Liberals OUTRAGED At Fed Up Texan’s Billboard BLASTING ABC For Russia-Trump Fake News

If ABC hasn’t gotten the message by now that Americans are fed up with their fake news about Russian interference, perhaps they’ll get it now.

A San Antonio area well-driller dug deep into his own pockets and paid for a large billboard that has been put up on the side of I-10 and Buckskin Drive.

Buckskin Drive is about as Texas sounding as one can get, but we digress.

The massive open-air missive reads:

“ABC News: I grew up with you. We are through. The Russians didn’t elect Donald Trump. I did.”

Kyle Courtney of Wellstar Groundwater Technologies has been in the business for the past 30 years. That’s a lot of evening news for one man’s eyes and ears. But now Courtney has had enough of all the ABC nonsense about Russians swinging the election in favor of Trump.

In a statement to SBG San Antonio, Courtney wrote:

“ABC News was the only channel I watched as a child growing up in Texas but I think they have lost touch with America and forgotten the working man. They don’t represent our voice anymore. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was funded by the Clinton Foundation in close coordination with the media, and now we’re seeing them try to fix what they couldn’t fix during the election. They are doing everything they can, night after night, to create narratives and sway people’s direction to impeach Donald Trump. Our democracy is at stake when a major political party and the media are in bed together. I’m not asking anyone to boycott the Democratic party. I’m not in the brainwashing business, but the liberal media is.”

Any good conservative knows it was the millions of other good conservatives who elected Trump and not some alleged Russian hacker walled up in Siberia who somehow convinced them to vote for Trump.

ABC added insult to fake news injury in April when it abruptly canceled Tim Allen’s hugely popular sitcom “Last Man Standing.” ABC swears it wasn’t a political maneuver to appeal liberal haters of the show. Rather, it was a business decision.


But it was music to the ears of LMS viewers when CMT officials announced “preliminary talks” about reviving the show.

Courtney may be preaching to the choir in his native San Antonio area but the message of his billboard rings loud and clear: start reporting the news, ABC. And don’t mess with Texas.

Do you think Kyle Courtney’s billboard will get through to ABC? Sound off in the comment section below.

Source:100 Percent Fed Up,

GOP Rep: Paul Ryan Will Not Let Congress Touch Concealed Carry Reciprocity

During the September 7 of Armed American Radio with Mark Walters, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) said his concealed carry legislation is stalled because Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) does not want Congress to touch it.

Breitbart reports: Massie is a co-sponsor of H.R. 38–the bill to treat concealed carry permits like driver’s licenses, making a permit from one state valid in the other 49. He is also the sponsor of an amendment which would mandate that Washington DC recognize concealed carry permits from all 50 states.

Mark Walters asked Massie about the lack of movement on national reciprocity, and Massie said, “The Speaker told me he didn’t think the timing was right.” An exasperated Massie then added, “But this is the exact time to bring this bill. So it is frustrating for me.”

Massie continued, “Listen, I was no fan of [Speaker] John Boehner, but even under John Boehner, I was allowed to offer an amendment to the DC Appropriations Bill to defund all their gun control laws.

It passed in the House…We got all but four Republicans to vote for it and 20 Democrats voted to defund all of Washington DC’s gun control laws.”

He explained that he secured the necessary votes to defund DC gun control at a time when no specific event provided the impetus for doing so.

Now, however, the Alexandria baseball practice attack has provided impetus, making the passage of the Washington DC reciprocity amendment a no-brainer. Yet Massie admitted, “Paul Ryan will not let me bring that amendment to the floor.”

Supreme Court says Obama VIOLATED the Constitution

He did not respect the law and our Constitution when he was president, and he does not respect them now. Tuesday, while Obama was busy setting up his “shadow government” to protest and disrupt President Trump efforts to lead our nation, the Supreme Court ruled that Obama violated the Constitution.

