QUESTION: O’Reilly Says, Obama’s ‘DEEP Ties To Islam’ Have HURT America. Do You Agree?

Thank you, Mr. O’Reilly. We can always count on you for the truth.

The Obama era made it too easy for radical Islam to spread. Obama needs to admit that he failed our country.

Radical Islam is not compatible with our values. We do not want Sharia law in our country.

We need to take a stand against the spread of radical Islam. Thank goodness Donald Trump is not afraid to say the words “radical Islam.”


We finally have a president that isn’t going to kneel before the “politically correct” altar. What a refreshing change!

Unfortunately, the liberals are conspiring against him. The Left won’t rest until they have ruined our great nation. The establishment is helping the Left, too. The swamp is working overtime to eject Trump from the presidency. Every day we hear stories about “impeachment.” Nonsense!



mainstream media loves to spin Trump’s actions into failure. Luckily, Mr. O’Reilly is still around to give a “No Spin Zone.” The liberals love to silence conservative voices.

Thankfully, they cannot silence Mr. O’Reilly. He will say what needs to be said. Bill O’Reilly is not going anywhere. He will not allow the liberals to take him down. We need more honest journalists like Mr.




TREASON: Clinton, Bush, Obama & HRC Sold America Out To Radical Islamists – Now Their Crimes Are Being Investigated

Image result for TREASON: Clinton, Bush, Obama & HRC Sold America Out To Radical Islamists – Now Their Crimes Are Being Investigated

This article began as an attempt to recap the events surrounding reports that former DNC Chairwoman and close ally of Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had knowingly and deliberately given access to America’s most sensitive secrets to Pakistani operatives that was explosive enough to “change the U.S. president.”  

Our first report on the Pakistani-Born Awan Brothers who DWS hired to serve as her IT aides, and who are now central figures in this report, was published more than a year ago on February 8, 2017. 

Three factors got us to thinking that there was a lot more to this story than just a few bad hires.  First, mainstream media coverage of this intelligence breach was virtually non-existent even though it implicated dozens of Democrats plus virtually every Democrat member on the House Intelligence Committee who have access to the highest level of secret classification than do other House members.

Second, Wasserman-Schultz kept paying the eldest brother, Imran Awan the same exorbitant salary after he had been suspended from accessing the House computer system and was trying to flee the country.

Third, the level of desperation that DWS displayed when her laptop was in the custody of the D.C. police went well beyond what would be expected of an honest politician.

We began digging and the more we dug the more damning the evidence became of Muslim Brotherhoods’ infiltration into the top echelons of the federal government.  None of this evidence – and we’ve omitted far more than we’ve included here due to space considerations – mattered to then FBI Director Robert Mueller in the months and years following 9/11.  Compare that to the microscope he’s put Trump and Trump’s associates under without even a shred of evidence to warrant an investigation.


The message; don’t dare speak ill of radical Islam.

A document entered as evidence in the 2008 Holy Land Terror Funding Trial dates back to 1991 when George H.W. Bush was still president.  The document, that outlines the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic goals for North America, was first discovered during a raid of Ismael Elbarasse’s home in 2004.  Elbarasse was a founder of the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia.

Following are some excerpts from that document provided by, and with special thanks to, the Clarion Project:

Page 4:

“Enablement of Islam in North America, meaning: establishing an effective and a stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims’ causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims’ efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic State wherever it is.”

Page 5:

“…the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain “the keys” and the tools of this process in carry out [sic] this grand mission as a ‘Civilization Jihadist’ responsibility.”

Page 7:

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

“[W]e must possess a mastery of the art of ‘coalitions’, the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’”

Page 18:

“A list of our organizations and the organizations of our friends” – This is where the Muslim Brotherhood listed its front groups in the U.S. Note that prominent organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA and others are named here.

Despite knowledge of this document, neither George W. Bush nor later Barack Obama made any efforts to stem the Brotherhood’s rising influence inside the government and governing politically correct speech. 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller now investigating whether President Trump used an ATM or withdrew cash on a date ten or more years ago, was the FBI director from 2001-2013.  He deliberately ignored evidence of mounting Muslim Brotherhood infiltration during his tenure. 

Mueller’s obsequious actions came after the New York Times reported how the Obama administration helped nurture Arab uprisings that led to the February 1, 2011 overthrow of pro-U.S. Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak and the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi through a rigged election.  Egypt is the largest Muslim nation in the Middle East and the same plan was unfolding here.

