REVOLT! Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein Calls for Investigation into Obama, Lynch, & Hillary

James Comey has testified that ex-attorney general Loretta Lynch requested from him to refer to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails as a “matter” instead of an investigation.

He testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, claiming that Lynch’s request made him feel “queasy.”

But Feinstein also said that she would have had “a queasy feeling too.”

Feinstein, the committee’s top democrat, said that she didn’t know if Loretta Lynch was providing cover for the Clinton campaign, but said that the request she gave to Comey would have given her a queasy feeling too. “I think we need to know more about that,” the California senator said. “And there’s only one way to know about it, and that’s to have the judiciary committee take a look at that.”

According to our source, Conservative Fighters, Feinstein said that an investigation into Lynch’s conduct with the Clinton campaign should be separate from the current Congressional investigation into potential ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

“I don’t think we should mix the two,” Feinstein said. “I don’t know whether it’s obstruction of justice. I don’t intend to draw any conclusions until investigations are finished.”

Comey also said that when he asked Lynch if she was going to authorize him to confirm the existence of the Clinton email investigation, she answered, “Yes but don’t call it that. Call it a ‘matter’.” Then, he asked her to give him an explanation why he should call it like that, she did not answer, but she said, “Just call it a matter.”

“I don’t know whether it was intentional or not but it gave the impression that the Attorney General Lynch was looking to align the way we talked about our work with the way the political campaign was describing the same activity, which was inaccurate,” Comey stated.

When Obama and Clinton lose Diane Feinstein, it is significant. And it could mean a huge turning point. Feinstein seems to be one of the most powerful leaders the Democrats have and she comes with incredible credibility.

We may disagree with her sometimes, but she has proven some major points over the decades and that she prefers honesty and integrity over partisan politics. She loves her party and is smart enough to know that this issue is quite damaging.

ames Comey has testified that ex-attorney general Loretta Lynch requested from him to refer to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails as a “matter” instead of an investigation.

He testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, claiming that Lynch’s request made him feel “queasy.”

But Feinstein also said that she would have had “a queasy feeling too.”

Feinstein, the committee’s top democrat, said that she didn’t know if Loretta Lynch was providing cover for the Clinton campaign, but said that the request she gave to Comey would have given her a queasy feeling too. “I think we need to know more about that,” the California senator said. “And there’s only one way to know about it, and that’s to have the judiciary committee take a look at that.”

According to our source, Conservative Fighters, Feinstein said that an investigation into Lynch’s conduct with the Clinton campaign should be separate from the current Congressional investigation into potential ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

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POLL: Would You Support Trey Gowdy As Trump’s Attorney General?

Trey Gowdy is the hero of the year, except for Trump of course.
His passion is inspirational, his epic rants are legendary!
We all love them! So we have one question for you..
According to The Truth Division:

” Recently, Trey Gowdy has been dishing out some justice — if only the FBI would lock Hillary in jail and throw away the key.
Vote in the poll below if you think he will do a fantastic job as a Attorney General!

Gowdy, a representative from South Carolina, has been a stalwart for the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights. He really burst onto the scene when he spearheaded the committee that was investigating Benghazi — to which he recently unveiled the final records regarding the failure of Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s foreign policy.
This is a man Americans can trust with their life — as he defended so many of us. However, would he be the best for the job as Attorney General under a Donald Trump administration?’We vote yes! BIG TIME!
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Hollywood Actor Bruce Willis: ‘Trump Is The Best US President Ever, Anyone Who Dislikes Him Should Move To…’

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis once again expressed his unconditional support for President Donald Trump in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, although these days it’s very unusual for him to be supported by any Hollywood star.

When Willis was asked about his opinion on Trump’s presidency so far he said: “I think that he’s doing great. In fact, he just might be the best US President ever.”
Fallon then asked him if he was serious about this statement because it would definitely sound like an exaggeration to many people. Willis responded:
“Yeah I’m being serious about this. Trump has always been a winner and to be honest I can’t think of a better man to lead America at this moment.”

Bruce Willis is one the few conservatives in Hollywood who are not afraid to express their support for President Trump. He has always been a fan of Trump and everything that he represents – a successful businessman and a role model for every young American.