Earlier this month, the Supreme court ruled that Lafe Solomon, Obama’a appointee, illegally served as the acting general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board for three years. In 2011 when the Senate refused to take up Solomon’s nomination, Obama, deciding he was above the law, decided he would just leave him in there as “acting” general counsel.

And, that’s what he did, for three full years!

According to Chief Justice John Roberts, Obama did an “end-run around” the Constitution.

** The Crooked Liberal Media may not even report on this, and if the do they will distort the truth. Please SHARE this now! President Trump needs our help!

Lafe Solomon had violated the agency’s ethics rules by violating and intervening in a case on behalf of a company that he owned stock in. According to the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998, (FVRA) he should have stepped down. That is why the Senate refused to take up his nomination to serve as permanent general counsel.

In a 6-2 opinion, written authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court ruled that Barack Hussein Obama violated the Constitution.  Surprise, surprise, surprise!

(Source: The Washington Free Beacon)

Unlike every other President in modern history, Barack Hussein Obama is not stepping aside for the good of the country to let the new President govern. Out of office for under a year, Barack Hussein Obama already has a “community organizing” organization with 250 offices around the country, and 30,000 employees in place. Their sole purpose is to interfere, and fight the Trump administration every step of the way. It is despicable. It is Un-American!

The name of his new leftist nonprofit group is called OFA. Get use to that folks, it will soon be as famous as George Soros, and Black Lives Matter. OFA stands for Organizing for Action. How appropriate. The community organizer is going back to organizing albeit on a much larger scale, not to mention more violent and destructive.

There’s no doubt that the evil Soros money is behind it!

As we reported before, (Obama’s Shadow Government: LOOK what’s in this DC Building) Barrack and Michelle Obama moved into this 8,000 square foot mansion only 2 miles from the White House in the Kalorama section of Washington, DC and he will also lease office space in the headquarters building of the National Wildlife Building.

The Dailymail has reported that Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has moved into the mansion to work closely with Michelle Obama, and the former president. Jarrett is best friends with Michelle and Barack, and lived in the White House with them, and dined with them daily. Jarrett was involved in all of Obama’s major domestic and foreign policy decisions.

Barack Obama, who many claim, will be creating a shadow government to frustrate the policy goals of this administration. We’re looking at something that’s coming very close, it seems to me, like sedition. When you start working against the the interest of the United States government, whether it’s in the person of Donald Trump or whomever, and conspiring and organizing to frustrate the policies that he intends to execute, I think that really take us to a whole other level.” Lou Dobbs




NASA Satellite Images Suggest Hurricanes May Be Engineered: 2 More are Coming

Anon| Patrick Roddie, an activist known for taking rain samples and proving their contamination with high levels of aluminum and other geoengineering related materials found NASA Worldview satellite pictures, that show suspicious patterns around the recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and the paths they follow/are about to follow.

In this video, one can see the feathery features, haze, and wave patterns commonly seen in a chem-trail* sprayed and electromagnetically zapped sky, appearing around the hurricanes and their paths. Lines of sprayed aerosols and wispy, feathery features easily recognizable as geoengineering material were spotted around the recent hurricanes.

The anomalous nature of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and possibly the new hurricanes Jose and Katia, should prompt people to investigate whether or not geoengineering played a role in this.

I know this sounds like a ‘crazy conspiracy theory’ but did you know about the UN Treaty concerning weather weapons from 1979?  You can read it here.

Below is an interview with Ben Livingston who received a medal from President Johnson for his work modifying the weather an making it rain on demand in the Vietnam War. That was 40 plus years ago … Imagine what technology they have now …

Hillary’s Brand New Book Ripped From Shelves After Publisher Notices Sick Thing Inside

Hillary Clinton is in the news again, and predictably it is not for anything positive. This time the controversy surrounding the most corrupt politician in American history concerns the plagiarism Hillary Clinton’s spiritual advisor, Rev. Bill Shillady committed when he wrote “Strong for a Moment Like This,” detailing the daily devotionals and prayers of Hillary Clinton and communications she had with Rev. Bill Shillady.

