CNN Caught Red Handed On LIVE TV After Wrong Survivor Takes Mic And Says What They Covered Up!

Anderson Cooper and the rest of CNN must be shaking their heads hard after what just happened! Members of CNN were caught red-handed on live television after who took the microphone and explained what happened to him. The person who revealed this is a survivor of the school shooting that occurred in Florida at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school. With everyone trying to figure out how to solve the problem and fix the issues that lead a person to commit a random act of violence in the form of school shootings, it’s only necessary that our news agencies remain honest, truthful, transparent, and build trust with the viewers. But that didn’t happen when CNN was caught on camera in this sad, yet hilarious moment of an epic television fail.

President Trump must be laughing after reading this because this is the one thing that all Americans should not have to deal with. Americans want honesty and integrity, and they can’t seem to find that whenever they turn on CNN. It’s no shock that CNN was just caught doing this awful thing to a group of survivors as they push the leftist narrative upon the young minds. It didn’t take long for one of the survivors, named Colton Haab, to see through it.

Real Clear Politics reported more on the incident:
“Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Colton Haab said he was approached by CNN to ask a question at Wednesday night’s town hall but decided not to after the network gave him a “scripted question,” quashing one he wrote himself. Haab, a member of the Junior ROTC shielded students while the school was under attack from the shooter, said he was going to ask about using veterans as armed security guards. (CNN response below.)

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions and it ended up being all scripted,” Haab told WPLG-TV.

CNN aired a town hall on the Florida school shooting with Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Bill Nelson (D-FL) that included NRA’s Dana Loesch and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel that was moderated by Jake Tapper. Students and parents asked questions about gun control and school safety.

“I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my opinion on my questions,” Haab said.

“Colton Haab, a member of the Junior ROTC who shielded classmates in the midst of terror says he did not get to share his experience,” WPLG’s Janine Stanwood explained.

“Colton wrote questions about school safety, suggested using veterans as armed school security guards but claims CNN wanted him to ask a scripted question instead so he decided not to go,” Stanwood reported.

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions and it ended up being all scripted,” Haab said. “I don’t think that it’s going get anything accomplished. It’s not gonna ask the true questions that all the parents and teachers and students have.”

The reports on this situation remain mixed. It’s a battle of he said/she said. One side says one thing happened, and the other side says something else happened. The hunt for the truth is ongoing.

It’s one thing to have a television show or movie be scripted, but this is real life, and Haab is providing his side of the story which suggests that CNN tried to script the entire narrative towards one direction or the other. It would be better if they reported honestly and allowed the people to speak without allegedly providing them with a direct script to read.

The student, Haab, wanted to ask honest questions and be given honest answers. There’s more truth involved when people are put on the spot and asked questions in real-time when they may not have a response prepared. The student victims deserved to have a truly open discussion involving what just happened with their lives. If CNN indeed provided people with a script, then it’s incredibly heartbreaking that they would try to push a narrative upon students who just suffered a major tragedy in their lives. It would also be unfortunate to use the student victims and survivors as a means to deliver an agenda.

CNN later released a statement saying that this was not true and they did not provide a script to anyone. CNN claimed that Haab wanted to give a long speech instead of sticking to asking questions. They argued that the session was not for lectures or speeches, but instead for questions only. It appears as if CNN was approving items they wanted to be asked, but not allowing others, mainly if it wasn’t in line with their supposed agenda or programming needs.

It appears as though the family pulled Haab out of the event, but there are conflicting reports that say CNN removed the boy.

It seems as though CNN and other outlets are reporting conflicting answers to this situation. Either way, people like Anderson Cooper must be shaking their head as CNN gets thrown under the bus when another supposed truth is exposed.

It’s important to always look for the truth from multiple sources.

Can anyone tell us who gave this girl the paper with the question?

