WHOA! Every US Olympian Just Hit With NASTY News From Officials Overnight – It’s OVER!

It’s only been two days since the kick off of the 2018 Winter Olympics but it already over for Team USA and not because of their lack of medals to bring home. The games took off with a really disturbing start on multiple levels, from athletes publicly slamming our administration, to the Olympic Committee making sure awards are not based on merit, but diversity in skin color and sexual orientation. Now, only the Olympians on Team USA were just blindsided by more bad news. No sooner did the games begin, which these athletes have worked years to get to, they find out it’s over – for some even before they even had a chance to compete.

The Olympics is supposed to be about good sportsmanship, an impressive level of achievement. Athletes who have made it to this point did so through their own hard work and dedication to the sport – they weren’t selected to be there by affirmative action. The only thing that got one competitor or team of competitors in the door, was having worked harder than those they were up against. Sheer determination and skill level, not race, has put the best of the best athletes up against each other, just how it should be.

However, it seems that many on Team USA have been poisoned by the Barack Obama era and set the tone of racism, entitlement, and total divisiveness before they even got to South Korea to compete. It only got worse once they arrived and had attention from the world’s stage. That’s when US speedskater Shani Davis declared a totally fair coin toss racist since he wasn’t picked to carry the American flag. Gay Figure skater and medal winner Adam Rippon continued his spread of false claims and extreme hate for Vice President Mike Pence who was there to show his support for him. Downhill skier Lindsey Vonn’s also continues to discredit our president, declaring herself as “Captain America,” not Trump.

Coming fresh off the heels of the worst season of America’s former favorite sport, these Olympic athletes should have taken note of what mixing divisive opinions into sports does. The NFL may never recover from having done that and now Team USA is feeling the burn for themselves. Americans are fed-up with this abuse of a public platform and entitled athletes souring an enjoyable past time with their opinions. People are proving that watching the sports isn’t important to them and have found better things to do with their time.

Like the NFL, the Olympics has suffered a devastating drop in ratings from Americans not watching their team of Olympians compete. This is unfortunate for the innocent athletes who didn’t go to South Korea with any agenda other than winning. A few hateful competitors ruined it for everyone who isn’t getting the support from back home now since citizens aren’t tuning in to take part of what the racist, anti-Christian, and Trump-bashing athletes are doing and saying.

Breitbart reports:

Ratings for the Winter Olympics opening ceremony and the first few days of broadcasts are in, and the results are not good news for NBC as ratings have fallen significantly from four years ago.

The numbers show that the opening ceremonies for the PyeongChang, South Korea, Winter Games saw a ratings dip over the 2014 games in Sochi, Russia. “Viewership for the PyeongChang Opening Ceremony was down over 10% compared to Sochi’s Opening Ceremony. The number of viewers dropped from 31.7 viewers to 28.3 viewers according to Deadline,” Awful Announcing reported.

“These numbers come off another dip from the Sochi games on the night before the Opening Ceremony. Those ratings from the first night of the PyeongChang Games were down a whopping 22% compared to four years ago.”

This means that ratings are going to have to improve over the next two weeks as the games continue if NBC is to reach its viewership goals. But that is not generally seen historically. In general, ratings fall from the opening ceremony to the closing days as the high profile competitions finish and the viewers tire of the coverage.

Perhaps it’s even more than just the divisive athletes who have ruined the games. The genuine level of competition has almost been destroyed by the US Olympic Committee who is more concerned about diversity and giving awards out to fewer white people as to promote fairness and equality.

Whatever happened to diversity being among people’s skill level and picking from that? It’s the entire purpose of the Olympics anyway which has now been made dull under this liberal agenda of fairness. It’s no longer enjoyable to watch when competitors are spewing hate anyway and the winners weren’t actually the best at their sport, just the right sexual orientation or race. It’s not even a competition at this point, it’s just a ribbon ceremony where everyone gets a participation prize and whiny athletes get all the attention for the wrong reasons.