Willis added: “Trump has a winning mentality and I believe that every American can identify with that. He is the guy that we need right now and I think that we should all settle our differences and support him.”

However Willis is bothered by the attitude of many American politicians and stars who spend their time criticizing Trump. He said: “Before every election so far there were debates and fighting between candidates.But, once we had a winner everybody just stood behind the elected President. Now we see that the fighting and conflict continue long after the 2016 election. I don’t like that. It doesn’t look good. If you don’t like him go to Canada or something.”

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Actress Michelle Pfeiffer: “This New Year Is The First Time In 8 Years That I Am Very Happy And Thankful For Our President, Happy New Year and God Bless Him, His Family And Supporters.” Do You Stand With Michelle ?

There was a good decade and a half after Michelle Pfeiffer’s breakout performance in 1983’s Scarface when the actress was on a true Hollywood tear. She earned three Oscar nominations in a four-year span (for Dangerous Liaisons, The Fabulous Baker Boys, and Love Field).

She spread her talents across costume (The Age of Innocence), romance (Frankie and Johnny), fantasy (The Witches of Eastwick), and comedy (Married to the Mob) genres. And in a rare feat for actors, she even managed to receive universal critical acclaim for her interpretation of an iconic character, Catwoman, in Batman Returns.

But not long after that, Pfeiffer dropped off the radar in a self-imposed exile. In a new interview, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky—who recently directed Pfeiffer in a mysterious project called Mother!—goes so far as to call the film period sans Pfeiffer a “famine.”

“I’ve never lost my love for acting,” Pfeiffer explains. “I’m a more balanced person, honestly, when I’m working. But I was pretty careful about where I shot, how long I was away, whether or not it worked out with the kids’ schedule. And I got so picky that I was unhireable. And then . . . I don’t know, time just went on . . . I disappeared, yeah.”

Michele says that Trump is the best President For the UNITED STATES.she is going to vote for Trump in 2020 election.she also said that Trump and Melania are the best couple and both of them are doing alot to make america great again.

Michele also said that Trump is the right person for all the american citizen.he’s done a lot of things for USA.The liberals are trying their best to remove Trump in 2020 Elections but we support President and we will vote for him in 2020.


Finally It’s About To Go Down: Ted Cruz’ Phenomenal New Investigation, Will Put Soros & Obama In Jail

Senator Ted Cruz and his posse finally decided that are coming out with guns blazing, ready to corner former President Obama and George Soros once and for all.

The republican crew is beginning what will be an EXTREMELY thorough investigation into Obama’s influence in politics in foreign countries. Mind you, the money that was spent by Obama overseas was all done so with hardworking taxpayer’s money… and not to mention done by George Soros’ USAID organization.

Republican senators are demanding that Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, IMMEDIATELY delve into the investigation. Their hope is that the investigation will uncover what really happened when the Obama administration attempted to sway foreign elections. The way that they went about this was by using United States taxpayer’s funds to “extreme and sometimes violent political activists.”

Numerous conversations between foreign diplomats were released, outlining current political tampering by the Obama administration’s State Department.

 Image result for Finally It’s About To Go Down: Ted Cruz’ Phenomenal New Investigation, Will Put Soros & Obama In Jail

This included using hard-working taxpayer’s money to go directly to support far-left causes in Albania, Latin America, Macedonia, and all the way to Africa.

According to the letter which was authorized by Republican Senators Mike Lee (Utah), Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma), Thom Tillis (North Carolina), Ted Cruz (Texas), David Perdue (Georgia), and Bill Cassidy (Los Angeles), it appears that a large percentage of the State Department’s funding went into organizations run and supported by liberal leftist billionaire George Soros himself.

The group of senators is requesting that Tillerson launch a full-scale investigation in order to figure out the truth behind the funding efforts. This will allow them to figure out once and for all exactly how the Obama administration tried to promote left-wing causes and political parties around the entire world.

The newest finds prove efforts by the Obama administration to directly send taxpayer money to Israeli organizations that openly opposed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the country’s most recent election.

