Trump administration to charge Barack Obama with treason saying that “no one is above the law”.
When Trump sworn in a US President, he signed an executive order, that reversed a previous order signed by Barack Obama just days before he left office that removed Dana Boente from his position behind the Attorney General as second in line.
Dana Boente was bumped down the power scale without explanation from Obama, but with his renewed authority, he now says he will bring charges against any liberals or Democrats that are working to undermine the president.
It’s widely believed that Obama, along with Hillary Clinton, is working with the Deep State in a bid to overthrow Trump’s presidency by inciting riots across America which Boente considers to be an act of domestic terrorism.
According to a recent report by the New York Post, the former president has vowed to fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency and Obama will command an army of agitators from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.
Many concerns have been raised due to his gathering around him an “army of agitators” (numbering more than 30,000) who he commands from a bunker less than two blocks from the White House.
“Barack Obama, who many claim will be creating a shadow government to frustrate the policy goals of this administration, we’re looking at something that’s coming very close to, it seems to me, sedition,” Lou Dobbs revealed.

BREAKING: He Betrayed Him… NOW Trump’s Set To FIRE HIS A*S!!!

President Trump has enough to deal with when dealing with crazed liberals, but you would think that members of his own administration would back him.

Well, evidently that was a wrong assumption as Trump has found out over the past year, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions has refused to do anything about the rampant corruption in the government.

During the presidential campaign, Trump promised that he would go after Hillary Clinton for her dirty deeds over the years. However, despite the public support, Sessions has refused to go after “major” cases involving former President Barack Obama or 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

This refusal to crack down on these corrupt individuals has caused frustration on the conservative side as we watch these criminals walk free.

Not only has Sessions refused to investigate those crimes, but he has also recently balked over the need to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Justice Department after shocking revelations concerning the FBI had come to light.

In a recent statement, Sessions stated that while he’s concerned about recent allegations of bias within the FBI, “sometimes things that might appear to be bad in the press have more innocent explanations, so fairness and justice should also be provided to our personnel.”

Then before that ludicrous statement, Sessions again in November pushed back against the need to appoint a special counsel to investigate the disgusting anti-Trump dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC that was used as the premise for the ridiculous Russian collusion narrative.

With all of these instances of Sessions seemingly dropping the ball to investigate these crimes, the calls for the attorney general to step down are all growing. One of those people is Fox News contributor and former Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz who has argued that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should step down on a recent appearance on Fox News


Here is more from Newsmax:

Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, Saturday called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be removed from office, saying that may be a cure for the “deep systemic problems” in the Department of Justice.

“It pains me to say this a little bit [but] I don’t think the attorney general is up to the job he’s doing,” Chaffetz, now a contributor for Fox News told the “Fox and Friends Saturday” program.
Sessions “had to remove himself from everything” involving President Donald Trump and that led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special investigator in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, said, Chaffetz.

He also criticized the attorney general for not taking on a more active role in digging up information about several controversial figures at the DOJ, including Agent Peter Strzok, who was removed from the investigation after a series of anti-Trump text messages between him and a fellow agent were discovered.

