13 Men Who Tied Up Girl In Car And Set It Ablaze Arrested (Photos)

A 16-year-old girl’s friend begged her for a harmless favor. She agreed. A little while later, 15 people attacked her, drugged her, tied her up, threw her into a locked car, and then set the car on fire. Here are photos and video of the men and what they did to her.

Ambreen Riasat
The men arrested for setting Ambreen Riasat ablaze (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Ambreen Riasat was just 16 years old when she was viciously murdered in a heinous killing that drew international attention when at least 13 suspects from a tribal council were apprehended in Pakistan for their part in the savage killing, the Independentreports. Ambreen was burned alive in the village of Donga Gali, near the north-western city of Abbottabad and about 30 miles northeast of Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad, according to Reuters. But, that’s not all.

What’s worse, the savage murder came at the hands of the girl’s own family and community in what’s described as an “honor killing,” CNN reports. Although “honor killings” are sadly nothing new, the sheer pre-meditated brutality of this one thrust the incident into international headlines, drawing worldwide attention to the practice of killing those who bring “shame” onto their family.

Ambreen Riasat
Stock Image (Photo Credit: rmac8oppo/Pixabay)

A group of 15 members of a local tribal council, or “jirga,” allegedly ordered the killing of Ambreen Riasat in retaliation for the girl’s role in helping a couple elope. They wanted her punishment to be so severe, no girl would ever consider running away from the village again, and if she did, no one would dare help her.

Although the subject of honor killings isn’t new to Pakistan, the young girl’s murder was so heinous that it “shocked even a country used to 25 years of debating such ‘honor killings,’” explained Sherry Rehman, an opposition Senator in Pakistan’s parliament who previously served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States as well as Federal Minister and became the first parliamentarian in the country to introduce a bill against honor killings.

Ambreen Riasat
Ambreen Riasat was killed after a tribal council ruled that she shamed her family and the village. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

The victim was taken from her home to an abandoned building where she was drugged and also strangled, according to some reports, until she fell unconscious. Then, she was placed in the backseat of a parked van. Her hands were reportedly tied to the seats to prevent escape before the vehicle was doused with gasoline and she was set ablaze in the same van that was reportedly used to help her school friend flee the village to marry of her own free will.

Prior to her murder, Ambreen Riasat confessed to assisting the local couple in eloping. “The accused confessed during the investigation that a few months back Saima, a schoolgirl from the same village and tribe, eloped with her boyfriend and Ambreen facilitated their frequent meetings and later their elopement,” district police officer Khurram Rasheed said. The couple appears to have escaped, but Ambreen wasn’t so lucky.

Ambreen Riasat
Stock Image (Photo Credit: picman2/Pixabay)

When the members of the jirga realized the couple was missing and heard Ambreen Riasat’s part in the elopement, they called a 6-hour meeting during which they agreed to kill the girl as punishment for damaging the village’s reputation. “Then they seated the girl in a van in which the couple had escaped. They tied her hands to the seats and then poured petrol on her and the vehicle,” district police chief Saeed Wazir said. “I hadn’t seen such a barbaric attack in my whole life.”

After the teen’s burned body was found by authorities, district police eventually arrested at least 13 elders of the village who were involved in the council and the killing, along with the girl’s own mother, who is said to have agreed to the sentence. The girl’s brother was also arrested over her death. The suspects are seen following their arrest in the footage below.

Additional news coverage, seen below, shows the girl’s burned remains in a body bag, as well as the charred vehicle where her remains were found. Although the report is in another language, it still gives a disturbing real-life view of the horrors some people face, especially females, in countries were honor killings take place for the smallest of “crimes” against the family.

Sherry Rehman explains that the shock and outrage over Ambreen Riasat’s death aren’t just about murder. “It is also the nature and scale of brutality against women that Pakistan’s government continues to tolerate despite a growing clamor for reform,” she explained. “High profile cases like this one shine a light on more than just a conspiracy of silence when it comes to crimes against women. They also refract in sharp contours the costs of political inaction at the top.”

She goes on to explain that, according to recent reports by Pakistan’s independent Human Rights Commission, there were not only more than 1,100 “honor killings” in one year, there were also 900 cases of sexual violence reported against women and nearly 800 women committed or attempted to commit suicide as well. She warns, “These reported cases are just the tip of the iceberg, however.”

