Liberal Senator Murphy Tweets Something Groundbreaking On Gun Control!

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) recently sparked a couple of rumors when he used his Twitter account on Wednesday to vaguely hint that Republican colleagues are slowly caving in on gun control.

Democrats have made every single effort to bring forward gun control since the October 1 Las Vegas attack. For instance, the ban on semiautomatic weapons, bump stocks, ‘high capacity’ magazines and ‘assault weapons’. The gun control is also placed on an Australian-style gun ban, a ban on trigger cranks, and the usage of expanded background checks, and although the Las Vegas gunman, as well as just about any mass shooter in recent history, has passed the same background check for his firearm with flying colors.

Sen. Murphy was also personally responsible for pushing the ban on bump stocks and ‘assault weapons’ and called for even more background checks as well.
On Wednesday he made a peculiar tweet that hinted that a large amount Republicans are going to join the push for gun control

“Big news:  super close to a bipartisan breakthrough on gun legislation. Stay tuned…”
Nine Republican Senators recently signed a letter that called for an immediate hearing on bump stocks and their ban after the attack occurred in Las Vegas. The nine signatures were by Senators Dean Heller, Joni Ernst, Johnny Isakson, James Lankford, Tim Scott, Lisa Murkowski, John Thune, James Inhofe, and John Cornyn.

Of all of the above names, Cornyn emerged after the Texas church massacre that occurred on November 5 while his primary focus was set to gun legislation. Some reports also claimed Cornyn is on a list along with a small number of Republicans that believe there is room to debate for limited gun control.

The Democrats will do everything in their power to take away our rights given by the Second Amendment. We will not let that happen.

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