Star Parker Sets Internet On Fire, Says The One Thing That Will Shame Al Sharpton Forever

Star Parker is a former Democrat. She was brainwashed by the left and as she says she “believed all the lies of the left.”

That was then. This is now.

She switched sides and became a conservative and is now blowing the lid of the real scam the left has perpetrated against disadvantaged groups for years.

Parker hold nothing back and absolutely exposes Al Sharpton and the rest for the frauds they really are.

Parker sat down for an interview with The Daily Caller and the left will never be the same.

She said the “perception of racism has become big business” for America’s liberal black leaders.

Who, and this is devastating and true, she claims “shake down corporations for billions of dollar” and really only divide America by skin color rather than do what Dr. Martin Luther King said and bring people together so skin color is a thing of the past.

She’s right. They get rich, America gets more divided and it is a scam.

She listed some lies she was told when she was on the left including: “the poor are poor because the wealthy are wealthy… that my problems were somebody else’s fault…. and that America was racist.”

These lies she believed led her to hopelessness and despair that led to drugs, crime, risky sexual activity, and a dependence on welfare.

And she is 100% correct. The left does not want to help – or maybe they did at one point but their programs backfired in such a way they now depend on these lies to keep them in power.

She found God and conservatism and has turned her life into the American dream realized.

Which is what happens when you break free of the lies the left uses to subdue a population and cling to power.

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