President Trump Dishes Out Plates Of Food To Hundreds Of Victims, But Guess Who Paid For It


On Thursday President Trump traveled to Florida to take part in what has quickly become a common part of the job for him. Surveying hurricane devastation, talking to local officials, and getting off his helicopter to distribute food and handshakes to relief workers and residents who were left with nothing.

President Trump flew into in Naples Florida, the gulf coast town of multimillion-dollar seafront villas, as well as and inland mobile-home parks that were devastated by Hurricane Irma. President Trump stopped at one of the trailer home parks where an excavator could be seen removing the twisted remains of a double wide trailer, that was once someone’s home.

The president and first lady spent most of the time there shaking hands, hugging survivors, taking pictures, and handing out food to the workers and residents. But what was even more surprising, was that the food they were serving wasn’t from FEMA. The president used his own catering service that he paid for out of his own money in order to provide food for the victims. When have we ever seen a president do that before?

On top of President Trump and First Lady Melania’s generous contribution of 1 million dollars of their own personal fortune to the hurricane relief efforts, they now did this wonderful gesture for the people of Naples Florida. What a contrast this is to what could have been, if Hillary Clinton would have won the 2016 election.

Freedom Outpost Reports:

Clinton Haiti Scandal Explodes: Former Senate President Makes Baribery Accusation and Leaked Emails Show Corruption!

How about two whole new scandals for the Clinton Family and their foundation?

We’ve already heard about the Clinton foundation’s Haiti corruption over the last few weeks. The foundation was caught promising to help the people of Haiti, and instead used the money to line their own corrupt pockets.

Now there are two new scandals for Hillary Clinton to answer for…

First, the former president of the Haitian Senate, Bernard Sansaricq, dropped a bombshell during a recent Donald Trump campaign event. Mr. Sansaricq told Mr. Trump that he had the documentation to prove that the Clintons tried to bribe him in an effort to get his support for the Clinton foundation’s work to defraud the people of Haiti.

Sansaricq explained that he became president of the Senate in 1994, a year during which the Clinton presidency attempted to oust the oppressive military regime in Haiti by threat of invasion.

Sansaricq said that in order to try to “appease” him at the time, Clinton sent Bill Richardson, a former U.S. Representative of New Mexico.

A week later, the American embassy sent an anonymous messenger back to Sansaricq, who allegedly told him that if he “sided” with Bill Clinton in the invasion, he would become “the richest man in Haiti.”

Sansaricq said he declined the offer because he “loves [his] country.” He added that a week later, by executive order, President Clinton revoked his visa.

Attempting to bribe a foreign politician who also says that her foundation defrauded his people of BILLIONS of dollars would be a pretty serious charge for most people, but for Hillary Clinton, it’s just a Monday.

The second potential scandal that is percolating as we start the week also focuses on the Clintons’ bribing Haitian politicians. However, this corruption comes from 2011 when it seemed the CIA was considering revoking the U.S. visa of the Haitian Prime Minister. The only problem? Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive was a dear friend and business partner of the Clinton family, and revoking his visa could cause problems with their work and their income.

On Jan. 27, 2011, Clinton Foundation Chief Operating Officer Laura Graham sent an email to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills, voicing concern about a rumor. Ms. Graham had heard that Foggy Bottom was thinking about revoking the U.S. visa of Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive. “Wjc will be v unhappy if that’s the case,” Ms. Graham warned Ms. Mills, using the initials of the former president.

Ms. Graham, who was also chief of staff to Mr. Clinton at the foundation, had other reasons to worry: “I’m also staying at [Mr. Bellerive’s] house fyi so exposure in general and this weekend in particular for wjc on this.”

So Clinton Foundation staff was hobnobbing with a powerful Haitian politician and using connections at the State Department to try to influence U.S. policy decisions involving that same politician. That’s unethical and it is also contrary to what Mrs. Clinton promised when she went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in January 2009 as president-elect Barack Obama’s secretary of state nominee.

I probably don’t have to tell you that Mr. Bellerive got to keep his visa and Ms. Graham didn’t get kicked out of his house that weekend. The Wall Street Journal goes on to explain that Mr. Bellerive and the Clintons made a lot of money by working together to milk Haiti for all they could. In fact, the pair made millions “helping” Haiti recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake (Haiti still hasn’t recovered), and the Clinton-Bellerive team also did something astounding in 2012 when they scored some sweet gold-mining permits for Hillary Clinton’s younger brother, Tony Rodham. (He got two gold-mining permits, even though Haiti hadn’t given ANY gold-mining permits to anyone else in over 50 years.) Thankfully, the Haitian Senate raised enough of a stink about the obvious corruption that the mining permits have been placed on hold.

The stench of corruption follows the Clintons everywhere they go, and for good reason… they are CORRUPT.

While President Trump tries to do the best he can for the American people and those who have been affected by hurricane Harvey and Irma, Hillary Clinton and company rip off the poorest of the poor in the nation of Haiti during their most trying time. Yet we still have a small segment of our population trying to start a so-called “Resist” movement against Trump because they are upset that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. Unbelievable!

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