Is a Reckoning Near for Corrupt Federal Officials?

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I hate to recommend the National Review, but Victor Davis Hansen has been, as the saying goes, “on fire” lately. Yesterday’s editorial on the Mueller investigation was amazing. We all know that the deep state stays empowered through overwhelming hypocrisy, but the double standards have come at us so fast, it is hard to remember them all. Hanson does us all a favor by writing: “The Double Standards of the Mueller Investigation.

He lists many of them. For example:

Mueller’s team apparently has assumed that Michael Cohen’s status as Trump’s attorney offers no protections under normal attorney-client privilege protocols.

If that is true, the DOJ will have to investigate why the FBI allowed Clinton aide Cheryl Mills to pose as Clinton’s attorney and thereby be shielded from providing testimony on what she knew about the email scandal involving her “client.”

And Hanson concludes that there will be a reckoning:

Mueller has searched far and wide for wrongdoing but so far has found little. Meanwhile, there is plenty of other wrongdoing already found, but no one seems to be looking at it.

Flynn, Cohen, and other Trump aides are considered small enough fry to go after. Clinton, Comey, McCabe, and others seem big enough fry to leave alone.

No one thought Hillary Clinton would blow the election. Top Obama officials at the FBI, DOJ, intelligence agencies, and National Security Council believed in 2015 and 2016 that they could ignore laws with impunity because a protective Clinton administration would soon be in power.

Politics have infected these investigations. Trump was seen as a threat to the status quo, and FBI and DOJ lawbreakers were seen as custodians of it.

The more Mueller searches for hypothetical lawbreaking, the more he is inadvertently underscoring that actual lawbreakers must be subject to the same standard of justice. Ironically, Mueller’s investigation has reminded America that it is past time to call Comey, McCabe, and a host of Obama-era DOJ and FBI officials to account.

For over a year, we have had two standards of legality when there can only be one.

A reckoning is near.

Is Hanson right? A friends wrote to me:

Beautiful in theory, but I do not believe it’s going to happen. It’s clear there are two sets of standards in effect, and some people are more equal than others. I’m past “I’ll believe it when I see it” and all the way to “I flat out believe it’s not going to happen.”

Just In: Trump Goes Nuclear on Rebellious California

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California is more or less in open rebellion against the federal government.

And reports out of the “Golden State” indicate that Trump is about to hit back, hard.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf told local media that Trump had ordered the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to conduct a massive sweep of the San Francisco Bay area.

Schaaf, as mayor of one of California’s rebellious “sanctuary” cities, insisted she was releasing this information to “protect” people.

Not citizens, not legal resident of California, but the millions of people who entered this country illegally.

Criminals. She’s snitching on the government to protect criminals.

Like most other cities in the state, Oakland has forbidden local police officers from cooperating with ICE.

That, according to Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies, should be enough for Trump to not only prosecute city officials like Schaaf, but to also drastically cut federal funding of law enforcement in California.

“Why should a jurisdiction get taxpayer money for law enforcement when they’re stiffing one of the biggest law enforcement agencies of the federal government?” she asked in remarks to Breitbart. “They shouldn’t. There needs to be some consequence for having a sanctuary policy.”

WATCH: Trey Gowdy Blows Lid Off Comey’s Fox News Interview, Mentions ‘Felony’

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In an extensive interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night, the South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy executively and meticulously took apart some of the former FBI director’s talking points which led up to President Donald Trump’s firing of the former FBI director. In the video below, they stopped short of calling Comey a liar.

This all came about when Comey had an earlier appearance on Fox New’s Special Report with Bret Baier where he made a series of odd claims from his time as FBI director while he was investigating the now disproven “collusion” between the Donald Trump presidential campaign and the Kremlin.

Comey told Baier that he isn’t sure exactly how much of the debunked ” Trump Dossier” created by former British spy Christopher Steele was paid for by the Democrat National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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He followed the claim by downplaying the importance this dossier had in obtaining the wiretap warrant to spy on Carter Page who is a Trump associate. Comey denied that he engaged in leaking when he secretly gave his confidential memos about his meeting with Trump to a friend to have them published in The New York Times.