However, a pastor in Indiana by the name of Matt Deuel read Shillady’s book, noticed that the part where Rev. Bill Shillady emailed Hillary Clinton the morning after the 2016 Presidential election was in fact his words. These words originated from a blog post Pastor Deuel published in March of 2016. Rev. Bill Shillady has apologized and has released the following statement:

“My entire approach to this book project has been to credit all of the many ministers and sources who contributed to the devotionals that were written for Hillary over the course of the campaign. In preparing the devotional on the morning of November 9, I was determined to provide comfort with the familiar adage that “It’s Friday But Sunday is coming.” I searched for passages that offered perspective of this theme. I am now stunned to realize the similarity between Matt Deuel’s blog sermon and my own. Clearly, portions of my devotional that day incorporate his exact words. Matt and I have spoken. He was extremely gracious and understanding. I have assured him he will receive full credit moving forward.”

The explanation, which Rev. Bill Shillady gives simply does not hold water. When one plagiarizes someone else’s work, it is rather clear what you are doing. Especially when you know that what you’re publishing matches word for word. Rev. Bill Shillady even admits that the work he attempted to pass off as his own matches word for word exactly what Pastor Matt Deuel published on his blog post.

Rev. Bill Shillady has been a spiritual advisor to Hillary Clinton going back to 2015. He is a United Methodist clergyman from the state of New York and has been friends with the Clinton family for a considerable amount of time. Last month, Julie Zauzmer from the Washington Post reported of the plagiarized text showing it includes sentences almost identical to Deuel’s: “For the disciples and Christ’s followers in the first century, Good Friday represented the day that everything fell apart. All was lost. The momentum and hope of a man claiming to be the Son of God, the Messiah who was supposed to change everything, had been executed. … Death will be shattered. Hope will be restored. But first, we must live through the darkness and seeming hopelessness of Friday.”

The publisher of the book, Abingdon Press is not happy with this revelation and has since pulled the plagiarized book from store shelves. Rev. Brian Milford, the President of Abingdon Press, conducted an investigation and confirmed the plagiarism. “Abingdon Press initiated an extensive review of the book and was alarmed to discover other content unattributed by the author. Abingdon Press has zero tolerance for plagiarism. Consequently, we have discontinued sales, will remove existing copies from all sales outlets, and will have them destroyed along with our existing inventory.”

Initial reports back in August suggested that the book would remain on shelves, but the publisher and Rev. Bill Shillady would give proper credit moving forward. However, despite Rev. Bill Shillady claiming he made nice with Pastor Matt Deuel, the book will no longer be available for sale. This move by Abingdon Press surely cost them a considerable amount of money, and a lawsuit is likely to follow.

Abingdon Press has not stated if they will refund any customers who have already purchased “Strong for a Moment Like This.”

Thankfully, Abingdon Press did the right thing and complexly removed the book from shelves, but they should have had the foresight to double check the work of Rev. Bill Shillady given his close association with Hillary Clinton and her reputation for being less than honest. Many people find it hard to believe, myself included, that Rev. Bill Shillady didn’t know he was copying someone else’s work. Citing your source appropriately is a task even the most novice writers are taught prior to publishing anything. Hillary Clinton has not released a statement regarding this latest controversy of dishonesty.

Source: Sarah PalinWashington PostWashington Post ,

Obama’s 2018 expenses will cost US taxpayers $1.1M: memo

Former U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the Palais de Congres in Montreal, Canada, June 6, 2017.

Former President Barack Obama will cost taxpayers $1,153,000 next year, according to a Congressional Research Service memo.

That amount will make Obama’s expenses the highest of the five living ex-presidents, the Washington Times reported.

The Former Presidents Act, which became law in 1958, provides former White House occupants with lifetime benefits after leaving office. Each ex-president receives a base pension of $205,700 annually, but the budget requests they submit to Congress may also address additional expenses, such as for staff salaries, office allowances, travel and Secret Service protection.