BREAKING! Trump Just Put 3 Million Entitled Employees On Notice! HE’S DRAINING THE SWAMP!!!

The term “government employee” has become synonymous with lazy, subpar, bureaucratic nonsense, and a host of other unflattering adjectives.  If you are like me and deal with various federal, county, and state offices on a daily basis, it can be rather frustrating. While there are certainly good folks to be sure, it seems in some offices and entities that is just simply not the norm.

Now President Donald Trump is proposing to make some much-needed changes to the federal civilian workforce with his 2019 budget.  To those employees not measuring up or pulling their weight, this could spell doom for them.  The budget is set to be released on Monday and is purported to contain some of the biggest reforms to the government workforce in decades. President Trump’s efforts to wrangle the bureaucracy fulfill a key campaign promise of the businessman president, who pledged a hiring freeze to shrink the cost of government and reduce regulation.

Among the changes proposed:

  • Creation of a bonus pool to reward good employees.
  • An end to so-called “step increases,” pay hikes of 3% to 5% that 99.7% of federal workers get even if they are poor performers.
  • Changes to the overall pay package, with a focus on generous retirement benefits, that align federal pay to the private world.
  • Retraining of employees.
  • Redeploying workers where they are needed.

The White House is purposing to change how more than 1.5 million federal workers are paid with a merit-based system. The proposed system would emphasize performance-based raises instead of the current system that generally increases pay based on tenure. The proposal would slow tenure-based increases, generating $10 billion over 10 years for performance-based payments. Then the subject of benefits, now currently 47% higher than in the private workforce, according to a congressional report, will be trimmed back in line with the private sector.

Many are touting it as “the most ambitious proposal to overhaul the civil service in 40 years” as President Trump proposes what is the norm in many private sector companies.  Simply put, he is proposing to “hire the best and fire the worst.”

President Trump briefly alluded the proposal in his State of the Union address last weekwhen he stated – “Tonight, I call on Congress to empower every Cabinet Secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.” 

President Trump is using the VA Accountability Act, which gave the Secretary of Veterans Affairs greater authority to fire and discipline workers, as a model for this newest proposal. The White House reports the VA Accountability Act resulted in the dismissal of 1,470 employees, the suspension of 443, demotions for 83 others last year.

Another portion of the upcoming proposal plans to reduce automatic pay increases and instead use that money for a performance bonus pool. Currently, federal employees get a review every one to three years. Employees whose performance is “fully successful” — as 99.7% are — get a within-grade “step” increase in addition to annual cost-of-living increases.

Reforms have been introduced in the past but opposition from the biggest workforce in the country often resist change, fighting any effort to be accountable to the very American people that pay their salaries.

Critics claim these bonus will be used to reward loyalists and lackeys and be used to discriminate against minorities and women. American Federation of Government Employees President J. David Cox claims President Trump is using this proposal as a means for “political revenge” stating – “While to some people those are code words, they’re very clear to us. Basically, it wipes out due process rights for employees. He seems to be interested in political revenge by firing people. The government is not a family business that you get to be in total control of.”

Proponents of the proposal say that is not the case and instead state the overall goal is to bring the 1950s-styled Civil Service into the digital age, introduce automation, reward “the best” with bonuses, make it easier to hire and fire and provide “flexibility” by moving employees where they are needed and even rehiring skilled retirees.

USA Today details just how difficult this proposal might be to carry out though as many have come before President Trump and failed to do the same –
“Since President Jimmy Carter signed the Civil Service Reform Act in 1978, every president has tried — to some degree or another — to promote greater efficiency in the federal workforce. 

And every president has largely failed, running up against an entrenched culture in the bureaucracy, opposition from labor unions and a fickle Congress, said Donald Devine, who was President Ronald Reagan’s civil service director. Reagan tried implementing Carter’s reform law but ran into resistance from Congress. 