Incredulously, only 9 days later on February 10, 2011, and despite mountains of evidence to the contrary (see 2004 document above in Fed’s possession for more than 7 years), Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testifying to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and reading from his prepared notes called the “Muslim Brotherhood largely secular.”

Protected by the Obama administration, the Brotherhood continued to gain influence inside our government and in our politics thru key appointments – most notably Obama’s Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett – as well as the election of Muslims other than B. Hussein Obama – and on July 13, 2012 Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) sent a letter to Keith Ellison a Muslim Congressman also from Minnesota addressing her concerns about the growing threat this posed to traditional Americans.

Bachmann laid out a compelling case citing a Muslim Brotherhood source who had confirmed at least 29 organizations operating inside the United States with the intention of effecting “civilization jihad:”

Bachmann’s entire 16-page letter appears below:

  Bachmann Letter Responding to Ellison by Alex Seitz-Wald on Scribd

Bachmann was ignored.  For her pro-American defense of Western Civilization she was targeted by Democrats and Muslim groups for removal and lost her seat.  Ellison is now second in command of the Democrat Party.

Meanwhile as FBI director, Robert Mueller (2001-2013) refused to investigate the rising influence of radical Islamists in our government and over our discourse.  President Trump’s dalliances and real estate deals are apparently more of a national security threat in Mueller’s judgment than the spread of radical Islam across the globe and specifically here at home.

In fact, during one meeting in early February of 2013, Mueller went even further and assured the Islamic groups in attendance that the agency had ordered the removal of presentations and curricula on Islam from FBI offices around the country that were deemed “offensive.”

While all of this was going on Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State and later consolidating support for her presidential campaign.  Throughout this period Hillary’s constant companion, adviser and “confidant,” was Huma Abedin who herself had close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The roots of the government’s submission to Islam and oppression of Christianity pre-date 9/11 but under the Obama administration the pedal was to the floor.  And, as much as Obama despised Hillary Clinton, he was intent on passing the torch to her because he knew she’d do anything – as she had proven many times over her career – to keep the Mideast money flowing to her foundation.   

It’s over for this group now.  Whether they are subjected to federal trials, military tribunals as befit traitors, or just public shaming, or a combination of all three the next six months will be sweet for America’s patriots.


Sylvester Stallone Says Obama Was A “Manchurian Candidate” Who Was Put In Office To Intentionally Weaken America…Do You Agree With Him?

To Sylvester Stallone, the races were a chance to conceivably put a stop to something much more vile:

He tweeted, “I voted, did you? Gotta get the Manchurian Hopeful out of the drivers situate before were ALL taking off a bluff into Obscurity … Be brilliant.” He at that point included, “The Manchurian

Applicant was a film about phony president who was put there by remote foes to annihilate America. Frightening idea. Ascend!

At the point when his adherents got him out for inferring that Barack Obama is a mentally programmed plant who took control of the country as some kind of sleeper specialist, Stallone battled back, saying he was “simply blending it up. Getting the blood going! Makes ya energetic, don’t it. Great! Content with things? Assessments?” He additionally had a definitive rebound for the individuals who contended with him:
“Composed any created screenplays recently?” Well, you have us there. [Vulture] Refresh: Approached to clear up his comments for The Hollywood Journalist, Stallone now demands that in spite of his (really touchy) request that The Manchurian Competitor was about a “phony president,” he really signified “Manchurian hopeful” as a kind of perspective to “all profession lawmakers.”
Ok… So every legislator has been put there by remote adversaries to annihilate America? On the off chance that no one but we could endow control of the nation to the authors of delivered screenplays.On Tuesday, Sylvester Stallone maddened numerous a Twitter follower(and Movieline analyst) when he tweeted that the time had come to “get the Manchurian Applicant out of the drivers [sic] situate before were [sic] ALL taking off a precipice into Insensibility.”

Clearing up his comments, Stallone said,”The Manchurian Hopeful was a motion picture about phony president who was put there by remote adversaries to pulverize America. Terrifying idea. Ascend!” It’s few out of every odd day you see a

significant film industry star contrasting the Leader of the Assembled States to a sleeper cell, however evidently Stallone wasn’t doing that. Understand to state was…
Sylvester Stallone disclosed to The Hollywood Journalist that his tweet was just done “in the soul of making a discussion” and that the utilization of “Manchurian competitor” was “a reference to all profession government officials.” Ah-ha?

