Trey Gowdy Smells A Dirty, Rotten, Money Laundering Dem Rat In D.C. – Leaves Democrats In Panic Mode

Congressman and chair of the House Oversight Committee, Trey Gowdy has been making the headlines more frequently. Having in mind that only one year ago Hillary was running her failed presidential campaign, his committee is most likely full of work. Hillary is well known for her high level of corruption.

She has made a lot of politically incorrect moves in order to maintain her freedom. The Democrats would have suffered catastrophic consequences from Hillary going in a criminal trial, so they used influence peddling, extreme power politics, and dodgy deals to keep her free.

Fortunately, Mr. Gowdy is here to right the things. He, more than anyone else, would enjoy putting Hillary behind the bars. We have to wait and see if he succeeds. Howsoever, Gowdy is recently looking in the possible Hillary-DNC money-laundering scheme, by using a law firm to get cash to FUSION GPS which made the distrusted Trump dossier.

“Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Gowdy said that the Clinton campaign and the DNC might have committed money laundering through the law firm they hired which paid Fusion GPS to do opposition ‘research’ on then-candidate Donald Trump.

“‘I’m not an election law expert, but the good news is you don’t have to be to understated the absurdity believing you can just launder all of your campaign money by just hiring a law firm,’ Gowdy told Wallace. ‘Imagine if you and I were running for Congress, and we just hired a law firm and said “Hey, you go to all the opposition, you go buy all the television, you go buy all the bumper stickers, you go hire all the experts, and we will launder all of this through a law firm.” I can’t think of anything that defeats the purpose of transparency laws more than that.’”

Democratic Party officials informed they are not able to recall who approved the funds funneling using a law firm to pay Fusion GPS. Trey Gowdy does simply not believe it.

“‘I am interested in that, and I am also interested in sharing some memory tricks with folks at the DNC because no one can remember who paid $10 million dollars to a law firm to do oppo research,’ Gowdy said. ‘I find that stunning. $10 million and no one can remember who authorized it, who approved it.’”

The Democrats are simply attempting to “skate fast over thin ice,” hoping the whole thing just blows over. Sort of like Hillary’s famous comment, “What difference does it make?”

Integrity, or in Hillary’s case, a lack of integrity does make a difference. And Mr. Gowdy does not appear to be a man who gives up easily.


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