BOOM! Top Democrat Becerra Is Caught Giving Cops a Fake Server on Imran Awan Scandal

“IT specialist” Imran Awan worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz for thirteen years since she was first elected to national office in 2004 as a Florida representative.

She only fired him after he was arrested and would have kept paying her “IT expert” even after he fled to Pakistan.

The Awan brothers IT ring had access to emails and computer data from an estimated 800 lawmakers and staffers.

Three Pakistani brothers who managed the IT affairs for several Democratic government officials were relieved of their duties in February on suspicion that they accessed specific computer networks without permission, also known as hacking.

Imran Awan, who started working for Wasserman Schultz in 2005, received $164,600 in 2016, with close to $20,000 of that coming from Wasserman Schultz.

His brother Jamal, who started working as a staffer in 2014, was paid $157,350.12 in 2016. Abid, who started working in 2005, was paid $160,943 in 2016.

Imran’s wife, Hina Alvi, who was employed as a staffer since February 2007, was paid 168,300 in 2016. Rao Abbas was paid $85,049 in 2016.

Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were barred from computer networks at the House of Representatives in February.

Most of the House Members fired the Awans subsequently.
Only Debbie Wasserman Schultz kept Imran Awan on the pay roll up to the day he got arrest for Bank Fraud after trying to flee the country.

The rest of the family fled since months to Pakistan along with hundreds of thousands of tax-payer money they mysteriously were able to wire.

Democrats were willing or unwillingly compromised by the Awans and Sensitive Information leaked to foreign Enemies!  (Muslim Brotherhood – Yemen Raid with dead soldier for example?) Many of them have Seats on Committees that handle highly sensitive information.

According to Redditt — Imran Awan is now released with an GPS ankle monitor.

More information is coming out on Imran Awan and his criminal activities.
Awan pretended to be his wife when requesting a loan from the Congressional Federal Credit Union and got it! He had the credit union wire $165,000 to PAKISTAN – no questions asked.

In public lawsuits in Fairfax County, Va., the brothers have been accused of life insurance fraud as well as fraud involving a car dealership.

This is a description of a complete slimeball. Who kicks his stepmother out of her home when she has just lost her husband?

The more you read about Imran Awan the more you see the picture of a complete soulless criminal.

Last week Capitol Police confirmed Wasserman Schultz’s laptop was found in phone booth at 3 AM with a note to US attorney attached from Imran Awan.

Now this story gets REALLY INTERESTING—-

Top Democrat Xavier Becerra, the current California Attorney General, was caught giving officials a fake server related to the Imran Awan investigation.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported:

Now-indicted former congressional IT aide Imran Awan allegedly routed data from numerous House Democrats to a secret server. Police grew suspicious and requested a copy of the server early this year, but they were provided with an elaborate falsified image designed to hide the massive violations. The falsified image is what ultimately triggered their ban from the House network Feb. 2, according to a senior House official with direct knowledge of the investigation.

The secret server was connected to the House Democratic Caucus, an organization chaired by then-Rep. Xavier Becerra. Police informed Becerra that the server was the subject of an investigation and requested a copy of it. Authorities considered the false image they received to be interference in a criminal investigation, the senior official said.

Data was also backed up to Dropbox in huge quantities, the official said. Congressional offices are prohibited from using Dropbox, so an unofficial account was used, meaning Awan could have still had access to the data even though he was banned from the congressional network.

Obviously, Democrats are worried about the Awan scandal.
Now it makes sense why the liberal media is ignoring this story.

PISSED Cowboys Coach Just Showed Up With Special Surprise For ALL Protesters Who Come To His Field

Colin Kaepernick may not be playing in the National Football League this season, but he has left a legacy in the game that should have died with his career.

It would seem that many players wouldn’t want to pick up where he left off with his anti-American protesting, for sake of preserving their reputation, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The preseason was kicked off with several playersparking their backsides on the bench during the National Anthem, in a show of defiance against our country and our president.

Proud Americans waited to see if the NFL would take action against these players before the season went into full swing. Many people hoped that the league commissioner would set the record straight that this a sport and not a place for politics, and the platform should be used to show respect for the country.

Commissioner Roger Goodell went a different direction, sympathizing with the protesting players instead of condemning their disrespectful sideline antics. He told American fans and spectators to be “more understanding” of what they are trying to say with their protests.

