Black Lives Matter

Several New York City public charter schools that receive funding from George Soros are allowing Black Lives Matter activists to come in and form student groups.

Black Lives Matter of Greater New York has been working with students in schools for about a year, with the full support of administration and teachers in those schools. In fact, some of the schools’ faculty members participate in Black Lives Matter protests themselves.

The charter schools have all received funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, a network of non-profits that work to advance the billionaire’s social and political goals.

The Daily Wire has more.

The Black Lives Matter knockoff group that made national headlines after sharing a stage with Trump supporters, has been organizing students in the New York City public education system for the past year — creating youth chapters in two experimental, social-justice themed high schools funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF).

The relationship between the students and Black Lives Matter of Greater New York (BLM-NY) is reinforced by school administrators and faculty, some of whom participate in demonstrations organized by the activist group.

BLM-NY’s youth chapter at South Bronx Community Charter High School (SBC) is headed by an educator on staff who was once honored by the Obama administration.

In Brooklyn, teachers at the Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice recently helped arrange a photo shoot featuring BLM-NY members alongside faculty, students, and football players ‘taking a knee’ in support of Colin Kaepernick.

Both charter schools are part of the public system, birthed out of a novel program described by Nelson Mandela H.S. as “an ongoing collaboration between the New York City Department of Education and the Open Society Foundations.” Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched the experiment in 2011 as part of a broader initiative that received a $30 million investment from Soros’ OSF.

Soros-funded fellowships were granted to individuals to design transformative models for new schools built on a community conscious pedagogy. For example, Nelson Mandela H.S.’s mission includes preparing young people “to stand for social justice” and “help them to define their purpose and responsibility as global citizens.”

“Our students are really capable of organizing, which I think is the most powerful component,” said Mario Benabe, a math teacher at SBC H.S. who leads its BLM-NY youth chapter. “Students should be equipped to be able to mobilize if they feel an injustice.”

Benabe and his students first connected with BLM-NY last October while conducting ethnographic research on the streets of the Bronx. They crossed paths with Walter “Hawk” Newsome, President of BLM-NY, who was outside the district attorney’s office protesting the death of a mentally ill woman fatally shot by an NYPD officer. Students engaged Newsome in a conversation, and an instant bond was formed. He had just recently started organizing under the Black Lives Matter brand, even though the group Newsome was building had no affiliation with the official, more extreme Black Lives Matter Global Network.


Breaking! Roy Moore Was Just Vindicated!

According Roy Moore’s lawyer, the signature on Beverly Nelson’s yearbook does not match Judge Moore’s handwriting.

On Monday, with infamous celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred next to her, Nelson claimed Moore attempted to rape her in a car when she was 16 years old.

Two years after the attempted rape, Moore allegedly signed her yearbook in 1977.

According Roy Moore’s lawyer, the signature on Beverly Nelson’s yearbook does not match Judge Moore’s handwriting.

On Monday, with infamous celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred next to her, Nelson claimed Moore attempted to rape her in a car when she was 16 years old.

Two years after the attempted rape, Moore allegedly signed her yearbook in 1977.

“To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore, D.A. 12-22-77 Olde Hickory House,” Moore signed.

Below are Moore’s signatures side by side. The one on the left is from a Nelson’s yearbook and the one on the right is from a book Moore signed.

Examining the signatures closely, there are obvious differences between the two signatures.

1) The “y” at the end of Roy does not match.

2) The capital “M,” along with the following “o” in “Moore” does not match.

There are two versions of the yearbook with Moore’s signatures. The version presented by Allred on Monday was a copy and was in black and white. Below is the actual signed yearbook.

Even to a non-expert on signature forgeries, the different ink allegedly used in Roy Moore’s signature makes Nelson’s claim suspect.

In addtion to the signature discrepancies , Nelson’s stepson Darrell Nelson claims she is lying.

In the video, Darrell stated he has been following Judge Moore for a long time and believes he a good man.

My official statement

Posted by Darrel Nelson on Tuesday, November 14, 2017


California Is Heading To The Supreme Court Over What They Are Forcing Conservatives To Do

It must be great to be a liberal. You spend your days telling other people what to do, and then act surprised when those same people are offended.

