Karen HarmeyerKaren Harmeyer is the only female victim

Scott was charged with the murders on August 18, but his arrest was not announced until Tuesday.

He has pleaded not guilty to the three initial charges of murder.”


BREAKING NOW! Lib Ben & Jerry’s Owner ARRESTED For Sick Attack On US Military Base

The founders of Ben & Jerry’s are well known for being extremely progressive. So much so that they supported the Democratic primary candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders. They have given campaign donations from some of the proceeds from various ice cream flavors. Which is why it should come as no shock what one of them recently did to protest the American military.

The Daily Mail reported,

“The co-founder of the of ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s was placed under arrest on Saturday after violating a local noise ordinance in his home state of Vermont.
Police in Burlington say that Ben Cohen was taken into custody Saturday afternoon at around 3.30pm following a noisy public protest, according to broadcasting affiliate ABC 22.  The demonstration, which began around 11am, was intended to simulate the sound of the F-35 jet blast, said Lieutenant Matthew Sullivan of Burlington police.

Sullivan explained that amplifiers were attached to a rig and led by a vehicle Cohen was driving. He was cited numerous times before his arrest for violating the city’s noise ordinance. ‘Because it was the third violation it’s disorderly conduct by noise so they were arrested,’ Lt. Sullivan said. ‘Three protesters were arrested.’

The public display was intended to bring awareness to an upcoming ballot vote concerning the housing of F-35 Jets in Burlington. ‘It’s either legal or it’s not, if it’s legal for the F-35 to make this noise 16 times per day, 52 wks a yr, for the next 50 yrs, it should be legal for us to do this limited demonstration of extreme jet blasts which are the subject of Item #6 on the March ballot,’ Cohen said in a message posted to Twitter before his arrest.

Supporters of the demonstration said arresting protesters for violating the ordinance proved their point about the jet fighters. ‘The city has just admitted that it’s illegal,harmful and dangerous,’ James Leas said. ‘So now we have the city of Burlington acknowledging that by making these arrests.’ Residents of Burlington have an opportunity on Tuesday to vote on a non-binding resolution that would ask the Air National Guard to find somewhere else to house an F-35 fighter jet base, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

The Vermont National Guard, however, has already invested $83 million dollars into the project and will likely not be compelled by initiative. ‘When the first F-35 lands here in 18 months we intend to be fully trained and equipped to receive it,’ Lt. Col. Daniel Finnegan told Vermont Public Radio over the weekend. The issue has festered in the New England city since 2013. Burlington airport has already been the home to F-16s for years, and supporters say that the addition of the F-35s will have little impact.”

This is not the first time that Cohen has found himself in front of the local and national media outlet eyes. He has been a social activist for a long time and been on the front lines before.

“As Ben & Jerry’s gradually grew into a nationwide business and one of the largest ice cream companies in the USA, Cohen turned his new-found wealth and prominence toward a variety of social causes, generally through the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation. The Foundation receives 7.5% of all Ben & Jerry’s pre-tax profits and distributes funds to organizations such as the Anti Displacement Project. Cohen also oversaw TrueMajority and Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities.

He is also vocal in his support of Democratic candidates, including Dennis Kucinich for the U.S. Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 and John Edwards followed by Barack Obama in 2008 and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Primaries and 2016 Presidential Election. Cohen debuted a special ice cream flavor called “Bernie’s Yearning” on January 25, 2016 out of support for Sanders. Ben & Jerry’s released a statement disavowing connection or support for the product, saying “This was created by Ben as a citizen. The company is not involved.”

In 2012, he helped launch the Stamp Stampede campaign to stamp messages on the nation’s currency in support of passing a constitutional amendment to help overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and reduce the influence of private corporations on politics. On April 18, 2016, Cohen was arrested, with Jerry Greenfield, while at a Democracy Awakening protest in Washington, D.C..”

The purpose of military bases is to aid in military readiness. There is nothing wrong with building one in Vermont. There is no question that military bases are a necessity. This is nothing but a person with a “not in my backyard mentality.” That is exactly what Cohen’s little protests were.

