They Do Exist. Book Review: ‘No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You’

Throughout Europe, rampant migration from Muslim nations is destroying their continent.


Leftist politicians welcome these migrants, much for the same reason liberals welcome illegals in the U.S.

They hope to pander to these “poor souls,” for votes. But what happens, instead, is the creation of No-Go zones.

These regions are populated with migrants hostile to the very countries they live in. Everyone from police, EMTs, to mail carriers aren’t allowed in.

If you’re an outsider, you will be harassed, attacked, even killed. Such is the hatred Muslim immigrants have towards their host counties.

But surely that’s not happening in the United States, right? Wrong. Thanks to liberal policy, more and more migrants have entered the United States.

Muslim migrants that do not like our country. They do not respect our culture and way of life. And no-go zones are rapidly becoming a reality.

Raheem Kassam writes about it in his new book.

From the Daily Wire:

From the start, Kassam defines a “No Go Zone” as follows:

“An area in which the likelihood of being attacked, accosted, or otherwise abused on the basis of your appearance, or the bigotry of locals, is higher on average than elsewhere in the city or country in question.”


“It was no surprise to me that just a few weeks after my visit, a major national news story, created by the complacency I feared, emanated out of Michigan.”

Raheem is not the first to observe the alarming drift toward No Go Zone-ism in Dearborn and Hamtramck. In one of his books, Tuvia Tenenbom (a friend of mine who is on the political left) noticed that “I can’t spot one American flag flying from anyone’s home” in Dearborn.

In the Saudi-funded Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Raheem found an exhibit dedicated to attacking President Trump.

More and more anti-American Muslims are coming to the United States. Why? Because they want to enjoy our freedoms, education, and other superior systems.

They want to use our prosperity to their own advantage. But when it comes to respecting our way of life—including our freedoms—they could care less. Some of them even enjoy government programs like Welfare and food stamps. Yet they still hate us.

Liberals love this situation. If they can import millions of people who hate America into this country, they would. Why? Because they won’t care if Democrats ruin our government.

So what if they turn the U.S. into a Socialist dictatorship? The migrants and illegals who vote for them hate this country anyway! Do what you like!

It’s a scheme to destroy our values, culture, and traditions. Liberals will exploit any group to get what they want. They don’t care what kind of damage they will cause to our country.

The only solution is to elect leaders who will reform our immigration policy. We need a system that will welcome people who love America. People who will work hard to make it a better place. And who respect our traditions and values.

If we don’t, we might end up worse than Europe.

Source: Daily Wire,

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