MUST WATCH: Diamond And Silk Gloriously Put Facebook On Blast For Being ‘A Political Playground For Democrats’

On Wednesday, Diamond and Silk, reacted to Ted Cruz’s comments to Mark Zuckerberg pointing out the bias in Facebook. Diamond and Silk had their account shut down because Facebook called them “unsafe to the community.”

They weren’t happy with the way Zuckerberg answered questions on Facebook’s political bias, even stating they believed Facebook is a “political playground for Democrats” that shuts down Conservative opinions.

“He really didn’t answer the question as to why he’s deeming us, two conservatives, as if we are unsafe to the community. He really didn’t answer the question,” Diamond said.

“If he was concerned about his platform being a place for all ideas, then why would he put algorithms in place to censor some ideas?” she added. “And why is he turning Facebook into a political playground for Democrats?”

She continued, “He’s so concerned about the midterm [elections] … It feels like he’s trying to interfere in an election, is what we see.”

“I would let him know that we are not unsafe; we are not animals; we are two black chicks that’s down with politics; that’s patriotic; that loves our country; that loves our president, and that loves his agenda.”

Watch the pair below:

According to Diamond, Facebook didn’t contact them in any way prior to determining their page was “unsafe.”

“Facebook needs to take off all of those algorithms, put them off of our page, not only our page, but all conservatives’ pages,” Diamond stated. “Take that stuff off of our page, so that our fans, the people that we build our base around, can see and view our content.”

Silk dropped a bomb, asking “What is so unsafe about two black women supporting the president?”

The debate over Facebook’s political bias isn’t going away anytime soon. Conservative sites have made it abundantly clear, their engagement and reach has been throttled down by Facebook, while left-leaning sites have seen a boost in reach.

At I Love My Freedom, we recently reported on the political censorship. Check out the latest edition of our new Extremely Deplorable Podcast!

Extremely Deplorable

Episode 01 – New Study Proves Censorship Of Conservatives On Social Media!

April 03, 2018

Extremely Deplorable

Youtube and Facebook have decided that it’s not okay to be a conservative, so they’re changing up your news feed. Today we expose their tactics and show you how to fight back

Here’s a report by Western Journal, comparing Right-leaning NY Post and the Left-leaning NY Daily News:

Case in point: Two rival publishers in New York City, the New York Post and the New York Daily News, are similar in many ways, except for their editorial slants. The Post is well-known as a right-leaning outlet, whereas the Daily News has an established left-leaning slant. For example, the Daily News recently ran a headline after the Parkland shooting that read, “Brave Florida survivors plan day of action for gun sanity and to call out ‘blood on hands’ of NRA puppets.”

Headlines like that garnered the Daily News a 24.18 percent increase in traffic from Facebook, while the right-leaning Post’s traffic dropped 11.44 percent in the same time period.

These results are similar to the “surprisingly profound and partisan” findings of analysis conducted by The Outline. However, whereas The Outline analyzed user engagement on Facebook itself, The Western Journal looked at actual traffic driven to news websites by Facebook, which directly impacts revenue for these sites.

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