194 Liberals Arrested – Facing A Decade In Prison!!!

It’s been just over a year now since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Liberal snowflakes were so “triggered” by his win that they launched violent protests all over the U.S. Unfortunately for them, however, this quickly came back to bite them in a big way.

On Inauguration Day, violent protests erupted in Washington D.C. leading to numerous police officers being hospitalized and over $100,000 in damages. Police said that protesters armed with things like hammers and trashcans smashed Starbucks and Bank of America windows, torched a parked limo, set (purchased) “Make America Great Again” souvenirs aflame, and sprayed “Revolution or Death” on walls of local buildings.

The Independent UK reported that the organizers of the protest said that the point of it was to “give expression to the massive opposition to Trump’s right-wing, racist, and misogynist agenda”.

Organizers intend to demonstrate that people of conscience are the majority, and take steps towards organizing that sentiment into a force that can have an impact on Trump’s ability to claim a mandate, setting a tone of resistance for the coming years,” they wrote.

In total, 194 crazed liberals were arrested and hit with serious charges for this carnage.

The US Attorney for the District of Columbia hit nearly all of the protesters with felony charges of incitement to riot and destruction of property, among other charges. We’re glad to see that he is throwing the book at these liberal idiots.

The first seven defendants just started their trial this week, and they have been identified as Jennifer Armento, Oliver Harris, Britt Lawson, Michelle “Miel” Macchio, Christina Simmons, Jayram Toraty, and Alexei Wood.

Lawson is a nurse who said the process has been “stressful,” but that she found it “pretty inspiring to see the amount of solidarity and the ways in which defendants have come together and stayed fairly strong throughout this.” Wood is a journalist who claims he was only at the protest to “cover it.”

I think these charges are just f***ing absurd … I feel like I have an utterly strong case just like everybody else,” Mr Wood told the San Antonio Current in July. “It was indiscriminate arrest. I’m ready to fight.

In the end, their little protests meant nothing, because Trump is still our president one year later! We think it’s important that we send a message to crazed liberals that violent protests will not be tolerated in this country.

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Mall of America Employee Arrested, Charged with Groping Woman

Police arrested Mall of America employee Amin Isse Mohamed and charged him with thrusting his hand into a woman’s crotch as she sat down on an amusement ride, reports say.

Police arrested Mall of America employee Amin Isse Mohamed and charged him with thrusting his hand into a woman’s crotch as she sat down on an amusement ride, reports say.

On Sunday, Mohamed led a woman to a seat on the Big Rig ride in the heart of the Mall’s amusement rides area. But according to a police report, Mohamed used the pretense of buckling her into the ride’s seat as an excuse to grab at her crotch, according to Fox 9.

“The court documents say the woman reported that Mohamed reached his hand with his palm up and middle finger extended between her legs and groped her vagina,” Fox 9 reported. “The safety buckle for the ride was by her left hip and was not close to her crotch.”

The 18-year-old employee was arrested and hit with a misdemeanor charge of criminal sexual conduct in the fifth degree.

The Mall of America confirmed that Mohamad was fired and issued a statement noting the customer’s complaint.

“On Sunday, November 12 an adult customer lodged a complaint against a ride operator. Immediate action was taken after receiving the complaint,” the statement read. “The team member was arrested by Bloomington Police and escorted off property. This team member will not be allowed on Mall of America property pending the outcome of a police investigation.”

The Mall of America employee was not the only trouble the famed facility experienced this week. Police also arrested 20-year-old Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahaman for allegedly stabbing several shoppers on Monday.


Look Which Powerful Billionaire Just Got Arrested – This Could Lead To Global War

In a stunning story, late on Saturday the Saudi press revealed that noticeable very rich person, individual from the imperial Saudi family has been arrested.

What’s more, one of the greatest investors of Citi, News Corp. furthermore alongside ten senior princes, and somewhere in the range of 38 minisers, have been captured for debasement and tax evasion charges.

The requests from the new anti-corruption advisory group headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, while Royal family’s private planes have been grounded.

Among those terminated and additionally captured are the head of National Royal Guards, Miteb Bin Abdullah, the Minister of Economy and Planning, Adel Fakeih, and Admiral Abdullah bin Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Sultan, the Commander of the Saudi Naval Forces.