The head coach of the Dallas Cowboys doesn’t seem to agree with the Commissioner’s apologetic approach and has something else planned for these anti-American stars who are paid millions to play a game – not make negative political statements.

When asked during a question-and-answer session at a training camp on Monday if protesting players were going to be a problem this season, Goodell told ESPN“It’s one of those things where we have to understand that there are people who have different viewpoints.

“It’s something that I think everybody wants,” Goodell added. “The national anthem is a special moment for me. It’s a point of pride. That is a really important moment but we also have to understand the other side – that people do have rights, and we want to respect those.”

Proving that the National Anthem truly is special to Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett, he and his team will be showing the other players a little thing about respect.

When anti-American athletes take the field against Cowboys players, they are going to see what honoring our country looks like, since the team and their coach have always and will continue to stand for the anthem, which Garrett said is “sacred.”

In light of all the preseason protest debauchery, Garrett put it bluntly.

CBS News reports:

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett addressed his stance on national anthem protests at his daily press conference on Tuesday.

Garrett declined to answer multiple questions on the issue before saying, “there’s no question in my mind the National Anthem is sacred, the flag is sacred and our team has demonstrated that.”

This is the exact stance that every coach of every team should take since the NFL Commissioner refused to prioritize patriotism over the sport. The players, franchises, and the NFL as a whole make a lot of money for the massive public platform to be abused in this way.

It’s clear that the Dallas Cowboys is run by a real leader and it’s probably no coincidence that their franchise is one of the wealthiest and most respected in the league. Other teams should take note and run their operation like Garrett – with respect and honor for our flag and freedom and the real heroes who gave their life defending both.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion and can share it how they wish, there’s a time and a place to do so and a responsibility to impressionable fans who look up to you. Athletes are on the field to play a game and represent good sportsmanship to not only their team but as a citizen of this great nation that has afforded them the ability to make millions playing sports.

There’s a lot more that people can do with their time than sit around and give these players the attention they so desire with their “protests.” We’ll see how important this message is to these people when they arrive on Sunday to play in a practically empty stadium – but that won’t be the case for the Cowboys who will always have their fan base because of what they stand for.

NFL Player Just Completely Undid Kaepernick’s NASTY ‘Legacy’ With What He’s Wearing To EVERY Game

Colin Kaerpnick’s anti-American protests have outlasted his crappy football career, as many NFL players are now picking up where Kaepernick left off last year with their disgusting antics. Thanks to these “oppressed” millionaire football players, we can’t even turn on a game anymore without one of these idiots disrespecting our country and our nation’s flag. Now one pissed off NFL player has finally decided that enough is enough, and is going after Kaerpnick and every kneeling player with a vengeance, by starting a tradition of his own to combat these nasty anti-American protests.

Every time these “oppressed” anti-American players take a knee during our National Anthem, it’s a slap in the face to every single American soldier who has fought, bled, and died for the very same country these players continue to protest with their nasty behavior.

This trend has let many NFL fans to simply turn off the television, as a increasing number of Americans are disgusted with these racist players who keep hijacking America’s favorite pastime to make disgusting political statements on the field. Now one equally pissed off NFL player in the form of Cincinnati Bengals’ tight end Tyler Eifert, took a direct shot at Colin Kaepernick over the weekend with a scathing and powerful rant about why everyone should honor our country and our flag in a paper called “Why I Stand,” while coming up with an incredible new tradition to take the spotlight over these kneeling protesters.

“I stand because I want to honor the people putting their lives on the line for me on a daily basis in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard,” Eifert began. 

Eifert knows the sacrifices that it takes to preserve our nation’s freedom first hand, as his cousin is a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. “My cousin is risking his life flying F-15s in active war zones” — noting that this is a risk “all members of every branch of the United States military willfully take.”

Eifert, who has played in the NFL since 2013, said he now plans to combat these Kaepernick-inspired protests with a tradition of his own, where he now plans to write the name of a different military member on the heels of his shoes before each game, “whether active, retired, killed or missing in action, or a prisoner of war.”

The first Soldier that Eifert will honor is Pat Tillman, “the former Arizona Cardinals player who declined a multimillion-dollar contract to fight alongside his brother in the U.S. Army following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks,” IJ Review reported.

Tillman died in 2004 serving in combat in Afghanistan. Eifert went on:

“In 2002, he [Tillman] walked away from millions of dollars and a ‘dream’ most people couldn’t imagine achieving to do one thing, fight for his country,” Eifert wrote. “Pat wasn’t fighting for himself, he wasn’t fighting for one group vs. another; he was fighting for Americans.”

