Liberals Demand Police Take Down Christian’s Sign Because Of Sharia Law — Cops Have Better Idea Instead

When the Liberal professors at all the universities around the country were preaching their special brand of intolerance and hatred of White men and White privilege, the Right went nuts. They wanted action taken, they wanted something to be said or done to fix this injustice. Instead, what they got was a big fat guffaw and an invitation to leave through the nearest door. Liberal professors had been preaching and teaching this tripe for so long that it was second nature for them. And they never expected it to boomerang.

Much like how the Left called on Congress to look into voter fraud after Donald Trump was elected and the commission was formed and began discovering case after case of voter fraud on the parts of Democrats, the Left is now discovering that this teaching of intolerance and how students should be rising up against it, has now come to roost. Liberal professors are now increasingly more likely to be called out in the classroom by a Liberal student who believes they’ve been verbally or mentally assaulted by the pedagogue when they hear something they cannot tolerate. Ironic, huh?

Now, the argument is beginning to move into the realm of religion in the neighborhoods of America. A Christian man in Wisconsin has put up a placard in his yard that quotes Quran scriptures depicting violence and intolerance and local Leftists were outraged. They called the police and demanded the abomination be removed. The police had a classic response that left the Christian man all smiles!

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Mad World News:

When a Wisconsin Christian placed a sign in his yard with one of the Quran’s commands, enraged liberals began calling the police to demand that the politically incorrect sign be removed before it offended Muslims. However, the liberal snowflakes were left utterly shocked when they heard the brilliant 7-word response from local officers.

As statistics have shown, when the Muslim population grows in any region, so does violence. This is why it’s pertinent for those who defend Islam to ceaseless repeat that it is a peaceful religion that’s been perverted by the “tiny minority of extremists.”

Despite the Quran explicitly commanding the mass slaughter of unbelievers and the prophet Muhammad modeling this, sympathizers continue to defend the ideology and its followers.

For months, a Wisconsin native has placed a sign in his yard, typically depicting biblical verses to express his Christian faith. However, this time, the unnamed Brookfield resident decided to showcase a comparative Quranic scripture. It was only then that neighbors began complaining about the message, arguing that it’s wholly Islamophobic and must be destroyed.

Determined to have the sign taken down and possibly get the homeowner punished, irritated residents called the Brookfield Police to ask that they remove the politically incorrect yard sign, TODAY’S TMJ4 reports. Much to the dismay of the disgruntled liberals, the police informed them that the homeowner is entitled to free speech and displaying a sign with a quote from the Quran, no matter how offensive it is to Muslims, is not breaking any laws or violating city codes.

The sign reads, “Make war until Allah reigns supreme” with references to Quran 8:39 and 2:193, which explicitly instructs, “And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world].” This command was carried out by the prophet Muhammad, who ambushed and beheaded an entire peaceful Jewish tribe and took their women and girls as sex slaves for refusing to convert.

Knowing that criticizing Islam can get an individual killed, which no peaceful religion would promote, the homeowner has understandably refused to reveal his identity. His neighbor, however, has boldly come forward to applaud the man’s decision to express free speech but worries that it could make him a target.

Here we can see that it doesn’t matter what a Muslim says about a Hindi, Christian, Jew or Buddhist. But put the shoe on the other foot and suddenly we have enough cause for a full-blown mini-war. The Left is good at choosing their battles, but often appeals to the most base attitudes, which in turn nets them zero successes.

The loud-mouthed Libs in this case probably thought they could ingratiate themselves to their Muslim neighbors who might then “go easy on them” when the real crisis breaks out. It’s a ridiculous way to live and an even more dangerous point of view. Because when it comes down to it, Muslims hate Liberals even more than they do the Christians. And that’s saying a lot.

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Muslim Smugly Claims Raping Woman Outdoors Is Part Of His Culture — Judge Has 8 Words That Wipe Smile Off His Face

There are a number of very troubling passages contained within the Koran. These appear to give adherents, especially male adherents, license to commit heinous atrocities against non-Muslims, especially those who are females. Thus, we have the problem of Muslim men not only treating women with utter disrespect, but committing unspeakable crimes against them.

