BREAKING: Omnibus Bill Quietly Gives Trump Admin Massive War-Chest To Crush The Deep State

Trump’s supporters calling talk radio to voice their disgust should take a deep breath and reconsider their abandonment of our valiant president.  Draining the swamp was never going to be easy but, if we’ve learned anything along the way, Trump never lets us down.

And a careful reading of the $1.3 Trillion omnibus spending bill – something virtually no one got to do except the president before he signed it – reveals why.  The bill contains massive funding for the appointment of special prosecutors.

It’s informative to know that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation cost taxpayers approximately $7 million over the first six months of his investigation.

With his investigation winding down why does the omnibus provide more than $26 million dollars for special counsels?

From page 571 of the omnibus:

That about doubles annualized spending at a time when Mueller should be completing his work.  That can lead to only one conclusion.

The funding must be for a second Special Council.  An increasing number of Republican senators and representatives have been calling for the appointment of one and rumors have been circulating inside the beltway that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already empowered someone to start putting the evidence together.

While the mainstream media defends the corruption of the FBI and the DOJ while in co-operation with the highest levels of the Obama administration, it is becoming common knowledge among the DC elite that their gig will soon be up.

That’s because the criminal conspiracy to turn American assets into personal enrichment is so widespread it involves political appointees and hires embedded in virtually every government agency.  The IRS, EPA, State Department, DOJ, and FBI are just some of the agencies that became visibly corrupted.

Whatever funding Robert Mueller required to frame our president would be just a small fraction of the money a second special counsel would require to ferret out the corrupt holdovers from the 2.2 million federal employees.

That brings us to another funding provision, this one on page 534 of the omnibus bill:

5 U.S. Code § 3109 – Employment of experts and consultants; temporary or intermittent

This section appears to give the president, or his appointee, up to $322 million for the costs of special counsel and other fees.  The fact that this massive sum comes under the funding provisions for the FCC is very telling.  Much of the war against Donald Trump has been waged by the broadcast news, general television programming, and Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that all come under FCC jurisdiction.

This level of funding, when compared to what Robert Mueller’s has run thorugh, appears to authorize a much more extensive investigative effort – not a witch-hunt to destroy one man but an effort to map the depth of Clinton through Obama-era corruption that was put in place across the entire government apparatus.

If this is the case then the Trump administration has almost 22 times the funding that Mueller exhausted with which to pursue the largest RICO investigation ever embarked upon.

But that’s not the full extent of it either.

The Offices of Inspector General have been funded with at least another $140 million expressly allocated to conducting investigations into corruption within the departments they oversee.  (See pages 535, 546, 556, 565, 571, and 573 of the omnibus)

The most widely known Inspector General is Michael Horowitz whose investigation led to a shake-up at the highest levels of the FBI and the firing of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe for his biased handling of the Clinton email investigation and for his part in the Trump witch-hunt.

But there are many more IG’s sitting on information just as important to ferreting out the rampant corruption that has been growing like mold on the dying carcass of the federal bureaucracy over the past 30 years.

All told there’s close to, if not more than, a half billion dollars in the omnibus that President Trump can direct to mapping the extensive network of criminal co-conspirators that thought little to nothing of selling America’s assets for their personal self-enrichment.

Couple all of that money with an $80 Billion dollar increase in sorely needed modernization funds for the military and you come to the realization that more than half of the spending increase went to giving him what he needs to begin seriously draining the swamp.

Trust in Trump!


Bombshell: Obama Admin Ordered FBI To Remove 500,000 Fugitives From No Gun Buy List

Nothing better than dead Americans to convince voters to surrender their Second Amendment rights.  And, no one better to count on to kill those Americans than fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants.

Yesterday, under questioning from California’s gun confiscation Senator Dianne Feinstein, acting FBI deputy director David Bowdich testified that former President Barack Obama ordered the FBI to delete over 500,000 fugitives from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Senator Feinstein: “It’s my understanding that under federal law fugitives cannot legally purchase or possess guns We’ve heard from local law enforcement that the Justice Department has issued a memo that forced the FBI NICS background check database to drop more than 500,000 names of fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants because it was uncertain whether those fugitives had fled across state lines.

“Mr. Bowdich, can you describe why this determination was made by the Justice Department?”

Deputy Director Bowdich: “That was a decision that was made under the previous administration.  It was the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel that reviewed the law and believed that it needed to be interpreted so that if someone was a fugitive in a state, there had to be indications that they had crossed state lines.”

So, let’s see. 

  • Obama ordered his Department of Justice to give “military style assault “ weapons to Mexican drug smugglers
  • Obama ordered 500,000 of the violators most probable to use a weapon in the commission of a crime to become invisible to NICS

And, Obama’s holdovers – Rosenstein and Mueller – are now leading the witch-hunt against the man who stands between Obama’s gun confiscation plan and our Second Amendment rights, President Trump.

No wonder Obama ignored the law to defeat Donald Trump and then, after Trump won, his tool James Comey continued undermining the president.  He knew that an honest president, one who had no interest in preserving the phony left-right paradigm, would expose everything he and Hillary had planned.

Obama was the poster boy for why the Framers gave us the Second Amendment.  That should stand as a warning to every patriot.

They want my guns?  They’ll have to take them from my cold, dead, hands.


It’s Official Sessions Is Back! DOJ Opening Investigation Into Obama Admin Crimes

Elder Patriot – Attorney General Jeff Sessions yesterday reiterated the promise he made on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that the Justice Department would be investigating the FBI for abuses of power committed by the agency under the Obama administration.

“Let me tell you, every FISA warrant based on facts submitted to that court has to be accurate. 