Ambreen Riasat
Girls are at a greater risk of suffering an “honor killing” in countries where the practice occurs. (Photo Credit: ArmyAmber/Pixabay)

“While murder or injury is in most cases seen as a serious crime, with harsh penalties, this is not the case when it comes to crimes against women, especially those that involve the supposed ‘honor, of families or communities,” Rehman points out. “The law allows for the exchange of ‘blood money’ for family pardons in certain crimes, preventing police or prosecutors from taking action and saving the perpetrators from justice,” she adds, describing a type of “justice” most of us can’t imagine in America.

She rightfully concludes that change must come, saying that “there is no reason that Pakistan’s people, mainly its women, should have to live in fear of the savagery and brutality of honor killings.” It would seem that in this day and age, no woman or person anywhere should live in fear of this kind of nightmare, but it’s going to take mounting public and international pressure to bring about change. So, will you raise your voice for girls like Ambreen? She can no longer tell her story, but we can.


Major Hollywood Celeb Arrested And Home Raided After Using God-Given Right To Protection

Many people remember the actress and producer Heather Locklear for her roles on Dynasty, The Fall Guy, Melrose Place, The Perfect Man and The Return of Swamp Thing. She is also known for her high profile marriages to musicians Richie Sambora and Tommy Lee. We are sad to report this week she was arrested and charged with domestic violence and the assault of three police officers.

The police were called to her Los Angeles home because of a domestic dispute where Locklear allegedly got violent. When the police arrived, she was not being cordial. Instead, she made things worse for herself by threatening to shoot them if they ever came to her property again. Because of this police obtained a search warrant to search the home only to find one gun which was legally registered to Locklear.

Locklear is said to now be seeking treatment at a rehabilitation center after many years of alcohol abuse. This comes after years of struggles with substance abuse for which most recently had entered rehab last year.

She was also arrested in 2008 on suspicion of driving under the influence but the charges were later dismissed and reduced to reckless driving for which she was sentenced to three years of informal probation and ordered to pay a $700 fine and take a driver safety class. That same year authorities were once again called to Locklear’s home following a 911 call from her doctor, who feared she had overdosed on prescription medication but the warning turned out to be a false alarm and Locklear was found safe at her residence.

Although she should have never threatened any police officer or anyone else for that matter, why did they have to search her home just because a woman who is clearly chemically impaired made a threat? Doesn’t really make sense and it doesn’t seem like it should have happened. But then again, it is California and anything goes there unless you are a criminal or an illegal alien. Locklear is neither.

Let’s hope and pray this time she is able to get the help she is in dire need of.

Via Entertainment Tonight:

“After the 56-year-old actress was arrested Sunday night for 1 count felony domestic violence and three counts misdemeanor battery on a police officer, a source told ET that she hasn’t been doing well for quite some
time, and that those close to her are encouraging her to go to rehab.

“Heather has been spiraling out of control lately,” the source said. “We realize Heather has had problems with drinking and drugs before, but she was really getting back on track.”

“Her friends and family are telling her it is time to go back to rehab,” the source added, referring to the fact that she has been in and out of treatment for years. “She needs it badly. It’s sad she lets things get this out of control before she gets help.”

Police told ET on Monday that Locklear was arrested after a domestic violence call was reported at a residence, and in an initial investigation, police allege that she had battered her boyfriend at the residence prior to their arrival. During the arrest, police say Locklear allegedly became combative and uncooperative, and allegedly battered three deputies.

According to our source, the arrest was “rock bottom” for Locklear.

“She was freaking out and texting her brother nonstop and wasn’t making sense,” the source said, adding that her family is very supportive of her. “She grew up in Thousand Oaks and really did well in Hollywood, so she is the sweetheart of the family and they all rally around her. Her brother immediately headed over to the house. When he arrived, she and her boyfriend were fighting. It was a terrible scene.”

The source claims the altercation became physical, telling ET, “They were literally physically fighting and her brother couldn’t control the situation, so he called the police.”

“When the police arrived, Heather was irate,” the source alleged. “She was furious her brother got the police involved and she was in no state to be able to have a normal thinking conversation. She was out of control. She was screaming at the police and went on the attack. She physically fought the police and they had to handcuff her to control her.”

“There were marks all over her boyfriend’s face, so they had no choice but to take her into custody,” the source added. “They said she seemed unstable and they wanted to take her for a psychological evaluation.”

As previously reported, a spokesperson for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department told ET that Locklear was transported to a local hospital Sunday night, where she was evaluated prior to being booked into jail. She posted $20,000 bail and was released. Her next court appearance is set for March 13 in Ventura, California.”


MAJOR KARMA: Lib Hero Linda Sarsour Just Arrested – Not Leaving Prison Anytime Soon!