Muslim Leader Tells Nikki Haley to “Shut Up” … Then He Realizes He Has Made A Huge Mistake

Kirsters Baish| Tons of conservative Americans are extremely impressed with United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley’s performance so far. While Rex Tillerson may be an okay guy and he’s pretty smart too, it really just seems as though he and Donald Trump don’t quite see things the same way all the time. The mainstream media has probably blown the entire thing way out of proportion, but it really does seem like Trump wouldn’t mind having Haley running the game.

Haley has said that she doesn’t want the responsibility of running the State Department in the past, so I guess she will just keep representing the United States at the United Nations for now.

In the most recent news, the Washington Examiner wrote that United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley delivered quite the response to the Palestinian leader and their head negotiator on Tuesday. She said that she “will not shut up” after the Palestinian official made disgusting comments about Haley in January.

Haley went in front of the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday to deliver a speech. She spoke about an earlier speech that came from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. She also addressed comments that Saeb Erekat, a Palestinian negotiator, made last month.

Erekat was quoted saying that Haley “needs to shut up and realize the Palestinian leadership is not the problem.”

Haley addressed the comment saying of Abbas, “We welcome you as the leader of the Palestinian people here today. But I will decline the advice I was recently given by your top negotiator, Saeb Erekat. I will not shut up. Rather, I will respectfully speak some hard truths.”

This woman is on fire.

The following is what Haley said last month.

Reuters reported:

The United States will not “chase after a Palestinian leadership that lacks what is needed to achieve peace,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the U.N. Security Council on Thursday.

Haley criticized a Jan. 14 speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at a meeting of the Palestinian Central Council, where he said he would only accept a broad, internationally-backed panel to broker any peace talks with Israel.

“A speech that indulges in outrageous and discredited conspiracy theories is not the speech of a person with the courage and the will to seek peace,” Haley said.

When it comes to Israel and Palestine, Haley is really kicking some serious butt. Watch the clip of Haley below:

The Palestinians truly have zero interest in finding peace, and they honestly never have. The Palestinians are out to totally destroy Israel. Until this changes, they really have no right to make any demands at all. They shouldn’t even be considered a serious state.

A two state solution will not work, and it’s about time that we stop acting like it might. Of course, there isn’t evidence to prove that this would be happening anytime soon.

Nikki Haley is just going to keep killing it at the United Nations and putting anyone who steps out of their place right back in it.



Elder Patriot – CNN claimed they were broadcasting a town hall event from Sunrise Florida, near the site of Nikolas Cruz’s shooting rampage that left 17 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students and teachers dead. 

It turned into an event staged by the fascists at CNN that was little more than a forum for the testosterone-deprived Nazi youth that have decided our Constitution no longer has merit and that by throwing a tantrum serious adults will buckle on their core beliefs – like their mommies and daddies have always done.

Are there laws that could be implemented to tighten some loopholes in our gun laws?  Of course there are but these brats weren’t interested in anything but getting their way.

And CNN made sure theirs’ were the only voices heard.

Earlier we recounted the story of MSD HS football player Brandon Minoff whose free voice wasn’t welcomed at the CNN event. 


When given Minoff was given a voice by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, he said:

“I think it’s the media.  They exploit everything to make it political. They’re more concerned about gun control at this moment rather than the fact that there were 17 people that were killed.”

“If coach Feis would have had a gun or any of the other security guards would have had a gun it definitely would have been less fatal.   “[The shooter] and coach Feis were face-to-face and he just shielded kids instead of having the ability to kill the shooter.

Now another young survivor, Colton Haab, has accused CNN of silencing him, as well.

“I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my opinion on my questions.”

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions, and it ended up being all scripted.  I don’t think that it’s going to get anything accomplished, it’s not going to ask the true questions that the parents, teachers, and students have.”

