Obama Official Busted Enriching His Family On Taxpayers’ Dime, Breaking Law

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It’s been over a year since Obama was booted out of the White House. Yet we are still learning about the shady going’s on from his administration.

It seems like nobody was holding anyone accountable. Officials did as they pleased, so long as they towed the party line. Meanwhile, Obama was living it up, inviting celebs to dine at the White House.

Now we are learning about yet another Obama official abusing his power. Surprise, surprise, it was at the taxpayer’s expense.

From Daily Caller:

A Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) supervisor used his position to award federal grants to organizations that would profit members of his family, according to an Inspector General report released Tuesday…

The Ruggiero’s conflict of interest was known to multiple FWS employees, including one senior employee, yet none of them reported the relationship to the FWS Ethics Office. Ruggiero played some role in awarding other grants to groups associated with members of his family…

The bureaucracy is so big and there’s so little oversight,” Zinke said. “The previous administration created an environment that was so unaccountable that it led to bad actors taking advantage of taxpayers in plain sight.

What else is new, am I right? Obama treated the federal government like his own, personal Ponzi scheme. He abused the Department of Justice to shake down companies, funneling that money into liberal groups.

He used the IRS to harass and persecute Tea Party groups, hitting them with audits and penalties. And we all know what his crony Hillary Clinton was doing with the State Department.

Is it all that surprising that another Obama-era agency was stealing tax dollars? That is the left’s M.O. these days. Abuse their power, manipulate the public, and funnel cash into their own pockets.

Stories like this erode Americans’ confidence in our government. We don’t need Russians trolling the Internet to create division and controversy. Our own leaders abuse the system to get rich. Numerous ethics and accountability boards are supposed to keep them inline. But it seems that only after the damage is done do we learn about it.

The only silver lining is that now, under Trump, something can be done. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has vowed to get to the bottom of this kind of abuse. Hopefully the guilty parties—across all agencies—with be held accountable.

h/t Daily Caller,www.usapoliticstoday.org

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