Obama’s $1,153,00 budget request for 2018 is nearly $100,000 more than that of former President George W. Bush, and around $200,000 higher than for former President Bill Clinton.

Former President George H.W. Bush has requested $942,000, while former President Jimmy Carter comes in at $456,000, the Times reported.

A large portion of the former presidents’ budgets go toward leasing office space, such as the $536,000 cost for Obama’s office in Washington, $518,000 for Clinton’s setup in New York City, and $497,000 for Bush 43’s office in Dallas.

Bush 41’s space is much cheaper, located in Houston and costing $286,000, while Carter’s space in Atlanta is a relative bargain at only $115,000, the Times reported.

Kim Jong-un Is DONE After Seal Team 6 Shows Up With NASTY Surprise He’s Had Coming

This breaking information is coming to us from American Military News, who routinely reports on breaking military news from around the world from UNCLASSIFIED SOURCES. THIS ARTICLE IS NOT REVEALING ANY TYPE OF OPSEC MATERIAL THAT WOULD COMPROMISE THE MISSION! ALL OF THIS INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND THROUGH OPEN SOURCES ON THE INTERNET!

Tensions have been mounting between the Untied States and North Korea over the past several months, as the chubby dictator continues to rattle his sabers and look for reasons to go to war. As Kim Jong-un continues to play with his toys on the world stage and threatens to strike the United States and other surrounding countries with nukes, unfortunately for this underdeveloped man-child, he could soon be getting a little unexpected company knocking on his door, after what the “assassination squad” and SEAL Team 6 have planned.

It’s never a good idea to screw with America, especially with President Trump and ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis in charge of our military. After months of puffing out his chest and pretending to be a badass, Kim Jong-un is now going to learn that lesson the hard way. According to breaking intelligence reports, SEAL Team 6, who took out Osama bin Laden back in 2011, are now in the active stages of their plot to neutralize “little Kim,” and they have the scopes of their sniper weapons now pointing at the forehead of Kim Jong-un if he makes one more sudden move towards war.

According to breaking reports, the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six is now conducting battle drills with South Korean “assassination squad,” who’s planning to neutralize Kim Jong Un as soon as December should things continue to deteriorate in the region.  American Military News reported:

The U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six is reportedly drilling with a South Korean “assassination squad” that would take out North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in the event of war.

The South Korean Defense Minister, Song Young-moo, said the assassination squad should be ready in December, and that it is meant to “neutralize ‘command and control’ systems in the North,” according to a report.

The Defense Ministry is calling its assassination plan “Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR),” according to the report, and the plan is a “‘three-axis system’ that includes Seoul’s homegrown anti-missile systems, the Korean Air and Missile Defense [KAMD] and Kill Chain, a pre-emptive strike system.”

North Korea recently tested its most powerful nuclear missile yet – and the nation led by dictator Kim Jong Un now says it has more “gift packages” for the United States.

This comes after South Korea has also warned that North Korea has another intercontinental ballistic missile (ICMB) that it will fire.

North Korea’s sixth nuclear missile test caused a 6.3 earthquake and was roughly five times as large as the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, Japan. The test came hours after North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un claimed that it now had an H-bomb to put onto its long-range ICBMs.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley said Monday that North Korea is “begging for war,” and that it’s time for the international community to impose the strongest possible sanctions against North Korea.

It’s comforting to know that our military isn’t being led by a terrorist-pandering moron anymore. President Trump has been extremely proactive with his response to North Korea in recent months, and is taking Kim Jong-un’s threats to launch a nuclear strike against the Untied States very seriously. Back in April, SEAL Team 6 conducted training in the Foal Eagle exercise, where other special ops teams including Army Rangers, Delta Forces, and Green Berets trained to take out the “fat kid” in North Korea should he push his antics too far. US military officials have kept the training shrouded in secrecy, only confirming that the joint exercise consisted of ground, air, naval, and special operations teams involving a whopping 17,000 troops.

