McCain Just Issues SICK Anti-American Order To Commissioned Officers About What They Must To Do Trump NOW

America’s most infamous traitor, John McCain, has been obsessed to take out Trump from the day our new president was sworn into office. We learned recently that McCain was behind the fake Russian dossier against Trump, and has been feeding leaks to the liberal media, where the icing on the cake came several weeks ago when McCain officially killed the Obamacare repeal, becoming the left’s instant hero. But amazingly, the two-time failed presidential candidate still isn’t done putting the screws to America. The brain-rotting crustacean gave the commencement speech for the U.S. Naval academy this week, where he decided to throw not only our President under the bus, but our entire country as well. And the order McCain gave to these newly commissioned officers will leave you in complete disbelief. 

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that given the golden opportunity to publicly bash Trump, that McCain would jump at the chance. What IS surprising however, is that John McCain, who fancies himself as a “war hero,” would tell these newly commissioned officers to NOT put America first. 

McCain began his speech by predictably taking a swipe at Trump and his entire administration. But later in the speech is when McCain proved to the world just how many brain cells he’s apparently lost with his recent brain cancer diagnosis, where he made the asinine demand that these newly commissioned officers should NOT put America first, and should try to blend with other countries such as Europe. 

McCain said that as a “statesman,” that he had concluded that “the American example and American leadership are indispensable to securing a peaceful and prosperous future, and that “there could be no more isolationism, no more tired resignation — no more ‘America First.’”

Putting America first is the very reason that young men and women decide to sign up for the military in the first place, but apparently the message of patriotism and love for country are attributives that John McCain has lost along the way, as he’s stepped on literally everyone in his path over the years to ensure that his own selfish personal political agendas were fulfilled.

Perhaps McCain’s callous attitude towards our country and his sentiments of “no more America first” first came to fruition back on July 31 1967 when he killed 134 of his fellow sailors while aboard the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier.

According to eye witnesses that day, whose accounts were predictably buried by the Navy due to John McCain’s familial ties to two 4-star admirals, McCain decided to be a show off, by doing a “wet start” of his jet. This reckless maneuver makes fuel build up in the engine before the plane is started. The result is a flame erupting from the tail of the plane, that’s accompanied by a startling amount of noise. After McCain started his engine in this manner, the electrical surge of this maneuver subsequently caused the accidental launching of a powerful Zuni rocket across the carrier’s deck, that hit two other parked planes that were packing 1,000-pound highly-explosive bombs.

Or perhaps McCain’s sentiments of “not putting America first” was bred from his selfish desires after being rescued as a POW, where he would then go on to bury evidence of there being other POW’s held by the Vietnamese for his own selfish political reasons.
Three months after the bloody tragedy on the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier, John McCain was sent on a bombing mission over Hanoi in October of 1967 when he was shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese, where he’s go on to be a prisoner of war until 1973. After being released from captivity, McCain would use his POW story and veteran status to rise to political prominence, where his image as a “Vietnam war hero” would go on to propel him to be elected as a United States Senator.
But a “hero” is the last thing that John McCain was or will ever be. What most people don’t know is the massive government scandal that McCain helped hide, as he’d go on for decades to tirelessly work to bury stunning information about American prisoners over in Vietnam who unlike him, didn’t return home. Using his position as a senator, McCain would be behind the scenes quietly pushing and sponsoring federal laws that would keep the most damning information about our POWs buried through classified documents.
More evidence of Traitor McCain  “not putting America first” was on full display several months ago, after the disturbing bombshell was leaked about how he’s basically owned by George Soros and Muslim terrorists.
After a little digging was done into the McCain Institute, a rather suspicious donor list immediately began sending off alarm bells. One of his most generous donors to McCain’s organization is the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the very same Muslims LINKED to the 9/11 terror attack! Yep, that’s right. John McCain is owned by Muslims!
Share this story and help expose what a massive TRAITOR John McCain truly is!  Not only has his life been full of treason and his own selfish ambitions, but he’s now attempting to pass the torch of treason to these newly commissioned officers, in an effort to ensure there’s other people inside our government hating America just has much as he does!