During the rampage, Colton a Junior ROTC trainee, refused to be a victim and fell back on his training to usher 60-70 fellow students to shelter in a classroom that was used for ROTC training.  He picked up the story from there:

“We took those sheets, and we put them in front of everybody so they weren’t seen, because they were behind a solid object and the Kevlar would slow the bullet down.  I didn’t think it was going to stop it, but it would definitely slow it down to make it from a catastrophic to a lifesaving thing.”

Haab said that he and a friend decided that they would be the last line of defense in the event the shooter stormed the classroom.

“I didn’t think it was going to stop it, but it would definitely slow it down to make it from a catastrophic to a lifesaving thing.”

What makes CNN’s censorship of Haab so telling is that the story of his heroic action while the shooting was taking place is taken from a CNN report that was filed shortly after the rampage ended.

CNN didn’t want a town hall.  They weren’t looking for solutions.  And, they certainly didn’t want debate.  They wanted victims who turn to government to solve all of their problems.  CNN sought to stage an attack on our Second Amendment and they had recruited high school student to “man” this rally.

And, the fascists at CNN gave free rein to the suddenly empowered Hitler Youth.

It got so bad that NRA representative Dana Loesch – herself a survivor – needed a security detail to exit the “town hall” event.

In an appearance at CPAC Loesch recounted the harrowing incident:


“I want to make this super obvious point.  The government has proven that they cannot keep you safe. And yet, some people want all of us to disarm. You heard that town hall last night. They cheered the confiscation of firearms. And it was over 5,000 people.”

“I had to have a security detail to get out.  I wouldn’t be able to exit that if I didn’t have a private security detail. There were people rushing the stage and screaming burn her. And I came there to talk solutions and I still am going to continue that conversation on solutions as the NRA has been doing since before I was alive.”

“The government can’t keep you safe and some people want us to give up our firearms and rely solely upon the protection of the same government that’s already failed us numerous times to keep us safe. And then they also call Trump a tyrant but they say they want the president to also confiscate our firearms? Try to figure that one out.” 

CNN stopped reporting real news a long time ago.  They are now cheerleaders for the most extreme leftist policies courtesy of Moscow.


FISA FALLOUT: Nunes Focuses Investigation To Clinton Crime Network – Demands Answers Over FBI’s Use of ‘Trump Dossier’

Elder Patriot – House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has ratcheted up the heat on nearly two-dozen “current and former” high-ranking officials.

Those who had hoped they had weathered the worst of the fraudulent dossier fallout are now on notice that Nunes is just getting started.  Nunes is a pit bull and, unlike the limp wristed Republicans these anti-Trump bureaucrats have become accustomed to rolling over, they are beginning to come to terms with the fact that they may be facing their Armageddon.

The recipients of the letters were not identified but the demands for information were clear:

Former FBI Director James Comey testified that the dossier was both “salacious and unverified.”  But, that didn’t stop any number of Obama officials from making it the central piece of evidence in an application to the FISC to secure a surveillance warrant on Carter Page, and by extension as many of the Trump campaign team members as Page would come in contact with.

Now, Nunes wants to know what they knew and when, every last one of them. Including Obama.  And the HPSCI chairman left little wiggle room for those who might try to avoid answering.

Every letter included this warning: “If you do not provide timely answers on a voluntary process, the Committee will initiate compulsory process,” suggesting that subpoenas would be forthcoming to those who refused to respond by the date the letters compel then to.

Moreover, question 9 is aimed straight at Obama.  Comey testified that he had briefed Obama for the first time on January 5, 2017, fifteen days before his term ended.

But, four months before that, in a September 2, 2016 text from FBI attorney Lisa Page wrote to FBI Counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok President Obama wanted “to know everything we’re doing.”

The following month, in October of 2016, the first FISA warrant was issued authorizing surveillance against Carter Page.  Are we to believe that Obama had no knowledge of the FISA warrant until January of the following year?

Nunes can read those discrepancies better than you can.


