Judge Behind FISA Warrant Deep Ties To Obama Just Revealed! Dems Attempt To Shield Obama FAILS!

The one glaring name that has thus far been purposely excluded from this tapestry of corruption and malfeasance is without a doubt the puppet master himself…“BARACK OBAMA.”

The mounting evidence of White House involvement which had eluded investigators is now beginning to reach inside the Oval Office, of what is without a doubt becoming the biggest abuse of power scandal within the history of this great nation.

A new revelation just uncovered regarding the crucial FISA warrant granted in 2016 based on a phony Clinton funded dossier was granted and “signed-off” by an OBAMA appointed judge.

The astounding news that FISA Judge Rudolph Contreras (an Obama appointee), was the judge who issued a surveillance warrant on private citizen Carter Page based on a bogus Yahoo News article, that was actually created by British spy Christopher Steele who masterminded the phony dossier in the first place.

Not even the comedic genius of British actor Peter Sellers portrayal of the bubbling Chief Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther film series could have envisioned such a ridiculously absurd plot.

And yet here we are once again, with FISA Judge Rudolph Contreras becoming a major player appointed to rule on yet another case, General Fynn, no doubt another unique coincidence.

The unraveling revelation that an OBAMA appointed FISA judge granted warrants on a political hit piece paid for by the Clinton campaign and used that information as the bases to spy on the Trump team is astounding, moreover by a foreign entity within a political campaign is yet another law which has been violated.

Thus far the silence from both the OBAMA camp and the mainstream media is deafening, perhaps thinking that ignoring the widening scandal and not reporting on the drip, drip, drip of incriminating evidence will somehow run its course.

However, this isn’t merely corruption of politician’s simply accepting bribes to enrich themselves or engaging in some nefarious personal actions. This is an ABUSE OF POWER, to actually change and interfere with our most sacred institution, that of a free and open election.

Do you believe that former President Obama will finally be compelled before Congress to testify under oath regarding his involvement with the 2016 election?

Source: Patriot Beat, everydayconservative.com


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