Racist NAACP Wants To Make Sick New Change To National Anthem That Will Infuriate Every White American

In another attempt to rewrite our American history the far left, race-baiting NAACP has stepped forward demanding to change the national anthem. Ever since anti-American NFL players began to kneel during the national anthem to protest racial inequality, conservatives knew it was only a matter of time before the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ would be attacked further. And as if right on cue, the NAACP has not failed to follow through with their next attack on American history by seeking this major change to our nation’s song.

The NAACP has been working overtime over the last several years in their attempt to change everything about our country. Just a few months ago, the NAACP was active in demanding the removal of Confederate statues across the country, including Stone Moutain Georgia’s monument. A couple of years earlier the racist group again demanded that school’s across the nation change their mascots if they offended the black community, and now they want the national anthem removed.

Yes, you heard that right. These selfish, angry individuals want the entire national anthem to be thrown away since it is offensive to the black community. 

The NAACP’s California chapter announced that in January they would begin the fight to remove the national anthem. According to Alice Huffman, president of the California chapter of the NAACP, the anthem is hostile to black people, racist, and pro-slavery. Huffman is referring to the lyrics in the anthem that has been long since removed and haven’t sung in years, but that doesn’t matter to this race-baiting woman.

Here is more from Inquisitr:

This song is wrong,” Huffman said, according to CBS station KOVR-TV. “It should never have been there, and just like we didn’t have it until 1931, it won’t kill us if it goes away.”

Apparently referring to the third stanza of the “The Star-Spangled Banner” which says “no refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” Huffman condemned the song as racist.

“It’s racist. It doesn’t represent our community. It’s anti-black people.”

She noted that analysts have interpreted the lyrics as being in reference to black slaves fighting for their freedom. It is widely believed that the lyrics celebrate the death of black slaves who fought with the British in the War of 1812 for their freedom. Francis Scott Key (1779-1843), who wrote the lyrics of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” was a slave owner who fought against abolitionists, critics also note.

“Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.”

“I believe that any individual that hears the song, that believes in the song should take the time to understand what the song is really saying,” NAACP Regional Director Ronald Hasson said, according to KABC-TV.

Hasson then went on to reveal that the NAACP plans to lobby legislators to replace the song as the national anthem.

“If we’re going to talk about a song that’s supposed to represent all people, let’s really be serious about what we’re talking about, or what is being sung,” Hasson said.

According to KABC-TV, the NAACP plans to push for a resolution in January to replace the “The Star-Spangled Banner” as the national anthem. The NAACP also plans to push for a resolution in support of Colin Kaepernick who helped to spark a debate about racial inequality in the country by kneeling during the national anthem sung before football games.

Many Americans have criticized the suggestion that “The Star-Spangled” banner be replaced as the national anthem.

“That’s an extreme way of doing things,” protested Kenneth Lu, a veteran who lives in Davis, according to CBS News.

“It won’t solve any problem,” said veteran John Cox.

For anyone to suggest erasing our national anthem as a way to fix race relations in this country are living in a fantasy world. Before Barack Obama was elected into office, race relations were at an all-time high, but the great the “divisionary” ripped off that band-aid with his hateful rhetoric. Now, eight years later race relations are in the tank and are not getting any better especially when you have people like Alice Huffman fanning the flames of division.

No one is saying that our country didn’t go through dark times, but we came through it with lessons learned and erasing it doesn’t make it the reality disappear. Removing Confederate monuments, school mascots, and the national anthem will not change the past and if someone is having adverse reactions to these inanimate objects they may need to seek professional help.

At any rate, these race-baiters will only continue to push for American history to be erased which means we as conservatives need to push back even harder. The 2018 elections are quickly approaching and we need to make sure we elect people that will protect our American history and not capitulate to these irrational demands.

Source:Fox News,

This Wounded Marine Held A Salute For HOURS… What These Patriot Bikers Do Will Give You Chills (Videos)

Every Memorial Day weekend since 1988, Rolling Thunder/Ride for Freedom has been held in Washington, DC, to raise awareness of the Prisoners of War–Missing in Action of all wars. And every Memorial Day this hero stands and salutes in honor of the men and women who have served our great country!