Far left liberal activist Linda Sarsour has been arrested again. She’s the Muslim who’s been arrested numerous other times, spoke at the Women’s March, and does not fight for the equality and rights of other Muslim women in parts of the planet that would be hostile towards her. What she was arrested for should not surprise anyone, but it could ignite numerous comments on social media which label this arrest as another way of karma paying her back for the nonsense she participates in.

When she’s not surrounded by sizeable unkempt vagina costumes and illogical signs at a Women’s March, then one might find Linda Sarsour pounding on Paul Ryan’s door. Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, probably did not enjoy the fiasco that involved multiple arrests as Sarsour and her cronies begged to deliver a programme that potentially outlined a plan to protect “certain” young immigrants. What that plan detailed, we don’t know. It should be pointed out that the word “certain” was used which suggests that certain other “young” immigrants would not be protected. One can only wonder if that is a form of intolerance that does not accept all immigrants of all young ages, but instead – intolerantly picks and chooses and segregates “certain” immigrant youth.

MSN listed Sarsour’s arrest as an act of civil disobedience. The group of protesters causes a scene at Speaker Paul Ryan’s office, and the arrests put a dent in their proposal that’s working towards immigration reform. Many viewed their act of protest as childish, disrespectful, and disturbing to an otherwise peaceful environment. If their protest goal was to get the attention of the people who make big decisions in the American government, then they indeed took ten steps backward in progress.

MSN reported more on the arrest of Sarsour:
“Muslim-American leaders have been arrested at the US Capitol while urging Congress to stand against President Donald Trump’s effort to end a programme that protects certain young immigrants.

Omar Suleiman, Dawud Walid, Mujahid Fletcher, Talib Shareef and Nihad Awad of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Zahra Billoo, and Linda Sarsour advocated immigration reform before getting arrested on Monday.

The protesters participated in an act of civil disobedience at the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, demanding that he meet them to hear their concerns.”

People should know by now that no one listens to protesters or demands from people showing up in a rude and uninvited manner. Sarsour and her friends should have requested this meeting in a peaceful manner that followed protocol and the chain of command. One does not demand from Paul Ryan.

MSN then included information about Dreamers and #MuslimsForDream, both of which could easily be taken down by simple common sense and pointing out flaws in their logic.

“We don’t want to live based on fear. We want to live according to the principles of freedom of speech, of religion,” he said.

Trump has long desired to end renewal applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme. Its recipients, known as the Dreamers, were thrown into legal uncertainty after Trump moved last year to end the programme, which protects hundreds of thousands of Dreamers.

Trump gave legislators until yesterday, March 5 to come up with a replacement, before a Supreme Court ruling delayed that deadline for as much as a year.

He has been locked in bitter negotiations with Democrats about replacing the programme in exchange for a raft of immigration overhauls that would end other avenues of legal immigration.”

No one is living in fear. The fear they speak of is perpetrated by the mainstream media. Former President Obama had deported millions of people, and there was none of this “I’m so scared of being deported” speech that is being talked about today. Most illegal immigrants are probably relieved that Obama is out of office because he deported more people than we can count out loud. Illegal immigrants, especially non-violent ones, would be best if they carried on with their daily routine and filed the appropriate paperwork to become a citizen. It may take a while, but it’s worth it.

President Trump gave Democrats six months to craft a working plan, and they failed to deliver a solution.

“This is creating real fear,” Suleiman said, adding that the imams are fighting white supremacy because Islamophobia, racism and hostility against immigrants all stem from the same roots.”

There is no white supremacy other than what’s been created by the liberal mainstream media. The leftist propaganda has labeled numerous white entities as white supremacists. The leftist mainstream media calls people white supremacists just to get more clicks and views on their materials. Racism in real life is not that present. Racism online may be a bit more pronounced. However, it appears as though the #MuslimsForDream movement wants people to believe that most white people are racist and there’s tons of white people marching in tiki torch events, but that is just another lie perpetrated by leftism.

If you’d like to see proof that racism is a non-factor in normal society, then consider this fact: I went to the Eagles Super Bowl parade, and there were people of all races, nationalities, and both genders celebrating together. People didn’t look at your race, nor care for it either. They sought to make sure you were there for the right reasons which were to celebrate in unity. Most people are not racist, but if you only watch or read the leftist news, then you might have a different opinion.

Democrats had the chance to deliver immigration reform and failed. Muslims are pushing an anti-white narrative that would have people thinking everyone is racist.