But I’m willing to bet you’d be more surprised when those same people fight back – and no one puts up a better fight than a group of pissed-off conservatives.

Actually, I take that back – no one puts up a better fight than a group of conservatives protecting the weak. And there’s no group more vulnerable than the unborn. Especially in California, where they can be slaughtered at will.

It’s also the state that decided that pro-life clinics must advertise for abortion clinics…in their own waiting rooms.

Congratulations California libs – you just found a group of pissed-off conservatives willing to fight back.

The Daily Caller reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to a California law requiring pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to post information about state-funded abortions.

A coalition of pro-life groups challenging the law say it explicitly targets and coerces religious counseling centers into pro-abortion expression.

The law requires crisis pregnancy clinics to post a bulletin informing patients that the state offers subsidized abortion access.

“California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to abortion for eligible women. To determine whether you qualify, contact the county social services office.”

I don’t have words for this.

The fact that liberals are somehow surprised by conservative reaction here shows just how stupid they are. Imagine how outraged liberals would be if schools were forced to tell homosexual students that some faiths believe there are alternatives to being gay. You’d have rioting in the streets.

And yet, when it comes to protecting the unborn, the state sees no problem with telling young mothers about ‘alternatives.’ The hypocrisy here is piled high.

Luckily, a group of sharp legal conservative minds has tackled the issue.

The case is the second of the new term involving a conservative group’s challenge to a liberal state law.

“It’s unthinkable for the government to force anyone to provide free advertising for the abortion industry. The state shouldn’t have the power to punish anyone for being pro-life. Instead, it should protect freedom of speech and freedom from coerced speech.”

California’s had a tough time fighting these conservative lawyers. And the state now has to face down SCOTUS – and with a newly appointed Neil Gorsuch within it.

It doesn’t look good for the lib state.

Source: Daily Caller,myrightamerica.com

Libs Want Police To Remove ‘Islamophobic’ Sign From Christian’s Yard, But Cops Have Bad News For Them

As much as liberals would love for it to be the case, one simply can’t have things both ways.

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of examples of backwards leftist thinking that demonstrate they need a reminder on that simple piece of wisdom.

One of the more alarming ones has to do with matters of censorship. In a nutshell, an overwhelming number of liberals continually demonstrate that anything that doesn’t align with their preferred narrative needs to be stifled completely.

However, those same out of touch folks feel that anything they have to say is perfectly fine.

It doesn’t take more than a first-grade education level to poke a ton of holes in those wayward thoughts.

If one is going to continually light their hair on fire about free speech and whatnot, it’s pretty tough to take those same folks seriously when they engage in oppressive tactics for things they don’t agree with.

WTMJ shares another example of faux outrage over a questionable sign that doesn’t point to hugs and safe spaces for all.

A controversial sign on private property in Brookfield is turning heads, and prompting calls to police.

The photo says “Make war until Allah reigns supreme” and asks people to read the Quran.

This is where things get sticky when it comes to the free speech debate. Exactly what purpose does posting such an inflammatory sign serve?

The answer is not all that much, but that doesn’t change the rights of the homeowner.

Upset neighbors have contacted the police in regards to the sign, and they have received yet another lesson on how free speech works.

“He and his wife are great people,” said Tony Tenaglia, who lives across the street. “Very smart, very religious. I don’t think they did it to upset people. We had a debate about it.”

The message on the sign changes every few weeks, and typically shares different bible verses. Never before has it referenced war, or the Quran, the central text of Islam.

“I like that he takes it upon himself to do something that’s sort of unique, and I respect his opinion,” Tenaglia said. “I enjoy the biblical verses he puts up. But the Quran stuff, I’m not sure what that does. That might not be a good choice, you know?”

In the grand scheme of things, it sounds like the homeowner in question simply likes the attention.

Those that give it to him feed the beast – so to speak – and he’s inspired to post even more signs as a result.

For a simple solution, neighbors can simply stop paying attention to the homeowners attempts to stir the pot.

However, a ton of neighbors see things differently: they don’t like it, they don’t agree with it, and they want it gone.