The Conservative Tribune provided more information on the exchange between Trey Gowdy and Tucker Carlson: “Carlson zeroed in on those issues with Gowdy.

“He doesn’t remember a lot,” Carlson said. “He doesn’t remember when he first heard about the Steele dossier. He doesn’t remember who told him about the Steele dossier. Is that plausible?”

Gowdy, whose reputation for exactness in language and tenacity in grilling witnesses have earned him the nickname “Bulldog,” was having none of Comey’s latest line. It wasn’t plausible at all, he said.

“If he learned about it in the fall of 2016, and it was already known that the Democrats had picked up on that work, so, whoever briefed him… Why would you just say the Republicans started it but not also include the Democrats finished it? So that, that …”

Gowdy didn’t have to say, “that’s a lie.” Anyone listening understood it.

He then turned to how Comey minimalized the role the dossier played in the FBI’s application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court when it was seeking a warrant to investigate Trump associate Carter Page as an alleged “agent of a foreign power.”

“I’ve actually read the application, and it is just wrong,” Gowdy said. “It was an indispensable part of the application. Period.”

But it was Comey’s denial in the Baier interview that he’d “leaked” information that Gowdy hit the hardest. In Comey’s world, apparently, a “leak” only occurs when the information that’s surreptitiously released involves information that’s officially considered “classified” by the government.

Gowdy blasted that for the nonsense it is.

“The other thing that I will tell you, Tucker, that I learned tonight is Jim Comey has a definition of the word ‘leak’ that no one else has,” Gowdy said.

“What he says is a leak is what the rest of us call a felony,” Gowdy said. “Leaking is disclosing a confidential conversation which is exactly what he did.”

They were only three of the points Gowdy covered, but they blew the lid off key parts of the story Comey’s shilling as he travels the publicity circuit to peddle the memoirs he titled “A Higher Loyalty.”

He’s been getting a respectful greeting from liberals like ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, and he’s been getting grilled by interviewers like Baier.

But whatever their politics, few know the inside story about Comey the way Gowdy does, a member of the House Intelligence Committee whose years as a federal prosecutor have given him an insight into law enforcement most American civilians can’t match.”

Critics claim that the former FBI Director is more in tune with one political party over the other and appears as though he wanted to help sway Hillary towards victory in the 2016 election.

The alleged corruption appears difficult to investigate because there seem to be various levels of corruption amid drama and side stories within the realm of politics.  Some Americans worry about the internal corruption that might affect the outcome of the presidency and interrupt with the action plan set in place by Donald Trump and his administration.

Please share your thoughts below and tell us what you think about the situation with former FBI Director James Comey. Was Trey Gowdy accurate in what he said?

Chick-Fil-A Owner Just Completely Changed The Chain Forever And People Are NOT Happy About It

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When you are out shopping, staying at a hotel or even out at a restaurant, sometimes there is something that sets one establishment apart from the others.

In the fast food business, they are all quite similar. Nothing really sets one mountain of meat apart from the next. Fried chicken is one of the easiest items to find fast but Chick-fil-a has somehow made it a commodity. The food is fantastic the service is unprecedented and the way they move long lines quickly keeps people coming back.

But there is one more thing that makes you smile at the end of every transaction at Chick-fil-a, and it’s pure genius.

Fox News recently wrote, If you’ve ever been to Chick-fil-A, you probably noticed that when customers say “thank you,” employees say “my pleasure.” Since “you’re welcome” has always been my go-to response, I had to know more.

Legend says the chain’s founder, Truett Cathy, got the idea while staying at the Ritz Carlton. When he said “thank you” to a hotel employee, the employee replied, “my pleasure.” Cathy thought those two small words made the Ritz Carlton stand apart as a luxury establishment. He wanted to bring that feel to his own restaurants, and the rest is history.

Though there’s nothing in the official Chick-fil-A employee training on saying “my pleasure,” according to a Reddit user who works there, it’s still an important part of the company culture. “‘You’re welcome’ seems too indifferent, and we’re told to use elevated language,” the employee says.