Chaffetz said that Sessions also had told him that he would not prosecute Bryan Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s former chief tech staffer, who had refused a Congressional subpoena to testify about the 2016 Democratic nominee’s use of a private email server.
Sessions had also refused to make documents on the Fast and Furious scandal public following the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, Chaffetz said.
So, why would Sessions be balking at investigating crimes in our country? The only logical explanation that one can come up with is that he is just another member of the swamp that is protecting his own, and the evidence to support that theory is massive.
In an article penned on Zero Hedge, the questions that Sessions could be asking to those involved in the recent FBI scandal are numerous, and here are some examples.
  • Was Peter Strzok innocently calling Trump “a f*cking idiot” and a “loathsome human” before investigating him?
  • Did FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s “damage control team” innocently change their conclusion that Hillary Clinton’s server was “possibly” hacked, rather than “reasonably likely” – language which significantly altered the seriousness of Clinton’s mishandling of classified information?
  • Were all references to the FBI working with other members of the intelligence community on Clinton’s private server innocently scrubbed from Comey’s exoneration statement – making it look like a much smaller investigation?
  • Before he was demoted for doing so – did senior DOJ official Bruce Ohr innocently meet with MI6 spy Christopher Steele who assembled the salacious ‘Trump-Russia’ dossier, and then also innocently meet with Glenn Simpson, co-founder of opposition research firm Fusion GPS? Fusion commissioned Steele to create the dossier, which relied on senior Russian officials.
  • Did Fusion GPS innocently hire Bruce Ohr’s CIA wife, Nellie Ohr, to gather damaging information on President Trump? If there weren’t such innocent explanations for everything, one might think Nellie Ohr could have possibly passed information from the DOJ to Fusion GPS and vice versa.
  • Did Hillary Clinton and the DNC innocently pay Fusion GPS $1,024,408 through law firm Perkins Coie, which then paid Steele $168,000? 
  • In addition to the ‘Trump-Russia’ dossier, did Fusion GPS innocently arrange the Trump Tower “setup” meeting between Trump Jr. and a Russian Attorney? Or attempt to link Donald Trump to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? Or try to push the debunked claim that a secret email server existed between Trump Tower and Moscow’s Alfa bank – which Alfa bank executives are suing Fusion GPS over?
Of course, more questions can be asked, but this is a good place to start, wouldn’t you say?
At any rate, it is evident that Sessions is no longer useful in his position and should step down to allow someone else to do it properly. The American people deserve to see justice, and if Sessions if not going to deliver on that promise, then he needs to step aside for someone who will.
It is time to drain the swamp, and it starts with Jeff Sessions.

BREAKING!! All Hell Breaks Loose As Trump Discovers Obama’s Secret Plan To Take Out His Family!

The information we discovered could lead to a lockup as it uncovers an underlying problem in politics where opposing parties try to take each other out.

This scenario paints a haggard picture of Obama exonerating Hillary Clinton while trying to take the Trump family out of the White House. If exposed, the information that suggests Obama’s cohorts purposely violated laws so they could protect Clinton from criminal charges could lead to charges for major players of the Democrat party.

With all their identity politics, gender confusion, desire to hoard illegal immigrants for votes, and inability to march for a purpose (Women’s March is a joke), then the only perfect picture one can paint of a Democrat is one of a criminal.

The Daily Caller interviewed Joe DiGenova, and he provided some alarming information regarding Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the state of the floundering Democrat party.

The interview calls out the FBI, James Comey, secret spy tools, and a Potemkin village. It seems like Obama’s Justice Department was just that – his, and not ours, the American people.
Conservative Daily Post provided more coverage on the interview:

“Asked about Obama’s Justice Department and FBI abusing their power, DiGenova said the Obama administration officials likely “violated the law, perhaps committed crimes” to use secret spy tools to spy on Trump and his former campaign members.

He said there’s strong evidence to suggest that former FBI Director James Comey launched a phony investigation into Clinton but “followed none of the regular rules, gave her every break in the book, immunized all kinds of people, allowed the destruction of evidence, with no grand jury, no subpoenas, no search warrants. That’s not an investigation. That’s a Potemkin village. It’s a farce.”

DiGenova believes that the widely discredited dossier that was used by the FBI to obtain a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on Trump and his former campaign officials last year will prove to be one of the biggest scandals in modern political history.

Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to compile the dossier which claimed Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election. Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid nearly $9 million for the dossier, which was full of salacious claims that the FBI has admitted it cannot verify.

Without any legal justification at all, DiGenova said the FBI “created false facts so that they could get surveillance warrants. Those are all crimes.”

Those are crimes, but who in the FBI thought they would be the ones facing prosecution? They’re the FBI, so they’re seemingly untouchable, but if this “memo” is released and provides damning information, then someone could seriously go down.

If what DiGenova believes is true, then there will be significant prosecutions at various levels. Anyone who hires a former spy to compile information into a dossier that falsely claims Trump and Russians were colluding, could be faced with several questions.

One of which is this – if the information is false, then what did they need to hire a former spy for? Was it because the former British spy employed to create the dossier knew how to keep his cover? Or is it because Democrats aren’t that smart in the sense that anyone could’ve created the dossier.