That’s not going to happen, so perhaps they can devote their energies towards understanding how free speech works instead.

Source: WTMJ,myrightamerica.com

Muslim Pupils Take Over School To Pray, Principal Has PERFECT Announcement

When a group of devoutly religious students began attending a public high school, they quickly took over class time with distracting prayer sessions and religious foot washing requirements. However, just when this minority group thought they’d forced the school into submission, the principal made the most brilliant announcement.

When non-Muslims move to a Muslim country, they are forced to submit to Islamic laws that infringe upon their religious beliefs. When Muslims move to non-Muslims countries, they demand our tolerance for their every religious requirement, even when it impedes upon our own beliefs and freedoms. Fortunately, one school in Wuppertal, Germany, quickly put a stop to the Islamization of their classrooms.

German newspaper Der Westen reports that after Muslim students began loudly praying in large groups and washing their feet and other extremities on the property during class hours, the principal took swift, politically incorrect action. Headmistress Christiane Genschel sent out a letter to every student at Johannes Rau Gymnasium, announcing that “provocative” and “visible” prayer and “ablution,” the ritual Muslim washing, is immediately banned on school grounds.

After Muslim students repeatedly disrupted class and forced non-Muslim classmates to endure their public religious displays and unsanitary ritual cleansing, headmistress Genschel typed up an official statement which declared that because Muslim students have forced their religious demands on the school, they will be prohibited from such activities until they leave school property, according to Daily Mail.

“In recent weeks it has been seen that Muslim schoolchildren are visibly praying, signaled by ritual ablutions in the toilets, the rolling out of prayer rugs and the taking of appropriate body postures. This is not permitted,” the letter states.

Muslim Pupils Take Over School To Pray, Principal Has PERFECT Announcement

Teachers were asked to promptly report any cases of Muslims bowing and reciting prayers aloud or bathing in the sinks. The ban came about after students reported feeling “uncomfortable” at the daily rituals, as classmates of all other religions have peacefully kept their beliefs to themselves. Incredibly, the typically left-leaning government has taken sides with the school, agreeing that religious practices should be left at home.

After a ruling in 2011 by the Federal Administrative Court, a Muslim high school student in Berlin was informed that they will not be allowed to pray in school because it would “damage the peace of the school.” During this ruling, the court confirmed that the Muslim’s individual rights do not trump his classmates’ right to peace.

“The prohibition of prayer in a provocative way in public schools is to promote peaceful coexistence and secure the peace of the school,” said Dagmar Gross, spokeswoman for the local government in Düsseldorf.

In response to Genschel’s announcement, the district government fully supported her actions, adding that female Muslim students will also be required to take part in mandatory co-ed swimming lessons, regardless of their demand for gender segregation.

“The head teacher has the opportunity to do this within the framework of house law,” the authority said. “The constitutional commandment of the functioning of the school enterprise and of the educational task, Art 5 Basic Law, presupposes freedom of religious freedom. This is quite similar to the teaching of swimming. Here, too, Muslim schoolgirls would have to take part – even if this was a violation of possible religious habits.”

The school’s decision is reminiscent of a Swiss school’s decision to force Muslim students to participate in the state required swimming lessons. The female Muslim students involved in the lawsuit demanded to be exempt from the class unless there was Sharia-compliant gender segregation. Unfortunately for them, the federal court not only ruled in favor of the school but informed the students that because they refused to integrate, their citizenship applications were being denied.

“The 12 and 14-year-old will no longer be considered for naturalized citizenship because they refused to comply with the school curriculum,” officials said.

Muslims pass up more than 50 Islamic countries in which they could freely practice Sharia law only to flock to Western nations and demand that we implement it there. Instead of accusing intolerant religious zealots of bigotry, the left condemns those of us who refuse to submit to Islam, which is not only unable to coexist with any other religion, culture, or law, it must take over and annihilate all others.


After Chelsea Promotes American Girls Adopting ‘Sharia Law’ Custom, Gets ‘Nasty Surprise’

Chelsea Clinton is at it again, making a darn fool out of herself as she tries to become the next Clinton to gain political office. Chelsea has been on a year-long “promotional tour,” hoping to gain a following that would launch her into some type of position of power, but so far, it’s been a nightmare. Well, it just got worse as she cheered a restrictive Sharia law custom, promoting it for American girls.