United States Marine Corps Veteran Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers is known to the world as The Saluting Marine for standing at attention for hours in the middle of the street during Rolling Thunder. In one of the videos we have below he held the salute for 3-4 hours while standing on concrete as the biker/patriots rode by and saluted back! This is so awesome to watch! In spite having a broken wrist, Sgt. Chambers ignored the pain and heat and continued his powerful act honoring veterans of our country.

We are including a few different videos that we know you will love! My favorite parts are when the patriots try to help him stay cool and wipe the sweat from his head!

So let’s get to these videos! Enjoy and God bless!

This one is a beautiful news report from FOX.

YouTube video via gti2005

This one is amazing!

YouTube Video via Patrick J. Hughes

And this one which features a song by Billy Ray Cyrus called ‘Some Gave All’ 

YouTube video via SethJohnston17

I just have to say, this really touched my heart in so many ways. We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did and would love for you to share this with all of your friends and family on Facebook! God bless you patriots and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Texas Pastor Comes Up With Perfect Way To Keep Church-Goers Safe After Latest Mass Shooting

The horrifying mass shooting event at a quiet church in Texas has shaken the nation to its core.

It’s also sparked a ton of passionate response, which has run the gamut from common sense wisdom to disturbing partisan talking points.

While it may be hard to tune out the latter, it’s an imperative step that needs to be taken by the nation as a whole.

As those that make all the noise continue to get all of the attention, there’s a ton of properly-grounded folks that bring actual solutions to the table that aren’t chock full of partisan bullet points.

The Independent Journal Review passes along the details on one of those solutions, and it comes from a relatively surprising source.

But Ron Smith, pastor of Church of the King in McAllen, Texas, has a plan that Lone Star State residents — and any pro-Second Amendment American — can get behind.

He is encouraging more people to get their concealed carry licenses after 26-year-old gunman Devin Patrick Kelleyopened fire during Sunday’s worship service at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing 26 people and injuring 30 others.

“If the public carried guns, there would be less people killed by the bad guys,” Smith told KGBT-TV. “[I]f someone comes in shooting up the crowd, and there are people here that have a license to carry, they can save lives.”

Much to the consternation of the Left, the truths of that simple point are becoming more and more apparent.

In the case of Kelley, he would only stop his rampage when he was faced with personal harm.

That’s been true in plenty of other cases as well, and it forces everyone to come to terms with one of the unfortunate realities of the world we live in.

The preacher said he plans to meet with his church’s leadership to develop a policy that would allow firearms to be brought into the sanctuary.

“Those who have a license to carry concealed, I personally encourage it,” he explained, “but it would depend on what our elders say and the written policy that we come up with.”

At the end of the day, though, Smith said he’s not worried about a shooter storming into his church because the chances of it happening are “one in a million,” and regardless, “God’s in control.”

It’s a sad state of affairs that we even have to worry about having folks arm themselves at church.

However, the realities of the world lead to a simple question that helps to reconcile that: What other choice do we have?

As long as bad people continue to do bad things, good people need to be afforded the opportunity to protect themselves and others.

Source: Independent Journal Review,

Look What Democrats Want To Take Away From Senior Citizens Now

Liberals always look to punish those in need.

Even though they claim to help Americans, more often they harm people they think are getting in the way.

It’s especially true when you consider how they treat the elderly. Men and women who deserve our respect and consideration are often neglected by the system created by liberals.

They’ve suffered so much at the hands of democrats. And now we’re learning they might suffer even more.

From Free Beacon:

A Democratic alderman from Manchester, N.H. suggested at a recent committee meeting that he wants the government to create a program to get elderly people to leave their homes they can no longer afford, arguing the city “can’t be run by the elderly…”

Herbert described his 85-year-old neighbor who cannot afford to stay at her house, saying that instead of offering her tax credits, the government should have a program to get her out of her home.

“I’ve got an 85-year-old woman that lives across the street, and, and she won’t give up her house,” Herbert said. “She’s sitting on $350,000 and she can’t afford it anymore, and you’re saying give her a tax credit. No, we should have a program that gets her out of the house.”