For a team to pay $9 million for a falsified dossier to challenge then-candidate Trump, is insanity. To waste $9 million on the fake news is a waste of money that would be hard to match.

The report continues:

“He predicted that Republicans in Congress are very close to fully exposing this corruption under the Obama administration, which he described as “systematic and on-going violations of the law [by the FBI and their contractors using unauthorized disclosures of raw intelligence on Americans]. This is stunning stuff.”

DiGenova noted that the multiple investigations into Clinton’s corruption have already yielded results, and he predicted justice very well may soon be served.

An 11-count indictment was handed down last week on a top official with ties to Clinton’s Uranium One scandal, which involves the Clinton Foundation receiving roughly $145 million to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for Clinton’s State Department approving the sale of 20 percent of the United States uranium to the Russia nuclear company Rosatom.

With Clinton’s email investigation, her Uranium One scandal, and Obama using the phony dossier to spy on Trump and his team, we are talking about arguably talking about some of the biggest scandals in American history.

And DiGenova said even more corruption is about to get exposed from Obama’s administration.”

Americans wonder why the files haven’t been released yet. The reason is that something this significant needs to be released very appropriately. Those who publish it must ensure that all pieces of the puzzle are ready to be placed. If they release it prematurely, then the implications that could lead to prosecution may not stick. It’s a very tricky process, and it must be done correctly.

When the time is right, and every loop in the chain is connected, then the information will be set free. Someone’s freedom may be lost at the end of a prosecution and you know exactly who we’re talking about.




In what is one of the most terrifying, but not surprising, interviews ever to come out of the political arena. Republican Representative Paul Gosar from the great state of Arizona is now suggesting that the Obama administration had indeed weaponized the executive branch in pursuit of partisan political purposes.

Congressman Gosar came to this conclusion after reading a classified four-page memo which was composed by Republican Congressman Devin Nunes from California. Nunez, who chairs the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, claimed that in the memo Gosar described serious abuse of executive power as a habit across the Obama administration, the Justice Department, the CIA and the FBI. The memo is yet to be released to the public.

Gosar linked the following Obama-era operations and events as prime examples of a pattern of the highly partisan weaponization of the executive branch by Obama and his lackeys. The Fast and Furious gun-running operation, the handling response and coverup of the September 11, 2012, Islamic terrorist attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi where 4 lives were lost including that of our ambassador to Libya, the IRS’s targeting of dissident charities and non-profits such as the Tea Party, and the surveillance of persons connected to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Donald Trump himself.

Partial Transcripts Below:

MANSOUR: I want to pivot really quickly to this infamous #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag about the memo that the House Intelligence Committee Chairman wrote about, explaining what was going on with the FISA warrants that were issued by the Obama administration. Can you tell us – I know that you’ve read the memo, it hasn’t, obviously, been released to the public – what can you tell us about how this memo came about and what’s in it?

GOSAR: Well, this memo is a summary of emails and traffic that has been picked up by the intelligence and judiciary systems. Some of it is exactly what you may have seen that has been exposed to the sunlight already. Other things may not. But what it basically does is, that, if you don’t think that Fast and Furious, if you don’t think that Benghazi, for the lack of accountability, if you don’t think the IRS, and if you don’t think the unmasking has something to do with the weaponization of our Department of Justice and our intelligence services, think again.

MANSOUR: Wow. Okay. What is the likelihood that this memo with be released by Congressman Nunes?

GOSAR: In our conference, there is a heated debate about when, not if, and we want it out sooner than later. The American people need to see this. There are other things associated with it because this is just the tip of the iceberg. It names names, and those names, they should be owed their day in country, but if it is what’s presented, there are some heads that need to go to jail and not come out for quite some time.

Gosar reiterated his description of the aforementioned pattern of partisan political weaponization of the executive branch when asked about former U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power’s requests for “unmasking” American citizens’ identities captured via FISA surveillance operations, among whom were “Trump associates.”

POLLAK: Let me ask you this: there were some reports over the last year, and we actually were part of reporting this, that there were a number of individuals in the Obama administration who had requested the unmasking of the identities of Americans who were swept up in foreign wiretaps. And Samantha Power, the former ambassador to the United Nations, who doesn’t really have a national security function, had conducted a large number of these unmasking requests. Are we going to learn more about that? Are we going to see into the operation of the outgoing administration and why they did what they did?

