Look Which Powerful Billionaire Just Got Arrested – This Could Lead To Global War

In a stunning story, late on Saturday the Saudi press revealed that noticeable very rich person, individual from the imperial Saudi family has been arrested.

What’s more, one of the greatest investors of Citi, News Corp. furthermore alongside ten senior princes, and somewhere in the range of 38 minisers, have been captured for debasement and tax evasion charges.

The requests from the new anti-corruption advisory group headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, while Royal family’s private planes have been grounded.

Among those terminated and additionally captured are the head of National Royal Guards, Miteb Bin Abdullah, the Minister of Economy and Planning, Adel Fakeih, and Admiral Abdullah bin Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Sultan, the Commander of the Saudi Naval Forces.

Arabiya has the details:

Among those in prison and additionally people captured are Moteib Bin Abdullah, Minister of the National Guard, and Prince Khalid bin Ayyaf has been delegated as his substitution.

A moment Royal Order was issued to alleviate Minister of Economy and Planning, Adel al-Faqieh, from his obligations, and the arrangement of Mohammed Al Tuwaijri as Minister of Economy and Planning.

As Bloomberg notes, changing the leader of the National Guard, an organization that has been controlled by the family of the late King Abdullah, “is not like changing the minister of oil,” said Kamran Bokhari.

Also a senior investigator with Geopolitical Futures and a senior individual with the Center for Global Policy. “I wouldn’t be shocked if this prompts more noteworthy stories in the future and inside the royal family.”

King Salman likewise issued an announcement shaping an enemy to corruption advisory group headed by the crown.

Besides, there is theory that every single private flight and VIP takeoffs out of Saudi Arabia have been suspended immediately, like what happened following the last “gentle coup” in June.

That is when Prince Mohammed (MBS), 32, replaced his senior cousin, Muhammed bin Nayef, as crown sovereign in June, a move that expelled any uncertainty of how progress will unfold following the rule of King Salman, now 81.

This comes only a couple of months after President Trump visits the Middle East. You may recollect his effective sppech, asking Muslim pioneers to drive out the dirt and radicalism from their countries.

Source: ZeroHedge,conservativeflag.com

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