Linda Sarsour’s staged publicity stunt arrest is a reminder for everyone to think critically on their own, stop with the childish protests, and stop paying attention to fake leftist mainstream media stunts and slants on information.

Here is more information about Linda Sarsour


Karma 101 – Liberal & Islamic Hero, Linda Sarsour Arrested

Kirsters Baish| If you know anything about extreme Islamist sharia activist Linda Sarsour, you know that she is one of the faces of modern-day liberalism. Sarsour was taken into custody on Monday while taking part in a protest outside the United States House Speaker Paul Ryan’s offices in Washington D.C.

The activists, including Sarsour, excuse Islamic terrorism enacted on Americans. Breitbart News reported that the activists gathered outside Paul Ryan’s offices in order to advocate for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (aka DACA) program.

It was reported by Breitbart News that the protesters, Sarsour included, were arrested for causing a disruption and refusing to obey police orders.“Sarsour joined amnesty advocate Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez, several Islamic clerics, a few protestors, some bored cops, and a mob of journalists outside House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office, to demand a no-strings amnesty for at least 3 million ‘DACA’ illegals.”

It’s very unlikely that Sarsour, a Muslim extremist, cares about the Hispanic people who are affected by DACA at all. The only reason she has anything to do with the movement is because it would get her on the news.

Last August, Sarsour made her way to the forefront of an NAACP rally supporting former 49ers quarterback and known anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick.

She has been spotted all over the United States pushing the idea of strict sharia law, which she would like to see replace the United States Constitution. She is a support of murderous jihad.

Even taking into account all of her extremism and hatred towards America, she was accepted as a central figure in the “Women’s March.” Washed up liberal actress Alyssa Milano has endorsed Sarsour, making a name for Sarsour among brainwashed Hollywood celebrities.

It’s truly incredible that Sarsour has gained so much support from “women’s” advocates because she is such a big supporter of sharia law which forces women into status as a second class citizen. Sharia law also allows for the “honor killing” of women and allows husbands to beat their wives. Women are looked at as property under Sharia law. If women come forward with allegations of rape, they must have several “witnesses” to prove the rape. They are kept from being educated and driving in public. Women have no rights under Sharia law. So, why are liberals supporting a woman who stands for Sharia law?

The “activist” is so extreme in her belief in Islam that she has started to ruin her reputation among liberals.

Sarsour was accused of allowing one of her own staffers to be sexually harassed. Breitbart reported that the executive director of the Arab American Association Asmi Fathelbab, who worked with Sarsour, made a claim that Sarsour threatened her if she went public with the charges of sexual harassment. 

Fathelbab stated that after she began working as a contractor for the association in 2009, she was groped and attacked by a man who worked there. Sarsour dismissed the whole thing. Does Sarsour really care about women? Or does she just care about Islamism?

Source: fbnewscycle.com

BREAKING: Trump Just Arrested Them BOTH! The Entire Dem Party Is FURIOUS!

Democrats can’t catch a break! If they’re not acting like children at the State of the Union address, then they’re getting caught up in criminal activity as it unfolds in front of their faces. Democrats keep trying to force Americans to be more tolerant of illegal immigrants, but then their DACA dreaming nightmares come true. The Democrats went from forcing their pro-illegal immigrant nonsense on America and telling people to break the law by not following the laws (see California and their disdain for following immigration laws), and now their people are committing real crimes.

So many Democrats preach about the illegal immigrant children having dreams. They forget to mention that many of the DACA dreamers are now adults. They fail to remind Americans that a lot of the DACA dreamers don’t speak English and are constantly arrested for criminal activity. There’s plenty of people who don’t commit crimes, but there are way too many people in America, illegally, committing a crime and not being productive or contributing to our country. The left pushes their agenda upon us, but then the people they’re protecting and clamoring about continue to get arrested for poor behavior and violent crimes against other people.

That means there should be no surprise that, once again, two men were just arrested for their alleged horrible crimes that put other human beings at risk. Cops busted two DACA recipients and uncovered their inhumane acts. Now that they’re stopped, the Democrat party is going nuts because they’re seemingly protecting criminals. Hopefully the people they’re accused of hurting can find protection.

The two people arrested are DACA dreamers who are linked with possible human trafficking. This is no dream of anyone, but rather a horrible nightmare that no one wants to be part of. Human trafficking is a repulsive, inhumane, and disgusting crime that harms more people than just the person being smuggled.

Fox News reported more on the DACA crime:

“Two Dreamers who were living in the U.S. under the Obama-era DACA program were arrested last week on suspicion of human smuggling in separate incidents, federal officials reportedly said.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Monday that one of the men was in the country under the program and the other’s program had expired.

