Famous Artist Painted New Portrait For Trump With Tiny Hidden Message Seen When You Zoom In

Painters have become all the rage with the presidents. From the awkward paintings of former President and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, to the new painting that some artist whipped up for President Trump – it seems like almost everyone needs a painting of their own. While the Obama paintings were quite interesting, what with a garden of leaves surrounding Barack and Michelle’s painting not entirely looking like her, it was a relief to see a painting that seemed a little bit more down to Earth and less spaced out.

The artist who painted the works for the Obama family is certainly talented, but his works were highly criticized. At the same time, you can’t blame the guy for being “different” when asked to paint something “Presidential.” That artist certainly scored points with the “put that in a dive bar” crowd.

The painter who shared his work of Donald Trump did a more classic style. It’s a painting that requires no thought but certainly might spark some thoughts once people look into it a little bit closer. It appears as though the artist has a bit of a hidden message for Donald Trump or anyone else who views the painting.

The artist is John McNaughton and his new painting is titled “Teach a Man a Fish.” He painted Donald Trump, looking much younger of course, with a young boy you could be rendered as an older version of Trump’s son Barron. It’s not Barron, but critics might imagine it so. It appears Trump is teaching the man about fishing, perhaps discussing proper bait to use or the correct way to hook the bait, and the younger lad is digging in the tackle box while appearing to listen to Trump.

Upon glancing to the left bottom corner of the painting, one notices a bookbag with several books on the ground. Besides the point that no one actually takes their books out of the bag to stack them up like that, one might zoom in a little bit closer to see the titles of the books. The read “socialism” and “justice warrior” but many cannot read what the top book says on the spine.

Take a look.

I asked Mr. McNaughton about the top book and still await a reply.

Fans of his work praised the painting, as it certainly shows he’s a talented artist.

McNaughton also released a video where he talks about the painting.

Conservative Tribune said this about the painting: “In the painting, McNaughton depicted Trump sitting on a bench with a young man.

In Trump’s hand is a fishing pole, symbolizing the opportunities for self-sufficiency the United States offers anyone — literally anyone — with the drive and ability to take advantage of them.

On the ground at the man’s feet are the heretical gospels of “socialism” and “social justice,” the twin tyrannies that drive liberals in the 21st century, and are guaranteed to lead the world into same hellholes they produced in the 20th.”

It’s quite an interesting story presented by McNaughton who did a fine job on the painting. Now it’s time for people to talk about the painting and the titles on the books. Everyone will interpret this painting differently. He might face some criticism from people who dislike Trump, but that seems a bit unfair to him. He’s the artist and simply painting something that a lot of people enjoy. It’s OK if people don’t like the painting, because not everyone has to like the same thing. People are free thinkers who can decide for themselves if they like it or not.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that John McNaughton is a very talented artist and that’s what people should focus on.

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