Under Obama, the world got used to America being led by a pansy, as old Barry made us the literal laughing stock of the world with his anti-American antics. Now Kim Jong-un is catching a glimpse of the massive amount of whoop-ass that could quickly ensue, should he continue with his threats. Come December, and all that could be left of little Kim is could giant grease spot, after SEAL Team Six puts a round of ‘Merica right between his evil gerbil-like eyes.

Source: American Military News,

Illegal Immigrant Who Draws Thousands A Year In Benefits, Wants Others To Know How It’s Done.

Imagine if you will a day where you could just stop going into work. A day where you could walk into a supermarket and walk out with groceries, without having to ever do anything much in exchange for it.

Same goes for your rent and doctor bills. Well, that is the reality of some people living in America, notice I didn’t say Americans, because some of these people aren’t Americans at all. Take the case of Martina Nelson, an illegal resident, who swam across the Rio Grande over 20 years ago and has been living here ever since.

Martina receives nearly 1,000$ USD a month in government aid, in the form of housing subsidies, Medicaid and food stamps.

She’s also the mother of 7, yet doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong with decades of living off the system, as evident by the video. Now she want’s to let others know just what to do when you arrive here illegally: let the American taxpayer worry about it! With the ever-growingFederal Aid Recruiter business in full swing, she won’t have any problems.

It’s true our country has safety nets in place for actual Americans who truly need assistance through a rough period in life, but systemic abuse and lifelong, even multi-generational, abuse of the nation’s welfare system must cease. Not only for financial reasons, but because of the dependency culture it breeds amongst the population, be they birth citizen or illegal.

Liberal Cher Invites Illegals Into Her Mansion For Protection From Trump – HUGE Mistake!

The number of celebs outraged over President Trump’s new immigration enforcement plan just keeps going up. Those who have been politically active and those who just see it as a great publicity stunt are all piling on the Commander in Chief, calling him all sorts of names for doing his job and enforcing the law. The limousine liberals are out in droves to support the illegal immigrants that they’ve barely had any interaction with up to this point.

Apparently, the view is pretty great from the ivory tower, and at least one legend is ready to share it. The iconic Cher has decided to put her money where her mouth is and invite some of those who are slated for deportation to hang out at her house. As you can imagine, this was met with mixed emotions by those who noticed it in the Twitterverse. Whether or not she will follow through with her offer remains to be seen, but at least she’s considering putting her money where her mouth is.

Via Down Trend:

When president Trump announced he was ending Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty program DACA, liberals predictably freaked out. None however lost it as bad as past-her-prime pain-in-the-ass Cher. The has-been singer claims she is going to house illegal aliens in her mansion to protect them from Trump or something. On top of that, she is imploring her liberal celebrity friends to do the same thing. Clearly she doesn’t understand quite how much liberal elitists hate being around poor people or how their generosity only extends to them giving other people shit for not be generous.

In response to Trump ending Obama’s DACA program, Cher tweeted this hieroglyphic:

‘Those Who Can Must Take a DREAMER In2 Their Home & Protect Them I’m Ready 2 Do This & [pray] Others in MY BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME SANCTUARY,’ wrote Cher.

She obviously doesn’t understand what is going on. DACA recipients will still be protected from deportation and allowed to work for the next 6 months and up to 4 years, with the idea that Congress will pass some kind of immigration reform that will make their amnesty legal and permanent. These so called DREAMers were never an enforcement priority in the first place and Trump ending DACA doesn’t change that. Cher’s hysterical tweet makes it seem like they are suddenly going to be rounded up and deported and that’s simply not the case.

Despite that being an incredibly generous offer (or maybe because of it), there were a few doubtful souls who didn’t believe that the superstar would really follow through with what her political rhetoric prompted her to offer. They decided to voice their doubt, and Cher was none too thrilled to receive it.

(DT) “You know she’s serious because that was the first tweet Cher has ever sent that isn’t mostly emojis.