“That will be investigated and looked at, and we are not going to participate at the Department of Justice in providing anything less than the proper disclosure to the court before they issue a FISA warrant.”

The investigation will initially focus on the manner and evidence that the Obama administration used to obtain warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on members of the Trump campaign.

Sessions’ decision was, at least in part, a response to a criminal referral Senators Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham sent to the Department of Justice on January 4, 2018 outlining potential violations of 18 U.S. Code § 1001.

The statements of facts listed in the new memo corroborate expand on those in the Nunes memo and, coupled with the 18 U.S. Code § 1001 referral, would indicate that Steele is not the lone prize Grassley and Graham are targeting.  Not even close.

Keeping in mind Sessions’ announcement last November that he had directed prosecutors to “evaluate certain issues” involving Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation there is ample evidence that the Obama administration is finally coming under the scrutiny that it deserves.

For those who have been victims of the Obama administration’s lawless disregard of the Constitutional restraints put on government as Obama sought unbridled power and control, this moment is especially sweet.

Right up until this week Obama has continued pitching his snake oil to us, telling an audience at MIT “We didn’t have a scandal that embarrassed us.” 

That, of course, was the result of an FBI and a Justice Department that came under the jack-booted but sweet-talking, snake oil selling president with the charming smile.

Here are just a few scandals list by Breitbart just before Obama left office in January of 2017 that would’ve ended the presidency of any Republican president:

  • The great stimulus heist that left Americans footing the bill for was an army of government jobs, and a lavish network of slush funds for the Democratic Party and its union allies. 
  • Operation Fast and Furious that used American gun dealers and straw purchasers to arm Mexican drug lords, and that resulted in a huge body count including prominently including Border Patrol Agents.
  • Eric Holder was the first sitting member of a president’s cabinet in the history of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress.
  • ObamaCare is a scam, pure and simple – sold on false pretenses by people who knew it wasn’t going to work the way they promised. It doesn’t feel right to dismiss it as a “failed” scheme when so much of the failure was intentional. 
  • Multiple occasions where his administration was caught spying on journalists
  •  The selective targeting of conservative groups by a politicized Internal Revenue Service
  • Hillary Clinton’s use of an illegal server in violation of the Espionage Act and that Obama had full knowledge of and participated in.
  • The NSA spying scandal that focused more on intelligence gathering on Americans than foreign enemies.
  • Building Iran into a nuclear power and funding that development
  • Shutting down the investigation into Hezbollah’s billion dollar per year drug operation in the United States
  • The sale of 20% of Uranium One to Russia that can be viewed as nothing other that selling out vital American national security interests.

Incredibly, this is only a partial list.  As indicated above, the mild mannered Attorney General should not be underestimated.  The FISA investigation is just the tip of the iceberg.


Inspector General Discovers Obama Admin. Paid $300 Million to “Ghosts” That Don’t Exist

Millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars were being foolishly wasted paying for the salaries of non-existent “ghost” soldiers

Well, folks.  In an interview with Sharyl Attkinson of Full Measure, special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, John Sopko, it was all but confirmed that millions of US taxpayer dollars were wasted away under the Obama administration on the salaries of “ghost” or non-existent soldiers and policemen in Afghanistan

“We’ve been raising this concern about ghosts going back a number of years,” Sopko said. “Actually I want to say we heard about it from (Afghan President) Ashraf Ghani years ago, before he became president, he warned me about ‘ghosts,’ so we started looking three years ago.”

“What we’re talking about are policemen, Afghan policemen, Afghan military, Afghan civil servants who don’t exist or they have multiple identity cards and we’re paying their salaries,” he explained. “By ‘we’ I mean the United States and the international community. And we started finding out that we had no capacity to measure the number of soldiers, teachers, doctors, military people who we are paying their salaries.”

Fox News had even reported as early as October 2016 that, based on a Sopko letter released to the Pentagon, the fraud could have amounted to more than $300 million annually.

“In January 2015 we reported that more than $300 million in annual, U.S.-funded salary payments to the Afghan National Police were based on only partially verified or reconciled data, and that there was no assurance that personnel and payroll data were accurate. We found similar deficiencies during the course of our April 2015 audit of Afghan National Army personnel and payroll data,” wrote Sopko.

That’s not just fraud, folks. In fact, according to Sopko, it’s “Major fraud. And what’s happening is the commanders or generals or other higher officials are actually pocketing the salaries of the ghosts.”

“And I remember President Ghani again, at that time he wasn’t president, saying, ‘John, you the United States government are paying the salary of an Afghan who’s a teacher, he’s a civil servant, he’s a doctor, he is a policeman, and he’s a soldier. And it’s the same Afghan. And he doesn’t exist,’” Sopko explained.

“It’s not just the salaries,” he added. “But we’re funding schools based upon the number of students, so if you invent or inflate the number of students, you’re going to be paying more money. On the soldiers and the police, we’re paying for extra boots, for food, for everything else, logistics for numbers that don’t exist.”

This is bad enough as it is, but to make matters worse, apparently Sopko had alerted the Pentagon on numerous occasions to what he had discovered in 2016, but…as you can imagine…the Obama administration did practically nothing about it.

Thankfully, though, there’s a new sheriff in town, and proper measures are finally being put into place to put an end to this nonsense.

According to the Independent Journal Review, Attkinsson notes that the Pentagon is implementing a biometric system that will be checking fingerprints, photos, and even blood type in order to verify “proof of life” and get rid of the “ghosts.”

She added that the Pentagon said it had “up to 95 percent of the Afghan police and 70-80 percent of soldiers” enrolled in the program.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s very encouraging to hear that we’re finally addressing this issue and taking measures to get this under control, but it’s equally discouraging to think about all the millions of taxpayer dollars that will never be recovered. What do you think?