Trump administration officials say Devine’s work has inspired their efforts, but they weren’t popular at the time: Newspapers gave Devine nicknames like “the Grinch,” “the Rasputin of reduction in force,” and “the terrible, swift sword of the civil service.” He served four years as director of the Office of Personnel Management but withdrew his re-nomination in 1985 amid congressional opposition.

“You get bogged down, the unions keep threatening you, they get Congress so upset,” Devine said. “All the presidents, after a while, give up and forget about it. Some of them make it worse, some of them do a little better.”

And while he credits Trump for taking on the issue with new enthusiasm, he said the real estate mogul and former reality television star will soon learn it’s harder to fire people in government.”

It seems President Trump has his work cut out for him and I wish him all success as this is an endeavor that is desperately needed for the betterment of the American people.


Clinton Nightmare: Uranium One Informant Has Video of “Briefcases Full of Cash”

Kirsters Baish| It seems that the Clintons may be on their way out the door when it comes to American politics. Their most recent scandal may leave them behind bars. New evidence has been uncovered against the Clintons in the “Uranium One” corruption scandal.

We are now faced with one very important question. Did Bill and Hillary Clinton accept bribes and kickbacks from Russia so they could fast-track a uranium deal? I wouldn’t put it past them. Now, numerous respected investigative journalists are agreeing, and there may actually be video evidence of the corruption.

Investigator John Solomon made an appearance on Hannity on Thursday. He claimed that an informant witnessed “briefcases full of cash” that were meant to be transferred between Russia and the Clintons.

Solomon stated, “(H)e gathered so much information, there are videotapes where the Russians are opening up briefcases full of cash — these are the people that we then gave uranium to, that we then gave nuclear fuel contracts to.”

Reuters reported that the informant, William D. Campbell, has worked as a lobbyist for a Russian firm. If this evidence stands to be true, the Clintons have a lot to worry about. Campbell is due to testify before Congress next week.

Campbell opened up saying, “I have worked with the Justice Department undercover for several years, and documentation relating to Uranium One and political influence does exist and I have it.”

The briefcases full of money may have actually been a part of a huge money laundering and payoff scheme that was meant to line the pockets of the Clintons as well as other officials. In return, they would supply political favors to Russian firms.

Sara Carter, a Circa investigative reporter, explained, “The bribery schemes included delivering thousands of dollars in yellow envelopes, laundering tens of thousands of dollars in briefcases or wiring thousands of dollars through shell companies through the Seychelles Islands, Latvia, Cyprus, and Switzerland, to name a few.”

If what Solomon and Carter say is true, the informant (Campbell) previously tried to warn our government that these deals were occurring. However, the Obama administration did not try to put an end to the deals. They allowed them to continue happening and there may be evidence that they actually pushed the deals through and transferred the uranium.

A Russian firm called “Rosatom” had wanted to take over Uranium One. This would allow Russia to obtain 20 percent of the United States’ uranium. If this were to happen, a committee called CFIUS had to sign off on the deal… and you’ll never guess who were some big names in that group.

Circa reported, “At the time of the Uranium One deal the panel was chaired by then-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and included then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then-Attorney General Eric Holder.”

While there was more and more evidence coming out about bribery and secret deals, the Obama-run DOJ didn’t do anything until the deal was complete.

Sara Carter also stated, “The Justice Department didn’t move forward an indictment with prosecution of bribery by people tied to Rosatom, through subsidies and other entities, until 2014 after CFIUS approved the sale of Uranium One. (This left) the American public without knowledge of the Russian company’s allegedly illegal actives as it went to procure one-fifth of U.S. uranium supply.”

Take into account all of the sketchy details. There were briefcases full of Russian money that was meant for the Clintons. There was a secretive committee that was paid off in order to approve of the deal in question. There was a huge amount of nuclear fuel that was handed over to Russia in secret. How can anyone say that they still support the Clintons after this?

If these allegations are true and the video evidence holds up, there is no telling what will happen next. The Clintons are in for one wile ride.