Arabiya has the details:

Among those in prison and additionally people captured are Moteib Bin Abdullah, Minister of the National Guard, and Prince Khalid bin Ayyaf has been delegated as his substitution.

A moment Royal Order was issued to alleviate Minister of Economy and Planning, Adel al-Faqieh, from his obligations, and the arrangement of Mohammed Al Tuwaijri as Minister of Economy and Planning.

As Bloomberg notes, changing the leader of the National Guard, an organization that has been controlled by the family of the late King Abdullah, “is not like changing the minister of oil,” said Kamran Bokhari.

Also a senior investigator with Geopolitical Futures and a senior individual with the Center for Global Policy. “I wouldn’t be shocked if this prompts more noteworthy stories in the future and inside the royal family.”

King Salman likewise issued an announcement shaping an enemy to corruption advisory group headed by the crown.

Besides, there is theory that every single private flight and VIP takeoffs out of Saudi Arabia have been suspended immediately, like what happened following the last “gentle coup” in June.

That is when Prince Mohammed (MBS), 32, replaced his senior cousin, Muhammed bin Nayef, as crown sovereign in June, a move that expelled any uncertainty of how progress will unfold following the rule of King Salman, now 81.

This comes only a couple of months after President Trump visits the Middle East. You may recollect his effective sppech, asking Muslim pioneers to drive out the dirt and radicalism from their countries.

Source: ZeroHedge,conservativeflag.com

UPDATE: Democrat Congresswoman Arrested Facing 357 Years In Prison For This Heinous Crime!


UPDATE: A federal judge recently denied motions calling for either the acquittal of, or the granting of a new trial for, former District 5 Congresswoman Corrine Brown, in effect setting the stage for her to be sentenced on Nov. 16 for 18 counts of fraud.

Federal Judge Timothy Corrigan ruled on Wednesday, Aug. 16, that Brown was neither entitled to a new trial nor acquittal on her jury conviction, notwithstanding the arguments of her defense attorney, James Smith.

Smith argued before Corrigan that his client had not received a fair trial earlier in the year because one of the jurors had been dismissed after confiding to another juror that the Holy Spirit had revealed to him Brown’s innocence. Smith further argued that the prosecution had failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Brown had orchestrated a charity scheme to defraud donors.

The judge disagreed with both arguments. The dismissal of a juror was not an action that he undertook lightly, the judge said. “Quite the opposite,” Corrigan wrote in his 27-page decision, underscoring that he had dismissed the particular juror “only after finding beyond a reasonable doubt that there was no substantial possibility he could base his decision on the Court’s instructions and the evidence adduced at trial.”

The Verdict: “The jury reached a verdict in Corrine Brown’s federal fraud trial on Thursday, the day after a juror was dismissed and deliberations were restarted.

The jury found Brown guilty on 18 counts and not guilty on 4 counts’

Brown will not immediately go to jail. She will be sentenced in 90 days or more.

Original Story:

Every time we hear of corruption and fraud it seems to be coming from the democrat’s side! Democratic representative Corrine Brown is the next one to bite the dust and she has just learned that she’s facing more than 300 years in prison. The 69 year old congresswoman plead not guilty to the charges that could have her locked up for the rest of her life.

From Patriot Hangout:

The charges are linked to the One Door Education Foundation, a Virginia-based group founded in 2011 that purported to solicit donations to help with things like scholarships. Prosecutors say the group was a scam and that most of the $800,000 in donations went to benefit either Brown, Simmons or the group’s president Carla Wiley, who has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and has been cooperating with the feds.

Part of the conspiracy, according to the 53-page indictment, involved Brown using her position and influence as a member of Congress to get donors to give money to the group.

“Brown, Simmons, and Wiley used Brown’s official positions as a member of Congress to solicit contributions to One Door for Education and to induce individuals and entities to make donations … based on false and fraudulent representation that the funds would be used for charitable purposes,” read the indictment.

