AMEN. Franklin Graham at Trump Rally Prays to God: “Shut Their Mouths” (VIDEO)

Rev. Franklin Graham AMAZING Prayer for Unity at President Trump Rally in Phoenix–The Phoenix Convention Center was PACKED!

Rev. Franklin Graham: We ask tonight for your help. There are those in this country who want to divide, who want to preach hate. And Father it is my prayer that you will just shut their mouths like you shut the mouths of the lions years ago.


Via Right Side Broadcasting Network:

CAIR Attorney Running For US Senate Just Revealed Horrifying Islamic Agenda For USA If Elected

At first glance, the woman in the brightly colored hajib looks like a modern member of her faith who, although adopting the traditional symbol of her faith, also represents the melting pot that is America.

But a closer look at the 45-year-old attorney, who has declared her candidacy to primary Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake, reveals deep concerns about her reasons for running – and her intentions if she wins.

Abboud, who was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and converted to Islam as an adult, is an attorney in Arizona, but she made a local name for herself for establishing the first chapter of CAIR in Arizona.

Concerns about Abboud arise from her association CAIR, which has been deemed a “terrorist”organization by The United Arab Emirates right along with other groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas.

Although CAIR was invited to the Obama White House on numerous occasions and claims that it is like any other “civil society organizations that peacefully promote civil and democratic rights and that oppose terrorism whenever it occurs, wherever it occurs and whoever carries it out,” in fact, the organization was ousted as an unindicted co-conspirator in a case regarding funding to extremist group Hamas.

How many “civil society organizations that peacefully promote civil and democratic rights” can be said to fund terror groups in the Middle East?

Abboud claims to have received negative publicity and Facebook attacks because she chooses to wear the head covering that is a symbol of her faith, failing to appreciate that such Muslim symbols also stand for the oppression of women, and a rigid code of public punishment for transgressions like daring to drive a car, leave the house without a male chaperone or even show their face in public.

The hajib is a symbol of a society where husbands may beat their wives for disobedience.

Where mothers participate in honor killings of their daughters.

A world that is stuck in the 7th century of its founding.

Abboud fails to recognize – or chooses to admit – the impossibility of adhering to the Muslim code that puts her in a hajib while defending and promoting American values of freedom and equality – yes, even for women.

An American flag – a symbol of freedom, flew behind the CAIR activist as she announced her candidacy.

Significantly, it was flown upside down.

Please comment below if you share concerns that the Muslim faith’s oppression of women raises concerns about the dedication of Muslim candidates to American values of freedom and equality.

Obama Makes Dangerous Announcement – He’s Coming For Trump

So much about Donald Trump’s election is groundbreaking and unprecedented.

And that includes former President Barack Obama’s behavior and reaction to our new commander-in-chief.

When was the last time a former president effectively organized what amounts to rebellion against the new and sitting president?

But that’s precisely what Obama is doing.

The worrying thing is that, while Obama was a crappy leader, he does have a LOT of experience in organizing radical Liberal elements to take dangerous action.

That’s what got him into the national spotlight in the first place.

And he’s trying to use those talents to bring down President Trump.

Obama’s former spokesman, Kevin Lewis, admitted as much in a tweet:

Following a number of executive orders with which he disagreed, and concerted efforts to erase his lousy legacy, Obama is “organizing” America against Trump.

And he’s no longer even trying to do it quietly.

This is happening out in the open. And it amounts to mutiny.

Only a man as arrogant as Obama would think that being a former president gives him the right to revolt against the new, democratically-elected government.


Right After Girl Gets Picture With Mike Pence, An Angry Leftist Mob Does The UNTHINKABLE

I was bullied over a photo with Mike Pence: college studentI was bullied over a photo with Mike Pence: college studentI was bullied over a photo with Mike Pence: college student

Scripps College student McKenzie Deutsch got a picture with Vice President Mike Pence and Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers. Knowing many of her peers from the university were left-leaning, she was hesitant to post the picture on Facebook. But, wanting to share this unique experience after a summer interning for McMorris Rogers, she posted it anyway.

Then, the hate started pouring in. She wrote about the experience in an article for the Claremont Independent, saying:

“Shortly after posting the photo, I began receiving vicious comments and private messages accusing me of not caring about LGBTQ rights and attacking me for getting anywhere near the Vice-President.

“Close friends and distant acquaintances alike lashed out in fury, subjecting me to lectures, rants, and name-calling — all while ignoring the photo’s plainly apolitical context.”

She continued:

“According to my peers, taking a photo with Vice-President Pence is anything but neutral. In fact, it constitutes direct violence and oppression against marginalized groups.