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BREAKING: Campus On LOCKDOWN – Second School Attack Today! Here’s Who Cops Have In Custody

A Dallas-area teenager is now being held on $1 million bond after a police officer noticed him sitting in his car outside of a local high school sporting event with a semi-automatic rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition on the passenger’s side seat.

Rowlett police were able to arrest the person who was identified as 17-year-old Diego Horta on drug and weapons-related charges. A spokesman for the police department in Rowlett which is located about 20 miles northeast of Dallas said the officer approached the teen while patrolling near Rowlett High School and the city’s community center as two sporting events came to a close. If the officer wouldn’t have noticed the teen who knows how many people could have lost their lives, although investigators said they found no proof the teen was planning to shoot anyone with the rifle.

Horta has been confirmed to be home-schooled and not a student at Rowlett High or any of the schools participating in the sporting events.

Federal and county authorities are now assisting in the investigation.

Fox News reported more on the arrest by Rowlett police:

“ROWLETT, Texas –  A Dallas-area teenager was being held on $1 million bond Thursday after a police officer encountered him sitting in his car outside of a high school sporting event with a semi-automatic rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition.

Rowlett police arrested Diego Horta, 17, on Tuesday night on drug and weapons charges. Officer Cruz Hernandez, a spokesman for the department in Rowlett about 20 miles (32 kilometers) northeast of Dallas, said the officer approached the teen while patrolling near Rowlett High School and the city’s community center as two sporting events were wrapping up.

“We’re glad that our officer encountered him early,” Hernandez said. “He had the weapon, ammunition and a mask … Whatever we prevented, the outcome was going to be bad.”

Court records did not show attorney information for Horta, who is charged as an adult with possession of a controlled substance and unlawful carrying of a weapon in a weapons-free zone. Court records showed a Dallas County magistrate set the $1 million bond on the drug charge, and Horta was scheduled to go before the magistrate to decide if an additional bond would be set on the weapon charge.

Hernandez said officers were briefed about the two sporting events— a soccer game and basketball championship— before the patrol shift change. He said the arresting officer’s normal patrol area includes Rowlett High School, where the events were taking place.

Police found more than four grams of a penalty group 2 drug they believed to be hallucinogens. They also found an illegal club and about 100 rounds of ammunition.

Hernandez said officers obtained a warrant and later searched Horta’s cellphone, where they found an image containing apparent child pornography. He declined to elaborate on thecontent, but said it did not appear to be from consensual sexting. Hernandez said the investigation is ongoing but a charge related to the image is pending.

Warrants on the drug and weapons charges were not posted to the Dallas County court system as of Thursday night. Hernandez said federal and county authorities are assisting in the investigation.”

There was shooting at a college earlier in the day. That shooting was unrelated to this incident. The first incident happened earlier in the day and involved two victims in what appeared to be an isolated attack.

Authorities confirmed that a gunman suspected of killing two people in Central Michigan University dormitory during a domestic dispute on Friday is still at large. Although the two victims were not students they were found inside the residence hall at the University of Mount Pleasant, which is located about 125 miles northwest of Detroit.

Lieutenant Larry Klaus of the university’s police force has identified the suspect as 19-year-old James Eric Davis Jr. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder also said, in an effort to ease nerves that this was an isolated incident and they don’t believe anyone else is in danger from the gunman. The picture of the gunman has been released.


Instant Karma: After George W Bush & Obama Teamed Up to Attack Trump, Fox Host Leaked Their Worst Nightmare

Kirsters Baish| There are certain times where we can read between the lines, and this is one of those cases. President Donald Trump was not mentioned by name, however, it was painfully obvious that former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama were referring to him and the direct impact they believed his actions were having on our country.

George W. Bush had his time in the White House from 2001 to 2009. The former president stated “Our politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrications.” 

Barack Obama, who was in office from 2009 to 2017 when President Trump took over, maintained that politics seem “so angry and nasty.” He stated, “Instead of our politics reflecting our values, we have politics infecting our communities.”