The report said that one incident occurred last Wednesday when a resident near Torrey Pines State Beach observed what looked like human smuggling.

Border agents pulled over a vehicle and found the driver—who was the 20-year-old DACA recipient whose status expired. He reportedly admitted to smuggling after two Mexican nationals in the country illegally were found in the car.

In a separate incident, a 22-year-old Mexican national, a DACA recipient who lives in Riverside, was allegedly caught scouting an area for smugglers in Campo, Calif.

Both suspects are in custody.”

The Democrats are continuing down a virtually insane path. They’re falling apart at the seams like an old book in the library. If the Democrats continuously push their pro-illegal immigrant agenda while their DACA criminals are arrested for sickening crimes like human trafficking, then are the Democrats supporting crime? They may not help the criminals directly, but they indeed, in a way, encourage the people committing the crime by supporting the resistance movement and trying to convince us to accept illegals. It appears as though the Democrats are doing this as a means of their anti-American agenda. It’s like the Democrats don’t like America and want to dismantle our country as much as possible while Trump is in office.

Human trafficking is an abusive and sick crime. To think that someone could sell another human being is an abomination. To know that Democrats support DACA kids, who are also adults, and they are committing crimes that hurt other people should be embarrassing to America and the Democrat party.

To have multiple political parties in American government is an excellent idea because it sparks ideas from many different viewpoints and encourages healthy debate and unity on agreeable ideas. To have a political party who supports illegal immigrants more than Americans is disgraceful to our country. It seems like the Democrat party has fallen so far off the tracks that there’s no way to get this derailment cleaned up.

It might be time for the Democrats to dissolve their party.

We can’t have the Democrats supporting DACA adults who participate in human trafficking.

At the very least, the Democrat party should traffic themselves out of their positions and allow smarter people to take over.


Secret Service Agent Goes Rogue, Exposes Biggest Fraud On Capitol Hill Who Must Be Arrested ASAP!

Watching the news unfold on Capitol Hill is starting to feel more like watching a box office hit and less like real life. Gone are the days when the news was boring, and everyone followed due process and acted with decorum. Now, it appears that it’s every man for himself, and if you’ve got enough money, or dirt on those with money, you can get away with anything.

The more we learn about what went on in the Justice Department during the Obama Administration the more we realize that the entire Nation was on the brink of a hostile take over by those that we elected to represent us, and trusted with our well being. Especially the DNC’s choice for the 2016 Presidential election.

As it turns out, that election wasn’t quite as close as Hillary wanted us to believe. Between her lies, the illegals that voted and the entire FBI covering for her, she almost got to be in charge of the free world. Now though, the Justice Department is finding that they have to try and explain all their dirty dealings, now that the Trump Administration is in charge.

We recently saw the complete wide-eyed panic that gripped Washington when the much-anticipated memo came to light. As it turns out, that was just one of many incriminating documents that are slated to inform the American people of what has been happening behind closed doors. The Gateway Pundit reports that according to a form Secret Service Agent, the guilty parties who would be implicated in the next big memo that was supposed to drop, are doing a phenomenal job of keeping it hidden:

“Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino joined FOX and Friends on Monday morning to discuss the latest in the Obamagate Trump spying scandal.

Bongino told the morning hosts that former CIA Director John Brennan is “in a world of trouble” for lying under oath to Congress about the Russia dossier.

Dan Bongino then clubbed hyper-partisan hack Adam Schiff, “A snake. He’s the biggest fraud on Capitol Hill right now!”

Dan Bongino: It’s always predictable with them and it just shows their devious side. For as much as I disagree with Democrats and their ideology and everything they do… You almost have to respect their deviousness. They’re tactically brilliant. Put information in there that they know can’t get out on sources and methods in their memo that is. Give it to the president knowing he can’t release that memo. And then come back and say almost immediately on queue. Oh look the president is hiding something. It’s really deranged but this is what they do… My sources are telling me John Brennan is in a world of trouble right now! In May of 2017 Brennan said under oath on the hill, “Oh, I didn’t know who commissioned the dossier. Which is amazing! Because the CIA has a central role in the verification of foreign assets and information we get from foreign assets. It is not plausibly deniable that John Brennan did not know who commissioned that dossier. He’s in a world of trouble because he raised his right hand and he said the exact opposite… Jim Clapper is knee deep in this as well…

Steve Doocy: So Dan ultimately people like Adam Schiff, the Democrat from California, is he doing his best to keep all this from coming out or is he just playing the loyal opposition.