GOSAR: Joel, I’m going to be very careful. I’m not an attorney, but if you don’t think that Fast and Furious, if you don’t think that Benghazi, for the lack of accountability, if you don’t think the IRS and the unmasking are tied together with the weaponization of our Department of Justice and political advocates, think again.

POLLAK: Wow. So this could relate back to those controversies, as well?

GOSAR: Here’s the thing. If you look at Fast and Furious, Joel, this was about one of the most precious and most instrumental aspects of individuals to hold a government accountable: having the Second Amendment. If you can take that, if you can lack the accountability that popped up with Benghazi, where you didn’t protect American citizens and those in harm’s way, if you can target your opposition with the IRS and then you can unmask them with anybody and then spread that information – not just unmask them, but spread that information to all other agencies and top brass – now, what you’ve got is the beginnings of a Banana Republic. That means that you have an autocratic demise to the democracy and to the republic and hold your political foes to their detriment.

This is what happens when the American people get suckered into electing a nobody who came out of nowhere as their president. All because of his skin color, nothing else. Barack Hussein Obama is a man who has never even run a lemonade stand until the day he decided to run for office. And he never stood out in anything other than knowing how to read a speech well enough that the liberal population in our country could fall for him unconditionally. And now we learn he is what President Nixon could have only dreamed of being.


Pop Star Miley Cyrus: ‘I’m Sick Of Trump Fans Who Are Calling Me A Snowflake, They Are Hurting My Mental…’

She stated: “I’m growing sick of them. They keep saying that word over and over again. Calling me a snowflake is hurting my mental health and I want them to stop right now.”

In the past she said that the Democratic candidate lost the election “in light of the fact that the system is f***ed up.”

“I went truly tough amid the race,” the “We Can’t Stop” singer says in a meeting for Billboard, referencing Clinton’s triumph in the popular vote.

“Be that as it may, toward the day’s end, we lost. We won, but since the system is f***ed up, we lost. I thought, ‘alright. I took in my lesson on this one.” Cyrus stated.

She had this to say about Trump fans: “Be that as it may, don’t Trump supporters like the way they think? So I’ve additionally got the chance to open up to the way I approach individuals with my conclusions. That is the best way to roll out genuine improvement.”

Last March, Cyrus, promised to leave the United States if Donald Trump won the election. “Truly f*** this crap I am moving if this is my leader!” Cyrus posted on Instagram. Months after the fact, she called Sanders fans who declined to vote in favor of Clinton “f***ing insane.

However then she changed her mind and stayed. In the meeting with Billboard, Cyrus reacted to critics who asked her why she didn’t fulfil her promise to move out of the country: “It’s not time for me to leave now, man. I must be here. I must put this place back together, in light of the fact that I’m from Tennessee — that state [went to] Donald Trump.”

“I’m such a visionary, and I know a considerable measure of things that I’ve needed to do individuals said weren’t conceivable,” the LGBT lobbyist stated.

The worldwide pop symbol intends to get “very political” with her new music album, “Younger Now,” which includes a song called “Inspired” which she devoted to Hillary Clinton, her political idol. Miley stated that she’s battling for “equality” and “justice” not “hate” and “walls.”


JUST IN: Trey Gowdy Digs Through Thousands of the FBI Texts, Makes Explosive Discovery

Peter Strzok, the former FBI investigator into the alleged “Russian Collusion” led by special counsel Robert Muller has reportedly shared text messages with his lover in which they were discussing a “secret society” whose aim was to destroy Trump’s presidency.

Congressman John Ratcliffe, chairman of the House Cybersecurity Committee posted a tweet on his account on Monday, following the release of the texts, that attacked the “manifest bias” of the FBI.

His reaction came immediately as a response to reports that claimed that FBI agent Peter Strzok had texted out something about some mysterious “secret society” that was plotting against President Donald Trump.

As you are probably already familiar, Strzok was originally part of the team investigating the alleged“collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia. Considering this fact, his text messages have been regarded as evidence that the investigation is one filled with corruption and bias.

