Furious Kathy Griffin Reeling After Fox Humiliates Her On Live TV While Entire Nation Watches NYE Celebration

It was perhaps one of the more humorous segments on Fox’s New Year’s Eve broadcast hosted this year by Jesse Watters and Lisa Kennedy. The zany duo was perfectly matched, with their personal brand of saucy humor, playing off one another in the frigid night air of Times Square and just over an hour away from 2018, and the famous “ball drop.”

And that’s when a blast from the past came roaring in with the announcement from Watters that a “SPECIAL GUEST” was about to make a surprise appearance on FOX. The infamous and former CNN New Year’s Eve host Kathy Griffin was about to take center stage along with hosts Watters and Kennedy, however within moments that “special guest” turned out to be the wise-cracking cheeky host herself Lisa Kennedy doing her best Griffin parody donning a red frizzy-wig, Kennedy suddenly turned herself into the frazzled, pitiful and disgraced “comedian,” complete with her trademark voice and over-the-top mannerisms.

“Kathy, why are you here, anyway?” Watters asked “Kathy Griffin” in a tongue-in-cheek tone.

“I’m a fixture in Time Square,” Kennedy enthusiastically replied in her Griffin impression. “Nothings gonna keep me from this hassle!”

Watters responds; “I thought you were fired. Weren’t you fired?”


In real life Griffin caused quite a commotion when she appeared in a photo unsmiling holding by the hair the mock and bloody head of President Trump, which instantly drew condemnation across the political landscape, and a quick exit from her yearly CNN New Year’s Eve gig with co-host Anderson Cooper.

That disturbing image was so vile even President Trump weighed in stating that his young 11-year old son Barron was so emotionally traumatized by the image thinking his dad was assassinated.

As for Griffin, her marginal career as a comedian took a nosedive into oblivion, and that’s where it’s been since her disgusting anti-Trump performance.

The hilarious parody on New Year’s Eve ended with Kennedy doing quick one-liners ala Griffin; “Why did the chicken cross the road?” she asked Watters. “Because Anderson Cooper kicked it off the New Year’s Eve show.”

“Hillary couldn’t be here tonight. She already dropped the ball once this year!” she declared before laughing Watters reminded her that the election was over a year ago.

Do you think Griffin will ever be able to put her distasteful performance behind her?


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