Typical Socialist rhetoric. If they deem someone is no longer useful, they want to get rid of them.

Imagine that. People who worked hard all their lives, who contributed to this country, who paid into Social Security and other programs. Now that they’re too old to work, the left want to just kick them to the curb.

Yet I’m sure Herbert wants to provide free housing, healthcare, and food for illegal immigrants. American citizens? They need to get out!

There is a reason for this kind of double standard. Elderly Americans, who worked hard to build this country, often hold to conservative values. They also stand up for what they believe in and vote accordingly.

Minorities, especially illegal immigrants, are easier to control by the government. They’ll do whatever liberals tell them to, because they promise them handouts.

Not a surprise this liberal wants to get rid of the elderly.

Source: Free Beacon,


muslims tariq ramadan muslim brotherhood oxford

While the media is intent on demonizing white males all across the nation, they ignore the threat of radical Islam and creeping Sharia. Leftist indoctrination channels like CNN and MSNBC continually blame white men for all of the world’s problems, while refusing to report on the rampant sexual abuse that takes place within Islamic communities.

It should come as no surprise then that a Muslim professor was just ousted for a disgusting, Sharia-compliant crime he committed while serving as a teacher at Oxford University. Unfortunately, thanks to the liberal culture which pervades our college campuses, his well documented abuse went on for years without any sort of punishment.

At first it wasn’t very obvious, but as time went by, Tariq Ramadan became more and more bold—this was his downfall. After victimizing numerous female students with his disgusting ‘sharia practice’ word finally broke out, but even still the university board refused to do anything.

Under sharia law, women are treated like property…and that isn’t an exaggeration. Sharia law dictates that women can’t drive cars, that a woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s, that women can be beaten by their husbands, and that they can be killed for sexual immodesty. Yet somehow, the feminists are nowhere to be found.

It should come as no surprise then that the “tolerant” culture of Oxford allowed Tariq Ramadan to carry out his disgusting practice for presumably years, before he was finally caught. According to Times of Israel, the BBC, and numerous other media outlets, the teacher has been facing disgusting allegations of sexual abuse from multiple students.

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan took a leave of absence on Tuesday from the University of Oxford following multiple rape and sexual misconduct allegations, the British institution said.

The announcement by Oxford that Ramadan would take a leave of absence came the same day a UK politician was found dead, only days after resigning over misconduct allegations as part of a wider harassment scandal embroiling parliament.

In a statement, Oxford said Ramadan’s leave was a mutual decision and would allow him to deal with the allegations against him.

“By mutual agreement, and with immediate effect, Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies, has taken a leave of absence from the University of Oxford,” it said in a statement.

Ramadan’s duties will be reassigned and he will not be present on campus, the university said.

The Swiss-born professor has denied two allegations of rape made by French women, as well as further allegations in Swiss media of sexual misconduct against teenage girls in the 1980s and 1990s.

Oxford said the claims had caused “heightened and understandable distress” and its principal concern remains “the wellbeing of our students and staff.”

“An agreed leave of absence implies no presumption or acceptance of guilt and allows Professor Ramadan to address the extremely serious allegations made against him, all of which he categorically denies,” the university said.

While the professor has denied the validity of these allegations, there’s one disturbing fact that the media has been ignoring. Tariq Ramadan’s grandfather founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt—that’s right, the same Muslim Brotherhood that promotes sharia law, sexual abuse of women, and a caliphate.

Why is it that the media continues to turn a blind eye to Islamic cultures of sexual abuse, while it continually fabricates stories of “college rape epidemics,” such as the UVA hoax perpetuated by Rolling Stone Magazine, or the “Duke Lacrosse” hoax which has since been disproven?

It’s clear that there’s an agenda in this country to undermine Judeo-Christian ethics, culture, and people—and if we don’t start speaking out against this disturbingly quiet spread of sharia law and Muslim extremist culture, in a few years time we’ll be living under a caliphate.

If you’re absolutely DISGUSTED by this Muslim professor’s actions, please give this article a share on social media. Thank you and God bless America!

Source:  Pamela Geller,


nfl boycott flag

Every conservative in America needs to read this—please share!