Is there business sense behind “my pleasure?” Absolutely! Chick-fil-A is known for taking customer service that extra “mile,” according to Kristen Hunter, a marketing consultant for the restaurant chain. “The first mile is the foundation—good customer service, hot food hot, cold food cold. The second mile is what we do that’s remarkable,” she says in an interview. In the case of “my pleasure,” the subtle change in the expected lingo sends a unique message to customers, adding an element of extra care.

In fact, using the word “pleasure” at all in a customer interaction is a brilliant tactic for making customers happy, according to CBS Moneywatch’s Michael Hess in his article, “The 6 Best Words in Customer Service.”

I know people love Chick-fil-A, and not only because the waffle fries are amazing. We’re happy to report that many customers are absolutely delighted to hear “my pleasure” in lieu of “you’re welcome.” (I’m one of ’em!)

You can re-create the Chick-fil-A experience at home with our Spicy Chicken Nuggets, a spicy copycat recipe for nuggets. And for dessert, how about one of these adorable Chirpy Chick Cupcakes? When people thank you for the treat, don’t forget to say, “My pleasure.”

I love that Chick-fil-a decided that it would set it’s self apart by not only providing amazing chicken but making the experience memorable as well. The chain has been routinely criticized by liberals mostly for their Christian beliefs being against other people’s liberal agenda, but also for their “over the top” and “fake” customer service. Their’s nothing fake about how they treat people, which is genuinely why some are not happy about being treated kindly — it disproves their beliefs. They want to be proven right when they’re wrong, and what’s really real is that with a business model such as this, Chick-fil-a is successful. People want to be treated well.

In recent years they have been the subject of ridicule for their Christian based business that closes on Sundays so their employees can attend church services. When coffee giant Starbucks has to shut down their entire chain for a day for racial training on how to treat people better and what’s right and wrong, you have to wonder what could have been gained from doing that every Sunday on the regular, putting a precedence on religious values and respect of self and others.

Being constantly criticized has not slowed Chick-fil-A down. As a matter of fact, it did just the opposite. People came out in droves to support their local Chick-fil-a, which is not something most other chains can say. Regardless of how you look at this business, they are doing the right things, and it’s their pleasure to continue to serve you.

Middle Eastern Woman In NYC Decapitated 7-Yr-Old With ‘Kitchen Knife’ – Media REFUSES To Report It (VIDEO)

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New York state police last week responded to multiple frantic calls saying there was a suicidal woman holding a knife in the rural town of Sweden in New York State.

Deputies arrived at the home to find Hanane Mouhib holding a large-bladed kitchen knife which she wouldn’t put down. They were forced to use pepper spray and a stun gun to subdue her. But after they did they made a gruesome discovery. A decapitated child laying on the floor.

Court documents later confirmed that Mounhib first stabbed her 7-year-old son Abraham Cardenas in the back and then proceeded to decapitate him. Although her husband and mother-in-law, along with Abraham’s 10-year-old brother were all home when this gruesome killing took place, state police say it was an isolated incident which had no warning signs whatsoever.

But what was perhaps the strangest twist in this tragic murder is that Mouhib worked at a Rochester psychiatric center as a licensed nurse practitioner and in March she actually called the police twice to have them arrange to take into a psychiatric unit in Rochester.

She has now been booked on Second Degree murder and she’s being held without bail after she pleaded “not guilty.”

Brockport district superintendent Lesli Myers called the murder “a very shocking situation for us,” remembering the first-grader at Barclay Elementary School as an “engaged learner” who “lit up a room any time he entered it.” She then added that grief counselors would be sent to the school Monday when students return after spring break.

Via the Democrat & Chronicle:

“A pair of frantic 911 calls about a suicidal woman armed with a knife sent three deputies racing toward a town of Sweden home in western New York Thursday night. Before they arrived, another caller urged them to hurry because someone had been injured.

