Dem. Rep Frederica Wilson Says Trump Doesn’t Deserve “Honor” Of Her Presence At SOTU, She Gets Crushed

America’s wackiest cattle rustler cap wearing Democratic Representative Frederica Wilson reported that she wouldn’t give Trump the respect of heading off to his State of the Union address.

Trump must be crushed. Not. As indicated by Wilson, she is dissenting Trump for having ‘disdain’ against dark individuals. Despite the fact that he is in charge of record low joblessness rates operating at a profit group.

“I’m not going in light of the fact that to go is respect the president, and I don’t think he should be regarded as of now, in the wake of being so disdainful towards dark individuals and afterward dark nations, Haiti and the entire mainland of Africa, It harms.

It damages, and he has conveyed the White House to the most reduced, and I don’t think he should be respected with my essence,” said Wilson.

“It harms. It harms me. My dad was a social liberties symbol, and I can’t discover it in my heart to sit through this. Africa is my tribal home, and I feel a genuine closeness to Haiti where a great many my constituents radiated from,” said Wilson.

“So I would preferably skirt this than tune in to the talk originating from a White House that has discarded tolerability,” said Wilson.

“I will watch the State of the Union with my nearby constituents, with my neighborhood Muslims and DREAMers and nearby Mexicans and neighborhood Haitians and casualties of sexual manhandle and neighborhood Gold Star families and neighborhood Africans who are Nigerians and South Africans.

So we will watch the State of the Union, however I won’t enter the chamber,” said Wilson.

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