Things being what they are, pause, Stallone supposes all “vocation legislators” are manikins of some remote foe sent to crush America from inside? On second however, perhaps Tricky was in an ideal situation when everybody just idea he was just offending Barack Obama.


George W. Bush: ‘Trump Is Destroying America, And We Need To` …

Previous President George W. Bush heavily criticized current President Donald Trump’s political personality, saying that numerous parts of the present administration are creating division in the United States and all over the globe.

The previous president stated that he is a big fan of globalism, free trade, and free markets during a speech at the George W. Bush Institute.
“We can’t wish globalism away,” Bush stated, insisting that the United States must keep “wise and sustained global engagement” for the good of the nation.
Bush blamed Trump for his ideologies that undermined the unity of the United States as well as global peace.
“We’ve seen a return of isolationist sentiments forgetting that American security is directly threatened by the chaos and despair of distant places,” he cautioned.

Bush encouraged Americans to “recover our own identity”.

He also stated:
“We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism, and forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America”.
“Bigotry seems emboldened, our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication,” he stated.
“There are some signs that support for democracy itself has waned especially for the young.”
Bush also said that he doesn’t agree with Trump’s political system.

He required a rebuilding of American standards in society.
“Our identity as a nation, unlike many other nations, is not determined by geography or ethnicity, by soil or blood,” he stated.
“Being American involves the embrace of high ideals and civic responsibility.”
Bush’s choice to openly condemn Trump’s administration is very odd because he rarely criticized President Barack Obama while he was President of the US

Trump Removes Muslim Federal Judge For Trying to Banned Bacon in All 50 States Of America. Do You Stand With Trump ?

Trump Removes Muslim Federal Judge For Trying to Banned Bacon in All 50 States Of America. Do You Stand With Trump ?

Twenty-second Circuit Court of Appeals Justice, Hansam Al Alallawalahi-Smith has made major headlines this week when he overturned a ruling out of Dearborn, Michigan and tried to implement Sharia Law.

The ruling allowed two critical and violent tenets of Sharia Law to be practiced in the United States of America.


When he was asked why the feds have the right to allow a man to brutalize his wife for speaking with another man and to beat her nearly to death if she were to act on her impulses, the judge mentioned the systematic infusion clause and said that the Sharia Law should be allowed because the 14th Amendment guarantees them the rights guaranteed by the other states.

The laws may be acceptable to savages, but here, in America, we have higher standards.

Alallaha-Smith stated that the 14th Amendment does not necessarily exclude foreign influence from being allowed by law, citing the Christmas Holiday as a perfect example:


“Christmas is a Christian holiday exclusively, yet, if you are a Muslim and you want to go about your day without being bothered you cannot because the laws of a city in a city in Rome take precedent over the First Amendment which guarantees no state-sponsored religion.

A federal Christmas holiday is just that,” said Alallaha-Smith.


With that as a precedent, understanding that a higher court may reverse it, my decision is that items one and two on the docket are allowable between family members as prescribed by Sharia Law,” continued Alallaha-Smith.

The Democrats simply cannot stop complaining about this, claiming that since the appointment.


Florida Just Made Anti-America Delta Air Lines Regret EVERYTHING After Massive Move They Made

Delta Air Lines is falling faster than a sack of bricks dropped from a Boeing 757. The popular airline just got smacked with another round of karma after what they did to punish the members of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Delta previously had a relationship with the NRA that provided small discounts for members of the NRA. Delta later removed the partnership and took away the discounts because of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The shooting had nothing to do with the NRA, its members, or Delta Air Lines. However, Delta decided to cut ties with the civil rights group, and that sparked a much more prominent controversy than expected.

Delta Air Lines later suffered a devastating multimillion-dollar loss when the state of Georgia passed a bill that ended Delta’s tax breaks that made it to the jet fuel costs a little bit less. Georgia’s move was a punishment to Delta in revenge of Delta punishing the NRA members who were just minding their own business when a random young male shot up a high school in Florida.