Dan Bongino: Adam Schiff is a snake. He’s the biggest fraud on Capitol Hill right now. Adam Schiff is doing the Democrats’ dirty work in trying to cover up.”

What Bongino seems to be pointing out is that there are still people in power who have a lot to lose if you hear the truth. In other words, the wolf in sheep’s clothing was let into the herd, and it’s still passing as a sheep, even after showing its teeth.

Unfortunately, the only way to weed these predators out of the herd is to catch them red-handed with irrefutable proof. And in today’s political climate of bribes and blackmail, the only way to have irrefutable proof is for the public to see something that can’t be explained, or unseen. That is one of the reasons that these documents being released to the public is such a huge deal; if the public turns against someone, they can’t come back from that, and hopefully will never be reelected.

However, if those who are guilty of this blatant wrongdoing and these grievous offenses against the government and the American people are able to keep the details of their sins quiet, they’ll be able to say that we, the people, just misunderstood and that it’s just not as simple as we think.

One thing is simple, and we do understand; laws were broken, and those who broke them need to be punished. Hopefully, voices like Bongino’s can sound the alarm loud enough that we will wake up and make sure that justice is served.

Source: The Gateway Pundit,freedom-daily.com

Former White Sox Pitcher Esteban Loaiza Arrested in Possession of 44 Pounds of Cocaine, Heroin

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Esteban Loaiza was arrested and charged with drug trafficking last week, after San Diego police found him with 44 pounds of cocaine and heroin.
The San Diego Sheriff’s office is reportedly holding the player on a $200,000 bail after charging him with three felonies including possession of the drugs over 20 kilograms, possession of narcotics for sale, and transportation, ESPN reported.

According to TMZ Sports, the Mexican native is being held in Chula Vista’s South Bay detention facility and could be facing up to 20 years in prison.

The two-time All-Star last played in the majors in 2008. He ended his career with a 126-114 record in 14 seasons. Loaiza played for a series of teams including the Pirates, Rangers, Blue Jays, White Sox, Yankees, Nationals, Oakland As, and Dodgers. He reportedly made almost $44 million in his professional ball career.

Loaiza was also arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2006.

Source: conservativefighters.com

BREAKING! Trump Just Ordered Him ARRESTED! Obama And ENTIRE Dem Party FURIOUS!

And once again we are getting reports of another so-called “Dreamer” doing what illegals do best, breaking the law.

An in-depth investigation by a local Houston television reporter has now revealed that the man accused of murdering a local convenience store owner is, in fact, an illegal alien who is only here because of former President Barack Hussein Obama’s DACA amnesty program. The “Dreamer” is currently at-large after allegedly killing the store owner and shooting another man in what is being called a senseless crime.

Apparently, the “Dreamer,” 21-year-old Judas Deluna, after harassing some people waiting in line at a taco truck, got into a fight with a man. So he went to his car, grabbed a gun and shot the man, but things turned deadly when the owner of the store ran out to help the man who was shot and Deluna shot him fatally.

Newly obtained court records from Texas from Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel’s office confirm that Deluna received a felony conviction for a terroristic threat made in 2015 for which he was sentenced to 60 days in county jail. He had previously been charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon but that charge was dismissed as part of his plea deal. Earlier this year prosecutors charged Deluna with a felony charge of evading arrest with a motor vehicle, and he was put on probation.

Deluna is now at large and considered to be armed and dangerous, Thanks, Obama and the Democrat Party!

All these crimes and this man was still allowed to stay in this country?  And now an innocent father of two young children is dead because a segment of our society hates law-abiding American citizens so much that they want to change the very fabric our nation has had for almost 250 years. The only acceptable outcome to this whole immigration issue is to deport them all, they are welcomed to come back, but they have to wait in line and come through the front door. This is the only way we will be able to stop criminals from coming into our country, don’t you agree?

Via Breitbart:

An investigation by a Houston television reporter revealed that the man accused of murdering a store owner is allegedly an illegal alien who is currently under President Barack Obama’s DACA amnesty program. The “Dreamer” is currently on the run after allegedly killing the store owner and shooting another man.

An investigation by ABC13’s Jessica Willey reports that accused killer Judas Deluna, 21, is an illegal alien who is currently under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program. The program allows undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents to receive temporary protected status from deportation. The federal government is supposed to conduct a criminal background investigation prior to adjusting the immigrant’s the DACA status.