Justice Thomas Takes HUGE Stand For 2nd Amendment… Torches Supreme Court

Leave it to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who didn’t pull any punches against his colleagues when it comes to the Constitutional rights of gun ownership for American citizens. Take a look at how he took a stand for our rights in the wake of renewed calls to ban guns…

DailyWire reports:

On Tuesday, Justice Clarence Thomas issued a blistering rebuke to his Supreme Court colleagues, as well as to lower courts that have refused to treat the Second Amendment with the same level of honor as other rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Thomas wrote a dissent against his Supreme Court colleagues refusing to take up the case of California’s 10-day waiting period for buying a gun. Under California law, gun buyers — even those who already own guns — must wait ten days before picking up their guns from the store. It doesn’t matter whether the background checks have already been run; purchasers must wait. The idea is that these potential buyers will have second thoughts about owning a gun, and decide not to pick up the gun after all.

The state of California provided little or no evidence to show that such cooling-off periods impact in any way either suicide rates or crime rates, particularly as applied to those who already have gun licenses and concealed carry permits. That didn’t stop the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals from upholding the law on the basis that the purchaser “may want to purchase a larger capacity weapon that will do more damage when fired into a crowd.” That contention was entirely speculative, of course.

But this is the lowest possible standard for constitutional review. As Thomas points out, the Heller case says Courts may not “decide on a case-by-case basis whether the right is really worth insisting upon.” The Court explicitly shot down “rational-basis scrutiny.”

All of this, wrote Thomas “is symptomatic of the lower courts’ general failure to afford the Second Amendment the respect due an enumerated constitutional right. If a lower court treated another right so cavalierly, I have little doubt that this Court would intervene. But as evidenced by our continued inaction in this area, the Second Amendment is a disfavored right in this Court.”

As Thomas points out, if a state placed a ten-day waiting period on abortions, the Supreme Court would be quick to step in with a review. The Ninth Circuit even struck down a county’s 50-day waiting period for nude-dancing licenses. And the Ninth Circuit struck down traditional marriage laws for supposed lack of evidence, despite thousands of years of human history. Thomas concludes, “The right to keep and bear arms is apparently this Court’s constitutional orphan.”

Thomas, of course, is right. And the judiciary’s willingness to stand by and watch the Second Amendment dismantled piecemeal is an abdication of Constitutional duty on a grand scale.

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CPAC Crowd Erupts After Pence Issues Warning To The NFL

Vice President Mike Pence is one incredible man. He loves this country, our flag and our troops and isn’t afraid to tell the world. What he just said at this year’s CPAC conference will definitely make you even more proud that we have Trump/Pence in office.

The NFL really dropped the ball in the 2017-18 season — so much so that seasoned NFL fans (such as myself) who never thought they could go even one Sunday without watching several games, have tuned out altogether.  Losing their core demographic has already cost the league millions and will continue to do so next season unless radical changes to the players’ behavior is made.

Daily Caller reports:

Vice President Mike Pence took a direct shot at NFL protesters by reminding the crowd present at his 2018 CPAC speech that “we always stand for our flag and our national anthem.”

And the crowd ate it up.

“It is great to be back at CPAC,” Pence opened. “And I stand here today with profound gratitude.”

After rattling off the adminsitration’s victories over the past year, VPOTUS said he “[stands] with President Trump.”

“We stand with the conservative movement,” he continued. “And come to think of it, we always stand for our flag and our national anthem as well.”

The crowd immediately broke out into cheers of “U-S-A! U-S-A!” while Pence smiled from the podium.

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Ben Carson To Shut Down Obama’s Biggest Illegal Pet Project…

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), headed up by Secretary Ben Carson, is getting ready to toss one of President Obama’s most prized — and illegal — policies in the recycling bin.

Under Obama-era policies, the HUD doles out taxpayer dollars for Section 8 housing, going against administrators and the U.S. Supreme Court.

But not for long.

Under new leadership, the HUD is now going to return to a “competitive bidding process” to award Section 8 housing contracts — so taxpayer dollars aren’t used.

