Former Clinton Aide Attacks Sarah Sanders; Her Response Shows Why You DO NOT Mess With Her

A new report reveals that a former aide to President Bill Clinton tried attacking White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a private event.

Her response shows why people should not mess with her.

According to Politico,  Mike McCurry, the former Clinton aide, was “letting Sanders have it” at a private event in February.

“You have got to have an administration that’s committed to respect the role of the free press,” Sanders replied.

McMurry then responded with more hostility: “You cannot have a president who declares them to be the enemy and goes out and describes them as fake news every day.”

But Sanders got tired of being lectured by the Clinton aide, and nuked McMurry before walking away with a smile:

“I’m used to not always being the most popular person in the room. We have not declared war on the press.”

Sanders clapping back at her critics is why she’s one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal and trusted officials.

Her tough, no-nonsense mentality toward the fake news media is also why she is a top ally to Trump and well-respected by the American people.

She doesn’t raise her voice nor curse at reporters, no matter how upset they make her with their ridiculous questions each day.

The Politico report also went on to say she prays before every single White House press briefing. That’s just another reason why so many admire and support her. 

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