Deluna may have obtained the DACA protection despite a prior history of felony arrests and convictions.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas from Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel’s office show that Deluna received a felony conviction for a terroristic threat made in 2015. The judge of the 176th Criminal District Court sentenced the man to 60 days in county jail. He had also been charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. That charge was dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

Earlier that year, prosecutors charged Deluna with a felony charge of evading arrest with a motor vehicle. The same judge placed the man on four years of probation and deferred adjudication. Following the new murder charge, prosecutors filed a motion to adjudicate this charge.

The current murder charges stem from a shooting that occurred outside DJ’s Food Mart in northwest Harris County in January, Willey reported. It is believed that Deluna got into a fight with another man. He fled to his vehicle where he reportedly pulled a gun and shot the man he was fighting with. When store owner’s son, Rahman Rupani, responded to the shooting, Deluna allegedly shot him as well. Rupani died from his wounds.

Deluna fled the scene in a Black Lincoln Navigator, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Breitbart Texas.

He has been on the run since the January 26 shooting. Willey reported that during the passing three weeks, she learned of Deluna’s status as a DACA “Dreamer.”

Willey also learned that Deluna’s illegal alien father, Manuel Deluna, is also a violent felon who is currently facing deportation proceedings.

Crime appears to be the family business. Judas Deluna’s older brother, Eric Deluna, also has a violent criminal history that includes convictions in state court in 2005 of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and a 2011 case of Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon, according to Harris County court records obtained by Breitbart Texas.

Willey reported that Eric Deluna planned to ambush a Los Zetas cartel drug shipment in Houston. The shipment was actually part of a federal sting operation. The sting turned violent when a gun battle ensued. A federal informant died in the shootout and a Harris County deputy sheriff was wounded. The older Deluna brother received a 30-year prison sentence.

Activists have often attempted to paint the picture of all DACA recipients being upstanding, law-abiding residents of this country. However, Breitbart Texas has previously reported on crimes, including human smuggling and gang membership, committed by DACA recipients.

“This is not a depiction of who Dreamers are, who DACA holders are,” Cesar Espinosa, an immigrant rights activist with FIEL Houston told ABC13. “We, like everyone else, don’t want those people here. Don’t want bad actors in our community.”

Esponisa then fell back on conflated statistics on immigrant crime which does not separate crimes committed by legal and illegal immigrants. “Studies have shown immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than born citizens because even if you make a small mistake it could lead to something as big as a deportation for ourselves,” Espinosa said.

Many states do not statistically separate crimes committed by immigrants based on their status. However, a study conducted in Arizona where immigration status is tracked reported that “Dreamer”-age illegal aliens are twice as likely to commit crimes as young American citizens. Breitbart News’ Neil Munro wrote, “The report punctures claims by pro-amnesty advocates that young ‘dreamer’ illegals are vital to U.S. industry and civic life, and indicate that any amnesty will ensure that many more crimes — including murders and rapes — will be inflicted against Americans and legal immigrants, including Hispanics and blacks.”

The report states:

Unfortunately, if the goal of DACA is to give citizenship to a particularly law-abiding group of undocumented immigrants, it is accomplishing the opposite of what was intended. As Table 8 shows, DACA age eligible undocumented immigrants are 250% more likely to be convicted of crimes than their share of the population. Those too old for DACA status are convicted at a relatively low rates (45.7% more than their share of the Arizona population).

A report summary explains:

Using newly released detailed data on all prisoners who entered the Arizona state prison from January 1985 through June 2017, we are able to separate non-U.S. citizens by whether they are illegal or legal residents. These data do not rely on self-reporting by criminals. Undocumented immigrants are at least 142% more likely to be convicted of a crime than other Arizonans. They also tend to commit more serious crimes and serve 10.5% longer sentences, more likely to be classified as dangerous, and 45% more likely to be gang members than U.S. citizens …

If undocumented immigrants committed crime nationally as they do in Arizona, in 2016 they would have been responsible for over 1,000 more murders, 5,200 rapes, 8,900 robberies, 25,300 aggravated assaults, and 26,900 burglaries.

Judas Deluna remains a fugitive at this time. His victim, Rhaman Rupani, leaves behind a grieving wife and two young children.

A cash reward is being offered by Houston Crime Stoppers for information leading to Deluna’s arrest.



Should Tim Kaine Be Arrested For Calling For Violence Against Trump?