Fifteen years after Tillman gave up his NFL career to give the ultimate sacrifice for his country with his life, Eifert said he is “sad” to see the division that is plaguing America, and says that our flag is the only thing that can unify us. He continued:

“In this world of turmoil, I still believe in one thing strongly and that’s the flag and everything our country was built on.

“As I stand for the national anthem, I don’t want there to be questions of why I am standing or if I will kneel. I want there to be a clear understanding of why I stand. I want there to be a clear understanding of why I respect our flag and why I love our country.”

Hopefully Eifert’s new tradition will spread in popularity, as more and more NFL players are taking a stance against these vile protests. Several weeks back, Green Bay safety, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, shocked the nation with an incredible act of patriotism and heartfelt gesture towards our police officers, taking the field with a pair of cleats with the names of the two officers who were tragically killed in the line of duty by cop-hating thugs.

The NFL league has invested quite a bit of money into falsely presenting themselves as patriotic organization over the years, only to have it destroyed by these spoiled and douchey millionaire NFL players who want to use the football field to whine about their “oppression.” But now with patriotic American-loving players like Eifert and Ha Ha starting their own traditions on the field, Kaepernick’s “legacy” could soon be completely destroyed!

Obama Just Announced Summit In Chicago – Will Bring 100’s Of World Leaders Together In Attempt To Take Over Presidency

As Obama pushes his upcoming Obama Foundation Summit to be held in Chicago the main theme is about change. Obama has broke from a long tradition of previous President’s staying out of the current President’s way repeatedly and has even bought a home just minutes from the White House in an attempt to undermine President Trump at every opportunity.

This time Obama is blatantly announcing his plan that “will bring together hundreds of leaders from all around the world.” Obama will most certainly use this Summit as a stage to promote his liberal agenda and do as much damage to President Trump’s credibility on the world stage.

You can see Obama promoting his October Summit in Chicago under the guise of “change.”

When Obama says he wants to change the world you can bet what he really wants is to impact any influence President Trump has on the international community while undermining him by meeting with world leaders face to face.

America has never seen such a blatant disrespect for a sitting President as Obama continues to show a total disregard for the will of the American people who voted Trump into office.

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Damning Video of Obama Surfaces and the Media is Scrambling to Bury It

This is totally messing up the entire liberal narrative that the mainstream media has worked so hard to force down the throat of the American people.

President Trump is being painted as a big baddy for trying to seal our borders and punish anyone who hires illegal aliens.

It’s part of his “America First” program that liberals see as “racist.”

But they didn’t always. And for some reason, liberals fail to understand that in the Internet era, you can’t simply bury something you once said in favor of a new position.

Without further adieu, we give you then-Senator Barack Obama, in 2005, arguing AGAINST letting undocumented migrants enter and work in the United States:

Said Obama at the time:

“We all agree on the need to better secure the border and punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants. You know we are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States, but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law, and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law. We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented and unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.”

What hypocrisy to now condemn President Trump for holding the EXACT SAME position that he once did.

H/T American Journal Review

Muslim-Infested Town Wake To Alarming Surprise After Trying To Ban The American Flag

The youth of our country are showing amazing patriotism and truth-seeking, and it is the most heartwarming thing to see. Muslims in many cities are making demands that are in-line with the likes of ANTIFA and BLM when it comes to supposedly offensive flags. Schools around America are being forced to ban the American flag so that Muslim students aren’t upset by the sight of them.

A Minneapolis High School student body however was having none of it this time.

A senior took it upon himself to set up a protest in the most epic way possible. Completely peaceful and silent, the seniors returned to school with a multitude of trucks bearing the most amazing flag display ever.

According to Freedom Daily :

The city of Minneapolis is rapidly transforming into an Islamic utopia, thanks to liberal politicians who keep allowing Muslim migrants to invade at an alarming rate. Sharia patrols are popping up, white women are constantly threatened with rape and murder, the mayor recently established an anti-blasphemy rules to punish residents from slandering Islam, and entire neighborhoods are being transformed into Sharia swamps of Muslim-perpetrated cesspools. Now pissed off locals are finally fighting to take their city back, after they were told they could no longer fly their American and Confederate flags.