In response to the new NFL trend of ‘taking a knee’ to protest the national anthem, conservatives all across the country are organizing a nationwide protest on the League for Veteran’s Day Weekend—November 10th through November 12th.

The movement began with Main Street Patriots, a Tea Party activism website, which has rallied fellow citizens to show their support for the American flag and the national anthem by boycotting the NFL. “I urge patriotic Americans to exercise their First Amendment rights and boycott the NFL and their sponsors,” co-founder Debbie Dooley said.

“I have watched professional football since the time there were two separate leagues—AFL and NFL in the late 60’s,” Dooley said. She adds that unfortunately, NFL players have been “seeking to change that by attempting to shove their political views down the throats of fans.”

Dooley isn’t the only American who’s grown upset over the relatively recent trend of boycotting the national anthem. Millions of Americans have ardently vocalized their opinions on the matter, and the nation seems to be widely split on the issue—you’re either for, or against it.

The proponents of the NFL claim that they’re raising awareness and protesting “racial inequality” in this country. They point out that the prison population is overwhelmingly black, that police arrests are unproportionally black, and that wealth is almost non-existent in black families.

Those against the NFL tell a different story, however—while many of them support freedom of speech, they condemn the NFL players for disrespecting the very same flag which affords them such a right.

“The U.S. flag and the freedom for which it stands, at levels never before witnessed in our country, is under constant attack from the Left and now pampered sports figures,” Ralph King, co-founder of Main Street Patriots said. “Now is the time to be united in standing in defense and proper recognition of Old Glory.”

Main Street Patriots reports:

Main Street Patriots is calling on all our fellow Red, White & Blue patriots to rally in support of the ultimate symbol of freedom – the US Flag — in the nationwide Flags Across America Rally!

The US flag and the freedom for which it stands, at levels never before witnessed in our country, is under constant attack from the left and now pampered sports figures! We cannot allow these attacks to go unanswered! Now is the time to be united standing in defense and proper recognition of Old Glory!

All across our great country this Veterans Day weekend, Americans will be coming together to not only support our veterans — but to embrace and show the proper respect to our US Flag that our veterans so proudly served to protect.

We are encouraging Americans & liberty loving groups across our great country to host or attend a Flags Across America Rally the weekend of Veterans Day 11/10 – 11/12/17.

From shows of support at High School football games on Friday, Saturday College games to NFL games on Sunday, town squares, bridge overpasses, major intersections, etc… join in the nationwide show of support!

To host a Flags Across America Rally email us at  For updates and rally locations please check our website

So far, the movement has gained massive recognition as large conservative media outlets such as Breitbart have helped publicize it. That’s not enough, however—we need every single man, woman, and child in America to help send the NFL a message loud and clear.

For too long have these pampered, spoiled NFL millionaires disgraced our flag and crying “racism” while they eat caviar in their penthouse suites. For too long have they disrespected our veterans, who’ve shed blood to keep us safe…and for too long, have they dishonored our country, which is the greatest country in the world!

Please share this article on social media by clicking on the link down below—every man, woman, and child must know about this nationwide protest. We need 50 million conservatives boycotting the NFL, to send them a message LOUD AND CLEAR!

Thousands of Scientists Declare Obama a LIAR: ‘Climate Change a Complete Hoax and Scam’

Thousands of Scientists Declare Obama a LIAR: ‘Climate Change a Complete Hoax and Scam’

Former President Obama declared in a State of the Union Address that, “No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.”

One would think that the greatest threat to future generations is the ever-growing debt that is quickly approaching $20 trillion, $9 trillion of which was added during Obama’s presidency. A child born in 2016 bares a $42,000 share of the publicly held federal debt. Before these children even take their first steps, Washington has made decisions that reduce their future economic opportunity.

Not according to Obama:

“Look, if anybody still wants to dispute the science around climate change, have at it,” Obama said, “You’ll be pretty lonely, because you’ll be debating our military, most of America’s business leaders, the majority of the American people, almost the entire scientific community and 200 nations around the world who agree it’s a problem and intend to solve it.”

Over 30,000 scientists disagree with Obama and Al Gore, and have come forward and stated that ‘catastrophic man-made global warming’ is a complete hoax and science lie.