Prosecute corrupt politicians no matter what party they are affiliated with! Truth be told, at least half the democratic party should be serving time for corruption, tax evasion, collusion and lying under oath, just to name a few…

They should be arresting Obama, Hitlery, Rice, Pelosi, Franks, Sharpton, Reid, Warren, Schumer, Waters, Lee, Cummings and lets not forget Paul Ryan ! And that’s just the beginning of the list. This woman is a small fry!



breaking news airplane bomb terrorist weapon mass destruction

An air traffic controller at Charlotte Douglas International Airport has just been arrested, after officials found a weapon of mass destruction in his possession. In the wake of the Texas mass shooting, this is sparking new concerns for national safety and terrorist attacks.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers responded to a 911 call, reporting that someone was in possession of a homemade explosive device, or “weapon of mass destruction.” Members of the CMPD Bomb Squad have since raided the man’s house and confirmed that it was a homemade weapon.

Derrick Fells, 30, claimed that he constructed the home made pipe bomb to use against his neighbor during their ongoing arguments. He claims that he then changed his mind however, and gave it away to Paul George Dandan, 30, who was a full time employee of the Federal Aviation Administration.

“The FAA employee only had access to the offsite air traffic control tower and had no access to the restricted areas of the terminal or ramp,” airport officials said. “He did not have access to any aircraft in the airport,” they added. Many are still unconvinced, and worried for their safety.

WSOCTV reports:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – An air traffic controller at Charlotte Douglas International Airport received a homemade pipe bomb from his roommate, police said.

The two Charlotte residents were charged with manufacturing and possessing a weapon of mass destruction.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers responded to 315 Minitree Lane near Mount Holly Road after someone called 911 about someone who was in possession of a homemade explosive device. 

Members of the CMPD Bomb Squad also responded and confirmed that it was a homemade pipe bomb. 

Derrick Fells, 30, constructed the device and admitted that he had made the bomb in order to use it against a neighbor during their ongoing dispute.

Fells changed his mind and gave it away to Paul George Dandan, 30, who was a full-time employee of the Federal Aviation Administration working out of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. 

Dandan is a volunteer with the Long Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

“The FAA employee only had access to the offsite air traffic control tower and had no access to the restricted areas of the terminal or ramp,” airport officials said in a news release. “He did not have access to any aircraft at the Airport.” 

Detectives on Friday obtained warrants for both men and they were arrested.

Dandan was charged with possession of a weapon of mass destruction, acquiring a weapon of mass destruction and transporting a weapon of mass destruction.

Fells was charged with three counts of manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction and one count of possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

“The FAA has terminated the employee’s access to the facility and is cooperating with law enforcement authorities,” FAA officials said in a news release.

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but this could have easily turned into a terrible situation—while it’s uncertain whether or not the men were motivated by radical ideologies or simply too dumb to realize what they were doing, one thing is certain: in a post 9/11 age where thousands have already died from terrorism, threats like these are not taken lightly.

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Democrat Arrested & Forced to Resign After Police Uncover Infant Pornography on Computer

The pedophilia problem in our country is massive.

Hollywood sex scandals involving minors have been popping up like crazy in the news, but it’s not just celebs.

WPVI reported that Philip Air, who is a former member of the board of commissioners in Radnor Township, right outside of Philadelphia, was forced to resign from his post on Monday morning. This past October, he was charged with possession and dissemination of child pornography, criminal use of communication facility, as well as abuse of children.

The television station reported that 66-year-old Ahr was forced to hand over his badge in addition to submitting a formal letter of resignation that explained that he would be leaving his seat.

Ahr stepped down as the board’s president on October 23rd.

The investigation into Ahr started late in August of this year following authorities explaining that they had received information from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children which stated that Ahr had uploaded and shared pornographic images of minors. Authorities didn’t waste any time in executing a search warrant of the former board of commissioners president’s home. The search began on September 21st and police found incriminating evidence on Ahr’s home computer.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the 66-year-old was arrested and charged on October 11th with numerous felony counts. Investigators explained that Ahr had sent and received hundreds of images of child pornography since 2014. Some of these photos even showed infants and toddlers. The Inquirer also reported that they also found “sadomasochistic abuse and abuse involving children and animals.”

Ahr was also forced to hand over a work iPad on Monday. Authorities explained that they didn’t know the iPad even existed after the raid on his home. Upon receiving the iPad and analyzing it, they explained that there were even more illegal photos on it. It was also reported that Ahr had unsuccessfully tried to delete the photos from the iPad.