Leaders from many different nations decided to figure out a way to inform lawmakers about the activities under investigation.Mike Lee made the statement:

Over the past few months, elected officials and political leaders of foreign nations have been coming to me with disappointing news and reports of U.S. activity in their respective countries. This includes reports of diplomats playing political favorites, USAID funds supporting extreme and sometimes violent political activists, and the U.S. government working to marginalize the moderates and conservatives in leadership roles.

This sort of political favoritism from our missions around the world is unacceptable and endangers our bilateral relationships,” Lee declared.

Let’s hope these guys can get to the root of what really went down during Obama’s time in office. It’s time we find out what happened to our hard-earned money, after all, it wasn’t Obama’s money to give Soros in the first place. I think we can all agree that these senators are doing us a favor by really trying to display Obama and Soros for who they really are, crooks. After all, these two are only billionaires because of other people’s money.


After death threats Donald Trump has told CBS “Face The Nation” that he is INDEED packing. There has been much debate about gun laws in America after college shootings and mass murders.

He was asked why he obtained a concealed weapons permit years ago. Trump replied, “Because I like to have myself protected.”
When pressed to answer if he carries currently Trump answered, “Sometimes”.Trumps response is likely to cause an uproar as the Obama Administration is calling for stricter gun laws.He was asked about the Oregon shooting and if gun laws were enforced could it have been prevented.“Had somebody in that room had a gun, the result would’ve been better,” Trump said, “I feel much better being armed.”
President Donald Trump expressed his condolences Monday morning to the victims of the horrific shooting at a Las Vegas hotel that left more than 50 people dead and 200-plus injured—but did not call for any gun legislation.Trump, who ran as a champion of gun rights throughout his campaign, is unlikely to directly tackle the issue of gun control and, in fact, rolled back a restriction that made it more difficult for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun.

The Republican-controlled Congress also is unlikely to make any moves.

Trump called the shooting “an act of pure evil” during a press conference later Monday morning, but did not mention guns in his statement.”

Congress is now considering a law that would open the market for gun silencers, as shooting victim and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise returned after suffering life-threatening injuries in June. The House could pass the legislation this week.

The bill, called the Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act, was delayed following the shooting of Scalise and two Capitol Hill police officers. If passed, it could remove regulations put in place more than 80 years ago.
But Sunday’s tragedy, when Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire Sunday at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, will likely fuel a new round of gun control discussions on the national stage, pitting those who want more restrictions in place against staunch defenders of Americans’ rights to carry firearms.
The president is likely to stick with the former group, considering the speech he gave to the National Rifle Association in April on his 100th day in office.

Trump told a crowd in Atlanta that the “eight-year assault” on gun rights had faced a “crashing end” after he was elected—a direct shot at his predecessor, Barack Obama.

“You have a true friend and champion in the White House,” Trump said. “No longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners. No longer will the government be trying to undermine your rights and your freedoms as Americans. Instead, we will work with you, by your side.”

During the speech, Trump also credited NRA members and gun rights advocates for helping him reach the White House.
“Only one candidate in the general election came to speak to you, and that candidate is now the president of the United States, standing before you again,” Trump said. “I have a feeling that in the next election you’re going to be swamped with candidates, but you’re not going to be wasting your time.”

Well before that speech, Trump made good on his promises to the advocates.

In February, a little over a month in office, he signed a law that rolled back a regulation that added people receiving Social Security checks for a mental illness and those unable to handle their finances to the national background-check database, according to NBC News.The president signed the law, H. J. Res 40, in private without cameras around on February 28. The White House mentioned the signing at the bottom of an email alert, well below other legislation he had signed that same day.

The Trump administration also is considering a measure that could open up gun exports, as the industry has dealt with a slump in sales since the president’s election. The measure would place some oversight of gun exports in the Commerce Department’s hands, a switch from the State Department, which treats the sales as a matter of national security, CNN Money reported.
This story has been updated to include the president’s remarks during a press conference Monday morning.