Source: fbnewscycle.com

Clarence Thomas Just Looked Into The Camera & Uttered 2 Words That Made Every Leftist Hang Their Heads In Shame

Kirsters Baish| Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” had a special guest on Wednesday. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas appeared on the show to give a rare interview. On the bench, Thomas is a dependable constitutional conservative who was nominated by George H. W. Bush back in 1991.

While on the show, Ingraham asked Thomas how he felt about some of the more recent racial issues within the United States. Ingraham started with Thomas’s exclusion from the Smithsonian’s brand new African American History Museum.

It has been claimed by some critics that Thomas was excluded for having conservative tendencies on the court. The hose then asked Thomas if his exclusion made him upset. He responded by saying no and explained that society is usually more closed off to diverse ideas.

He stated, “Not really, I mean, people who cared about me did, but no, not really. I grew up in a time where I was exposed to a wonderful range of ideas…and we’re getting quite comfortable in our society limiting ideas and exposure to ideas. And maybe [his exclusion from the museum] is a symptom of it I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s good for the next generation and people who will be learning.” 

Then, Ingraham asked Thomas how he felt when it came to the cases of Confederate statues being torn down around the country. His defense of the statues was epic. He explained, “I think that today we seem to think that everything has to be one size fits all and people can’t have opinions that make us uncomfortable, or ideas that make us uncomfortable- that we don’t agree with.”

You can watch the interview below:

This man has overcome so much in order to become one of the most powerful people in our country’s government.

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Hillary’s Sick Sexual Secret Leaked After Investigators Made Discovery on Seized Laptop

Kirsters Baish| New York Police Department detectives along with sources who worked the underage child pornography case against Anthony Weiner came out this week to confirm that the laptop that was taken from Hillary Clinton proved that she did indeed know that Weiner was involved in a long-term sexual relationship with a minor. She did nothing to bring it to the attention of any state or any federal authorities. She did nothing to protect the innocent 15-year-old female victim. By not blowing the whistle on Weiner, Clinton allowed the abuse to continue for four more months.

Corrupt Hillary Clinton was too busy pushing her own presidential campaign along with help from Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, to bring any attention to the scandal. While his wife was helping promote Clinton, Weiner was at home sexting with the 15-year-old and sending her online porn as well as expressing his own sickening rape fantasies. The worst part of it all is that authorities have confirmed that Weiner also spoke to the young girl on the phone several times.

The Anthony Weiner scandals are truly one for the record books. They involve everything from sexting cases in which he was sentenced to 21 months in prison to him pleading guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old female. The former representative became famous back in 2010 after a passionate speech in Congress after which he was shot down in a scandal which involved him sexting numerous females for multiple years. The former New York Democratic congressman was taken to prison on Monday following a sentence of 21 months in prison back in September. He was federally charged with sending sexually explicit content to a teenage female. Weiner shed tears as the judge read off his sentence. He is currently being held at the Federal Medical Center Devens in Massachusetts. The former congressman was also told that he had to register as a sex offender. The 15-year-old girl from North Carolina explained to the Daily Mail that in 2016 she and Weiner had sent explicit messages back and forth for months. She made claims that he requested that she film herself stripping naked. Before his sentencing, Weiner agreed that he would not appeal any sentence between 21 and 27 months in prison. He could have been sentenced to up to 10 years.

Weiner and Abedin, who met in 2001, got married in New York. Former President Bill Clinton officiated the ceremony.

That same month, Weiner, who was a Democratic representative at the time, gave a moving speech on the House floor after a bill to provide aid to 9/11 emergency responders failed. Weiner gained notoriety and soon started becoming a known name in the political world.

May 2011:
The first photo of the scandal: a picture of Weiner in his boxer brief with a bulging crotch was posted on his Twitter account with about 40,000 followers. Weiner first claimed his Twitter was hacked.

Abedin was secretly pregnant with their son at the time.

June 2011:
Weiner held a tearful news conference on June 6, fessing up to the tweet.

“To be clear, the picture was of me, and I sent it,” Weiner said.

Weiner announced he would be taking a leave of absence from Congress on June 11. A spokeswoman said Weiner was taking the time to “seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person.”