WPVI also reported that township Manager Robert Zienkowski expressed complete shock when he heard about the allegations against Ahr. He also stated that he hopes justice is served.

Zienkowski was quoted saying, “It was quite shocking to take a township-issued iPad and to find what we found on there today. I think it’s very disgusting. It’s awful. My hope is the prosecutor does everything they possibly can to put this individual away.”

Disgusting is a sad understatement for what Ahr is guilty of. This man is pure evil.

WPVI explained that during a news released about Ahr’s crimes, District Attorney Jack Whelan stated that the crimes are “very disturbing.”

Whelan seemed shocked as he explained, “The ages of these children is particularly disturbing. Anywhere from infants to 2-4 to 3-6, and all in those different categories.”

Abuse of children will NOT be tolerated in our country. Let’s hope justice is truly served and Ahr pays for what he did.


Gays Against Guns Group Arrested After Occupying the Senate Building

Right after the shooting in Texas where a man opened fire at church in Sutherland Springs leaving 26 people dead, gay activists went to the Philip A. Hart Senate Office Building in Washington on Monday to demand gun control restrictions.

The group Gays Against Guns, protested by laying on the ground in front of the Senate building shouting “You’re killing us with money from the NRA!”

The group of people was laying there for approximately 10 minutes till the Capitol Police came and ordered them to stop the protest.

When they refused to get up the police officers were forced to arrest them.

The Gays Against Guns had “been planning this protest since early October in response to the Pulse Orlando shooting and Las Vegas shootings.”

Activist group 'Gays Against Guns' holds a demonstration again…

Activist group 'Gays Against Guns' holds a demonstration against gun violence outside the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. in the wake of a shooting in Texas that killed at least 26 people. Watch on #facebooklive.

Posted by Reuters on Monday, November 6, 2017

June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen, an Islamic terrorist, opened fire at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing 48 people, and last month Stephen Paddock carried out the mass shooting in Las Vegas killing 58 people.

After the Orlando shooting, the Democrats wouldn’t pass a stricter gun control law, but, Sen. Chris Murphy did say that the legislation wouldn’t be able to prevent Mateen from killing all those people.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, said that no law would’ve stopped Paddock from killing the people in Las Vegas.

When CBS host John Dickerson asked if there could “have been any law passed that would’ve stopped” Paddock, “No,” she said.

“He passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions,” she added.

The Sutherland Springs gunman had several domestic violence convictions from the Air Force, and he was given a bad conduct” discharge, which enables him from purchasing a gun legally. But Air Force didn’t notify FBI of his convictions so he ended up having a rifle.

Moreover, one Christian who was carrying a gun took mater into his own hands and stopped the mass shooting on Sunday.

“He came with his (gun), and he took cover behind a car and he shot the guy — I’m not sure if it was inside the church as he was coming out — but if it wasn’t for him the guy wouldn’t have stopped,” a witness stated.

Sadly, facts like these happen to be of no value to the Gays Against Guns activists.

“GAG believes that the time has come to not only start talking about gun reforms but to start enacting them,” one activist said to The Advocate. “The phony ritual of ‘thoughts and prayers’ no longer has any credibility when there are 91 people shot to death daily and 291 mass shootings so far this year.”

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You’ll CHEER When You See Who Was Just Arrested at the White House

The mainstream media has vilified President Donald Trump to the point where his life is constantly in danger. This was proven once again on Friday, when a terrifying incident occurred at the White House…

WJLA reported that the White House was placed on lockdown on Friday morning and one person was arrested after reports came in of “suspicious activity” along the North fence line of the 18-acre complex.

The Secret Service has closed Pennsylvania Ave. and Lafayette Park, which are near the White House, to pedestrians. Reporters and staffers were told not to leave the White House while the investigation was ongoing, but they have since been given the all-clear that they can exit.

The incident occurred minutes after Trump left the White House on Marine One to begin his trip to Asia.

The Secret Service has not yet offered any details about the suspicious activity or the suspect in custody. Few further details are available at this time.

This comes days after a Michigan man has been arrested and federally charged with threatening to kill Trump. The official criminal complaint states that James Anthony Jackson called U.S. Secret Service offices in Detroit and Chicago to rant against Trump and threaten to kill him, specifically mentioning that the president is white.