The state of Florida is joining the bandwagon of punishment, and they’re about to cut the cord on Delta Air Line’s tax breaks too. This will cost Delta probably hundreds of millions as they’ll now be required to make up the differences when they lose the tax breaks. This will likely cause Delta to push the cost over to the consumer, punishing more people for the actions of their own fault. This will ten likely cause consumers to fly on other airlines, cutting their business with Delta, and Delta being placed in a dire situation where they need to sell plane tickets to remain in business, or they need to close. If the American boycott and shift to other airlines are strong enough, then Delta will be in a very devastating position. Only 13 people had ever used the Delta/NRA discount. All of this loss comes as a publicity stunt and the fact that barely anyone knew, or used, the NRA discount with Delta.

The Western Journal provided more information on Delta’s tax break being removed:

“Florida lawmakers are following Georgia’s lead in punishing Delta Air Lines for cutting ties with the National Rifle Association.

At the end of last month, Georgia passed a bill that ended tax reductions on jet fuel that would benefit the airliner, and now Florida is planning to do the same, Independent Journal Review reported.

The state’s lawmakers will also rebid a state rental car contract held by Enterprise who also cut tied with the NRA.

“We would do this to any company that wants to engage against political speech, whether it’s against the NRA or Planned Parenthood,” Rep. Blaise Ingoglia said to Politico.

He added, “Anyone can engage in political speech, but we have a duty to watch and make sure government money doesn’t underwrite it.”

NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer supported the lawmakers’ actions, though she was not involved in the negotiations.

“Taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be used to benefit businesses who discriminate against a segment of the taxpayers,” she said.

The fuel tax was discussed on Florida’s house floor last Friday led by House Speaker Richard Corcoran.

The amendment to the chamber’s $400 million tax package takes away “a proposal to lower the tax airlines pay for gas from 4.2 to 2.8 cent per gallon. The provision is worth roughly $20 million annually,” according to Politico.

The provision against Enterprise was put in the House budget document plan and would give the Department of Management Services $20,000 to “competitively procure rental vehicle services.”

Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines, previously stated that they ended the discount in hopes to remain neutral regarding gun control debates, but he sees how that backfired. Most people didn’t know that Delta had a discount for NRA members. It does not seem to have been advertised as an option and, as mentioned earlier, only 13 people had ever used it.

Some Democrats in Florida expressed their distaste for the Floridian lawmakers to punish Delta Air Lines by removing their tax breaks. The Democrats had no problem calling the lawmakers names or phrases for punishing Delta, but failed to see their own hypocrisy when Delta punished their customers.

One such person was attorney Sean Shaw who posted a Tweet but failed to see how he was lambasting one side for something they had done, while the other side had basically done the same thing.

Delta punished people and was then punished by others. It’s mostly the same thing. The fascinating aspect is that neither Delta Air Lines, the NRA, nor the customers had anything to do with the Florida high school shooting – but there they are, all fighting about something that no one was involved in.

Perhaps they should get back to business and realize they are all not each others problems.

Miley Cyrus: “Today I Leave America And Never Come Back, In 10 Days I Will Be British Citizen”

Miley Cyrus and numerous other American celebrities threatened to move out of the country to avoid living under newly-elected President Trump. As the Mirror reports, other famous female faces who can’t stand the thought of a reality show star running the free world include Amy Schumer, Cher, and Lena Dunham.

Schumer said she would move to Spain if Trump won the presidency, while Cher proclaimed that she would move even farther away from America by catching a flight to Jupiter.

Lena Dunham and Neve Campbell decided they would stay a little closer to Hollywood by heading to Canada, and Miley Cyrus didn’t specify where she would go.

“We’re all just f**king jam between his rich a*s toes!” Cyrus wrote of Trump in a March 2 Instagram post.

“Honestly f**k this s**t I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!).”

Miley Cyrus’ most recent Instagram post about Donald Trump — a screenshot of a Washington Post article about him getting booed at a polling station — has been flooded with thousands of celebratory comments from Trump supporters and internet trolls who want Miley to get out of America.

“I hope you are packed! do us a favor and don’t come back, please,” @udjlopez wrote. “You are a bad image to little girls, real talk. You might consider going to Saudi Arabia is a nice place to live and you might like it.”

“Go and move out! Puppet of the media!!” @peaksteam demanded.
“Now u need to get moving like you said you would u filthy skank,” @dannycats_mom wrote.
“If I say you would be missed that would make me a bigger liar than Hillary! Pack up your clown couture and get going!” @anniewolfe303 commented.

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Miles wants NOTHING to do with Donald. She’s repeatedly made posts about how dangerous and offensive he is (even calling him a “f*cking nightmare”), but her hated for him reached it’s peak when she said she would “move out da country” if he won. Yikes!