It’s obvious to anyone and everyone who work in politics that for the last sixty years it has been an unspoken agreement that former presidents do not bad mouth those who take their place in the White House. Both of these former presidents were representing opposing parties and are 15 years apart in age, however the fact that they both came forward to make these statements on the same day, during a time in which a man they both do not like is in office, is oddly coincidental.

According to Subjectpolitics:

Fox Host Steve Hilton had a BRUTAL message for George W. Bush and Obama after they joined in attacking President Trump and his supporters over the weekend. In their coordinated attack on the Trump movement, these two former Presidents are trying to turn the public against President Trump. “It was a striking site the last 2 Presidents out on the same day with a not very well disguised attack on [President Trump],” Hilton said.

The shocking part was to hear George W. Bush essentially call Trump-supporters racist. Bush said, “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism,” as he called for more open-borders policies that business leaders and liberals want. He also called for globalist trade policies, and took a shot at Trump’s policies. Fox Host Steve Hilton had a BRUTAL reponse that exposes Obama and George W. Bush for who they really are.

Hilton stated, “Here’s my message to Bush and Obama. When you’re ready to apologize for the economic and social destruction that your elitist policies caused for working Americans, we might take seriously your self-righteous and sanctimonious musings about the state of our politics.”

Hilton had a lot more to say, so you might as well just watch the video so you can see him wreck the former presidents for yourself.

Bush and Obama had ought to keep their mouths shut unless they want us bringing up every little thing they did to drive our country into an economic collapse.

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Muhiyidin d'Baha

A leader of the Black Lives Matter movement is dead after what appears to be a random act of violence in New Orleans.

Muhiyidin d’Baha was one of the leaders of the BLM movement in Charlottesville, where violent protests against Confederate monument supporters led to the death of a woman.

He was apparently in New Orleans for activist work when he was shot in the leg on a New Orleans street. He later died at a local hospital.

The suspects have not been identified, nor has a description been released.

A year ago, d’Baha gained national notoriety after he rushed a protester holding a Confederate flag in South Carolina and tried to snatch it. Video of the incident is included below.

Complex reports on his murder.

D’Baha’s niece, Camille Weaver, has created a GoFundMe to help her family with costs related to his funeral and memorial service. On that page, Weaver explains that D’Baha died due to excessive blood loss after being taken to the hospital in critical condition. At the time of writing, there are no other details, including why he was shot or by whom. “We don’t have many details, but will update as soon as we do,” she wrote.

“I can say that our family is beyond appreciative for the outpouring of love and support we’ve received today,” she added. “Moya was a light and he will shine on forever.”

A vigil was held to celebrate his life at North Charleston City Hall, where his friends and family had a chance to speak about about his untimely death.

“We are lost right now,” d’Baha’s sister Kimberli Duncan said. “But we are going to find our way.”

“[Activism] was his passion; he did it from the heart. He was loving, he was funny, he was smart, but it bothered him, the injustice just bothered him, and it never rested well with him,” she added. “He took it on as a personal battle.”

D’Baha’s now famous leap led to jail time for disorderly conduct and damage to personal property. Despite that, many saw his courageous act as a metaphor for fighting back against systemic injustices (and, while we’re at it, it created a pretty symbolic GIF, too).

At the time, D’Baha said he jumped to steal the flag in an attempt to “help [those holding it] understand what it is to meet a real resistance, to meet people that aren’t scared.”

“We’re not going to pass this on another generation,” he added. “Not another generation of people are going to be intimidated by this flag.”

Many, including popular activist Deray McKesson, took to social media to express their grief for the loss of a dedicated activist and ally.

Here is video of the flag snatching incident from 2017.

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In Landmark Case, Supreme Court Tears Up Liberals’ ‘Holy Grail’ In Heartland State

Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to ever be out of the spotlight. Even if she is as irrelevant as typewriters. It does not help that despite a lower profile she continues to take interviews and speak to the public as well as maintain an active social media profile. Recently she was seen in a video trashing the current administration and what is going on before having a coughing fit!

