The reports that you have heard from a former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official regarding negative information about Administrator Scott Pruitt is likely false. The official is said to not have his facts straight, according to sources familiar with the EPA’s inside information.

Kevin Chmielewski is the former EPA official who served as deputy chief of staff operations. He likely gave congressional Democrats a list of accusations against Pruitt that supposedly detailed the administrator’s “wasteful spending” and “disregard for ethical and legal requirements.”

But Chmielewski was allegedly removed from his position at EPA for challenging Pruitt, but that hasn’t been confirmed, reports said. Many of his claims have been called into question by two sources familiar with EPA’s inner-workings. 

One source said of Chmielewski’s claims that “more than 60 percent is false, the other 40 percent is information he distorted.”

One of the allegations against Pruitt by Chmielewski claimed that “a $30,000 contract with private Italian security personnel entered into by Mr. [Pasquele] Nino Perrotta,” was ahead of Pruitt’s attendance of a G7 summit in Italy.

But two sources familiar with Pruitt’s security said that it never happened. They also added that Perrotta, the special agent in charge of Pruitt’s security detail, would not have had authority to enter into such a contract on his own. 

The “special agent in charge has no authority to make purchase agreements or authorize people to make purchases,” one source said. Perrotta would have needed approval from higher-ups in the Office of Criminal Enforcement and Forensic Training, the source said.

Perrotta has become known through intense media scrutiny as Pruitt’s “sheriff,” according to a New York Times article that was published the same day as many of Chmielewski’s accusations.

“Perrotta has clashed — at least once physically — with top EPA officials who challenged Mr. Pruitt’s spending and has steered at least one EPA security contract to a business associate,” current and former officials told NYT.

Of course, if the media and Democrats weren’t so desperate they could have vetted the information and found out for themselves.

Likewise, “at least one security-related contract was awarded to an individual who works at Mr. Perrotta’s private security firm, and he believes that other contracts may also have been awarded to friends or associates of Mr. Perrotta’s,” Chmielewski told Democrats.

Are these allegations regarding Pruitt more “fake news” propagated by the media?

Credit: Daily Caller,redbluedivide.com

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