Between October 12 and 13, Jackson told the Secret Service office in Chicago, “better watch Donald Trump a**, ya b***h, ya’ll think someone playing with yo dumba****. I am going to blow white brains out the f*** out his mother f***ing head, now b***h, f*** you white mother f***er, ya’ll started this s***, f*** with my God damn phone b***h.”

Jackson later told the Detroit Secret Service office on October 18, “I’m going to blow Trump’s brains out.” During that same call, he asked the Secret Service agents, “Why ya’ll messing with my wires?”

Jackson was arrested in Idaho and is currently in custody in Washington state. If he is convicted, he is facing five years in prison.

This serves as a grim reminder of the kind of danger President Trump is in every day. Please keep Trump and his family in your thoughts and prayers!



BREAKING: Hillary Could Be Arrested! This Is What POTUS Announced!



It seems that the Dems cannot do legal things even when they do it amongst them.

This is what President Trump tweeted a few moments ago:

Donna Brazile just stated the DNC RIGGED the system to illegally steal the Primary from Bernie Sanders. Bought and paid for by Crooked H….

….This is real collusion and dishonesty. Major violation of Campaign Finance Laws and Money Laundering – where is our Justice Department?-  he added

Obviously, AG Sessions must do something, or as the people from Twitter demand – “Lock her up”.

This is what the rest of the Twitter community had to say about this:

The Democrats cannot hide anymore – their crimes are OUT IN THE OPEN!

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WASHINGTON – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Fugitive Operations teams arrested 498 individuals from 42 countries for federal immigration violations in multiple cities across the U.S. during a four-day operation that ended Wednesday. Operation ‘Safe City’ focused on cities and regions where ICE deportation officers are denied access to jails and prisons to interview suspected immigration violators or jurisdictions where ICE detainers are not honored.

The operation targeted individuals who have violated U.S. immigration laws, prioritizing aliens with criminal convictions, pending criminal charges, known gang members and affiliates, immigration fugitives and those who re-entered the U.S. after deportation. Individuals with active DACA were not targeted for arrest.

“Sanctuary jurisdictions that do not honor detainers or allow us access to jails and prisons are shielding criminal aliens from immigration enforcement and creating a magnet for illegal immigration,” said ICE Acting Director Tom Homan. “As a result, ICE is forced to dedicate more resources to conduct at-large arrests in these communities.”

“ICE’s goal is to build cooperative, respectful relationships with our law enforcement partners to help prevent dangerous criminal aliens from being released back onto the streets. Non-cooperation policies severely undermine that effort at the expense of public safety,” he said.

Operation Safe City arrests took place in Baltimore (28), Cook County, Illinois (30), Denver (63), Los Angeles (101), New York (45), Philadelphia (107), Seattle (33), Santa Clara County, Calif (27); and Washington, D.C. (14) and the state of Massachusetts (50).

Among those arrested during this week’s operation were:

  • In Baltimore, a citizen of El Salvador who entered the U.S. illegally on a fraudulent passport, and was previously charged with attempted murder/conspiracy to commit murder and convicted of first degree assault. She was previously released from local custody before ICE could assume custody.
  • In Boston, a citizen of India who entered the U.S. illegally and who was convicted of indecent assault/battery on a person over 14 and was required to register as a sex offender.
  • In Denver, a citizen of Guatemala with lawful permanent legal status who was previously convicted of felony menacing, 6 DUIs, child abuse, assault and domestic violence harassment.
  • In Los Angeles, a citizen of Mexico and documented Colonia Chiques gang member who entered the United States illegally. At the time of his arrest, the subject rammed multiple law enforcement vehicles in an effort to evade arrest. After he was placed under arrest, a search of his person revealed a loaded handgun in his pocket. The subject was turned over to local authorities and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, probation in possession of firearm, carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm in public.
  • In New York, a citizen of Ecuador with lawful permanent resident status who was previously charged with sexual abuse of a minor and convicted of endangering the welfare of a child, and convicted of sexual abuse of a minor under 14. He was previously released from local custody before ICE could assume custody.
  • In Philadelphia, a citizen of the Dominican Republic, who entered the country illegally and who has previous convictions for possession of firearms. He was previously released from local custody before ICE could assume custody.
  • In San Francisco, a citizen of El Salvador who entered the country illegally and who has previous convictions for sex with a minor under 16. He was previously released from local custody before ICE could assume custody.
  • In San Jose, a citizen of Mexico who entered the U.S. on a visa and overstayed that visa for more than 10 years. He was previously convicted of felony possession and purchase of narcotics, possession of a controlled substance for sale, and felony child cruelty with the possibility of injury or death. He was previously released from local custody before ICE could assume custody.
  • In Seattle, a citizen of Mexico who entered the country illegally and who has previous convictions for DUI, reckless endangerment and negligent driving.
  • In Washington, D.C., a citizen of El Salvador who entered the country illegally and who has previous convictions for possession of an unregistered firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition.

