Another Sanctuary Governor Pardons Illegal Criminals, But That’s Not Stopping Donald

Liberals are determined to put the rights of criminal aliens ahead of citizens. From coast to coast, liberal leaders spit in the face of law-abiding Americans.

We told you about CA Gov. Jerry Brown. He is trying to prevent criminal aliens from being deported. This Democrat believes he should protect illegals. These are people who broke the law to enter the United States. They went on to break more laws, endangering the lives of Americans.

Jerry Brown pardoned these people, hoping to prevent their deportations.

Now another liberal governor is following California’s lead. It won’t be a surprise who.

From Breitbart:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pardoned 18 illegal aliens slated for deportation Wednesday while he issued his pardons for the holiday season…

The Governor’s Office said the pardons for those in danger of being deported should act as a bridge to legal status, although they stressed there is no guarantee the pardoned would gain legal status.

The New York governor has had a history of pardoning and commuting the sentences of controversial figures. He commuted the sentence of radical terrorist Judith Clark in 2016.

Cuomo also pardoned 39 people convicted of misdemeanors when they were under 18 years old who have not re-offended in the past ten years or more and commuted the sentences of two people.

Cuomo, like Brown, is a pathetic and bitter liberal. He is determined to run the state of New York into the ground. His toxic and broken policies will only harm legal citizens. Meanwhile, he bends over backward to help criminals.

This is nothing new for Democrats. Their policies help abusers, crooks, and losers. Hard-working Americans are neglected, ignored, or vilified.

But Cuomo is dreaming if he thinks pardoning will stop Trump’s agenda. The federal government still has jurisdiction over criminal aliens. Pardoning won’t stop them from getting deported. It is just a bitter move by Cuomo. He hopes to simply slander Trump in the process.

Instead, he has just increased the chance that Trump’s Justice Department will pull funding from New York in the same way it has pulled funding from other sanctuary cities.

But America is not fooled. Criminal aliens weaken our national security. Our government has no business protecting them over American lives. When will the Democrats learn that?

Probably never.

Source: Breitbart,