Fellow students called her viles names- like “bitch,” and mocked her with grossly hyperbolic questions such as: “Did you manage to ask him why he thinks women are second-class citizens?” and “How many LBGTQ folks do you need to help send to conversion therapy in exchange for reproductive rights from Pence?”

Deutsch concluded her essay with a call for unity, saying:

“Apparently, when it comes to those with whom they disagree, many of my peers are only capable of disrespectful engagement…This is not as it should be. We need a genuine dialogue — now more than ever.”

The leftist zeitgeist obsessed with shutting down dialogue and turning to vile name-calling on college campuses is getting out of hand. Deutsch managed to stick up for herself with exceptional grace and class.

Let’s show this young lady some support by SHARING her message of unity out!

After Trump Aimed His Best Weapon At Them, Ryan And McConnell Knew They Are DOOMED

Once again, Trump is winning!

We recently reported about how Trump had led the RNC to raise $75 million in the first 6 months of 2017.  But it’s getting even better.

The RNC just set another fundraising record:  it just raised the most money EVER in a non-presidential election year!  That’s pretty darn impressive.  That amount is $13.4 million just in the month of June.

Watch this, you’re gonna LOVE it:

(Courtesy of via

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel gives the credit to the American people, for their generous support.  Its fundraising success is due to smaller contributions of $200 or less.  What does that tell you?  That the Patriots that elected Trump are still excited about him.  They are so excited, they want to support him with their hard earned money.

The GOP now controls all three main branches of government, and with the amount of money the RNC has managed to raise, that could continue for a very long time.

Of course, we want Republicans in Washington who can and will get things done.  We are tired of people like Mitch McConnell, who whined that Trump’s expectations for Congress were excessive.  We are tired of people like Paul Ryan, who is a traitor to Trump.

We want the swamp drained!

If you agree, comment “drain the swamp” and share so everyone can add their comment!

There’s Something the Media Isn’t Telling You About Charlottesville

Have you, like me, ever wondered why white supremacy hate groups are labeled “right-wing”?  Considering recent events out of Charlottesville, VA, I’m sure many conservatives – or any right-leaning individuals, for that matter –  are certainly wondering that by now.

And, where does that label come from, exactly?  After all, writings from Edmund Burke, William F. Buckley, Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell certainly make no connection to that reference. Hmmm.

According to a report from the Daily Wire:

Jason Kessler, the man who helped organize Saturday’s white nationalist “Unite the Right” event that erupted in violence, has come under the national spotlight because of his role in the ultimately deadly event and his subsequent need to flee a press conference after being attacked. According to some persistent “rumors,” prior to his rise to prominence on the far-right, Kessler embraced the far-left Occupy Wall Street movement and was an Obama supporter.

So, to be clear, Kessler was linked to the progressive movement at one point, and then conveniently moved to the right?  Oh, ok. Got it.

According to a report from

Kessler did not become a white supremacist until November of 2016. The timing all by itself is fishy here. He didn’t start his new cause until AFTER Donald Trump was elected President. He also took $1,320 as a consulting fee from a Democratic candidate running for the Senate in 2012. He’s pro-abortion, an environmentalist, a non-interventionist, pro-equality and an atheist, among other things. This guy sounds like someone that should be looked into. I find it very suspicious that a leftist would suddenly join a hate group to stir up chaos on our streets. Or maybe not so much.

Per Daily Wire, Kessler’s path to becoming a “Unite The Right” organizer is rooted in anger towards a Charlottesville black councilman named Wes Bellamy.

Kessler’s campaign against Bellamy, who had organized a press conference calling for the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue that was at the center of the “Unite the Right” rally, resulted in the unearthing of what SPLC describes as “sexist, homophobic, and bigoted tweets” by the councilman, a publicity win for Kessler. He then launched a petition demanding that Bellamy step down, a petition which was ultimately tossed out — but not before Kessler punched a guy in the face while trying to get signatures, an action that got him arrested with misdemeanor assault. 

So how on earth does a leftist upset by a councilman’s “sexist, homophobic, and bigoted tweets” suddenly become a far-right leader?

To answer that question, one really doesn’t need to look any further than the KKK.  After all, it was rooted in the Democratic Party. But, of course, no one wants to talk about that.

Americans In One Town Can Now Be ‘Punished’ In A Terrifying Way For Criticizing Islam And Muslims

Free speech is one of our most sacred rights as Americans. It grants us freedom over a would-be controlling government.

Yet time and again we see liberals trying to destroy this basic right. Be it online or in meetings, they are terrified of Americans speaking their minds.