Conservative Fighters report,

Hillary Clinton had another coughing fit in a video released Thursday. While filming a segment for Makers, a group dedicated to raising awareness for women in America, Hillary suddenly choked up and erupted into a violent coughing attack. “From Hollywood, to politics, to factory floors, everywhere women are telling the truth about their lives,” the former secretary of state said. “I pledge to continue to speak out, I pledge to never give up. I will do everything I can.” Hillary’s health has come into question over the last several years. It came under particular question after she collapsed at a 9/11 memorial ceremony in 2016.”

Western Journalism reported,

Clinton streamed into The MAKERS Conference on a live feed to give her closing remarks, only to be stopped by the same problem that plagued her during the 2016 presidential campaign. The MAKERS is a group “designed to empower individuals to be their own storyteller” and include stories such as Lena Dunham’s as well as Clinton’s.

“From Hollywood to politics to factory floors, everywhere women are telling the truth about their lives,” Clinton said. “And let’s make sure the world is never the same.” “I pledge to continue to speak out. I pledge to never give up …,” she trailed off and started hacking. She took a swig of water and tried again. “I will do everything I can …,” she said and stopped to cough again. “To keep my voice, number one — to advance the rights and opportunities of women,” she said in between coughs. “In the midst of this snowstorm … stay on the frontlines of democracy.”

Clinton’s health came into question during her presidential run as well. After Clinton fainted at a 9/11 remembrance ceremony in 2016, former Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile thought long and hard about replacing Clinton as the Democrats’ presidential nominee. In an ABC interview in November, Brazile detailed that although Clinton had noticeable health issues, she never acted to replace the former Secretary of State, according to Breitbart. “As you well know, the charter of the DNC, as well as the convention rules, say that the chairperson, shall, in consultation with the leadership in Congress and others, and so I had to put in on the table … because I was under tremendous pressure after Secretary Clinton fainted to have a quote, unquote, ‘plan B,’” she said.

Brazile’s statements are also echoed in her new book, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House.” Based on excerpts from the book, The Washington Post reported that Brazile had decided that if Clinton had to go, she should be replaced by former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Corey Booker, D-N.J. However, Brazile said that in the end, she decided it was a step she could not take because of Clinton’s status as the first female candidate for president.

Again and again I thought about Joe Biden,” she wrote, adding that “no matter my doubts and my fears about the election and Hillary as a candidate, I could not make good on that threat to replace her.” “I thought of Hillary and all the women in the country who were so proud of and excited about her. I could not do this to them,” Brazile wrote. Brazile recalled that two days before the Sept. 11 incident, in which Clinton had to leave a ceremony, Clinton seemed “wobbly on her feet” and had a “rattled cough.” Brazile also said the Clinton campaign’s effort to hide the truth about Clinton’s condition was “shameful.””

Hillary’s issues have persisted for years. There have been allegations of a plane that crashed while she was on it in the Middle East, she’s admitted to having pneumonia, and she has consistently had coughing issues while in her interviews. There have even been allegations of a brain injury or some type of larger neurological issue such as Parkinson’s disease.

However, she and her people have refused to acknowledge these problems and blamed these rumors on the conservative media. Despite, doctors going to media outlets saying that these physical signs of hers indicate a much deeper problem. But now that she is no longer running for office it won’t be a concern for the American people.

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CULTUREBREAKING NEWS About Sarah Huckabee Sanders After Suffering Devastating Attack – She Needs Support Now!


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Almost every member of the Trump Administration has taken their fair share of heat for the unpopular political beliefs that they support. It’s normal for those who oppose a President in Washington to stand up against his entire cabinet and administration. It’s not normal, however, or even okay for those attacks to bridge from the political to the personal. It’s also a new phenomenon for those not formally involved in politics to weigh in.

If 2017 was known for anything, it was the year that everyone became political. There used to be a great divide between east and west coasts. Both were powerful, but one on an overtly political front and the other on a more media based level. We all knew that the movie stars were mostly liberal, but nobody really listened to them, so who cares. But as it turns out, the general populace seems to be getting more concerned with what their TV idols think than what those who have spent their lives in public service have to say.