According to Natural News, one of these experts is Weather Channel founder John Coleman, who warned that the election could have proven to be a “tipping point” in favor of people like Al Gore, who continues to amass vast fortunes based on the global warming scam.

In a recent interview with Climate Depot, Coleman said:

“Al Gore would have emerged from the shadows to declare victory in the ‘global warming’ debate had Hillary Clinton moved into the White House. Yes, if that had happened and the new climate regulations became the law of the land, they would have been next to impossible to overturn for four to eight years.”

Climate change proponents remain undeterred in their mission, ignoring numerous recent scientific findings indicating that there has been no warming trend at all for nearly two decades.

Al Gore’s dire predictions of the melting of polar ice on a massive scale have proved to be completely false. In fact, in 2014 – a year that was touted as being “the hottest ever” in the Earth’s history – there were record amounts of ice reported in Antarctica, an increase in Arctic ice, and record snowfalls across the globe.

Debunking the “97 percent” lie

On top of those “inconvenient truths,” the White House’s assertion that 97 percent of scientists agree that global warming is real has been completely debunked. Several independently-researched examinations of the literature used to support the “97 percent” statement found that the conclusions were cherry-picked and misleading.

More objective surveys have revealed that there is a far greater diversity of opinion among scientists than the global warming crowd would like for you to believe.

From the National Review:

“A 2008 survey by two German scientists, Dennis Bray and Hans von Storch, found that a significant number of scientists were skeptical of the ability of existing global climatemodels to accurately predict global temperatures, precipitation, sea-level changes, or extreme weather events even over a decade; they were far more skeptical as the time horizon increased.”

Other mainstream news sources besides the National Review have also been courageous enough to speak out against the global warming propaganda – even the Wall Street Journalpublished an op-ed piece in 2015 challenging the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) pseudoscience being promulgated by global warming proponents.

And, of course, there are the more than 31,000 American scientists (to date) who have signed a petition challenging the climate change narrative and 9,029 of them hold PhDs in their respective fields. But hey, Obama, Al Gore and his cronies have also ignored that inconvenient truth, as well.

Many of those scientists who signed the petition were likely encouraged to speak out in favor of the truth after retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist John L. Casey revealed that solar cycles are largely responsible for warming periods on Earth – not human activity.

Al Gore and his cronies continue getting richer from the global warming hoax

But the global warming crowd continues to push their agenda on the public while lining their pockets in the process. If you’re still inclined to believe what Al Gore has to say about global warming, please consider the fact that since he embarked on his crusade, his wealth has grown from $2 million in 2001 to $100 million in 2016 – largely due to investments in fake “green tech” companies and the effective embezzlement of numerous grants and loans.

In June, when President Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Accord the Democrats and mainstream media went into a frenzy declaring that the world was coming to an end, crops would suddenly start to die and our children would be stricken with more illnesses.

What the Democrats do not want the American people to know is that the United States contributed $1 billion to the global Green Climate Fund, but the world’s top polluters contributed nothing, David Asman reported.

Fox News reported that Asman said on “Forbes on Fox” that China, Russia and India contributed no money to the Green Climate Fund, yet that international community pressured the U.S. to sign onto the Paris Climate Accord.

Steve Forbes said that the billion-dollar payment is another reason why President Trump was smart to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris agreement, and America already reduces carbon emissions better than any other nation in the world.

Of course, the left and mainstream media will not report how much the United States contributed in comparison to other countries, or that President Trump does support continuing efforts to reduce carbon emissions – they would rather continue their fake news rhetoric and deceiving the American people.

OMG: After Wall Street Financial Analyst Saw Hillary’s Financial Reports He Said 1 Thing That Will END Her

Famous Wall Street financial analyst Charles Ortel, who gained recognition for correctly identifying problems with GE’s finances in 2008, has just dropped a bombshell about Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

After more than a year of investigating the Clinton Foundation’s financial records, Ortel has come to a conclusion that seems to support all the suspicion surrounding Hillary and the Clinton foundation.  (Continue Below)

Ortel said that the foundation’s financial records are “littered with mistakes and repeat filings.” His research revealed “gaps in the amount of money donors claim to have given and the amount of money the foundation claims to have received.”  In other words it seems that they are falsifying their financial records.  There is a word for that crime – FRAUD.