That these criminals use the Koran as justification for their hideous acts might have weight in countries where the Islamic faith prevails is irrelevant in the West. We do not recognize Sharia law or the Koran as authoritative. Hence such acts stand condemned in Western nations, as they should be in all nations.

A Muslim man who was in England illegally demonstrated his contempt for females by raping a young woman outdoors after having watched pornography depicting this sick act. Unrepentant, he continued to treat female law enforcement officers with contempt, claiming that as a Muslim, he does not recognize women in authority. Upon his conviction and sentencing to prison for twelve years, the judge showed no leniency for this degenerate, stating that, “I sincerely hope that you will be deported at the half way point.”

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“The incident reportedly took place in Darlington, England, as an illegal Muslim immigrant from Kuwait had made his way there just weeks before doing the unimaginable. According to The Sun, a Muslim man by the name of Abdel-Aziz Al-Shamary reportedly has a strong disregard for women and would prove just that after making his way to the Western country.

“Come to find out, Al-Shamary apparently has a strong liking of pornography and, like many sad men, has his specific tastes. As would be later exposed, the Muslim liked to watch ‘outdoor porn’ – where a man and woman are recorded having sex in a public place somewhere – but just viewing it wasn’t enough.”

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At this point, this degenerate combined his Islamic-based contempt for women with his unrestrained passion for sexual deviancy. The result was rape.

“Police reports indicate that the Muslim man had downed two bottles of whiskey before the assault and carried out an attack that’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Although the specifics of the rape aren’t exactly known to the public, they were enough to shock the judge, jurors, and witnesses alike.”

While he may have no respect for women, he will be forced to confront the results of his crime as he rots away in a British prison. Lest this convicted rapist think he can return to British society after a few years in jail, the judge pointed him back in the direction from which he came, saying, “I sincerely hope that you will be deported at the half way point.”

There should be no place for any rapists in any society other than prison. In this case, the fact that this man was an illegal makes it just that much easier to get rid of him and relieve the British people of the cost of warehousing him in prison. As the judge stated, send back to where he came from.

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President Trump Just Gave Americans 1 Surprise Gift Package – A Historic $250 Billion Windfall

By all rational accounts, President Donald Trump’s recently completed overseas trip was a rousing success.

Sure, there has been plenty of shade thrown in the commander-in-chief’s direction by those that suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. But don’t let that fool you.

Trump flew across the Pacific with some crystal clear goals in mind, and he returned after making tremendous progress towards making them happen.

On top of that, the president has been lauded for his efforts by other world leaders, all of whom seem to have tremendous respect for the man that currently occupies the Oval Office.

To top it all off, Trump has shared some additional fantastic news about some major accomplishments from his trip.

Western Journalism shares the details.

“President Donald Trump announced Thursday roughly $250 billion in deals between American businesses and China.

On his final day in Beijing, Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping oversaw a ceremony in which corporate giants such as Boeing and Qualcomm signed multibillion-dollar deals.

This is truly a miracle,’ China’s Commerce Minister Zhong Shan said at a news briefing in Beijing.

For Trump’s part, he made it clear that these deals will help to balance out the massive trade deficit that was dropped in his lap by predecessors.

He would even acknowledge that he didn’t blame China for taking advantage of deals that were in its best interest, but he succinctly noted that those days are over.

“But, in actuality, I do blame past administrations for allowing this out-of-control trade deficit to take place and to grow.

We have to fix this because it just doesn’t work for our great American companies, and it doesn’t work for our great American workers.

It is just not sustainable. I look forward to working toward that goal and to pursuing fair and lasting engagement,” he said.

In short, Trump continues to deliver on one of his biggest promises: to make sure that American interests comes first as he negotiates deals that work for all parties.

To have such a stance spun as a negative is nothing short of mind-blowing, but those with TDS have a tremendous talent for seeing rain clouds when the sun is obviously shining.

For the rest of us, we can continue enjoying the sunny days and look forward to many more to come.