Democrat Congresswoman Returns From Syria with Proof Obama Funded ISIS, Exposes It LIVE On CNN

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard appeared on CNN after finding facts that she believes proves Obama’s involvement in funding ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Gabbard went to Syria, then was interviewed by CNN afterward with Jake Tapper where she unloaded with information that Tapper didn’t want to hear. Tulsi Gabbard revealed solid proof that the Obama administration was funding the terrorist groups.

She stated that Syrians “expressed happiness and joy at seeing an American walking their streets.” But they also wanted to know “why is it that the United States, its allies and other countries, are providing support, are providing arms, to terrorist groups like Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, who are on the ground there, raping, kidnapping, torturing, and killing the Syrian people?

“They asked me why is the United States supporting these terrorist groups who are destroying Syria – when it was Al-Qaeda who attacked the United States on 9/11, not Syria. I didn’t have an answer for that.“

Jake Tapper, responded with: “Obviously the United States government denies providing any sort of help to the terrorist groups you are talking about, they say they provide help for the rebel groups.“

Gabbard then responded to Tapper saying, “The reality is, Jake, and I’m glad you bought up that point. Every place that I went, every person I spoke to, I asked this question to them. And without hesitation, they said ‘there are no moderate rebels, who are these moderate rebels that people keep speaking of?’

“Regardless of the name of these groups, the strongest fighting force on the ground in Syria is Al-Nusra or Al-Qaeda and ISIS. That is a fact. There are a number of different other groups, all of them are fighting alongside, with or under the command of the strongest group on the ground that is trying to overthrow Assad.”

If this isn’t definitive proof Obama helped ISIS gain power, I don’t know what is. Share this everywhere if you think Barack Obama should be brought to justice!

Mafia Bosses Declare War On Muslim Migrants, Nativity Scene Is Final Straw

In one city where migrants have relocated, liberals made certain “politically correct” adjustments to the town’s nativity scene, so the migrants aren’t offended. However, with mafia bosses declaring war on the migrants, tensions are building, and you’ll be shocked that one small detail on a nativity scene may be the final straw that could lead to a mafia war.

A “social justice” priest in Italy is causing a major uproar after he announced that the town’s nativity scene will be missing the Christ child because it may offend the Muslim migrants in the town of Cremona.

Fr Sante Braggiè said there would be no crib in the cemetery in the northern city of Cremona because it may anger people of others faiths or none whose relatives are buried there.

“A small corner of the cemetery is reserved for Muslim graves,” Fr. Braggiè said. “A crib positioned within sight of them could be seen as a lack of respect for followers of other faiths, hurt the sensibilities of Muslims, as well as Indians and even atheists.” [via Breitbart]

An older priest, Fr Oreste Mori, who oversaw the Cremona parish for years, heard about what the new priest was doing, and he is really pissed off. Fr Mori says he speaks for all of the townsfolk who are sick and tired of the Muslim migrants who have ruined much of their town.

We cannot renounce our culture and traditions. That would be an unpardonable weakness. I am, for the time being at least, in Italy, not Saudi Arabia.” — Fr Mori

Muslim migrants (left) riot in Italy. A nativity scene (right) is at the center of this controversy in Italy.

The old priest is not the only one doing something about the Muslim migrant issue. Earlier in the year, mafia bosses declared war on the Muslim migrants in Sicily. According to Jihad Watch, “Protesters were seen carrying banners emblazoned ‘Verona for Veronese’ and reportedly chanting ‘Italy for Italians.’”

The latest show of opposition comes after mafia bosses allegedly “declared war” on migrants after a man was shot in the head as a deadly turf war broke out with African crime gangs in Palermo earlier this year.

Messing with the Italians’ nativity scenes may not seem like something that would cause violence to break out, but with tensions high across Italy and the mafia threatened by the rampant violence perpetrated by Muslim migrants who disrespect their culture, this is exactly the straw that could break the camel’s back and turn into the mafia seeking revenge.

Besides the older priest, Breitbart reports that most of the town is pissed off, and Cremona is close to Milan, where local mafia bosses are located. This situation is what happens when thousands of migrants get dumped into a culture they refuse to assimilate to and then they show contempt for local traditions.

Something that seems small, like not having the Christ child in the manger, can be the final straw, so my advice to those leftists in charge would be to stop worrying about migrants being offended. I’d be worried about the locals who have endured their country being turned upside down, and I’d make sure that the baby Jesus is in the manger where He belongs.