Muslims understand fully that to take over America they have to implant themselves into every facet of our society, while erasing every symbol of our country. This is one reason that Muslims have been so vocal with joining the left’s fight with removing our confederate monuments. The Quran specifically teaches that ruins and destruction of non-Muslim civilizations are a “sign of Allah’s punishment” for those who rejected “his truth.”

What makes this alarming is that local Minneapolis officials are allowing Muslims to completely take over, as the mayor Betsy Hodges is still pushing for Somalis to be hired onto the police force, “fast tracking” these unqualified individuals to get their badge and gun, refusing to change this ridiculous practice even after her Somali migrant cop murdered Justine Damond in cold blood a couple of months ago.

As locals are now being forced to bow to Sharia with the anti-blasphemy hotline that was established several months ago to punish people for speaking out against Muslims or Islam, residents are quickly learning they’re going to have to take serious measures to take their city back. So predictably, when local students were told they couldn’t fly their American or Confederate flags at their school any longer by Muslim-pandering faculty, they quickly devised a plan of their own to put these American-hating morons back into their place.

A high school in Minnesota decided to ban all flags from flying in the back of vehicles because administrators were concerned that the flags might be “offensive” to “some people” in the community. Students learned of this ban after recently returning to school, but weren’t having it. When the anti-American faculty at Rocori High School arrived at school the following day, they were shocked to see the massive patriotic display that greeted them in the parking lot, organized by pissed off students who were determined to exercise their First Amendment rights and display their undeterred love and patriotism for America.

IJ Review reports that in response to this anti-American move by the faculty, “senior Cole Staneart organized a protest that filled the high school parking lot full of trucks flying patriotic flags and symbols.” Administrators who made the flag-banning rule were horrified when the arrived to school the next day this incredible scene of red, white, and blue greeting them.

After faculty realized their stupid rules were no match for these patriotic students, they decided to rescind the flag ban, “and will deal with offensive symbols flown from the back of vehicles on a case-by-case basis from now on,” IJ Review went on.

“A high school in Minnesota banned all flags from flying on the back of vehicles in response to some students flying Confederate flags on their vehicles last semester. What the high school didn’t expect was for students to band together in one massive patriotic protest.”

“According to the Star Tribune, students were stunned returning to school to find they could no longer fly any flags.”

“Administrators at Rocori High School, which serves students from Rockville, Cold Spring, and Richmond, initiated the ban at the start of this school year after students last spring flew the Confederate flag on vehicles parked at the school. School officials said the flags were offensive and caused concern among other students.”

It’s great to see these young people fighting back against the rampant anti-American hysteria sweeping the city of Minneapolis. It will truly be up to this next generation to preserve everything that our Founding Fathers fought, bled, and died for. But with Muslims and liberals working together to erase every symbol of America’s history, there’s no doubt that young patriots will have their work cut out for them, as there’s literally a fight right now to preserve the heart and soul our country that so many malicious individuals are determined to destroy.

My heart swells to see our youth finally take a justified and patriotic stand! God Bless our children and God Bless America.

Source:Freedom Daily ,

LMAO: Anti-Trump Actor’s New Movie Sells ONE TICKET on Opening Day…But It Gets Worse

There are numerous celebrities who are currently on the new-fad train of Trump bashing, but one, in particular, went to extremes to make his absolute disgust for our President very clear. Shia Labeouf did everything from place live-stream cameras in random places to playing hide and seek with one of his anti-divide flags. He was epic-ally trolled by many from all sides of the aisle, and his cameras were trolled back while his flag was always located by those way smarter than he.

Like most wack jobs often do when they are confronted, Labeouf became violent and uncontrollable on more than one occasion when he was epically trolled back by random people. That being said, is it any surprise to find out that he literally is now the biggest flop as far as ticket sales go? Not really. The silent majority in this country is conservative, and we are also the ones who attend movies more than the left do.

According to Clash Daily :

His crusade against Trump has backfired “Bigly.” Opening night won’t even cover the cost of the popcorn and soda. It’s been a tough couple of months for Shia Labeouf.

His grandstanding ‘He will not divide us’ event, which was supposed to be Him Trolling Trump backfired.

He became an internet laughingstock.  Until recently, he was facing assault and harassment charges over his reaction to people who trolled him back. With THAT still hanging over his head, he played an international game of cat-and-mouse with his “he will not divide us” live feed.