Republicans Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliffe demand answers. On Monday, the two of them appeared on Fox News on Monday.

According to  Real Clear Politics , Ratcliffe said  “It is possible these text messages that are missing, perhaps they really were lost. Perhaps it is another strange coincidence.” adding, “It is harder and harder for us to explain one strange coincidence after another.”

He continued, “We know that Strzok and Page had an intense anti-Trump bias”

“And that’s OK, so long as they check it at the door and do their job. We learned today in the thousands of text messages we have reviewed, that perhaps they may not have done that. We know about this ‘insurance policy’ that was referenced trying to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.”

Ratcliffe concluded : “We learned today about information that in the immediate aftermath of his election, there may have been a ‘secret society’ of folks within the Department of Justice and the FBI, to include Page and Strzok, working against him. I’m not saying that actually happened, but when folks speak in those terms, they need to come forward to explain the context.”

Trey Gowdy also commented on this ” secret society” saying :  “You have this insurance policy in Spring 2016, and then the day after the election, what they really didn’t want to have happen, there is a text exchange between these two FBI agents, these supposed to be fact-centric FBI agents saying, ‘Perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society.’ So I’m going to want to know what secret society you are talking about, because you’re supposed to be investigating objectively the person who just won the Electoral College. So yeah — I’m going to want to know.”

Both of them vowed to pursue their efforts to find out the truth and expose the biased and corrupt activities of the FBI.


Swing State Felons May Get Right to Vote

Voters in one of America’s biggest swing states will be able to decide on this November’s ballot whether convicted felons will regain the right to vote.

If 60 percent of voters in Florida approve the initiative, Amendment 4, voting rights would be returned to 1.5 million felons in the state once they compete their sentences, including parole or probation. The initiative would not include sex offenders or murderers.

“Floridians for Fair Democracy, led by Desmond Meade, of Orlando, successfully gathered more than 799,000 certified signatures in their years-long petition drive, just a week before the deadline to reach the required total of about 766,000,” The Orlando Sentinel reported on Tuesday.

“Because of that, the state on Tuesday certified the initiative for the Nov. 6 ballot.”

And the question could be crucial for future Florida elections.

 “Voter approval could reshape the politics of the nation’s largest swing state, where the past two races for governor have been decided by about 1 percentage point and where the 2000 vote for president was decided by 537 votes,” the Miami Herald noted.

Meade was a former drug addict who was convicted of drug and firearm charges back in 2001. He went on to earn a law degree, but found himself unable to vote for his wife when she mounted an unsuccessful attempt at the Florida House of Representatives.

“As someone directly impacted, I cannot quantify the level of emotion moving through me right now,” Meade told the Sentinel.

Meade’s organization used paid solicitors to collect 1.1 million signatures, the vast majority of which came from only four Florida counties: Pinellas, Hillsborough, Miami-Dade and Broward.

Of the states that currently bar any voting by former felons without clemency, Florida is by far the largest. The current setup, which requires felons to wait five years to begin the clemency progress, was put into place by Gov. Rick Scott — who could be on the ballot for Senate this year.

The possible impact of Amendment 4 divided pundits. University of Florida political scientist Daniel Smith, who said the measure “flies in the face of the governor and his hostility to restoring voting rights,” said ballot initiatives can often bring out voters who aren’t interested in off-year elections.

“I think it’s going to bring some people out who otherwise wouldn’t be very enchanted with their candidates,” Smith said. “A million people signed the petition. This has been a long time coming for a lot of folks.”

However, Heritage Foundation member Darryl Paulson — who supports the initiative despite representing a conservative organization — predicts it won’t make too much difference in state politics, pointing out only one-third of felons would likely register and one-fifth would actually vote.

“It runs both ways,” said Paulson. “Democrats clearly support the issue because they believe they will benefit, and Republicans tend to oppose it because they believe they will be hurt.”

“My position is it’s not a good way to make public policy based on how it might impact an election sometime down the road,” the emeritus professor of government at the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg said. “Voting rights restoration is economically right, morally right and just the right thing to do.”