That Twitter user did have a point. Before the election tons of celebrities swore they would leave the country if Trump won and not a single one of them followed through. This feels similar with celebrities (or just Cher at this point) claiming she’s going to take in illegal aliens to protect them from Trump. It seems like more Hollywood bullshit because celebrities have a track record of being full of shit.

If Cher takes in any illegal aliens it will be in the form of housekeeping and gardening. Actually, she probably already has illegal aliens tending to her mansion and I guarantee she doesn’t pay them squat. The idea that she’s going to open up her mansion to a bunch of illegal aliens as house guests is laughable.

Part of me hopes she is the one celebrity who isn’t a complete fraud and she really does let illegal aliens move into her house. It will be too funny for words when they destroy her place and rob her blind. Even funnier when she can’t get them to leave. Of course, we will never know if this happened because she isn’t going to be as vocal when her social experiment goes wrong.”

It would be a very curious social experiment if she were to let just anyone hang out at her house in order to dodge ICE. Especially if you consider the violent reaction she had to someone making a comment about their doubt in her conviction to follow through. She doesn’t seem to be one to have a long fuse, and housing a whole lot of people already proven to be law breakers might be enough to break her of her liberal bleeding heart.

The natural cure for that would be to only allow in those illegals who passed some sort of test so that they would be agreeable for Cher to have around. Maybe only those that she might enjoy spending time around, or who would lend to the spirit that she’s trying to foster in her home. But if you did that, it would be like vetting them, which is what she’s against the United States doing, so she would never do that at her own home, I’m sure.

The fact of the matter is that stars like Cher have security and publicists and lots of other people to keep them safe and make them look good. They don’t have the same problems that we have and never will, so it’s no skin off their nose if illegals stay. Their solution isn’t one that is sustainable for the nation because we can’t all have gates and armed guards.

But in the mean time, if she does move forward with her plan to house illegals, maybe I can forge a DACA card so that I get to see Cher’s house. They’re totally for forging paperwork to get what you want, and I’m sure they’d never keep me out just because I wasn’t born into the same ethnicity as they were. No great tragedy without some small gain, right?

Source: Down Trend,


Obama highway

He hasn’t even been out of office for a year, and yet states and local governments around the country are looking to make a political statement by naming something after Barack Obama. The latest state to do so shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

After a resolution passed both the state’s Senate and Assembly yesterday, California will rename a section of Los Angeles-area highway for former President Obama. It is not clear when the name change will take place.

Obama reportedly used the highway to travel from his home to Occidental College, where he attended for a time.

ABC News reports.

The portion of the Ventura (134) Freeway, between the Glendale (2) and Foothill (210) freeways will be named the President Barack H. Obama Freeway.

According to Democratic state Sen. Anthony Portantino, who introduced the resolution and represents the area of the freeway, Obama used this portion of the freeway during the late 1970s to travel from his home in Pasadena to Occidental College in Eagle Rock.

“I am so proud to have authored this proposal to forever appreciate and commemorate President Obama’s tremendous legacy, statesmanship and direct connection to Southern California,” Portantino said in a statement.

The passage of the resolution came on the same day President Donald Trump announced an end to Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Portantino did not miss the opportunity to make political hay out of the coincidence.

“It is also quite appropriate and symbolic that the California Legislature would pass this resolution for a president filled with compassion on the same day we witness another president turn his back on 800,000 children,” he said.

Portantino also said the naming of the freeway honors the 44th president’s connection to Southern California.

“It is so important that California highlights the dignity of President Obama,” he said. “His direct connection to Southern California in general and to the 134 Freeway specifically makes this the appropriate and exciting place to recognize his tremendous accomplishments and the presidential manner in which he led our country.”

This isn’t the first road to be named for the former President. Two other California cities have roads named for Obama. Local officials in Palm Beach County, Florida have renamed two roads for him. One previously known as the “Old Dixie Highway” is now designated the Barack Obama Highway (shown in the picture above). Indiana and Illinois have also had cities rename streets for him. However, this appears to be the first time a state legislature has officially named a section of highway for him.