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Hillary Thinks She Got Away With 1 Massive Scandal, But The DOJ Has A Nasty Surprise For Her

If you’ve been watching the mainstream press froth at the mouth over the nonsense investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, you’re not alone.

Feels a little like you’re in bizarro world, doesn’t it?

An inordinate amount of time, resources, and taxpayer dollars has been devoted to get to the bottom of a big pile of unsubstantiated gossip.

Gee, I wonder why President Donald Trump feels it’s so imperative to drain the swamp so that things can finally get done?

The ridiculous waste of time is incredibly off putting, and those feelings are exacerbated by real live issues that get brushed aside as if they’re insignificant.

For instance, the Uranium One deal has stunk to high heaven ever since it was announced.

Why haven’t lawmakers been inspired to follow the pungent scent?

Answers to that vary, but none of them inspire warm and fuzzy feelings.

Surprisingly, it seems that there’s finally a glimmer of hope that lawmakers will soon have a little more pep in their step in regards to our nation being pilfered of vast quantities of uranium for unclear reasons.

The Independent Journal Review shares the scoop:

The U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly open to appointing a special counsel to investigate the Uranium One deal and alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation, a potential bombshell development in the unfolding scandal.

In a DOJ letter obtained by Fox News, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote to GOP lawmakers that Attorney General Jeff Sessions “has directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate certain issues raised in your letters.

While feelings of ‘what took you so long’ are perfectly normal, we’ll instead focus on the positives.

The stench has finally become unbearable for folks at the DoJ.

“The DOJ will reportedly wait for a review to be completed by the inspector general before deciding what ‘additional steps’ may need to be taken regarding the Uranium One case.

Sessions previously admitted his past comments on Clinton would likely put his ‘objectivity’ into question, meaning a special counsel would likely be required if a formal investigation into the controversial Uranium One deal is launched.”

Can we expect something to happen overnight?

Not at all, but this is a big step towards the curtain being lifted.

Hopefully, that’s leading to some sleepless nights for those that insist there’s nothing to see here…

Source: Independent Journal Review,

Former FBI Boss Crushes The Crooked Clintons With 1 Shocking Message…And Nobody Expected It

Conservatives have been sounding the alarm about the Clintons and their crimes for years. But, as you probably know, no one has been listening.

In truth, part of the problem was appearances – few people attacking the Clintons had the right pedigree.

Left-wing anchormen had ties and suits; conservative reporters had Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and his worn jackets.

Liberals had senators and directors of the FBI. We had rogue representatives. It wasn’t an even contest.

30 years later, however, is a lot of time for tables to turn, and now we have directors of the FBI.

And one of them is saying – point blank – that the Clintons are a crime family, the DC mafia, and that their cover-ups are on a level not seen since Watergate.

And that they need to be investigated.

And if you’re wondering if he’s crazy, he’s not – former assistant director of the FBI James Kallstrom knows exactly what he’s talking about.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom blasted members of the Obama administration and the Democrat Party — in particular Hillary Clinton — and said that there were crimes ’20 times bigger than Watergate’ that nobody was charged for.

Kallstrom, best known as the chief investigator into the 1996 explosion of TWA Flight 800 over Long Island Sound, retired from the FBI in 1998. He’s been known since as a political commentator.

Kallstrom’s commentary hasn’t exactly been popular with the left. Lib reporters don’t like it when you call their favorite candidates criminals. Even if they are.

But they can’t silence him. Kallstrom is remarkably scandal-proof, and has his distinguished years at the FBI to back up his statements.

And those statements are blunt and honest.

We got all these major crime things bubbling — all of which were 20 times bigger than Watergate!

And nothing seems to be happening … the attorney general is in a coma!” Kallstrom exclaimed.

“The dogs are always going to bite your heels when you’re dealing with the Clintons.”

It’s not just the Clintons, either. Kallstrom vents his frustration over the fake Russia Investigation, James Comey (“It turns out — unfortunately — he was a political hack…his opinion of himself is sky high — just an unbelievable guy with just an arrogance about him…”), Mueller, Uranium One…the list goes on.

