Navy SEAL Who Killed bin Laden Just Issued Blistering Ultimatum To Kaepernick For Ruining The NFL

It’s difficult to understand what a person who’s suffered persecution is going through if you yourself have never gone through it. Those of us who’ve lived a relatively charmed life apparently have no idea what it’s like to grow up as a person of color in the United States. We’re not allowed to comment on it since we don’t know the struggle, and those who have been a part of the struggle have the last word, always.

That is what those who are protesting the anthem are telling the world.

They’re protesting the way African Americans are treated by police, and they’re protesting the idea that their lives are better because of what the anthem stands for.
So the question then becomes; is there anything that can trump race? The protesters are postulating that no one’s struggle is as bad as theirs and because of that, they’re protesting.

But what they’re doing is disrespecting those who’ve died for their right to protest their country. They’re making it seem as if being a black person in America today is just as hard as being injured or dying for your country, and at least one Navy Seal has something to say about that misconception.

Rob O’Neill, the very Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden was asked while on Fox News about Kaepernick and his brain trust that is this outlandish protest, and he said what we’ve all been thinking:

“‘I see the flag, I think of Iwo Jima, I think of Normandy,’ he said. ‘People don’t understand what’s going on.’

.@mchooyah: “Doesn’t matter what color you are, when you’re in Afghanistan and get killed you come back in red, white and blue.” — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 24, 2017

NFL players from Buffalo Bills back LeSean McCoy to several members of the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars’ squad at their game in London this morning objected to President Trump calling out those disrespecting the flag.

O’Neill focused Kaepernick, who all but started the trend of kneeling for the national anthem in objection to the state of race relations in America.

‘Colin Kaepernick: Where’s he playing today?’ O’Neill asked, dismissing the former 49er’s ability to comprehend the situation.

He rejected Kaepernick’s assertions, noting the 29-year-old recently wore a Fidel Castro shirt in protest against discrimination.”

I’ve never been a person of color and I’ve never been in the military, but I do know that there are many people of all ethnic backgrounds in the military, and they’re being disrespected along with the much mistrusted white people by those who kneel during the anthem.

Supposedly these protesters want to be treated with the same respect as everyone else, and yet they’re not willing to give the respect that those who have laid down their lives for those player’s freedom deserve.

More on O’Neill’s comments from Biz Pac Review:

Appearing on ‘Fox & Friends,’ Rob O’Neill said that the kneeling for the anthem protest Kaepernick started was “insulting” to him as a veteran.

‘There are different ways to protest,’ he said.

‘Colin Kaepernick, where’s he playing today? Oh that’s right, he doesn’t have a job,’ O’Neill said mockingly.

‘He gave a protest about anti-discrimination wearing a Fidel Castro shirt. Are you out of your mind?’ he said.

‘You can’t take a knee for the National Anthem and say ‘I support the troops,” he said. ‘No you don’t.’

Host Griff Jenkins started to ask O’Neill if Kaepernick might change his mind if he visited the troops in Afghanistan, but O’Neill cut him off.

‘If we took Colin Kaepernick to Afghanistan he wouldn’t leave Green Bean Coffee,’ he said, referencing the coffee served on military bases. ‘He would stay on the base very, very safe, guarded by guys wearing the American flag that he hates.’”

This is the same with any one of those who protest the anthem and by extension this country; they don’t risk anything by protesting because it won’t keep them from being protected. They’re essentially the same as an entitled trust fund kid who flips off his parents while climbing in his Range Rover and heading off to a party funded by those very parents. America and its armed forces, like those parents, don’t want any harm to come to the horrible child, they just want him to straighten up.

The NFL boycott taking place by those who still support the troops is being supported by what was referred to in the past as the “silent majority.” We’re the ones who voted for President Trump, who’s fathers brothers and sisters and cousins are currently serving in the armed forces, and who take deep offense to any slight toward those who would willingly take a bullet for the very protesters who are causing this fuss.

It’s probably a really great plan to take the players who want to protest the anthem to the Middle East and let them trade places with a soldier for a little while. They might have a little different feeling about the flag after they get away from their first world problems for a day or two.

Source: Biz Pac Review, Fox News],

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