Two other alternative proposals have been floated by the Florida Constitution Revision Commission: one similar to Amendment 4 and one, proposed by Democrat state Sen. Darryl Rouson, which would exclude felons convicted of more serious crimes, including burglary and a dozen other offenses.

Scott, for his part, said he was merely concerned with felons paying their debt to society and successfully reintegrating into the community.

“This is a decision for each voter to decide on,” Scott spokeswoman Kelli Wyland told the Miami Herald.

“The governor has been clear that the most important thing to him is that felons can show that they can lead a life free of crime and be accountable to their victims and our communities.”,

Should Followers Of Sharia Law Be Deported?

In the recent years, we have seen probably the most astonishing acts that man is equipped for submitting. Plainly the explanation behind these crazy circumstances is because of Sharia law.
Do you feel that individuals who take after Sharia law ought to be expelled? In the event that you take the greater part of the data in regards to the religion, the law, and the way Islamic individuals carry on, at that point the reasonable answer is “yes.” These individuals posture genuine dangers to the welfare of not only our nation and our esteems, but rather to the very existences of the a large number of nationalists who live, work, and inhale here.
As per World Religion News, there is by all accounts an unmistakable logical inconsistency between the Islamic heavenly book, the Koran, and Sharia law. The odd thing about the logical inconsistencies is that they are everything except disregarded by the supporters of the religion. The Muslim radicals overlook the passages about NOT being ghastly (this is the place Islam COULD be a “religion of peace”) and take after the areas about slaughtering gays and manhandling their spouses to a tee!
Regardless of the inconsistencies, numerous Muslims still consider Sharia law the “genuine” law. There is a reason there has been a seething fight in the Center East for quite a long time. The enormous issue is the point at which they begin attempting to convey those qualities to the Assembled States.
We have individual esteems that we hold dear in this nation, and Sharia law conflicts with everything that we remain for and live by each and every day.
Alarmingly, not exclusively are these qualities getting into our nation, however the Left is advancing this sort of reasoning as “would be expected.” We have seen cases all through the nation where Sharia law is being advanced by the Democrats of this nation. It is Determined Obliviousness at its total finest.
They bolster a brutal, phenomenally rough, and harsh administration in a way that is completely bewildering. At any rate some portion of their care group, the women’s activists, should Abhor it. They ought to be on the housetops shouting down Sharia law — in light of the fact that in it, ladies are stripped of their humankind in various ways.
Rather, they are battling and saying individuals are “dogmatists” in the event that they don’t need Sharia law dynamic in the Unified States. How would they anticipate that us will consider them important when they’re so explicitly two-faced?
Understanding the distinctive parts of Sharia law is sufficient to roll out anybody vacillating improvement their brain in a rush. To start with, it permits war hostages and slave young ladies to be utilized as sex slaves. How could that be alright? It likewise allows mishandle to spouses who don’t obey you. What’s more, youngster manhandle and the Wedding OF Kids isn’t simply acknowledged, yet really empowered.
The kicker is, whether you don’t have faith in Sharia law, you can be Killed! That mentality is madly improper and ought not be acknowledged in ANY culture.
These are only A portion of the reasons why we can’t have individuals who trust this to be the rule that everyone must follow in our nation. They Should be ceased at any cost!
Do you think individuals who take after Sharia law ought to be deported?Tell us what you think since we need to hear YOUR voice!

Should Trump Raise Social Security Income?

Year after year Americans watch their cost of living go up but their Social Security check stays the same.
Even the recent increase, thanks to President Trump and a booming economy, is not keeping up with the cost of Medicare

And now a new report shows that Congress is cheating Americans out of proper increases so their payments will never keep up with cost of living.
Democrats claim that Republicans want our seniors eating dog food, but the reality is both parties of Congress are complicit.
They need to start working together to take care of people who have paid into Social Security faithfully over the years.
Should Trump raise Social Security income?

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Social Security benefits set to increase by largest amount in years

An American flag flutters in the wind next to signage for a United States Social Security Administration office in Burbank, California October, 2012. (Reuters / Fred Prouser)
Americans receiving Social Security benefits in 2018 can expect to see the program’s largest payment increase in years, according to the trustees report released Thursday.