When deputies arrived moments later, they were confronted by 36-year old Hanane Mouhib, brandishing a large kitchen knife and refusing to drop it. Pepper spray and a Taser were used to disarm her and prevent her from harming other occupants in the house.

Once Mouhib was in custody, the deputies made a grisly discovery. They found the decapitated body of a young boy, later identified as her 7-year-old son Abraham E. Cardenas, in an adjacent room.

Authorities say they aren’t certain what events precipitated the gruesome attack.

“There’s absolutely no explanation for us,” Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said at a midday news conference on Friday. “The word ‘evil’ comes to mind … this is a mother who took her son’s life.”

But Baxter also said that deputies had been called to the location twice last month when Mouhib had called 911 seeking assistance, Baxter said.

On March 5, Baxter said it appeared that she recognized she was having mental health issues and called for help. Deputies took her to an area hospital.

Three days later, she again called 911 telling dispatchers that she did not feel right. Because of the record of the March 5 encounter, Mouhib was taken to Rochester General Hospital, where she received treatment from March 8 to 26.”

Mouhib is expected to return to Sweden Town Court tomorrow after the case is presented to a Monroe County grand jury. Sara VanStrydonck, the chief of the office’s Child Abuse Bureau, will be the person prosecuting this case.

If this woman called to arrange for herself to be put in a mental institution twice last month why was she allowed to be with her young children?

Also, why aren’t liberal news organizations like CNN reporting on this? We did a quick search on CNN’s site and found nothing.

Apparently, when Middle Eastern people living in the US cut their family member’s heads off, it just doesn’t fit left-wing media’s narrative.

More on this tragic story via WHEC 10

“Monroe County says there were no reports of violence by the mother of 7-year-old Abraham Cardenas against her children prior to Abraham’s murder last Thursday. His mother, Hanane Mouhib, is accused of killing Abraham.

At a news conference Tuesday morning with County Executive Chery Dinolfo, the head of the County’s Human Services Department said the county legally cannot say whether Child Protective Services had any contact with Abraham’s family before his death.

But Commissioner Corinda Crossdale said, “At no time did CPS have information to reflect that the mother involved in this matter was a violent risk to her children.”

Crossdale repeated her inability to reveal CPS information by law, but went on to say “I can, however, say that CPS never received reports of violence against the children by the mother in this case at any point up to the fatality investigation.”

Monroe County: No reports of violence by mother against her children before her son’s murder
The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says Mouhib stabbed and killed her son Abraham inside the family home just outside Brockport last Thursday.

Sheriff Todd Baxter said Mouhib called 911 twice, once on March 5 and again on March 8, complaining about “mental difficulties.” After the second 911 call, the sheriff said deputies made a mental hygiene arrest and took Mouhib to Rochester General Hospital. The sheriff said Mouhib was a patient at RGH until March 26.

Federal laws prohibit the hospital from telling News10NBC how and why Mouhib was able to leave the hospital and whether she did so voluntarily.

Less than two weeks after leaving RGH, Mouhib was arrested and charged with killing her son Abraham.

As a result of his death, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services ordered Monroe County to suspend what it calls the Family Assessment Response (FAR) program. FAR is an alternative to a regular child protective investigation.

The county’s website describes FAR as “an alternative response for some families reported for suspected maltreatment of their children. Rather than focusing on details of an incident, or determining whether or not abuse or maltreatment occurred, the focus will be on the safety of your children and providing services to meet the needs of your family. There will be NO determination. When Monroe County receives reports alleging child maltreatment, a decision is made to initiate a Child Protective Services Investigation or to engage the family in a Child Protective Services Family Assessment Response.”

Dinolfo ordered a review of the FAR program. She said the report should be done in 45 days. County officials said the review should not imply that the family of Abraham Cardenas had contact with CPS or the FAR program.

Crossdale said, “if a case gets referred to FAR, there can be no concerns about immediate risk to children in the family setting.”