Profession government officials are dependably gotten up to speed in that “Washington bubble,” where the voices of Americans appear to be substantially dimmer than the call of exceptional interests and enormous contributors. Tim Kaine says he has an approach to break out of that air pocket…On Morning Joe, Mike Brezinzski made the exceptionally fascinating inquiry of how the Democrat Gathering breaks the Washington bubble and gets back in contact with the normal American. Tim Kaine didn’t appear to comprehend the inquiry, and called for savagery.
He stated, “Thus, the way we get outside the air pocket is we exploit this colossal open clamor against the organization. What we must do is battle in Congress, battle in the courts, battle in the boulevards, battle on the web, battle at the polling booth, and now there’s the force to have the capacity.Furthermore, we’re not perplexed of the well known clamor, we’re empowered by it and that will enable us to carry out our activity and improve.”Nobody with a heart can be calling for all the more battling in the boulevards at the present time. Individuals are getting harmed and, if the paid nonconformists keep it up, individuals may get slaughtered.

Furthermore, there have just been numerous dangers against President Trump’s life, the exact opposite thing these radical hostile to Americans require is some support to plot brutality.

 Source: www.readfirstoday.com

BREAKING! 13 Of Dems’ Dreamers Headed To SOTU ARRESTED For What They Were Hiding!

This evening President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union speech, and of course, the left is ready to disrupt it any way they can to cause more division in the country. Over the last several weeks, numerous liberal politicians have ceremoniously announced that they would boycott the speech because Trump is a racist, bigot that needs to be resisted.  However, there were those such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and 24 other Democrats who planned on still attending Trump’s speech but would bring with them a gaggle of Dreamers.

Well, that plan sounded great in theory for these dimwitted Dems but it was thwarted after 13 of their “upstanding citizens” were arrested on the way to the political event of the year, and where they were hiding proves why Trump is right about everything.

In the past, politicians may have disagreed with policies of the opposing party, but they would often come together for the good of the country. Sadly, it appears those days are far behind us considering the antics we have witnessed in our country over the past several years. Instead of political leaders stating their case of why they disagree with the opposing parties position, they throw temper tantrums coupled with displays of over the top theatrics to push their agenda.

That has not been more evident since Donald Trump was elected and he dared to enforce the laws of the country including immigration and DACA which have been ignored for so long. Despite the attempts that Trump has made to reach across the aisle for an agreement concerning the hotly contested DACA issue, the left has balked and has denied any compromise.

So, this evening during Trump’s first State of the Union speech, numerous politicians planned on bringing Dreamers with them to watch the president’s speech from the House gallery.

Here is more from Fox News:

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a number of other Democrats plan to fill the House gallery with illegal aliens when President Trump delivers his first State of the Union address on Tuesday.

ABC News reports at least 24 House Democrats plan to bring illegals — the so-called ‘Dreamers’ — to watch the Tuesday night speech from the House gallery. 

The illegal aliens will be sitting in seats that in previous years were meant for brave military heroes, law-abiding taxpayers and America’s best and brightest.

The illegal aliens will be sitting in seats that in previous years were meant for brave military heroes, law-abiding taxpayers and America’s best and brightest.

The sad truth is that Democrats would rather align themselves with foreign invaders who violated our national sovereignty, thumbed their nose at the rule of law, and pillaged and plundered taxpayer-funded resources.

And now, Pelosi has decided to turn the U.S. Capitol into a sanctuary – a safe haven – for people who are living in our nation illegally. 

In response, President Trump should fill the remainder of the House gallery with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. 

While that plan sounded great to these defiant Dems, it is not going the way they wanted as 13 of their precious illegals were just arrested after being found in a tractor-trailer last week.

Here is more from KGW 8 News:

Agents at the north Highway 83 Border Patrol checkpoint rescued 76 undocumented immigrants from a tractor-trailer last week.

Border patrol saw the trailer in the primary lane of the highway on January 26 and approached the driver.

After confronting the driver, the agents decided the truck warranted closer inspection. Once they opened the trailer, they found the immigrants.

All 76 were deemed to be in good health. Their countries of origin ranged from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

13 of the immigrants were children. None of them traveled with their parents.

“These criminal organizations view these individuals as mere commodities without regard for their safety,” said Laredo Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Gabriel Acosta.

“The blatant disregard for human life will not be tolerated. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to disrupt and dismantle these organizations and prosecute those responsible.”

The driver was a U.S. citizen. He was arrested, and the tractor-trailer was seized by Border Patrol.

This event could not have happened at a better time, and it is just enough to prove why we need stricter border control and fast. These illegals will continue to pour over our borders if we do not take a harsher stance against it and it is the time that the wall is built, and all those who are here illegally are shipped to where they came from once and for all.