Five days later, he officially resigned from Congress. He held a news conference in Brooklyn, New York and apologized for his actions and the embarrassment he may have caused.

December 2011:

Abedin gives birth to their son, Jordan Zain Weiner.

May 2013:
After being out of the public eye for nearly two years, Weiner announced he was running for mayor of New York City. In the video announcement, Weiner, Abedin and their son appear to be a happy family, putting the scandal behind them.

“Look, I’ve made some big mistakes and I know I’ve let a lot of people down,” Weiner said in the video.

“I’m running for mayor because I’ve been fighting for the middle class and those struggling to make it for my entire life. And I hope I get a second chance to work for you,” he added.

“We love this city,” Abedin said. “And no one will work harder to make it better than Anthony.”

July 2013:
A website published screenshots of alleged conversations that contained explicit photos between Weiner and another woman.

Weiner, with Abedin by his side, held a news conference on July 23 where he admitted to the sexting. Despite the revelation, Abedin stood by her husband’s side.

“What I want to say is I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him, and as I have said from the beginning, we are moving forward,” Abedin said.

September 2013:
Weiner lost the mayoral primary, landing in fifth place. Bill de Blasio went on to win the Democratic nomination and the election.

May 2016:
The documentary “Weiner” opened in theaters. The film documents Weiner’s rollercoaster career in politics and highlighted the scandal. Abedin, at the time, was one of Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aides for the 2016 presidential election.

August 2016:
The New York Post published a story about more explicit texts the disgraced politician sent starting in 2015. One of the photos showed Weiner, in his boxer briefs, in bed with his toddler son by his side.

The next day, Abedin announced the couple was separating.

“After a long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband,” Abedin said in a statement.

September 2016:
The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York Police department announced they were opening an investigation into Weiner after a 15-year-old girl told the Daily Mail the former politician sent her lewd messages starting in January 2016. The exchange continued for months.

October 2016:
The FBI said it was reopening its investigation into the private email server of then Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The FBI discovered the emails while looking into Weiner’s laptop during the investigation into the sexting case.

May 2017:
Weiner appeared in federal court in Manhattan on May 19 and pleaded guilty to a charge of transmitting sexual material to a minor.

Weiner shed tears in court as he exclaimed during his apology, “I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse.”

The judge explained to Weiner that he would be mandated to register as a sex offender, and the former congressman made the agreement not to appeal any sentence that would be between 21 and 27 months in prison. It was that same day that Abedin filed for divorce.

In September of 2017, Weiner was given his sentence, which turned out to be 21 months in prison. His lawyers had argued that he should not spend time in prison. The judge also explained to Wiener that he would be sentenced to three years of supervised release. He would also be required to pay Abedin a $10,000 fine and hand over his iPhone.

Abedin was quoted saying, “With Anthony, I have repeatedly found myself in circumstances I never imagined. I am devastated by Anthony’s actions, and I understand he must face their consequences.”

Weiner’s lawyers made reference to “Anthony’s operatic self-destruction.” They explained his crimes as “the final act… born of deep sickness.” They also placed blame on the young girl, however, claiming that they had the intention of affecting the 2016 presidential election since Abedin worked with Clinton. His lawyers also made the argument that he did not try to seek out teenagers online and didn’t not normally engage in predatory behavior.

The lawyers stated, “He responded to the victim’s request for sexually explicit messages not because she was a teenager but in spite of it.”

Abedin and Weiner asked the court for privacy in their divorce proceedings.

Last month, a conservative watchdog group explained that the F.B.I. found approximately 2,800 government documents that had to do with Abedin’s work with Clinton on Anthony Weiner’s personal laptop. The documents were said to have been sent to the computer by Abedin. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton explained, “This is a disturbing development. Our experience with Abedin’s emails suggest these Weiner laptop documents will include classified and other sensitive materials.”

This month, Weiner began his 21-month prison sentence at the Federal Medical Center Devens in Massachusetts. This is the same prison that Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnev once was housed in.

