BREAKING: U.S. State Of EMERGENCY Just Declared – Soldiers Deployed To Area

In a shocking sudden move, a state of emergency has just been declared in the heart of the country as soldiers have been deployed and are on their way to the area. The threat is to such a degree that people will die if they don’t follow urgent orders, which in part, demands citizens go on immediate lockdown in their homes. Declaring a state of emergency is not an announcement made hastily or without warrant and there’s a good reason this decision was made an is absolutely necessary.

For the second time in two months, the State of New Jersey are being locked in as a matter of life and death. On January 5, people in four counties were ordered to stay inside after New Jersy’s Governor Chris Christie demanded everyone to do three things. At the time, if any one of these demands is not taken seriously if could definitely cost someone their life. Now, exactly eight weeks later, a second state of emergency has been declared for New Jersey as well as other nearby areas.

Fox News reports:

A large storm system that’s brought a wintry mix across the Midwest is set to slam the Northeast on Wednesday as some people still remain without power from last week’s storm.

The National Weather Service said the storm is going to transition into a nor’easter as it moves off the East Coast, bringing between 6 to 12 inches of snow across much of the region. Winter Storm Warnings have been posted stretching from Philadelphia to the Boston-area, with areas north and west of the Interstate 95 corridor expected to see the greatest amount of snow.

“Areas south and east of the big cities will see less snow and more of a mixing which will cut back on snow totals,” Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean said Tuesday “The heaviest snow will start late-morning through the afternoon Wednesday and into the dinnertime hour.”

The nor’easter will also bring winds gusting between 40 and 50 mph, bringing the threat of power outages to an area still cleaning up from the powerful storm last week.

“Not good news for folks who are still without power from this past weekend’s storm,” Dean said.

Declaring a state of emergency was an important move for more than just the safety of the citizens. By making it official, it also grants a state the ability to qualify for federal funds that can be used for immediate response and recovery. New Jersey is definitely going to need the help they can get considering that the first storm, appropriately dubbed “Bomb Cyclone,” left a devastating mark with a freezing hurricane effect that hasn’t been seen in decades. Recovery is not even completed yet and is about to get hit with another major setback from a second cyclone.

Fox News explains:

That storm knocked out power to more than 2 million homes and businesses, flooded coastal towns and forced a number of school districts to cancel classes. It was blamed for nine deaths from Virginia to Massachusetts.

More than 90,000 utility customers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are still without power, according to FOX 29.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency for the Garden State effective 8 p.m. Tuesday ahead of the storm.

“It’s expected to hit us tonight through tomorrow, bringing wet, heavy snow,” he said during a news conference.

The governor told people not to “panic,” but said they should use “extreme caution” if traveling on state roads.

The storm system moving across the Midwest snarled traffic and closed schools on Monday as it brought freezing rain, heavy snow and strong winds to the region.

“State emergency management officials have the power to redirect traffic or close roads to protect public safety, according to state law. Local, county and state authorities can close roads or cut off access to shopping centers or business plazas if conditions become dangerous,” continued. “The governor may declare government offices closed, but he cannot compel individual private businesses to shut down operations. An emergency declaration doesn’t mean motorists will be ticketed for merely being on the roads.”

America has seen more than our fair share of natural disasters this year from multiple hurricanes that his Florida and Texas, where they are still recovering from it in Houston, and even a magnitude 4 earthquake just this week in California – the epicenter of which was in Berkely.

The one thing different than previous years and disasters is that we have a president and first lady who show up to help immediately after and even come back later and prove that the victims are not forgotten. We saw this most recently in Texas with First Lady Melania Trump coming back to Houston during the holidays to help months after the storm swept the state. Now, we’ll undoubtedly see this same effort of compassion for the eastern part of the United States being pummeled by exceptionally freezing temperatures and snow right now.

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