Chelsea Clinton is getting a proper smackdown after she promoted the new “Sharia-compliant” Barbie doll. Yes, you read that right — the latest Barbie is a hijab-wearing doll, supposedly in honor of Ibtihaj Muhammad, “the first-ever U.S. Olympic athlete to compete wearing a hijab at the 2016 Rio Olympic games.”

Chelsea was tickled pink when she saw the doll, thinking the idiot liberal losers would immediately agree with her take on the new “Sharia” Barbie. She tweeted, “LOVE this. Barbie made their first hijab-wearing ‘Shero’ doll in honor of American fencing star Ibtihaj Muhammad.”

Gateway Pundit reported, “Nothing says ‘breaking barriers’ like going back several centuries and treating women like property! Amirite, ladies? We all know why the Clintons praise Islam. They receive millions of dollar from Middle Eastern countries so, like the good puppets they are, they push Islam onto Americans.”

Not only that, but the Clinton Foundation is going bust. Since Hillary lost the election, foreign “donations” have dried up. It was all that foreign money, paying for favors that Hillary and Bill could pull off when Hillary was Secretary of State, that is no longer coming in. Desperate Chelsea is trying to establish herself as the next generation “Clinton” and that is why she is doing this heavy pandering to Islam.

“Since Hillary Clinton’s presidential election loss, rumors have circulated that speculate about what she will do next. In trying to predict Clinton’s future — from running for mayor of New York City to hosting her own TV show — the idea has also been advanced that her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, may enter politics herself,” reports the Observer.

The report adds, “Though being the progeny of the widely-disliked Bill and Hillary should disqualify Chelsea, the Democratic Party’s cultist obsession with her family’s access to a vast network of wealthy donors leaves any congressional race of her choosing open to Chelsea if she wants to run.”

This would be a disaster for the Democratic Party. No one wants the Clintons anywhere near a political office, even if it’s as “dog catcher.” Americans were quick to let Chelsea know just how disgusting her pandering has become.

One Twitter user named “Lisa,” told Chelsea, “Stop pandering. This ‘religion’ is oppressive to ALL women!” MAGA-4-America replied with, “Is it already genitally mutilated or do you get a set of clippers with it?” Then, there was this response from “Trumpeteer,” which shows a liberal nutjob wearing a vagina on their head protesting living in the best country in the world with the caption “The next #BarbieDoll”:

Hamed Mogadam replied to Chelsea, saying, “Hijab is forced to 100 of millions of women across the world. It is a shame to romanticize it just because in your circle of friends you don’t have any of such women oppressed by misogynist Islamic societies.”

Referencing Chelsea’s choice of the word “love” to describe the Sharia Barbie, another Twitter user tweeted, “Love? Forcing women into the hijab via Sharia Law is the antitheses if what modern feminists should embrace! Sick. Sick. Sick!”

As the Observer reported, “Instead of moving on — and being better off for it — another Clinton in public office would broaden the party’s disconnect with working and middle-class voters. Electing Chelsea to a major role among Democrats would do little to convey a message of change and progression.”

Isn’t that the truth? When will the Clintons learn that it’s over; no one wants them meddling in America politics, not even the Democratic Party. Rumors abound that Donna Brazile’s scathing book, trashing Hillary, was actually sanctioned by many of the elite Democratic donors. They gave Hillary Clinton two billion dollars to take on President Donald Trump, and she still couldn’t deliver a win. Chelsea shouldn’t waste her time on Twitter, thinking up cutesy remarks, because the American public isn’t buying her act at all.


Arrogant Lib Judge Helps Illegal Escape Court, IMMEDIATELY Gets Bad News

An Oregon judge was in for a bit more than she bargained when she helped an illegal alien escape after hearing that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were out front waiting for him. Too bad for the arrogant liberal, she immediately got slapped with bad news – and it is downright brutal.