WATCH: Trey Gowdy Reveals 5 Biggest Democrat Secrets Contained In Damning FISA Memo

Representative Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina “bulldog,” has just revealed the five biggest Democrat secrets contained in damning FISA memo, and it’s all on video as Gowdy tells America why they need to read it.

During a recent interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) had a very special message for American patriots. Although most lawmakers have been a little ambiguous about what’s in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) memo, Gowdy specifically listed the five biggest secrets that Democrats wanted to keep hidden. These were things they never counted on getting out because they thought Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election. They were wrong.

Previously, other GOP lawmakers simply hinted that the FISA memo would reveal FISA abuse by the FBI and the Justice Department under former President Barack Obama’s direction. According to Daily Caller, Gowdy goes much deeper with his shocking revelation that brings the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton, and ex-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele into the picture.

If you think your viewers want to know whether or not the dossier was used in court proceedings, whether or not it was vetted before it was used, whether or not it’s ever been vetted — if you are interested in who paid for the dossier, if you are interested in Christopher Steele’s relationship with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, then, yes, you will want the memo to come out,” Gowdy told Wallace, revealing the five things the FISA memo will expose.

People do want to know what the FISA memo contains. The single fact that a presidential election in the United States was hijacked by one political party with the help of our own federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies should be enough to have millions of furious Americans screaming for the truth.

The FBI and Department of Justice are not political tools or weapons, but that is exactly how Obama used them by ensuring the cooperation of the top level officials in those organizations. After this colossal mess is fixed, lawmakers need to put into place some very strict accountability measures to ensure that our country never faces this kind of corruption again.

The key players in the conspiracy against President Donald Trump were Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Hillary Clinton. These people should be the first to go on trial after the FISA memo comes out. Wallace tried unsuccessfully to get Gowdy to confirm reports that the dossier was used to obtain the FISA warrant during the interview. Gowdy simply responded that the information is still classified and that he would not discuss it.

Democrats are deathly afraid of the FISA memo coming out and have attacked it, saying that the memo is just a set of talking points aimed at helping President Donald Trump. Even the corrupted Justice Department has tried to delay the memo’s release by telling House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) that releasing the memo before they see it would be “extremely reckless.”

Oddly enough, Democrat Adam Schiff (D-CA), who also sits on the House Intel Committee and has been suspected of numerous leaks in the past, has been suspiciously quiet about the FISA memo’s contents. Schiff’s only message about the FISA memo so far is that Americans are too stupid to understand it. Make no mistake, Schiff is employing a typical liberal tactic and is terrified of the memo being released.

It’s time for lawmakers to stop delaying and release the FISA memo. Voters need to see the ugly truth about how former President Barack Obama tried to work with Hillary Clinton and the deep state to control the outcome of our election. That isn’t rhetoric. That is exactly what Obama did, and he should be held accountable along with all who helped him.

California Democrat Maxine Waters Charged on 3 Counts. Do You Support This?

The House ethics committee on Monday outlined its charges against Rep. Maxine Waters, who is accused of helping a bank in which her husband owned stock secure federal bailout funds.Image result for California Democrat Maxine Waters Charged on 3 Counts. Do You Support This?..The committee charged the 10-term California Democrat with three counts of violating House rules and the federal ethics code in connection with her effort to arrange a 2008 meeting between Treasury officials and representatives with OneUnited bank.

The panel said Waters, who sits on the Financial Services Committee, broke a House rule requiring members to behave in a way that reflects “creditably” on the chamber. The committee said that by trying to assist OneUnited, she stood to benefit directly, because her husband owned a sizable amount of stock that would have been “worthless” if the bank failed.

The committee also accused Waters of violating the “spirit” of a House rule prohibiting lawmakers from using their positions for financial gain, as well as a government ethics statute banning the dispensing of “special favors.”

Waters has vehemently denied wrongdoing and said she would rather defend herself at an ethics trial than admit to “something I did not do.”

