Donald Unlocks Key To American Independence In Historic Obama Reversal

Can you hear that in the wind? It sounds like wailing of harpies? Nope, it’s liberals screeching in misery. It’s a common sound these days. Today it takes on another tone, as word hits that Trump landed another victory.

Liberals seemed to hate American prosperity. Obama’s administration hampered innovation. It punished companies trying to provide energy and jobs. All in the holy name of environmentalism.

Apparently, environmentalism is code for ruining America’s independence. Because while Obama blocked the U.S. from harvesting its resources, the rest of the world didn’t. His policies made us a victim of foreign oil and other sources of energy. Not anymore.

From New York Times:

The Trump administration will allow new offshore oil and gas drilling in nearly all United States waters, it announced Thursday. The plan would give the energy industry broad access to drilling rights in most parts of the outer continental shelf, including Pacific waters near California, Atlantic waters near Maine and the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

The proposal lifts a ban on drilling, imposed by President Barack Obama in his final days in office, that protected more than 100 million offshore acres along the Arctic and Eastern Seaboard. Such a reversal deals a serious blow to Mr. Obama’s environmental legacy and signals that the Trump administration is nowhere near done unraveling the environmental restrictions of its predecessor in an effort to promote domestic energy production.

Can you feel the anger flowing through this New York Times columnist? They can’t even accept the fact that this is a good thing. President Trump is making it easier for the United States to have energy independence. Obama wanted to cripple this country.

We may never know why Obama harmed our economy as much as he did. Maybe he really hated America. But the liberal media who weep over Trump’s move don’t care about our success. They want the U.S. second to nations like China. China, by the way, isn’t crippled by limp-wristed liberal restrictions. Neither is the Middle East, which continues to mine, drill, and provide oil to the world.

Why shouldn’t we? Trump’s move will mean more jobs, more energy sources, and lower energy costs. It will make America more competitive with the rest of the world.

Obama’s environmental policy was a front. He used it to slow down or cripple our industries. Why? So other countries could surpass us. Why would Obama betray his own nation? We definitely don’t know that. But maybe it had something to do with appeasing his foreign donors.

Those days are over. The New York Times can lament the new drilling. But we won’t. This is only a necessary step in ensuring we will be economically strong for generations to come.

Source: New York Times,

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