Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett party in Las Vegas

After finishing with a two-day summit in Chicago last week, former First Lady Michelle Obama boarded a jet and flew off to Sin City Las Vegas.

Michelle headed to the city of lights alongside the former advisor of her husband and current Lyft director, Valerie Jarret.

There, the two will be preparing to celebrate Jarret’s upcoming birthday, as she will be turning 61 next Wednesday. In order to kick-off the festivities, the former advisor started out with a jam-packed weekend where she was surrounded by friends and family, and kicked this Friday off with a dinner in a private room at TAO Asian Bistro in The Venetian.

Details reveal that the group had a luxurious dinner, which was later followed by visiting the TAO Nightclub until 2 am in the morning, and what makes matters even more interesting is the fact that this is just day one of her birthday celebration.

Just one day later, on the second night in Vegas, the group went to an Elton John performance at the Collosseum at Ceaser’s Palace, before Michelle once again parted ways as she was tight on her schedule and was due to be in San Francisco on Tuesday, to deliver an address at Dreamforce.

Now that Michelle and the rest of the Obamas are out of the White House, they have a hard time adjusting to the life without power and control, as well as life without attention, something that they very much craved back in the day of the Obama administration.


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