He lost. Repeatedly. It wasn’t even close. Each time he put up a flag, it was located by internet-savvy trolls who crosschecked details like weather, flight paths, and bird species to identify the location. He was taunted online with viral pics like these:

But at least he’s still got his acting, rght? Then came the big night. OPENING night.

And nobody showed up.

“Man Down,” a war thriller with Shia LaBeouf, grossed just £7 ($8.70) when it premiered in a single U.K. theater over the weekend, according to ComScore. That’s the equivalent of selling a single ticket, given that the U.K. Cinema Association puts the average movie admission cost in the country at £7.21. “Poor Shia,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore. “That opening could be in the Guinness World Records or something.” The film played in one location, Reel Cinema in Burnley. It was simultaneously released digitally on demand, making the theatrical release something of an afterthought. It launches on DVD and Blu-ray next month, according to the Guardian. — Variety

Call Guinness. Could that be that an actual record? It would be tough to beat THAT!

Box offices around the world will start to feel the severe damage done by these elitist and prissy celebrities. The movie industry will either fall or have to implement some serious rules for its actors. It is one thing to have a disagreeing opinion of politics; it is another to go out of one’s way to bash, threaten, or otherwise be completely insane when it comes to who the President of the United States is.

At what point do these morons realize they aren’t actually doing any good in the country? Their mouths far surpass anything remotely intelligent, and it is embarrassing they are the ones who represent us on the silver screen worldwide.

The days of Bogart and Bacall are definitely and sadly far behind us. Class and grace within the entertainment industry are being quickly deleted and replaced with filth and disgrace. The music industry is no better, and in reality probably far worse. No one who stands in a place of being a role-model seems to have any morals or values anymore. It’s impossible for real Americans to take them seriously let alone allow our children to watch or listen to any of it.

Maybe only selling one ticket per movie will teach these idiots that we don’t pay them to be ignorant and ugly. We don’t care what they think about Trump, and we will not support them as long as they continue to spew their hatred and filth. Then again we would have to give them the benefit of having some amount of brains, which they continue to prove is not the case.

Source: Clash Daily ,

VIDEO: Muslim Migrants Block Road To Demand Free Smartphones And Wifi But Are Stunned With How Residents Respond

Europe is starting to feel the pain of their unchecked immigration policies that have seen millions of unvetted migrants overwhelm communities that have resulted in a huge increase in terror attacks.

These immigrants have shown no intention of assimilating into their host nations cultures. They are entitled and demand to be given benefits that rival those of taxpaying citizens.

This type of attitude was on full display in Italy where a group of Sudanese immigrants blocked traffic in an attempt to receive free cell phones and WIFI access.

It’s too late for Europe to reverse their disastrous migration policies but there is still some hope for the United States to stand down liberal demands of increasing the number of migrants entering our borders.


It’s too late for Europe to reverse their disastrous migration policies but there is still some hope for the United States to stand down liberal demands of increasing the number of migrants entering our borders.

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rand paul senate blocks

Hurricane Harvey has been one of the most devastating storms to ever hit the US, and the damage has been absolutely catastrophic. In response, Senator Rand Paul has attempted to pass a relief bill—but according to Congress, the money should be put elsewhere.

Our government is known for spending taxpayer funds on ridiculous programs, overpriced projects, and welfare-leeching parasites. We spend nearly one million dollars each second, as Senator Rand Paul points out, and yet we still have nearly $100 billion in damage to repair in Houston.

Congress has tried to raise the national debt in order to accommodate this expense, but our national debt already tops $20 trillion dollars, something that cannot be sustained indefinitely. Senator Rand Paul offered a different solution—take some of the money from wasteful, ineffective programs, and put them into a Hurricane relief fund.

Unfortunately, our dumb and selfish congress voted against his decision by a vast majority. This isn’t even the worst part, though—when Senator Rand Paul points out where some of our money is going, and where it should be going, you’ll go livid.

“In Washington, we have a disease—or a syndrome, rather,” Senator Paul says. “I call it the ‘dinosaur syndrome,’ big hearts, small brains. Unfortunately, it’s a reoccurring problem. In Washington, it is argued that you are more compassionate if you give away more of someone else’s money. I would argue that true compassion is in giving your own money away.”

Senator Rand Paul points out that we’ve spent billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that hate us, so why not stop sending them taxpayer funds, and instead give them to Houston? Apparently this solution is too patriotic for our RINO-infested, Democrat-ridden congress, because they voted against it 87-10.