WE reports:

According to a top HUD official, the department is taking many of the steps necessary to change back to the competitive procurement method are being taken now, but didn’t want to comment on when the announcement from the department might happen for fear of tainting the bidding process.

Supporters of the competitive bidding procurement process say the net result will increase efficiency in the program and save taxpayer money. And Republican lawmakers that have been critical of HUD’s actions in the past are applauding the change in course as well.

“When dealing with performance-based Section 8 contract administrators, it’s clear that full and open competition is the way to get the best value for the taxpayer,” said Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla. “As Chairman of the Housing Appropriations Subcommittee, I have repeatedly insisted both publicly and privately that HUD follow Congressional intent, the GAO, and the Supreme Court.”

Diaz-Balart is one of a small handful of elected officials who put pressure on HUD and then-Secretary Julián Castro during the years in which HUD ignored findings that their grant process was illegal.

Section 8 housing is a federal program that pays rental assistance to landlords to help low-income people acquire affordable housing.

Because HUD had problems administering the program, in 1995 it started to contract out the management of Section 8 housing units through a competitive bidding process. However, in March of 2012, HUD suddenly shifted away from the competitive bidding process, and began using funding mechanisms which were more like grants.

Contractors who had previously gained HUD’s business under the bidding process appealed to the Government Accountability Office in 2012, just months after HUD changed course. And by August of that year, the GAO ruled that HUD’s actions were “unreasonable and in disregard of applicable statutory guidance.”

Undeterred, HUD pressed forward with their choice, which then made them the target of a lawsuit. From that point, HUD lost an embarrassing string of rulings which culminated in the U.S. Supreme Court denying to hear an appeal from the agency in April of 2015.

Despite all those rulings, HUD didn’t budge. But the Trump administration is now set to return to the previous methods.

Eric Strong is the CEO of Navigate Affordable Housing Partners, a company that has won HUD Section 8 contracts in the past under the competitive system. He’s also publicly lobbied HUD to change back to the performance based contracting method.

“All we’ve ever wanted was fair and open competition because we know it results in the best financial situation for the taxpayer and also will result in better housing for the residents who live in those [Section 8] units,” Strong told the Washington Examiner.

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Trump Made Incredible Move After Eric Bolling Lost His Only Son

Misguided and agenda-driven liberals have spent their time pushing the narrative that President Donald Trump is some evil billionaire from the day he announced his intention to run for the presidency. What they completely ignore are the stories that are rarely heard — the ones of Trump reaching out to help friends, family and more often than not, complete and total strangers.

It’s no surprise… that would force them to admit that Trump — without a doubt — is one heck of a nice guy. What he did for beloved former Fox News host Eric Bolling after he lost his only son was nothing short of amazing.

Daily Caller reports:

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling shared a powerful story about President Trump calling him after his late son passed away from an opioid overdose at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Thursday.

“I spoke to President Trump, in the deep, dark times that my wife and I were having,” Bolling explained. “We were going to sit down for the Thanksgiving dinner. There was an empty chair.”

“We are walking over to the table and the phone rang. It was President Trump who said, Eric, no one should have to lose a child and we are thinking of you. Very, very important that he did that”

“He has been great,” Bolling added. “He showed empathy and compassion, so I used it as an opportunity to say, Mr. President, can I come talk to you about this? And I have. I’ve gone to the White House a couple of times.”

Bolling lost his 19-year-old son Chase to an accidental opioid drug overdose last year.

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SPREAD THIS: These 10 Democrat Senators Are Up For Re-Election… FIRE THEM

President Donald Trump needs reinforcements in the senate.

And he has a massive opportunity to replace obstructionist liberals with Republicans.

There are 10 Democrat senators that are up for re-election in states that Trump claimed victory in during the 2016 election — he will potentially be able to counter out establishment Republican senators with small-government conservatives.