M Political reported:

Now, this is the part that’s truly sickening. Instead of rescuing the minor from the sex-obsessed predator Weiner, Hillary Clinton who was the fake Democratic presidential candidate at the time and the eventual front-runner just waiting to be crowned president, counseled her longtime aide Abedin, to end her relationship with him. Because of the bad publicity and the fact that it could effectively harm her campaign. not because of the well being of the minor. Clinton and Abedin apparently discovered Weiner’s sexting with the minor in April of 2016, by that time it had been confirmed that he had already been texting with the minor for months.

Abedin nor Clinton did a single thing to stop the abuse of this minor. All they did was try to stay quiet in order to save their own skin. The two of them ought to be ashamed of their inaction. Let’s hope they pay for their disgusting behavior.

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After Years Of Trashing Trump Robert De Niro’s Criminal Child Sex Secrets Come Tumbling Out

Kirsters Baish| It wasn’t long ago that WikiLeaks dropped the Podesta email bomb. Americans were faced with the reality that pedophilia is a big issue in our government. While the mainstream media has done their best to cover up the despicable crime, there are people out there who are ready to find these disgusting perverts in our government and entertainment industry. In the last few weeks, more allegations of pedophilia and sexual assault have come out pointing to a circle of high-powered executives and Hollywood actors.

Influential film producer Harvey Weinstein and Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey have both been accused of being a part of this disgusting circle. It has just been reported that Robert De Niro is another member of the sickos club. He was just discovered using an international prostitution ring. There’s even more to the story that will completely shock you.

Last year, during the 2016 Presidential Election, the mainstream Leftist media and Hollywood elites joined forces to bash Donald Trump. They claimed him to be a “low-life” sexual predator. The allegations came from a 2005 leaked audio tape on which Trump could be heard in a locker room speaking to Billy Bush. the conversation was taken completely out of context. Robert De Niro decided to use the audio to slam President Trump and dub him a sexual predator. He went so far as to call Trump “a dog.”

My how the tables have turned. De Niro has now been caught in the middle of a sex scandal that our country won’t forget. The actor was caught by authorities using the services of an international prostitution ring that is known to hire underaged children for wealthy high-powered clients.

Court documents state that John Lichfield, a journalist that works for London’s Independent stated that the agency regularly hires young girls, some as young as 15 years old. They force them to have sex with Hollywood elites. 

The documents are worse than a trashy sex novel. They mention Hollywood stars and high-ranking foreign dignitaries. They speak of arms deals and politicians from our country. The mainstream media did everything they could to sweep it under the carpet in order to protect celebrities like De Niro.

Lichfield discovered the documents and wrote, Six people are charged with the running of an international prostitution ring, whose call-girls entertained the actor Robert De Niro, the former tennis player, Wojtek Fibak, two senior (but unnamed) French politicians and several Gulf princes. The agency specialised in tricking, or trapping, star-struck teenage girls into selling their bodies with the promise of careers as models or actresses.”

This discovery is truly horrific. The fact that De Niro and Weinstein are connected in these crimes is the icing on the cake.

De Niro should be ashamed of himself for picking on President Trump for making an insignificant comment years ago… especially since he is at the heart of an international prostitution ring.

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Instant Karma: After George W Bush & Obama Teamed Up to Attack Trump, Fox Host Leaked Their Worst Nightmare

Kirsters Baish| There are certain times where we can read between the lines, and this is one of those cases. President Donald Trump was not mentioned by name, however, it was painfully obvious that former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama were referring to him and the direct impact they believed his actions were having on our country.

George W. Bush had his time in the White House from 2001 to 2009. The former president stated “Our politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrications.” 

Barack Obama, who was in office from 2009 to 2017 when President Trump took over, maintained that politics seem “so angry and nasty.” He stated, “Instead of our politics reflecting our values, we have politics infecting our communities.”