H/T CBS News,

Famous Artist Painted New Portrait For Trump With Tiny Hidden Message Seen When You Zoom In

Painters have become all the rage with the presidents. From the awkward paintings of former President and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, to the new painting that some artist whipped up for President Trump – it seems like almost everyone needs a painting of their own. While the Obama paintings were quite interesting, what with a garden of leaves surrounding Barack and Michelle’s painting not entirely looking like her, it was a relief to see a painting that seemed a little bit more down to Earth and less spaced out.

The artist who painted the works for the Obama family is certainly talented, but his works were highly criticized. At the same time, you can’t blame the guy for being “different” when asked to paint something “Presidential.” That artist certainly scored points with the “put that in a dive bar” crowd.

The painter who shared his work of Donald Trump did a more classic style. It’s a painting that requires no thought but certainly might spark some thoughts once people look into it a little bit closer. It appears as though the artist has a bit of a hidden message for Donald Trump or anyone else who views the painting.

The artist is John McNaughton and his new painting is titled “Teach a Man a Fish.” He painted Donald Trump, looking much younger of course, with a young boy you could be rendered as an older version of Trump’s son Barron. It’s not Barron, but critics might imagine it so. It appears Trump is teaching the man about fishing, perhaps discussing proper bait to use or the correct way to hook the bait, and the younger lad is digging in the tackle box while appearing to listen to Trump.

Upon glancing to the left bottom corner of the painting, one notices a bookbag with several books on the ground. Besides the point that no one actually takes their books out of the bag to stack them up like that, one might zoom in a little bit closer to see the titles of the books. The read “socialism” and “justice warrior” but many cannot read what the top book says on the spine.

Take a look.

I asked Mr. McNaughton about the top book and still await a reply.

Fans of his work praised the painting, as it certainly shows he’s a talented artist.

McNaughton also released a video where he talks about the painting.

Conservative Tribune said this about the painting: “In the painting, McNaughton depicted Trump sitting on a bench with a young man.

In Trump’s hand is a fishing pole, symbolizing the opportunities for self-sufficiency the United States offers anyone — literally anyone — with the drive and ability to take advantage of them.

On the ground at the man’s feet are the heretical gospels of “socialism” and “social justice,” the twin tyrannies that drive liberals in the 21st century, and are guaranteed to lead the world into same hellholes they produced in the 20th.”

It’s quite an interesting story presented by McNaughton who did a fine job on the painting. Now it’s time for people to talk about the painting and the titles on the books. Everyone will interpret this painting differently. He might face some criticism from people who dislike Trump, but that seems a bit unfair to him. He’s the artist and simply painting something that a lot of people enjoy. It’s OK if people don’t like the painting, because not everyone has to like the same thing. People are free thinkers who can decide for themselves if they like it or not.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that John McNaughton is a very talented artist and that’s what people should focus on.

What does this painting mean to you? Share your interpretation below in the comment section and share with your friends on Facebook.

WATCH: Trump Breaks From Script, Asks Veterans Just One Question That Sends Room Into Applause

President Donald Trump broke script on Thursday while speaking to a group of veterans, and asked one question that sent the entire room into applause.

During his address at the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride at the White House, Trump shifted from his scripted speech to praise the fortitude and courage of America’s service members.

Throughout his speech, the president praised and thanked America’s military and their families for making the ultimate sacrifice to protect the nation.

In his signature style, Trump suddenly went off-script to showcase his personal feelings.

Have you ever given in? Anybody here? I don’t think soThis is not a stage of those that gave in,” he said while turning toward the veterans standing behind him.

The room erupted into applause.

Trump said the heroes behind him “don’t know what those words mean,” saying, “They are winners.”

Watch below:

He also addressed the diversity of America showcased by the military, and that the veterans on the stage with him were an inspiration to all Americans.

“The heroes in this room today come from every background and every, single walk of life,” Trump said. “But they are united by the sacred bonds of duty and loyalty that hold us together as one nation under God.”

“Each of you has endured life-changing injuries. Each of you has conquered adversity with resolve. Never giving in, never giving up, and never ever backing down,” he declared.

This is a classic Trump moment. He breaks from his scripted speech to praise our heroes in uniform and give them the respect they have earned.