What Sarah Sanders Just Said About Nancy Pelosi Will Go Down In History As Day Democrats Lost America

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders just dropped a nuke bomb on the head of one Nancy Pelosi and America is cheering.

Look, even the Democrats know Pelosi is a drag on their chances in 2018 – she is out of touch with America and for the perfect example look no further than what happened last night.

Pelosi disgraced herself, San Francisco, and every single liberal in America with her performance night during Trump’s State of the Union address. (VIDEO BELOW)

President Trump delivered exactly what America wanted and jealous Pelosi, who knows Trump’s agenda spells doom for the left in 2018, couldn’t take it.

She sat seething in rage as President Trump got rousing ovation after rousing ovation.

“I think Nancy Pelosi looks like that all the time,” Sanders said on CNN today. “I think she should smile a lot more often, I think the country would be better for it.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Sylvester Stallone says Obama was a “Manchurian candidate” who was put in office to intentionally weaken America…Do you agree with him?

The greatest conspiracy in world history is being carried out by the real-life “Manchurian Candidate”: President Barack Obama.

My definition of a “Manchurian Candidate” is a person who hates everything America stands for and whose goal is to win the presidency for the express purpose of destroying the greatest nation, the greatest economic system, and the greatest middle class in world history. That, my friends, describes Obama. I’m not basing it on rumors or innuendo. I’m basing it on the facts.

I know liberals hate facts, but bear with me. So here are a few, which I lay out more fully in my new book, The Murder of the Middle Class:

China is set to pass the United States as the world’s largest economy (based on consumer spending). This year. It will be the first time since 1872 that America has not been the number 1 economy in world.

For the first time in history America’s middle class isn’t the richest in the world. Canada’s middle class has passed us.

For the first time in American history more businesses are closing each day than they are starting.

More Americans now receive entitlements than work full-time.

There are now 70 percent more Americans collecting entitlement checks than working in the private sector (148 million “takers” vs. 86 million “makers”).

The average full-time male employee now earns less (adjusted for inflation) than he did forty years ago.

Twenty percent of U.S. families don’t have a single member who is employed.

The number of working age Americans without a job increased by about ten million in Obama’s first five years as president. Every year of Obama’s presidency, two million more Americans disappeared from the workforce.

Sixty percent of the jobs lost were middle-class jobs. But only 22 percent of the new jobs are middle-class jobs with decent wages.

America’s second-largest employer is a temp agency.

Seventy percent of Americans believe we are still in the middle of the economic crisis or that the worst is yet to come.

If Obama isn’t the Manchurian Candidate, he certainly plays the part well. Consider the evidence:

Who trades five jihadist mass murderers for one deserter?

Who releases 36,000 illegal alien felons into the population?

Who slows deportations of illegal alien youth, thereby convincing tens of thousands more to cross our border illegally and create a massive crisis?

Who advertises U.S. food stamps in Mexico for illegal aliens?

Who proposes 442 new taxes in only six years?

Who adds $7 trillion in new debt in only six years?

Who strangles business with tens of thousands of new regulations and adds thousands of dollars to middle-class American’s energy bills?

Who promises “your health premiums will go down, and if you like your insurance, you can keep it?”–knowing all the while that up to 80 percent of small business employees will lose their insurance, as will up to 60 percent of all employees, and that health insurance premiums will skyrocket?

Who uses NSA to spy on the conversations of ordinary Americans?

Who uses the IRS to attack political opponents, while turning a blind eye to illegal aliens getting billions of dollars in fraudulent tax credits?

Who spends $300 million on mortgages for Palestinians while allowing vets to die on phantom waiting lists for a doctor?

Who orders the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to sue American companies for demanding English as the language of the workplace?

Who bans Christmas cards from veterans’ hospitals if the word “God” is included?

Who bans the word “Christmas” from military bases?

Who demands Miranda rights be extended to a mass-murdering Jihadist but allows a heroic U.S. Marine to be tortured in a Mexican prison?

Obama may have been born in America, but his thinking and actions are un-American.

Yes my fellow patriotic Americans, I’m sad to report we have a “Manchurian Candidate” president.

Wayne Allyn Root is the author of the new book The Murder of the Middle Class: How to Save Yourself and Your Family From the Criminal Conspiracy of the Century, as well as The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.

Source : dmainformer,