In January, recipients will receive a $28 monthly increase in benefits, which, although amounts to just 2.2%, is much larger than the 0.3% increase in benefits recipients collected this year. In 2016 the program offered no payout increase. The average monthly payment for the program’s 61 million beneficiaries is $1,253.

Despite the good news, Social Security and Medicare are still dealing with looming cash shortfalls. OASDI maintains funding levels will run dry by the mid-2030’s, with Medicare Part A projected to be depleted in 2029—one year later than projected in last year’s analysis.
If Congress allows either fund to be depleted, millions of Americans living on fixed incomes would face steep cuts in benefits.

Neither Social Security nor Medicare faces an immediate crisis. But the trustees warn that the longer Congress waits to address the program’s problems, the harder it will be to sustain Social Security and Medicare without significant cuts in benefits, big tax increases or both.

“Lawmakers should address these financial challenges as soon as possible,” the trustees wrote in their report. “Taking action sooner rather than later will permit consideration of a broader range of solutions and provide more time to phase in changes so that the public has adequate time to prepare.”

Republicans in Washington have long clamored to address the long-term financial problems of Social Security and Medicare, the largest benefit programs run by the federal government. But don’t expect them to do much about it.
Over the years, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has insisted on overhauling those programs, proposing a voucher-like system for Medicare and calling for partially privatizing Social Security.

Now that Republicans control Congress and the White House, Ryan says he doesn’t want to tackle Social Security. Instead, Republicans and the White House are focused on repealing and replacing former President Barack Obama’s health care law.

President Donald Trump has promised not to cut Social Security or Medicare, though his budget proposal for next year would reduce Social Security’s disability benefits by nearly $70 billion over the next decade. The savings would come from encouraging, and in some cases requiring, people receiving the benefits to re-enter the workforce.
But even if Trump finds the savings, it wouldn’t come close to solving the program’s long-term financial problems.

Social Security is independently funded by payroll taxes, so it is not subject to annual spending bills approved by Congress. AARP hopes it stays that way.
“Social Security should remain separate from the budget. Medicare can improve if we reduce the overall cost of health care, rather than impose an age tax, and if we lower prescription costs, instead of giving tax breaks to drug and insurance companies,” said AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins.

Over the past decade, Social Security and Medicare made up about 40 percent of federal spending, excluding interest on the debt — and that share is projected to grow in the future, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
Fifty years ago, the two programs accounted for 16 percent of federal spending
The programs are expanding in part because the U.S. is growing older.
More from FOX Business…

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In 1960, there were 5.1 workers for each person getting Social Security benefits. Today, there are about 2.8 workers for each beneficiary. That ratio will drop to 2.1 workers by 2040, according to the CBO.

The trustees who oversee Social Security and Medicare are Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and acting Social Security Commissioner Nancy Berryhill.,


Several years ago, Vince McMahon created a Pro football league called the XFL, but it only survived two seasons before ultimately failing.

Now, he is taking another crack at this venture with a new and improved league. According to reports, this will be a league where players are REQUIRED TO STAND for the national anthem!

Vince McMahon on his new football league requiring players to stand during the National Anthem: “It’s a time honored tradition to stand.”

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) January 25, 2018

Here is more from Mr. McMahon himself:

Vince McMahon is relaunching the XFL, promising a “shorter, faster-paced, family-friendly, and easier to understand” re-imagining of football.

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) January 25, 2018

Here’s more on this story from Breitbart:

WWE CEO Vince McMahon announced in a Thursday press conference that he is bringing back the XFL in 2020.
According to McMahon, the XFL will be a “re-imagined” football game with eight teams, with the locations still undecided.

He added that the league will differ from the NFL with safety issues, fewer rules, including a sped-up game, and the emphasis on getting back to football.

McMahon told reporters in a live stream on Periscope that the league will have “nothing” to do with politics or social issues.

“We’re here to play football,” McMahon stated.

Also, the XFL will not allow any players with criminal records. This of course caused liberals to have a full blown hissy fit, saying it’s “racist”.

But…isn’t it “racist” to assume that only people of color have criminal records? Paul Joseph Watson summed it up nicely:

Here’s what Twitter had to say about this news:,