Of the 498 individuals taken into custody during this operation for immigration violations:

  • 317 had criminal convictions, as noted in the chart below;
  • 68 are immigration fugitives;
  • 104 are previously deported criminal aliens; and
  • 18 are gang members or affiliates.
Operation Safe City  Criminal Convictions
Criminal Conviction Total Criminal Conviction Total
Aggravated assault 6 Illegal re-entry 5
Agg. assault public officer strong arm 2 Indecent Assault and Battery on a Child 2
Aggravated assault weapon 7 Invade Privacy 1
Amphetamine possession 3 Larceny 9
Amphetamine sell 1 Marijuana possession 1
Assault 13 Marijuana sell 1
Assault – Domestic Violence 2 Negligent manslaughter vehicle 1
Battery 4 Obstructing justice 1
Bribery 1 Peeping tom 1
Burglary 5 Possession of Cocaine 1
Carrying concealed weapon 2 Possession of Firearm 1
Cocaine possession 6 Possession of weapon 5
Cocaine sell 5 Prostitution 5
Contempt of court 1 Public order crimes 1
Controlled Substance 4 Rape 1
Counterfeiting 1 Receive stolen property 1
Cruelty toward child 4 Robbery strong arm 2
Cruelty toward wife 1 Robbery weapon 3
Damage property 3 Sex assault 4
Dangerous drugs 7 Sex offense against child/fondling 10
Disorderly conduct 7 Sex offense other 2
Domestic violence 12 Sexual exploitation of minor 1
Driving under influence 86 Shoplifting 2
Drug Possession 8 Simple assault 2
Drug trafficking 14 Stolen Property 1
Extort threat to injure person 1 Stolen vehicle 1
False citizenship 1 Theft of us government property 1
Forgery 2 Threat terroristic state offenses 1
Fraud 4 Threat to kidnap 1
Harassing communication 1 Traffic offense other 10
Heroin possession 1 Trespassing 3
Heroin sell 2 Vehicle theft 2
Identity theft 3 Weapon offense 11
Illegal entry 3 Total 317

Data Note: Criminal aliens with multiple prior convictions are categorized based on their most serious conviction. All statistics remain preliminary until finalized by ERO data teams.

Some of the individuals arrested during this operation will face federal criminal prosecutions for illegal entry and illegal re-entry after removal. The arrestees who are not being federally prosecuted will be processed administratively for removal from the United States. Those who have outstanding orders of removal, or who returned to the United States illegally after being removed, are subject to immediate removal from the country. The remaining individuals are in ICE custody awaiting a hearing before an immigration judge, or pending travel arrangements for removal in the near future.

These enforcement actions were spearheaded by ERO deportation officers assigned to the agency’s Fugitive Operations Teams, which are tasked with locating, arresting, and removing individuals who are unlawfully present in the United States. The teams give top priority to cases involving individuals who pose a threat to public safety, including members of transnational street gangs and sex offenders.

The officers who conducted last week’s operation received substantial assistance from ICE’s National Criminal Analysis and Targeting Center and from ICE’s Pacific Enforcement Response Center (PERC). Established in 2015, the PERC operates 24/7 to take appropriate enforcement action against criminal aliens and public safety threats who are booked into local law enforcement custody. The PERC shares leads with ERO field offices nationwide, issuing immigration detainers on high-priority and high-risk criminal aliens.

Source-ICE, www.americasfreedomfighters.com

Look, we will arrest and deport or throw these scumbags in prison.

Liberals can kiss my white ass.