In a motion to dismiss the charges, which the ethics panel has denied, Waters’s attorney, Stanley M. Brand, said the congresswoman had done nothing wrong. Image result for maxine waters“This committee asserts that Rep. Waters improperly used her position to ‘preserve her husband’s investment in OneUnited,’ ” he wrote. “Yet, after its exhaustive investigation, it cannot identify a single active step taken by Rep. Waters in furtherance of that goal.”

The release of the formal charges comes at a bad time for Democrats, as Waters is the second party lawmaker heading to a public trial after the August recess — with time running out before the November midterms. In late July, the House ethics committee charged Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) with 13 counts of breaking House rules and federal ethics statutes.

Now, for the third straight week, as House lawmakers return from recess Tuesday to pass a $26 billion state aid package, Democratic leaders must watch their legislative agenda take a backseat to ethics scandals that Republicans already are using against them.

The ethics committee last week released a detailed report, by the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), on Waters’s alleged wrongdoing in the OneUnited matter, but it did not outline the formal charges against her until Monday.

The panel’s investigative subcommittee, to buttress its case, released more information Monday about Waters’s involvement with OneUnited and a meeting she helped arrange between the National Bankers Association (NBA), a trade group of minority owned banks of which OneUnited is a member, and Treasury officials. Three of the four attendees NBA invited had ties to OneUnited, according to the OCE report.Image result for California Democrat Maxine Waters Charged on 3 Counts. Do You Support This?..OneUnited asked for $50 million in assistance to cover expected losses from the collapse of the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but Treasury lacked the authority to grant the request, the ethics committee said.According to the 10-page Statement of Alleged Violation, Waters “did not instruct” her chief of staff, Mikael Moore, to stop assisting OneUnited after she told Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) she would halt her outreach.

In early September, Frank had warned Waters against getting involved because of her husband’s ties, telling her he would handle all contact on behalf of the bank, according to the report, even before he knew about her husband’s OneUnited stock. It is unclear when Frank learned about his holdings.

But Moore, who is Waters’s grandson, contacted OneUnited executives in late September, sending them publicly available draft legislation of a broad Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bill that would have permitted Treasury to buy certain assets of banks.

OneUnited CEO Kevin Cohee and OneUnited senior counsel Robert Cooper exchanged several e-mails with Moore that September. In one, Cooper wrote: “Thank you for all your hard work!”

In October, the legislation authorizing the TARP contained language intended to apply to OneUnited, according to Frank. The bank eventually applied for TARP funds and received $12 million in December.Image result for California Democrat Maxine Waters Charged on 3 Counts. Do You Support This?..The ethics committee valued Williams’s stock holdings at over $350,000 at the end of 2007, between 4.6 and 15.2 percent of the couple’s net worth, according to Waters’s financial disclosure reports. By the end of September 2008, the stock’s value plummeted more than 50 percent, to $175,000, because of the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

“If OneUnited failed, [Waters’s] husband’s investment would have been worthless,” the subcommittee wrote.

The panel also reported that Cohee had previously hosted a fundraiser for Waters at his home and that he and his wife contributed to her campaign on “numerous occasions.”

The investigative subcommittee denied two motions filed by Waters: one to provide further clarification of the charges against her and another to dismiss the case.

The fact that her grandson handled the OneUnited matter for her raises even more ethics concerns, watchdogs argue. House rules bar members from hiring for their congressional offices nearly anyone with a family relationship, though not grandchildren.Image result for California Democrat Maxine Waters Charged on 3 Counts. Do You Support This?..“Congress has anti-nepotism rules, which sadly don’t rule out members from hiring their grandchildren,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Public Citizen’s Craig Holman said, “The family and the business relationship is just so close — it defies credibility that he would be acting on his own without her knowledge.”

Waters plans a vigorous defense this week. Her attorneys previously have argued that Moore acted without her knowledge and compared her office’s activities to those of Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.), whom the committee exonerated last year.

Graves had invited a business partner of his wife’s to testify before a committee. The hearing covered the industry in which the witness and Graves’s wife were investors, and he failed to disclose the relationship at the hearing.

This post was originally posted at 12:33 p.m. and updated at 1:56 p.m. and 8:24 p.m.