The Free Thought Project reports:

According to estimates from three independent groups who specialize in disaster relief and risk management, the cost of Hurricane Harvey “ranged from $70 billion to $108 billion,” meaning that the storm has arguably done more damage than any natural disaster in the United States, since at least 1980.

Paul noted that while the price tag of repairs for Harvey may be large, the national debt is even larger, and increasing the debt to pay for this storm makes no sense when the U.S. has the option of making cuts within its current budget.

We as a country have a $20 trillion debt. We borrow $1 million every minute,” Paul said. “And yet, we are putting forward a bill to allocate $15 billion to those who are suffering from Harvey without paying for it—without finding the money anywhere, just simply adding it to our tab. Adding it to our $20 trillion bill. How did we get to $20 trillion in debt? Big hearts, small brains. Nobody has the courage to say, ‘Why don’t we pay for it? Why don’t we be legislators and stand up like men and women and say, let’s set priorities.’”

In order to cover the $15 billion request, Paul proposed an amendment that would allocate $7.85 billion in aid for repairing the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, with an additional $2.5 billion set aside to prepare for Hurricane Irma—all by simply making cuts to foreign aid.

“My amendment, the ‘America First’ amendment, would take the money from money that we were going to send to foreign countries,” Paul said. “We send billions and billions of dollars to countries who hate us. We send billions and billions of dollars to countries who burn our flag. I think it’s a very simple choice that when we’re looking at those in need in our country, we quit sending money to other countries.”

Paul noted that with the current budget, American taxpayers are funding a failed foreign policy by sending billions of dollars to countries such as Afghanistan, where President Trump recently promised to continue the longest war in U.S. history.

This is the type of harebrained policy that our Congress allows. They would rather give billions and billions of dollars to countries that burn our flag, hate us, and declare “death to infidels.” Yet, when we have thousands of Americans in need, what do they do? They just go deeper into debt and print more funny money.

Come November 6th, 2018 we must elect every single one of these traitorous, lying, globalist scumbags out of office. Write this date down, mark it on your calendar, and do whatever you must in order to remember it—for it will be the date that we reclaim our congress and truly embark down the path of making America great again.

If you think that we should STOP giving billions of dollars to countries that hate us, please give this article a share. Thank you and God bless!

Watch: ISIS Jihadis Try To Drive Suicide Truck Into Infidel Humvee, Realize Their 1 Big Mistake Too Late

If there’s one thing we should be thankful for in the fight against terrorism, it’s the bravery and honor of US military and intelligence. These people keep us safe, and they deserve our honor and respect.

But if there’s a second thing, it’s this: terrorist bomb-making schools aren’t always very good.

Because you’d think, after all, that the first lesson in any one of these classes would be this: ‘there are no re-takes. You have one opportunity, and that’s it.’

Luckily for some Iraqi soldiers, these particular terrorists skipped that particular class…and blew themselves up way, way too early.

Justice isn’t blind to stupidity, it seems.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

A video that shows Islamic State fighters erratically driving a truck filled with explosives proves these jihadist aren’t always the smartest individuals.

The ISIS vehicle is trying to crash into one of the two Iraqi Humvees, hoping that it will explode and kill everyone in the process.

After trying to travel down the same rocky path as the Humvees, the explosives prematurely detonate after the truck hit a massive speed bump, killing the fighters before they even reach their target.

There’s several things in this story that lead me to one hopeful conclusion: ISIS is running out of smart suicide bombers. Which, if true, would be fantastic.

So hear me out: this particular suicide bomber is trying to crash into two Iraqi Humvees.

Which, to be clear, is just stupid. You’re trying to hit a moving target. The target can move away from you.

And given that you’re probably already drugged up for this mission, because there’s a good chance you don’t want to do it anyway, you’re basically driving while intoxicated, trying to hit a moving target that is sober and way more motivated than you are to get away.

And that’s not even the stupidest thing.

Humvees are built to travel across rough terrain, which allowed the Iraqis to gain a big lead ahead of the Islamic State group fighters.

The Iraqis, mind you, have Humvees. But the terrorists did not. ISIS, in short, was trying to chase down a faster, better vehicle in a slower, bumpier vehicle. With bombs on board.

And unlike well-made bombs, these ones can detonate if they’re jostled. So what better place to drive them than down a bumpy path?

I can’t imagine this terrorist is the brightest crayon in the box.

Luckily, ISIS is running out of crayons.

Source: Conservative Tribune,