It’s obvious to anyone and everyone who work in politics that for the last sixty years it has been an unspoken agreement that former presidents do not bad mouth those who take their place in the White House. Both of these former presidents were representing opposing parties and are 15 years apart in age, however the fact that they both came forward to make these statements on the same day, during a time in which a man they both do not like is in office, is oddly coincidental.

According to Subjectpolitics:

Fox Host Steve Hilton had a BRUTAL message for George W. Bush and Obama after they joined in attacking President Trump and his supporters over the weekend. In their coordinated attack on the Trump movement, these two former Presidents are trying to turn the public against President Trump. “It was a striking site the last 2 Presidents out on the same day with a not very well disguised attack on [President Trump],” Hilton said.

The shocking part was to hear George W. Bush essentially call Trump-supporters racist. Bush said, “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism,” as he called for more open-borders policies that business leaders and liberals want. He also called for globalist trade policies, and took a shot at Trump’s policies. Fox Host Steve Hilton had a BRUTAL reponse that exposes Obama and George W. Bush for who they really are.

Hilton stated, “Here’s my message to Bush and Obama. When you’re ready to apologize for the economic and social destruction that your elitist policies caused for working Americans, we might take seriously your self-righteous and sanctimonious musings about the state of our politics.”

Hilton had a lot more to say, so you might as well just watch the video so you can see him wreck the former presidents for yourself.

Bush and Obama had ought to keep their mouths shut unless they want us bringing up every little thing they did to drive our country into an economic collapse.

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Shots Fired: If Jason Chaffetz Is Right, Jeff Sessions Should Be Terminated ASAP

Kirsters Baish| This past Saturday night brought a whirlwind of new information about Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and if this information stands to be true, he should be booted from his position immediately. Jason Chaffetz appeared on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show, and he had a lot to say about the attorney general.

Their conversation went as follows:

Judge Janine:

“I want to know one thing and I want to know this for my audience – for the Jeanine audience – I’ll call them the Jeanine audience, ok? I’m a prosecutor. I was a judge. I did this for 30 years. I know how to put a case together and all that stuff.

Barack Obama and his administration did things that if we did we’d all be in jail right now. Now the Republicans are in power and I am not suggesting that the Party has anything to do with it, but when we see blatant obstruction of justice like we have seen in the Obama Administration – example, when you’ve got Eric Holder committing perjury and being held in contempt. You were Head of Government Oversight and Reform, correct? You guys held him in contempt, yes or no?”


“Yes, Yes.”

Judge Janine:

“Ok, why is he not being charged with a crime?”


“I can tell you that while I was in Congress and the Chairman of the Oversight Committee, I did go over and visit with Attorney General Sessions and it was one of the most frustrating discussions I had because whether it was the IRS, Fast and Furious, the email scandal that we went through, I did not see the Attorney General willing to just let Lady Justice administer justice and then follow through. I understood maybe the last six months of the Obama Administration…”

Judge Janine:

“Wait a minute I don’t have that much time. You spoke with Sessions on IRS, Fast and Furious. Did he give you a reason? Did he say he was presenting anything to a grand jury? Yes or no?”


“No, he basically let me know he wasn’t going to pursue anything on the major cases.”

Judge Janine:

“So IRS, on the major cases? Are we talking about Hillary Clinton, because I haven’t even gotten to her yet.”


“Yes, the email scandal of Hillary Clinton. We had Bryan Pagliano. I issued a subpoena for him to appear before the Committee and he said “No”. He didn’t even show up. We issued another subpoena. The US Marshals served it. And you know in my world, if you’re in court, I guarantee you that a subpoena is not an optional activity. We wanted the Attorney General to prosecute him and he said ‘No.’”

If what Chaffetz says stands to be true, Jeff Sessions should be removed from his position IMMEDIATELY. This would mean that he is trying to block President Trump from removing the scum out of Washington.

If it’s true that Jeff Sessions is refusing to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her many crimes, he cannot remain in Washington.