What do you think about Trump breaking script to praise our military? Comment below.

Former Clinton Aide Attacks Sarah Sanders; Her Response Shows Why You DO NOT Mess With Her

A new report reveals that a former aide to President Bill Clinton tried attacking White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a private event.

Her response shows why people should not mess with her.

According to Politico,  Mike McCurry, the former Clinton aide, was “letting Sanders have it” at a private event in February.

“You have got to have an administration that’s committed to respect the role of the free press,” Sanders replied.

McMurry then responded with more hostility: “You cannot have a president who declares them to be the enemy and goes out and describes them as fake news every day.”

But Sanders got tired of being lectured by the Clinton aide, and nuked McMurry before walking away with a smile:

“I’m used to not always being the most popular person in the room. We have not declared war on the press.”

Sanders clapping back at her critics is why she’s one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal and trusted officials.

Her tough, no-nonsense mentality toward the fake news media is also why she is a top ally to Trump and well-respected by the American people.

She doesn’t raise her voice nor curse at reporters, no matter how upset they make her with their ridiculous questions each day.

The Politico report also went on to say she prays before every single White House press briefing. That’s just another reason why so many admire and support her. 

What do you think about the report on Sanders? Comment below.

House panel’s Russia report finds ‘no evidence’ of collusion, Trump says probe ‘MUST END NOW’

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The House Intelligence Committee on Friday declared that it found “no evidence” of collusion between the Russian government and Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election, releasing a heavily redacted final report on its yearlong Russia investigation.

The Republican-authored report — released over Democratic objections — stated the committee “found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded, coordinated, or conspired with the Russian government.” The committee did, however, “find poor judgment and ill-considered actions by the Trump and Clinton campaign.”

President Trump, reacting to the report moments after its release, hailed its findings and said the Russia “Witch Hunt” must end, in an apparent swipe at Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.


“Just Out: House Intelligence Committee Report released. ‘No evidence’ that the Trump Campaign “colluded, coordinated or conspired with Russia.’ Clinton Campaign paid for Opposition Research obtained from Russia-Wow! A total Witch Hunt! MUST END NOW!” Trump tweeted.

The more than 250-page report was heavily blacked out, however, and the leader of the committee investigation slammed the intelligence community for their “overzealous redactions.”

Fox Business contributor Michael Goodwin and former Reagan Political Director Ed Rollins on the Democratic National Committee's lawsuit against the Trump campaign.

“I am extremely disappointed with the overzealous redactions made by the IC. Many of the redactions include information that is publicly available, such as witness names and information previously declassified,” Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, complained in a statement Friday.

“I will continue to challenge the IC’s many unnecessary redactions with the hopes of releasing more of the report in the coming months.”

The committee’s investigation focused on several topics: Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, the U.S. government’s response to the attack, links between Russians and the Trump and Clinton campaigns, and purported leaks of classified information.

The investigation found that Russia’s “increasingly aggressive cyber operations” would “continue to present a profound threat,” while noting that Russian state actors were responsible for the “dissemination of documents and communications stolen from U.S. political organizations.”

The report said the Russian government used media company “RT to advance its malign influence campaign” during the 2016 election, along with social media platforms to “sow social discord and to undermine the electoral process.”

But the committee found “no evidence that Trump campaign associates were involved in the theft or publication of Clinton campaign-related emails, although Trump associates had numerous ill-advised contacts with WikiLeaks.”

Fla. Rep. Matt Gaetz is introducing a bill in Congress that would increase oversight of FISA courts by making judges subject to presidential appointment and Senate confirmation. Schiff introduced the same bill five years ago and now won't support it. What changed? #Tucker

The report also criticized the executive branch’s “post-election response,” calling it “insufficient.”

The committee outlined “poor judgment” practiced by both campaigns, citing the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between members of the Trump campaign and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya “who falsely purported to have damaging information on the Clinton campaign demonstrated poor judgment.”