It all started when Diddier Pacheco Salazar, 22, a Mexican citizen illegally in America, was pulled over in Multnomah County and arrested for driving while intoxicated. As one would imagine, it wasn’t long before he was in court, but his situation wouldn’t go like all the rest.

According to reports, he was rather lucky that he was scheduled to appear before Judge Monica Herranz, a flaming liberal who is willing to break the law for her leftist ideals. Of course, she’d later come to prove just that when she heard that ICE agents were waiting out front for Salazar to exit the building.

Arrogant Lib Judge Helps Illegal Escape Court, IMMEDIATELY Gets Bad News

As it turns out, the illegal alien never did come face to face with the agents outside since Herranz invited the man into her chambers with his lawyer – but only two would return. Just like that, Salazar had evaded the authorities, and it wasn’t long before everyone figured out why.

Mail Online reports that “every courtroom in the Multnomah County Circuit Court has three doors — one for the public, a private judge entrance, and one for inmates to be brought in from jail.” In short, the liberal judge, sympathetic to Salazar’s illegal behavior, let him escape outside the private door in her chambers.

As one would imagine, ICE officials and other various law enforcement agencies weren’t too happy after learning what Herranz had done – and that’s when things took a turn. In fact, the arrogant liberal immediately got some bad news as U.S. Attorney Billy Williams states that he has launched an internal investigation into the judge’s actions.

“I felt that it was inappropriate and delegitimizes the work of ICE agents who are out there doing their jobs,” Williams explained. “When you’re talking about the judicial system — whether it’s federal or by state — you have an expectation that people are going to abide by the law and not take steps based on their own motivations, their own politics.”

Unfortunately for Herranz, it would only be two weeks before ICE was able to permanently detain Salazar as he had arrived for another court appearance. At the end of the day, all she bought this illegal alien was a 2-week stay here in America and a few legal repercussions on herself.

Hopefully, this investigation ends the way it should; with Herranz in cuffs, officially charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive. Justice is supposed to be blind, and if this arrogant liberal proved anything with her actions, it’s that she is unfit to serve as a judge anywhere. This woman has to go – and maybe spending a few nights in jail as an example to others wouldn’t be such a bad thing either.


WATCH: Welfare Rat Mocks U.S. Taxpayers, Shows Sick Thing She Buys With Her Food Stamps

WATCH: Welfare Rat Mocks U.S. Taxpayers With Sick Thing She Uses Her Food Stamp Card For

A shocking video is going viral after a welfare rat decided to post a video on YouTube, mocking the U.S. taxpayer for going to work and paying her way. However, things would only be made worse as the woman showed the sick thing she uses her food stamps to buy — and it has hardworking people across the country downright pissed off.

The clip was originally posted to YouTube by an unnamed woman but was quickly taken down for violating the website’s community standards. Fortunately, someone else was able to save it before it disappeared for good and has since reposted it for the world to see.

As can be seen in the footage, the smug brat brags about being on the system. Not only does she get food stamps but she’s on disability for her chronic “depression,” which apparently makes it impossible to work. Given her attitude in this clip, I’d say it’s a stretch because she’s more than happy to smile and laugh as she mock’s the U.S. taxpayer.

Of course, her disgusting attitude is more than enough to tick off everyday people, but that’s not the worst part of it all. Sending many people over the edge, the woman documented herself going to the store, buying a $14 lobster tail with her EBT card, and then feeding it to her dog.

“This is my Coach keychains,” she says as she pulls a set of keys out of her purse. “These three keychains here, they cost more than those minimum wage people’s f***ing car payment.”

Laughing, she adds, “Well actually, most of them don’t even have f***ing cars, they’re using f***ing public transportation!”

The woman then mentions that she’s on social security for depression.

“I’m on social security for depression,” she says. “Depression is a disability. So if you’re too depressed to work full-time, apply for social security.”

Concluding the video, she says, “So, this is what the minimum wage people will pay for is for me to give lobster to my f***ing dog and make a YouTube video about it mocking them.” [Source: The Blaze]

Shockingly, the woman smiles and laughs as she essentially spits in the face of everyday Americans. Bragging how it would take the cashier who cashed her out an hour and a half to earn the money to pay for that lobster tail, she went on to show off other luxuries she can afford, seeing as she has extra money from the government.