Honestly, it’s highly entertaining. Except for the fact that it’s all true.

Cross your fingers – maybe Kallstrom might want to come back to work.

Source: Conservative Tribune,

Sessions Just Gave 29 Sanctuary Cities an Early Christmas Gift — Liberals are Furious!

Nearly thirty American locals and the politicians leading them have until December 8 to follow the law or they face the loss of federal funds.

In the one area of responsibility bequeathed to the federal government, immigration, Leftists are perverting the idea of federalism in order to create and maintain sanctuary zones, in defiance of national law.

The Washington Examiner reports that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has sent twenty-nine individual letters to cities, town and states continuing to host sanctuary zones, a criminal act that violates Section 1373 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. The law states the following:

“Notwithstanding any other provision of Federal, State, or local law, no person or agency may prohibit, or in any way restrict, a Federal, State, or local government entity from doing any of the following with respect to information regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual:

(1) Sending such information to, or requesting or receiving such information from, the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

(2) Maintaining such information.

(3) Exchanging such information with any other Federal, State, or local government entity.

(c) Obligation to respond to inquiries

The Immigration and Naturalization Service shall respond to an inquiry by a Federal, State, or local government agency, seeking to verify or ascertain the citizenship or immigration status of any individual within the jurisdiction of the agency for any purpose authorized by law, by providing the requested verification or status information.”

If any of the 29 locales refuse to comply, they would lose millions in loans from the Justice Department’s Edward Bryne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program.

An earlier attempt in September by Sessions to threaten the cut-off of funds was stymied by….you guessed it, a federal judge issuing a hold on the move. The Examiner reports that the case is currently sitting in legal Limbo. How convenient for the Left.

What is your reaction?

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When Shooter Opens Fire, Witness Doesn’t Have a Gun to Fight Back — So He Uses His Car Instead

Two regular guys took heroic action to stop a man shooting an AR-15 rifle at a Dollar General store near Buffalo, New York, on Tuesday afternoon — with one of them hopping in his car and running over the suspect to prevent him from firing another round.

What went down?

  • Mark Pinnavaia owns Darylls Car Audio across the street from the Dollar General in Cheektowaga and told WGRZ-TV his employee Chris Kaufmann yelled “shots fired.”
  • Pinnavaia told the station they saw a man “shooting at the front” of the Dollar General.
  • He told WGRZ Kaufmann picked up the phone to call 911.
  • Pinnavaia grabbed his cellphone and keys, and hopped into his Ford Focus in the parking lot so he could gain a good vantage point and be “the best witness that I could possibly be,” the Buffalo News reported.

What did Pinnavaia do when the shooter momentarily put down the rifle?

  • Pinnavaia — who’s a reserve deputy for the Erie County Sheriff’s Office but didn’t have a gun on him when the bullets started flying, the Buffalo News said — saw a chance to stop the shooter.
  • “I proceeded to drive as fast as I possibly could to hit the individual,” he told the paper. “I had full intentions to hit him if that’s what it would take to stop him.”
  • Pinnavaia gunned his car across a side lawn and aimed it right at the shooter, who was running toward a Dollar General back door, WGRZ said.
  • “I caught him as he was jumping up over the roof of my car … there’s actually a foot print on my vehicle where he hit,” Pinnavaia told the station. “At that point he ran, and I jumped out of my vehicle and began a foot pursuit.”
  • Kaufmann joined the chase, and they both ran after the man until police caught up with him, WGRZ said.
  • “I was about five feet behind him when he jumped over a guard rail, and I saw officers with weapons drawn intercept him,” Pinnavaia told the station. “I broke off my pursuit and put my own hands up in the air.”

What did police have to say about the pair?

  • Cheektowaga Police Chief David Zack told WGRZ that Pinnavaia and Kaufmann  are “heroes” who likely prevented deaths: “It’s a miracle I am not reading off the names of deceased.”
  • “There was just incredible bravery on this part of these individuals,” Zack added to the station. “They were not going to be victims. They fought back, and they took this guy out, and they put a stop to it. No words could describe their courage.”