Here are their names — vote them out:

  • Debbie Stabenow (Michigan)
  • Bob Casey Jr. (Pennsylvania)
  • Sherrod Brown (Ohio)
  • Joe Manchin (West Virginia)
  • Bill Nelson (Florida)
  • Joe Donnelly (Indiana)
  • Claire McCaskill (Missouri)
  • Jon Tester (Montana)
  • Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota)
  • Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin)

Senate seats are crucial for Trump’s “America First” agenda — plus, the more “Neil Gorsuch” type justices he can appoint during his tenure, the better.

Plus, while Senators like John McCain are still in office, they need to be combatted with solid conservative outsiders. Remember when John McCain voted to keep Obamacare days after he finished surgery on his brain tumor? The Hill reported:

McCain cast the “no” vote two days after a dramatic return to the Senate floor during which he called on his colleagues to work together on major issues such as healthcare reform, which has long been a Senate tradition until the upsurge of partisanship in recent years.

McCain emerged this year as one of President Trump’s most outspoken critics in Congress and the late-night vote cements his status as a maverick, a role he relished earlier in his career when President George W. Bush occupied the White House.

The vote was on bare-bones healthcare proposal, dubbed the “skinny” repeal, as it left untouched big sections of ObamaCare.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) pushed it as a backup proposal after Republicans failed to agree on a bigger repeal that repealed and replaced the pillars of ObamaCare or a repeal-only measure that passed both chambers in 2015.

McConnell appeared almost distraught after McCain’s surprise vote and seemed close to choking up on the floor after falling short of his promise to repeal ObamaCare.

“This is clearly a disappointing moment,” he said.

“I regret that our efforts were simply not enough this time. Now, I imagine many of our colleagues on the other side are celebrating. Probably pretty happy about all this. But the American people are hurting, and they need relief.”

McCain’s vote surprised many Republicans including Sen. Bill Cassidy (La.), who said he thought the Arizona Republican was in favor of the legislation.

Vice President Pence was spotted lobbying McCain on the Senate floor shortly before the crucial vote. He also worked on Collins while other GOP leaders focused on Murkowski. But those efforts fell short.

It’s time for the RINOs to be replaced.

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WATCH: Tucker Makes Unexpected Move Against Smug Anti-Gun FL Senator

Fox News all-star Tucker Carlson has been on fire this week, on the heels of the Florida school shooting that claimed the lives of 17 people and immediately triggered the liberal media and Democrats to begin gun-grabbing.

Carlson took on a state senator from Florida, who ended up being the most shady, intentionally misguiding anti-gun Democrat we’ve probably ever seen interviewed. But he soon learned he was severely outmatched in debate when he tried taking on the master.

Daily Caller reports:

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took on Democratic Florida state Sen. Gary Farmer Thursday over gun control on Thursday, and it ended with Tucker cutting off his guest after he couldn’t get a straight answer.


Tucker said, “I would have to, under the bill you supported, the gun registry bill. I would have to register guns in my house, despite the fact I’ve committed no crime, done nothing untoward with that gun, and I have to register it with you and other government officials, who just failed to keep us…”

Farmer responded, “What’s wrong with that Tucker? Why does law enforcement? Why are they unable to have the tools available to them?”

“I don’t know, they were unable to stop the guy who just killed 17 people,” The Daily Caller co-founder said.

Farmer said, “What is everybody afraid of with a gun registry?”


“We’re afraid that demagogues like you will misuse that information and after talking to you for a few minutes that is a legitimate fear,” Carlson said.

Farmer said, “How so? How so? Continue the narrative, please. How so?”

“Here’s the narrative,” Carlson said. “The government, as I said at every level, and this is factual, not my opinion, failed to protect those students. You will not concede that and instead turn the blame back on blameless American citizens.”

“The FBI, whatever. Thirty-nine times to his house, whatever. Giving people like you power is frightening. That’s the bottom line. I’m out, because I can’t get a straight answer from you,” he added.

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