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Breaking: Gowdy, Nunes & Co Release Devastating Video Exposing Dems Treasonous FISA Abuse

Elder Patriot – Republican members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have released a video of themselves explaining in simple terms why both the Republicans’ and Democrats’ FISA memos matter and why theirs has more credibility.   

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy released the video via his Twitter account … WATCH VIDEO BELOW

The Republican memo’s co-author, Trey Gowdy speaks first:

“You have a right to know what happened with this FISA process and whether reforms are warranted.” 

From there a montage of mainstream media reports detailing how the FBI and the DNC officials lied to the FISA court to fraudulently convince each of four different judges to issue surveillance warrants over the course of a year to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign team.

HPSCI Chairmen Nunes: “Political dirt was used by the FBI – and they knew it was political dirt – to open a counterintelligence investigation into the other campaign.” 

This promises to be just the first of a number of such memorandum and videos since Nunes has made it clear that he considers this only the first of many investigative phases.

He has indicated his next target is the State Department where Hillary Clinton ran her pay-to-play scheme out of and where Clinton’s lost emails went to die. 

Nunes told Fox News’ Bret Baier that the release of the FISA memo was just the beginning of the attempts to unravel the Obama administrations’ politicization and weaponization of key government agencies:

“This completes just the FISA abuse portion of our investigation. We are — we are in the middle of phase two of our investigation, which involves other departments, specifically the State Department and some of the involvement that they had in this. 

“That investigation is ongoing and we continue to work towards finding answers and asking the right questions to try to get to the bottom of what exactly the State Department was up to in terms of this Russian investigation.”

Interestingly, almost immediate to Nunes announcement that Foggy Bottom was the target of the next phase of investigations, Jonathan Winer wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post where he tried covering his ass for his involvement in support of the phony dossier.

Recent polls show that 56% of respondents was a special counsel to be appointed to get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s scandals.  That will not be good news for the Democratic Party nor the Obama administration both of which routinely broke laws to defend and advance the most corrupt politician (person?) in American history.

With public opinion now favoring the Republicans it also signals that the mainstream media matrixis losing its grip on the American consciousness.

Source: fbnewscycle.com

Top Democrats Caught Meeting With Radical Islamists Including Iranian Prez & Louis Farrakhan

Elder Patriot – Three high profile Democrats who are leaders of the resist trump movement were discovered to have previously undisclosed ties with leading anti-Semites according to a Wall Street Journal column that ran yesterday.

Reps. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Andre Carson of Indiana and Gregory Meeks of New York attended A private dinner, along with Louis Farrakhan, the notorious anti-Semite who leads the black supremacist group Nation of Islam, that was hosted by Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani.

Ellison was appointed the Vice-Chair of the DNC after having lost a close vote to head the Democratic Party.

The lack of journalistic curiosity displayed by the mainstream media is as astounding as it should be troubling.  This dinner took place in 2013!

According to the Untied States government, Iran was at that time, and remains to this day, the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism.  And, Farrakhan is as detestable a racist as any leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

Now that the Democrats have completely unmasked, an article recounting the dinner at that time that had appeared the Nation of Islam publication Final Call, has finally been reported by a mainstream media outlet.

The presence of the three Democrat representatives (all members of the Congressional Black Caucus) provides further proof of the alignment that has taken place between their party and radical Islam.

The WSJ article comes only two weeks after photographer Askia Muhammad shared a picture of Illinois Senator Barack Obama, the CBC, and Farrakhan yucking it up at another, earlier dinner:

None of the 21 current members of the CBC who were part of the caucus that attended that dinner in 2005 were willing to denounce Farrakhan.

Even the extreme left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled Farrakhan’s organization, the Nation of Islam as a hate group because of the “theology of innate black superiority over whites and the deeply racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay rhetoric of its leaders.”

It would be hard to fathom the outcry had President Trump – or any Republican – attended a similar dinner especially after we pause to consider how severely Donald Trump was roasted for having received David Duke’s endorsement – one that he neither sought nor accepted.

The article from Final Call can be accessed here.

Source: fbnewscycle.com