What else did Pinnavaia and Kaufmann say?

  • “This is not about being a hero,” Kaufmann told WGRZ. “This was about doing what you think you need to do and just doing it.”
  • “Some people have it in them to fight first, and I instinctively had that feeling to do whatever I could do,” Pinnavaia told the Buffalo News, adding that there was no fear, only “adrenaline.”

What’s up with the suspect?

  • Police identified the shooter as Travis J. Green, 29, the Buffalo News said.
  • He walked into the Dollar General around 2:30 p.m. and asked for an application, WKBW-TV reported, citing the Erie County District Attorney’s Office.
  • The suspect got angry and left the store, investigators told WKBW, and then fired 20 rounds with an AR-15 rifle at the store from the parking lot. He was wearing body armor and camouflage, the station added.
  • Green — who was in possession of two rifles and 800 rounds of ammunition, police told WGRZ — was arraigned on felonies including attempted murder, assault and criminal use of a firearm and was held without bail.
  • A 53-year-old Cheektowaga man was shot in the shoulder but was released from a hospital and is home with his family and recovering, WKBW-TV reported.Here’s a news report with more information on the suspect:

Rand Paul Discloses Sensitive First Details Since Getting Attacked

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul didn’t have it easy, especially after being attacked by what reports state was a neighbor. Now, he is opening up on the incident in a brand new interview.

As Paul explained to The Washington Examiner, he was first attacked from behind, after which he had to seek medical help. He reportedly had six broken ribs and fluid in his lungs.

Many reports stated the suspect is a man known as Rene Boucher, who will probably face federal charges regarding the attack. As Paul stated, he was minding his own business and mowing the lawn at the time of the attack. The charges Boucher is looking at could get as high as a four-degree assault.

Paul shared his thoughts on the incident in a recent interview.

The Examiner’s Paul Bedard acknowledged that Paul experienced breathing difficulties during the entire interview.

Paul initially stated there was no clear brawl that could have triggered the attack, although many suspect it could be a matter of landscaping.

“From my perspective, I’m not really too concerned about what someone’s motive is,” he said. “I’m just concerned that I was attacked from the back and somebody broke six of my ribs and gave me a damaged lung where at least for now I have trouble speaking and breathing and now I’ve hurt for 10 days,” Paul explained.

Paul couldn’t think of a reason good enough for someone to engage in such vicious and aggressive behavior.

“There is no motive that would justify hitting somebody from behind and breaking their ribs and damaging their lungs, so no, there is no justification for something like that.”

Many of their neighbors dismissed suspicion of a fight between the two prior to the attack, but one of the neighbors stated Boucher could have been troubled with the trees in Paul’s yard he found hid his view.

For now, Paul is looking to a long way of recovery.

“I would assume it gets better,” he said, noting that although he is still experiencing troubles breathing, he is feeling much better.

As far as his future plans on Boucher are concerned, Paul stated there is “going to be a criminal prosecution” against Boucher.

Veteran Keeps Promise of 50 Years He Gave to Marine Colleague in Vietnam

The Vietnam war represents one of America’s bloodiest fights for freedom. The story of Master Sgt. William H. Cox and First Sgt. James T. Hollingsworth who in 1968 found themselves stuck in a bunker, unsure of whether they would survive another day. The soldiers were trapped in the Marble Mountains of Vietnam, serving their country and putting their lives on the line.

Talking about that terrifying experience was Master Sgt. William H. Cox, who recently engaged in an interview with Greenville News.

As he explained, himself and Hollingsworth could not be sure if they were going to make it through another day, with explosions burning up the area in flames.

“If we survived this attack, or survived Vietnam, we would contact each other every year on New Year’s,” Cox told the Greenville News.

Half a century later, Cox and Hollingsworth managed to get in touch and keep their word. Cox, who’s from South Carolina, and Hollingsworth, from Georgia, reached out to each other and met ever since, and took the time to get in touch every New Years to catch up on life.