“The Committee also found that the Clinton campaign and the DNC, using a series of cutouts and intermediaries to obscure their roles, paid for opposition research on Trump obtained from Russian sources, including a litany of claims by high-ranking current and former Russian government officials,” the report read. “Some of this opposition research was used to produce sixteen memos, which comprise what has become known as the Steele dossier.”

The committee also focused on leaks of classified information, noting that the number of leaks regarding Russian intentions to “help elect candidate Trump increased dramatically after the election day.”

“Continued leaks of classified information have damaged national security and potentially endangered lives,” the report read.

The committee also found that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper provided “inconsistent testimony to the committee about his contacts with the media, including CNN.” Clapper is now a CNN national security analyst. It is unclear at this point what information Clapper discussed with media outlets.

The report includes more than 25 recommendations for Congress and the executive branch to improve election security, U.S. government response to cyberattacks, campaign finance transparency, and counterintelligence practices related to political campaigns and unauthorized disclosures.

The release of the full report comes after committee leaders announced key findings last month, prompting a war of words between Republican and Democratic members. The GOP majority at the time reported finding no evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump campaign associates. They also said that based on the investigation, the controversial anti-Trump dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele “formed an essential part of an application” to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain electronic surveillance on Trump adviser Carter Page.

Conaway took over the probe when House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., stepped down in April 2017 after he was accused of making “unauthorized disclosures of classified information, in violation of House Rules, law regulations, or other standards of conduct.”

But the top committee Democrat blasted Republicans last month for “prematurely” shutting down the panel’s Russia probe and renewed that criticism on Friday.

“Notwithstanding the decision by the Majority to end its work and turn its attention to counter-investigations designed to serve the President’s interests, the Minority’s work on the Russia investigation continues,” Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said in a statement Friday. “We will continue our investigation using every means at our disposal; to do otherwise would ignore our responsibility to conduct meaningful oversight and insure that the Russians do not possess leverage over the President of the United States.”

Schiff and committee Democrats released their minority view report Friday, where Schiff said they “correct the record on a raft of misleading conclusions, insinuations, attempts to explain away inconvenient facts, and arguments meant to protect the President and his campaign found in the Republican report.”

Schiff also is seeking to publicly release the transcripts of interviews so the public can see the “evidence for themselves and judge accordingly,” noting that sharing the transcripts with Special Counsel Robert Mueller could “assist their efforts.”


WATCH: Meghan McCain SLAMS Joy Behar For Nasty ‘Joke’ About Melania — Then All Hell Breaks Lose

On Thursday, ABC’s “The View” co-host Meghan McCain blasted Joy Behar for making a nasty “joke” about First Lady Melania Trump.

As noted by the Washington Examiner, after McCain defended our first lady from vicious attacks, all hell broke loose on the panel.

It all began when the Behar made several salacious comments about the first lady over the ongoing saga with adult film star Stormy Daniels.

With Thursday being Melania’s birthday, Behar sarcastically said, “Today is Melania’s birthday. Happy birthday, Melania!”

An angry McCain immediately fired back: “I don’t think that was necessary. Come on! That’s so mean. You’re making fun of her pain!”

“I’m not making fun of her. You have no sense of humor! That’s your problem,” Behar replied, mocking McCain for defending Melania.

McCain replied: “Oh, please! It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor. It’s because I feel bad for our first lady.”

McCain brought up that one day prior, the panel was applauding Melania for her toughness, saying she’s done a great job handling the drama with Daniels.

McCain recounted: “You think that was appropriate? Yesterday we all said we had a soft spot for her and we felt bad for her.”

Behar then attacked McCain, saying her snide joke was actually about the president.

“It’s about him and what a jerk he is,” Joy said. “I wish she (McCain) would understand who the target of my jokes is.”

McCain responded: “Well, the audience didn’t laugh either.”

Watch below:

McCain absolutely blistered Behar for making another sickening joke about the first lady.

While leftists like Behar spend every day trashing and insulting Trump, it’s nice to see people like McCain use their platform to give our first lady the credit she deserves.

It’s very refreshing to see our first lady actually complimented rather than insulted, isn’t it? Comment below with your thoughts.