In all, she showed three Coach (the luxury purse company) key chains that she had in her possession that could range anywhere between $50 to $150 a piece. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she also whipped out not one but two smartphones – but there was a catch with this one.

Come to find out, she paid for one herself while the other one was given to her by the government – an Obamaphone. Sadly, pointing out the unnecessary phone wasn’t enough for this woman. In fact, she then went on to mock the same cashier for having a simple flip phone as that was all they were able to afford, even though they work for a living and she doesn’t.

This video is disgusting on so many levels, but it really goes to show just how bad the welfare state has become under Democrat reign. This is, without a doubt, the direct result of former President Barack Obama and his policies. Even worse yet, the left depends on this horrendous amount of unnecessary spending in order to keep the blue constituents coming to the polls as the left essentially buys their votes with freebies. As a result, you get this – freeloaders who are too lazy to work and don’t mind leeching off the government or their hardworking, taxpaying neighbors.

If ever there was proof that the welfare system is in desperate need of reform, this is it. President Donald Trump promised to “Make America Great Again” – and cutting down on the $740 billion spent each year on welfare rats like this one would be a great place to start.


Horrifying Alert Issued After 6 Drop Dead In State Overrun With Refugees – It’s FAR Worse Than We Thought

Thanks to the reckless immigration policies of Barrack Hussein Obama, we now have ISIS terrorists and violent Mexican gangs running rampant in our country. President Trump is doing everything in his power to keep the vermin out, but liberal mayors and governors continue to defy federal law, proclaiming their areas as “sanctuary cities” for whatever potentially dangerous individual wants to call home. Now thanks to liberals, it looks like we have far bigger problem on our hands than third world country invaders. Now in the heavily migrant-dominated area of Minnesota, there’s now a massive outbreak of a previously almost eradicated disease, that has locals in a massive panic right before the holidays.

The disgusting disease of tuberculosis keeps popping up in areas where Muslim refugees are being allowed to invade. Several months ago, a horrifying outbreak happened in San Diego county, where one doctor revealed that a whopping 21.4 percent of Muslims migrants there had the disease. The nasty disease is easily spread through the air by speaking, coughing, sneezing, or spitting, and infects the lungs.

Now unfortunately, it’s not just California dealing with widespread TB outbreaks. Six have dropped dead of the disease in Ramsey County, Minnesota, as of November 6, where this is being called the “largest outbreak in the country.” Even more disturbing is that this particular strain is completely resistant to any type of treatment. 

Opposing Views reported:

An outbreak of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Ramsey County, Minnesota has infected 17 people and killed six as of Nov. 6.

The outbreak is the largest in the country.

“We’ve put a lot of resources into responding to this situation,” Kris Ehresmann, director for Infectious Disease at the Minnesota Department of Health told KMSP.

The outbreak has largely impacted members of Ramsey County’s large Hmong community. Fourteen of the infected are elderly Hmong. Ehresmann believes 10 of those people were infected at the same senior center.

“We have a large Hmong community in Minnesota, so I think it’s really important that they’re aware of the situation and attentive and monitoring what’s going on with elders,” Ehresmann said.

If you think it’s pure coincidence that this disease is popping up in densely populated areas containing Muslim refugees, then you’re living under a rock. Liberals in Minnesota love to constantly brag about the numbers of refugees they’ve brought in, where Minnesota women are now suffering devastating results of this Muslim invasion, now constantly threatened with rape by the local Somali Muslim populace.

While there’s no cure for rapists, the Director For Infectious Disease, Kris Ehresmann, is doing everything she can to contain the outbreak.  But being that this strain is resistant to antibiotics, it’s
extremely difficult to treat.

“When you have a multi-drug resistant disease what that means is the organism that’s causing the TB is now resistant to at least two of the usual drugs that are used, so it’s not that you can’t treat it, but it’s going to take second-line drugs,” Ehresmann said.

It’s not just the disease that could devastate locals, but the cost of treatment could cripple the local city’s budget. “The cost of treating drug-resistant tuberculosis is more than seven times the cost of regular tuberculosis treatment, according to KMSP. Regular treatment costs $17,000. Drug-resistant treatment costs $134,000,” Opposing Views went on.