From The Washington Examiner:

Hal Moroz, a private attorney and former Georgia judge, said he referred some of Ortel’s findings on the violations of the foundation to the state attorney general’s office.

“This is a matter of great public interest because we have a major party presidential candidate who has been greatly enriched by the questionable activities of a foundation that was meant to serve charitable public interests,” Moroz said.

“The records of charities are open to public review and scrutiny, and this is so because there are certain tax advantages to registering under state and federal law as a charity and the citizens of the United States foot the bill for these tax advantages,” he said.

According to 42 U.S. Code § 1307, fraud is punishable by up to a $10,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison!  It seems with each passing day the public learns of another scandal or crime that Hillary is involved with.

Here is Charles Ortel exposing the “Clinton Cartel”

WATCH: Melania Reaches Top Of Great Wall, Turns To CNN Reporter & Drops 10-Word Truth Bomb

First Lady Melania Trump had the opportunity of a lifetime on Friday to embark on a private tour of the Great Wall of China. When she reached the top of the historic landmark, Malenia turned to a reporter from CNN who had accompanied her on the trek. The first lady proceeded to drop a ten-word truth bomb on the liberal “journalist,” and now, Americans patriots from sea to shining sea are cheering.

On Thursday evening, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he would be departing China in order to head to Vietnam for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang on Friday. First Lady Melania Trump accompanied her husband thus far on his twelve-day journey throughout Asia, meeting with Japanese First Lady Akie Abe and Kim Jung-sook, the First Lady of South Korea. However, she and her husband will travel separately for the remainder of the overseas trip.

President Trump said that Melania would be “staying behind” in China “to see the zoo” and tour The Great Wall while he traveled to Vietnam. Then, Melania’s schedule has her flying to Alaska to greet U.S. troops there.

On Friday, Melania Trump toured The Great Wall, granting CNN a rare interview once she reached the top. Kate Bennet, who was given the immense honor or interviewing Melania, surely never expected the first lady to speak so glowingly of her position, completely showing up her predecessor Michelle Obama.

Asked how she felt about the job one year in, Melania said it was her “honor to be a first lady of the United States.”

No visit to China would be complete without seeing the Great Wall, which is exactly how first lady Melania Trump wrapped her first-ever trip to Asia. Stopping before she went to the top, Trump spoke exclusively with CNN about her six-day tour of the region, specifically how she felt seeing her first lady counterparts in Japan, South Korea and China. [Source: CNN]

“We had a great time, it was nice to see them again,” said Melania of Akie Abe, Madam Kim Jung-sook, and Madam Peng Liyuan of China. “They were in the United States before and we have a great relationship with all three of them,” she added.

Asked if she discussed her platform with her fellow first ladies, Melania said that it was one of the topics they shared. “We did, we did. We did exchange what they’re working on and what I will work on and what my passion is,” she said.

Then, Melania commented on her feelings upon reaching the one-year mark since her husband was elected President of the United States. At that point, she dropped a truth bomb of epic proportions on the liberal CNN reporter, saying that it is her “honor” to serve as FLOTUS.

First lady Melania Trump looked as chic as ever Friday as she toured China’s famed Great Wall at Mutianyu, two hours north of Beijing city center.

She rode a cable car to a watchtower, signed a guestbook and strolled along a stretch of the wall for about half an hour with a small group of aides and security officers, according to the Associated Press.

The first lady, clad in designer duds and big sunglasses, said, “This is beautiful. This is amazing,” according to Vanity Fair magazine.  [Source: USA Today]

“Well, it’s my honor to be a first lady of the United States, and it was a very busy year,” said a smiling Melania. “We love to live in Washington, we have a very busy life. It’s exciting, as well. It’s a lot of things that we need to take care of, and a lot of responsibilities,” she continued, “and it’s all part of being the first lady.”

This could not be a more distinct departure from her predecessor Michelle Obama, who infamously said that she was never even proud to be an American until her husband was named the Democratic nominee for president in 2008.

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