But this one federal judge completely overstepped his authority by attacking free speech. And the people aren’t taking it lying down.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to a report from the Thomas More Law Center, residents of Bernards Township, New Jersey, have been banned from bringing up the topic of Muslims or Islam at an upcoming public hearing.

That public forum is intended to determine whether a mosque should be built in the community…

Lawsuit Against Bernards Township for Denying Permission to Mosque

The controversy is focused on a settlement order from a district court, which appears to blatantly violate free speech protections.

“No commentary regarding Islam or Muslims will be permitted,” states a legally binding court order about the mosque hearing…

In response to the controversial order, the Thomas More Law Center has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Christopher and Loretta Quick, who live just 200 feet away from the proposed mosque site…

The lawsuit claims that preventing local citizens from voicing their concerns about the “Islamic” nature of the mosque is not only unfair, but also unconstitutional.

This is nothing new. Government entities, be they judges or agencies, regularly try to infringe on our rights.

Why? Because it’s easier to control us that way. Their desire to regulate, manipulate, and hinder our society matters more to them than a free America.

Every generation much fight for free speech, or it will be taken away from them. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a public meeting discussing Islam, or a conversation on Twitter. Free speech must be protected, no matter what.

Be sure to spread the word about this corrupt judge. The people of Bernards Township aren’t accepting this. Nor should you.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Should Your Taxpayer Dollars Pay For Transgender Surgeries?

ACH told you about two state employees who are suing the state, because the taxpayer-funded state health insurance would not cover transgender surgeries. In this particular case, two men who wanted surgeries to become women.

 Image result for shannon andrews wisconsin

Note that they can still go through surgery if they choose (one already did), it is just a matter of them paying for this out of their own pockets.

So we wanted to hear from you. Should states, and thereby, taxpayers, be forced to pay for surgeries such as this?


After Weeks Of Silence, Sarah Palin Shares Some Great News That She Just Received

Sarah Palin is giving the country a reminder of exactly why Americans voted for Trump, and support him – he fights back. And so does she.

Fact is, the historic wins that Republicans had on Election Day were a sign that America was ready to push back, and push back hard. We’re sick of being told we’re racist, stupid, and gun nutty, all while we try to protect the country from threats at home and abroad.

And not one Republican came to our defense, except Trump. And Palin.

So when the New York Times defamed Palin two months ago, and blamed her for the shooting of Gabby Giffords, Palin hit back. We expected that. But we also expected that her lawsuit against the New York Times would be thrown out of court.Well, it hasn’t. Quite the opposite, in fact. Because now the editorial’s author is being called in to testify.

And if you know anything about these kinds of cases, well…that just doesn’t happen. Palin is going to win.

Allen B. West reports:

Bad news for the New York Times, but former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin just got some excellent news concerning her defamation lawsuit against the rag paper. The authors of the piece are being ordered to testify in court.

You might think that testifying in court isn’t a big deal for, well, a lawsuit. And for most kinds of suits, it’s not. But suits against journalists are different.

Basically, it comes down to this: if the author of the NYT editorial knew that Gabby Gifford’s shooting had nothing to do with Sarah Palin, the author is in huge legal trouble. You just can’t write things that aren’t true about people that have done nothing wrong.

So, the big question is this: how does the judge determine whether or not the author knew he was writing BS? Simple – just ask him if he reads his own paper.


Shocking Link Found Between Obama and Charlottesville White Supremacist Organizer

Surely our first black president, of all people, is on the opposite side of those behind the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville?

Obama definitely cashed in on the violence in Virginia by taking a very public stand against the white supremacists and a subtle jab at President Trump in the process.

Well, the shocking truth is that while Obama and those behind the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville are certainly no allies today, he did previously have their vote.

It is with tremendous surprise that we’ve learned that “Unite the Right” organizer, Jason Kessler, perhaps the most villainous right-winger in America at present, was until recently a registered Democratic voter.

This bombshell revelation was first brought to light by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a hard left outfit that is certainly no friend of conservatives or white supremacists.

The SPLC report reads:

Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.

Regardless of Kessler’s past politics, the rightward shift in his views was first put on display in November, 2016…

As hinted at by the SPLC report above, Kessler was involved in some pretty radical movements during his liberal days, too.

For instance, his apparent participation in Occupy Wall Street.

So, while Jason Kessler today is swinging for the “alt-right,” it is clear that he was radicalized by the left.

And, as Kessler himself noted, this is actually a fairly common progression – young ideologues get radicalized by the hard left, become disillusioned with the liberal agenda and then bring their hate to the opposite end of the political spectrum.

The situation as a whole is unacceptable. But President Trump was right – if we don’t take a proper perspective regarding the left’s role in all of this, we will never end the divisions that are tearing this nation apart.