Al Sharpton Told Blacks To Kill Cops In A Speech, But He Didn’t Know The Camera Was On!

Back in 1992 Al Sharpton goes on a screaming rant at Kean College in NJ, telling black people to kill cops. It’s infuriating to hear his call to action against Police officers. The same law upholding officers that protect and serve every citizen, white or black. Al Sharpton calls himself a reverend? If he’s a Christian it’s hard to tell.

“I don’t believe in marches, I don’t believe in that, I believe in offing em. I Believe in offing the pigs”

Oh, that boils my blood. He, and many like him, who are leaders in our communities, need to be very careful with what they say. For what they say stirs up hatred and anger toward our men in blue. Al Sharpton should feel part of the blame for the officers who lost their lives at the hands of black men.

This guy is REALLY guilty of encouraging racial violence. When you call a room full of black men cowards for not killing cops, then yes, you are to blame for the slaying of innocent Police officers. In Al’s own words he says “Well, they got pigs out here. You ain’t offed one of them. What I believe in, I do. Do what you believe in. Or shut up and admit that you’ve lost your courage and your guts to stand up”.

As you hear the clapping (expression of approval) for his words, you can’t help but shake your head in disbelief. Al Sharpton is a man of prominence and status in the black community. He has the responsibility to lead them righteously, especially as a reverend. When Sharpton demands his fellow black man to “stand up” and gun down a police officer, for nothing more than wearing a uniform. It’s inexcusable. So much hatred.

Al’s words are now our reality. The Nation is saddened the tragic story of another brave officer gunned down in cold blood by a black man has become commonplace, who had only hatred in his heart. Al Sharpton should be ashamed of himself. Watch the video below.

Hey Statue Destroyers…Barack Obama’s Family Once Owned Slaves, Too

Do you recall that time back In March 2015 when Barack Obama spoke to a largely black crowd on the 50th anniversary of the bloody march in Selma, Alabama?  You know, the time in which Obama praised slaves for building the White House?

You, like many, probably thought he was talking about his own ancestors, right?

Well, you’d be wrong!  According to a genealogist at the Library of Congress (via The Chicago Tribune), Barack Obama’s ancestors owned slaves.

Per the report:

“Many people know that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s father was from Kenya and his mother from Kansas.

But an intriguing sliver of his family history has received almost no attention until now: It appears that forebears of his white mother owned slaves, according to genealogical research and census records.

The records, which had never been addressed publicly by the Illinois senator or his relatives, were first noted in an ancestry report compiled by William Addams Reitwiesner, who works at the Library of Congress and practices genealogy in his spare time. The report, on Reitwiesner’s Web site, carries a disclaimer that it is a “first draft” –one likely to be examined more closely if Obama is nominated.

According to the research, one of Obama’s great-great-great-great grandfathers, George Washington Overall, owned two slaves who were recorded in the 1850 census in Nelson County, Ky. The same records show that one of Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmothers, Mary Duvall, also owned two slaves.

The Baltimore Sun retraced much of Reitwiesner’s work, using census information available on the Web site and documents retrieved by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, among other sources. The records show that Overall, then 30, owned a 15-year-old black female and a 25-year-old black male, while Mary Duvall, his mother-in-law, owned a 60-year-old black man and a 58-year-old black woman.”

Fascinating, huh? Why isn’t anyone talking about this? There’s plenty of outrage these days over statues of people who once owned slaves, but where’s the outrage over this?



LEAKED—Obama’s Real Birth Certificate Finally Exposed…Trump Right All Along?!

If there was ever a hot button issue…

Anyone who has ever questioned Obama’s real nation of origin has been labeled a “Birther” by the radical left and the media, and even many on the right have joined in. Trying to legitimize America’s first black president (sorry Slick Willy) was never popular.

And yet anyone who took a close look at Obama’s history should have reason to question it. Only men and women born in this great country are eligible for the Presidency, and for good reason—if you were born elsewhere, you may not have America’s best interests at heart.

And we know a lot of Obama’s actions would make more sense if the rumors were true.

Now-President Trump led the charge to get to the bottom of the rumors, and Obama eventually put out a copy of his certificate in 2011 to appease everyone, but many, including the respectable Sheriff Arpaio, remained unconvinced.

Now someone much closer to Obama has released what appears to be the smoking gun, and both the document and the person have jaws dropping around America. From the American Mirror:

Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother, tweeted image of what appears to be Barack’s birth certificate.

Except it’s not from Hawaii, but rather Kenya.

Now Malik has had a tense relationship with his brother, and from the well-known picture of his brother wearing Trump’s signature red hat, it may not surprise anyone that he has decided to release a document like this. From the Daily Mail:

The Obama brothers have had a strained relationship over the years.

They first met around 30 years ago and were best men at each other’s weddings. Malik claims that he’s been invited to the White House on numerous occasions and that he stays in contact with the president.

‘Of course we’re close!’ he told GQ in 2013. ‘I’m the one who brought him here to Kogelo in 1988! I thought it was important for him to come home and see from whence his family came – you know, his roots.’

Malik told MailOnline that year that his more famous half-brother is ‘always at the end of a phone line if I want to talk.’

What would it mean if it was real? It is very unlikely that anything would happen to officially roll back anything Barack did as president.  But if it turns out he was ineligible, it would be an eternal mar against Obama and the Democrat party.

And it could cost Obama his future treatment as a former president: his pension and his security.

If the general public and the media ever accepted it (how unlikely is that!) he would lose his book deals and many opportunities to make six figures giving speeches, following in the footsteps of Hillary and Bill.  Now that they have zero political power to peddle and their foundations are drying up, how much do you think they can really charge for a speech?

The media is already labeling Malik’s release as a giant conspiracy. Americans should admit it is important to be cautious until the evidence is reviewed.  The liberal calling card is to jump to conclusions that fit their agenda, no matter what the evidence really is, and that is the last thing conservatives should do.

But…the left is already dismissing it out of hand when the authorities should be willing to review the evidence and follow through for the sake of justice and the American people.

What do you think? Could this birth certificate be the real thing, or is Obama’s brother just perpetuating a massive hoax? We want to know your opinion—let us know in the comments below!

Antifa Terrorists in Boston chant “GEORGE SOROS, WHERE’S OUR MONEY!”

OAN TV just released a shocking tweet showing ANTIFA thugs chanting: “George Soros, where is our money?”.

The video, posted by Beverly Hills Antifa, features a quote which reads: “Antifa demands George Soros pay us the money he owes. Unite comrades and fight for $15/hour. #Resist

Yes, George Soros is behind this chaos. He needs that to promote his agenda in America and in the world.

He wants America to become like Europe where illegal immigration happens by the thousands everyday.

He’s “investing” his money to create chaos and confusion in our cities. He doesn’t believe in borders and he supports groups that are anti-Semitic, anti-government and anti-America.

No main stream media is reporting this …