Muslim Girl Demands To Wear Veil In Class, School Has Proposal Of Their Own

Well aware of her school’s dress code, a migrant student challenged her teachers by showing up to class with a full veil. When asked to remove it, she threatened to take her case to court over discrimination. However, she was quickly surprised when the school responded to her threat with a proposal of their own.

An 18-year old Muslim migrant decided to show up to class in a niqab but never expected the incredible response from Osnabrück Vice President Gert Armin Neuhäuser.

It’s unclear how long the 18-year-old Balkan Muslim had been living as a migrant in Germany before she started listing off her demands. However, she hadn’t even graduated by the time she invoked her imagined special privilege against the very school that’s giving her an education she would never have under Islam.

The Local reports that the unnamed Muslim female student decided one day to show up to class at night school in Osnabrück wearing a niqab, an Islamic face covering that shows only the eyes. Prepared to force the school to adhere to her religious customs, the girl promised to sue the university if they made her follow the rules like everyone else and remove her niqab. Unfortunately for her, the school saw her demand and made a counter-offer she couldn’t refuse.

The school refused the Muslim girl’s demand, reiterating that they would expel her from the campus if she wore the veil again. Of course, the Muslim girl thought the school was bluffing since it’s a rarity for Western institutions to stand up to the orders of special interest groups, especially Muslims.

Hoping pushback would cause the school to cave to her stipulations, the girl told the school that she would agree to lift her veil for a female teacher each morning before class, but if the university didn’t allow her to wear the niqab, she would sue them. Again, the school wouldn’t budge and kicked her off campus.

The young woman filed a case with the Administrative Court in Lower Saxony, hoping that her hollow lawsuit would scare the school into complying. When the school proved their seriousness by bringing their own case against her veil to court, the Muslim student tucked tail and ran. The Neue Osnabrücke Zeitung reports that the girl didn’t even show up to her court hearing, prompting the judge to uphold the school’s decision to ban the niqab and enforce her expulsion.

The Lower Saxony education authority rejected this proposal, arguing that their role as educator requires completely free communication, which not only involves speaking, but also facial expressions and gestures, The Local reports.

Muslims like this unnamed student are constantly forcing their customs on Westerners in the hope that they will be too afraid of being called a bigot to stand up against such backward practices. However, Muslims and their Western hosts soon realize that they cannot have the “multicultural” best of both worlds. They can either adhere to the oppressive requirements of Sharia law or be liberated under democracy.

Instead, Muslims like this student attempt to use our freedoms to promote Sharia. While this young woman isn’t allowed the freedom to choose whether or not she wears an Islamic head covering in Sharia countries, she wants the right to choose in the West — and disappointingly, she chooses oppression.

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