Director of St. Paul-Ramsey County Public Health, Anne Barry, told the press that she and local health officials are doing everything they can to work directly with the community.

“In our partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health, we’re really the front line,” she said. “We’re working directly with the community and with people of the community in the health department, so we have health educations, community health workers, nurses who are in and of the Hmong community, and that’s an essential part of the work that’s being done here. We’re often not trusted by people of the community, so having relationships has been essential.”

Please tell me what these Muslim migrants are contributing to our society other than bringing their third world country Sharia Law practices and their archaic diseases into our country. I’ll wait while you think about your answer.

Source:Opposing Views,mpolitical.com


Right After Libs Tried To Stop Trump’s Wall Look Who Just Showed Up With $21 Bil For It Overnight

President Donald Trump was recently presented with an incredible surprise of who could be paying for one of his most important and expensive campaign promises when Texas Senator Ted Cruz proposed a bill to use $14 billion seized from notorious drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. The ingenious and perfectly ironic funding source for this important safety feature was met with as many road blocks as the idea for the wall itself. As quickly as that idea was shot down, a surprise financier showed up overnight with the approximately $21 billion needed to foot the bill and you won’t believe where it came from.

The only thing that’s been holding America’s safety and security back is the ability to fund the 40-foot tall wall that’s expected to stretch approximately 1,000 miles along the U.S. – Mexico border. Although the lengthy construction process is already underway, it could be finished much quicker than originally thought after having solved one of the biggest challenges it has faced to date.

“Building ‘a big, beautiful wall’ on the Southern border was Trump’s signature promise during his campaign, winning him support from advocates for hard-line immigration reform,” Politifact reported.

Original estimates for the cost of this project came in at $12 to $15 billion, however, Bernstein Research, who calculates total building cost believes it could actually come in somewhere around $15 billion to $25 billion. The Department of Homeland Security agrees, estimating a specific $21.6 billion price tag for this massive project, according to Politifact. While that total is in excess of the $14 billion taken from El Chapo upon his arrest, the financing problem could soon be solved if Alabama Senator Luther Strange gets his way.

Strange went on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to discuss his idea of where this much-needed wad of cash could come from right now, and it’s as ironic as using drug money to pay for it. Those who want immigrants in this country don’t seem to have an issue with paying for them to be here, so they should be okay with footing the bill to keep them in their country.

Strange explained to Tucker that the funds should come directly from so-called Sanctuary Cities who don’t follow the law. In essence, this would be a fine for going against the President, not cooperating with local police, refusing to turn immigrants in, and worst of all, actually preventing people from fairly bidding on the border wall. Sanctuary cities like San Francisco, California punish their citizens for participating in bidding on the construction of the wall by banning them from doing any other work in the city. This is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship decided by liberals and since they aren’t stopping, Strange wants them to pay for the wall that’s already written into law.

The Senator’s simple solution is that cities who refuse to comply with the nation’s law aren’t going to get the money that they expect from the government because it’s going to go to building the wall. It makes perfect sense to not reward bad behavior with cash that could be used to ensure the rule of law which our nation is built on. Sanctuary Cities don’t make their own rules and can’t expect other people to pay for it when it goes against what the president has already set. Rather than defunding these defiant cities, divert the funding and let their laws be the country’s gain.

Along this same line of logic that Strange presented, costs of this wall could also be met it America stopped or slowed the flow of funding to Mexico. It only makes sense to use the money being sent over the border for the barrier between us since we’re also trying to block Mexican citizens from entering America illegally.

This isn’t about keeping good people out and prevent people from wanting to seek a better life and the American dream, it’s only about preventing those from entering the wrong way and wreaking havoc, compromising citizen’s safety, and sapping off our resources. If it’s important to become a law-abiding American citizen and reap the rewards of living in this country, there’s an immigration to follow to prove those intentions.

The next best thing to using a drug lord’s seized money earned from abusing our border is to make Sanctuary Cities pay for it. They can’t make their own laws to harm people and force other people to pay for it too.