Last year, Hollingsworth confessed to Cox he was terminally ill. Once he was made aware of the news, Cox rushed to see his friend in arms, even if it took him 125 miles.

Here is Master Sgt. William H. Cox. at his former friend James "Hollie" Hollingsworths funeral! Hollingsworth became…

Posted by Ronald Ames on Thursday, November 16, 2017

After they met, Hollingsworth asked Cox to promise him something. Actually, he asked that Cox delivered the eulogy at Hollingsworth’s funeral.

“I said, ‘Boy, that’s a rough mission you’re assigning me to there,’ ” Cox said. As the new year kicked off, Cox kept true to his word.

Cox not only attended Hollingsworth’s funeral, he also gave a moving speech. “There’s a bond between Marines that’s different from any other branch of service. We’re like brothers,” Cox told Greenville News.

As far as their service is concerned, Cox repeated one line that kept them alive for such a long time. The two conquered the air at the time, with Hollingsworth piloting, and Cox being the gunner.

“Hollie, you keep ‘em flying, and I’ll keep ‘em firing,” Cox repeated the well-known phrase he often told his buddy while in the sky.

Veterans are the most vulnerable group of servants, deeply neglected in the Obama era. We even shared the story of a veteran who was so alone in this world, that no one came to mourn him when he died.

On Dec. 12, Navy veteran Jerry Wayne Pino, age 70, died alone in Long Beach, Mississippi. His military history remains undisclosed to this day.

Sadly, no living family was there to send him off properly.

“No one stepped forward; he just didn’t have any family,” said Cathy Warden, who works at the funeral home.

Unsure of what to do, Warden consulted with her colleague, Eva Boomer, and the two thought of a way to have the veteran sent off appropriately. “Something had to be done with respect,” Warden said. “We had to give him what he deserved. Nobody should go alone.”

Teens step forward to serve as pallbearers for a Vietnam Veteran who died with no family or friends in Long Beach, Mississippi.

Posted by Albert Crepeau on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Boomer has also served the military and knows the veteran community well. She asked a few boys at the Long Beach High School if they would consider serving as pallbearers, while Warden called her teenage son, Bryce, and asked him to invite a couple of his own friends.

It only took minutes for six young men to carry out the veteran’s casket and bury him in a way he deserves to be buried in.

Funerals are never easy on a person, but when it comes to being there for someone who selflessly served this country, and didn’ have anyone else to take care of him- now that’s when we, as Americans, need to step up our game.

Trump Mocked By Reporters on His Water Drinking Style…Then Eric Bolling Speaks Up [VIDEO]

On Wednesday President Donald Trump managed to tick off reporters at his first press conference since returning from his 12-day trip in Asia. What he did that was so ‘excruciatingly’ bad, was the way the president asked for and drank water at the press briefing. Moreover, it seems this has become the focal point of discussion for everyone on the liberal side.

While we were all waiting to hear questions on the president’s ventures in Asia, the way he took two sips of water from a Fiji bottle was the main attention grabber.

“They don’t have water,” he said and began looking for a bottle. “That’s OK.” One of the people present at the news conference suggested there was water next to the President, which is when he reached down to grab it.

As you might notice, this sparked quite the controversy among social media users.

Trump received intense backlash for the type of water he had sipped from, which was Fiji water that comes from the South Pacific.

Former Fox News Eric Bolling managed to explain to the wider public that Fiji Water is actually an American company.

“Before you go there…. Fiji Water is sourced in Fiji but the company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They pay US taxes. And the imports are GOOD for our vast global trade imbalances,” he tweeted.

Bolling received plenty of support on his Twitter statement.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio joked about the technique the POTUS used to drink water.

Just last year, Trump did a similar commentary segment where he teased Rubio for pausing during his GOP response to the 2013 State of the Union speech just so he can have a sip of water.

The Fiji brand became a topic of interest to many. Some even researched the company’s Wikipedia page, where it is clearly stated, “Fiji Water is the first official thirst quencher of Donald Trump.”

As per the data provided by the website, Fiji Water was founded in 1996 and has since become “the number one imported bottled water in the United States.”