One of those icons is the singer Cher. Her loud and proud style of doing everything seems to dictates that she be just as socially unacceptable in her attack on conservatives. According to the Washington Free Beacon, her most recent attack is even more vicious than normal. She seems to have adopted the convenient liberal theory that becoming a conservative and a Trump supporter allows those who disagree with you to treat you any way they want:

WARNING: Strong Language

“Pop singer Cher attacked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ appearance on Monday, the day after she spoke at a Women’s March rally.

Cher was one of the featured speakers at the Nevada Women’s March held at at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas on Sunday. In her speech, the Grammy-winner railed against President Donald Trump and urged women to be proactive in politics.

‘What I’m going to tell you, you know, is it’s time to step up to the plate and deserve it and to own it,’ she said. ‘If you don’t take it, no one is going to give it to you.’

‘This is one of the worst times in our history, and that’s why I honestly believe that women are going to be the ones who fix it,’ Cher said. ‘And that’s no bullshit. If you want a job done right, get a woman.’

Cher heralded the men who still show respect for women.

‘These are the guys who are raised by women like me,’ she joked.

But the following night, Cher took aim at one powerful women in particular, accusing Huckabee Sanders of dressing like a polygamous ‘sister wife’ on Twitter.

Essentially, Cher is all about the rights of liberal women, but not conservative ones. She speaks out for a woman’s right to do anything they want, as long as it’s not something she disagrees with. She says that women should be louder and more powerful, but not if they plan to stand against her. She agrees with the feminist liberal agenda that women shouldn’t tare one another down . . . unless of course they’re a Trump supporter, and then it’s fair game

It didn’t take long for Cher’s Twitter audience to point out the stark difference between how Press Secretary Sanders presents herself, and how Cher has been known to perform. Can anyone imagine the horrible backlash if someone who is known to be conservative had come out against a liberal woman’s right to run around mostly naked? it would be pretty.

This isn’t the first attack that Sanders has suffered. The Free Beacon also reported on  what another award winner had to say about her, even going so far as to compare her appearance to that of the First Lady and First Daughter:

“Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist David Horsey wrote Wednesday that ‘Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the right mouthpiece for a truth-twisting president.”

‘Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not look like the kind of woman Donald Trump would choose as his chief spokesperson,’ he opened, unfavorably comparing the press secretary to the ‘sleek beauties with long legs and stiletto heels to represent his interests and act as his arm candy.’

Horsey continued, saying that compared to Ivanka and Melania Trump, ‘Sanders looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games.’

‘Rather than the fake eyelashes and formal dresses she puts on for news briefings, Sanders seems as if she’d be more comfortable in sweats and running shoes,’ the columnist added.

The piece was accompanied by an editorial cartoon drawn by Horsey showing a less-than-flattering rendition of Sanders repeating 1984 slogans and brandishing the punning title ‘Big Mother.’”

These kinds of attacks are in bad taste, no matter who is launching them. Sadly, since it’s being done by a liberal star against a conservative proponent of the Trump campaign, there probably won’t be much backlash and even less retribution. Such is the life of anyone living in the swamp of Capitol Hill, trying to make a difference.


IMMEDIATELY After New York Terror Attack, Trump Unleashed The Halloween Horror

Trump is unleashing the Halloween horror on terrorists.

After the Manhattan terror attack today, Trump is not messing around. An Islamic jihadist killed 8 people and injured several more. Trump gave the order. He ordered the Department of Homeland Security to strengthen its “Extreme Vetting Program.”

“I have just ordered Homeland Security to step up our already Extreme Vetting Program. Being politically correct is fine, but not for this!,” tweeted President Trump.


Details have emerged about the terrorist at this point. He immigrated to the United States under President Obama in 2010. He is 29-years-old and was a Florida resident.

According to NBC’s Tom Winter, a note was written by Saipov pledging his allegiance to ISIS.

Share this if you think that we need to have extreme vetting in this country. It’s very damn simple, y’all. If you don’t want terrorists in the country, then don’t let them in.

God bless and protect the United States.