AUTHORITATIVE LETTER To Cowardly Steelers Coach Will Make You Want To Stand Up and Applaud!

An anonymous blogger who goes by the name of “Lovely” wrote a scathing letter to Mike Tomlin, the Pittsburgh Steeler’s head coach who criticized the former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva who now plays for the Steelers, for daring to stand alone for our national anthem while the rest of the team hid in a tunnel.

letter. Enjoy…

Dear Mike Tomlin, James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger and any other Steeler who feels a need to criticize Bronze Star recipient Alejandro Villanueva for honoring the flag that his brothers came home under, you can all go to hell.

On Sunday your team had 3 options, stand and support America, sit/kneel and disrespect America or 3 take the coward’s way out and abstain, vote present, hide in the tunnel because you were too afraid to be seen as pro-American or Anti-American. What a vile low candy-ass choice you made.

“I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team,” Tomlin told reporters.

Your team does not come before America.

Why should anyone be forced to act in a way that is against their moral code? The poor boys’ millionaire club could not all agree on whether or not to disrespect America so you hid. We Americans understand. Trust me.

Let the kneelers kneel, the sitters sit, the Patriots stand, own your beliefs. Own your side. Everyone with a working knowledge of contract law knows that the players disrespecting America could have been fined in accordance with their contract.

Remember Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf? He was fined $30,000 after disrespecting the flag and choosing to sit on his butt during the anthem. Once he was fined he worked out a compromise and stood, he recited Islamic prayers under his breath but he did not disgrace his team by disrespecting the American flag, the anthem, America herself.

The administrative branch of the NFL is tax exempt. I hope that exemption is revoked. The entire league is subsidized with billions of taxpayers dollars, for what, so you can spit in the faces of the people who support you? No more.

You have backed the wrong horse. Sometimes not choosing a side is choosing through omission.

You’ve taken something that unites Americans of every color, creed, and religion and managed to divide them through your cowardliness and fear of offending the “wrong ” people. Fine them or fire them this is behavior that is covered in their contracts “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League.”

Honoring 9/11 is detrimental, wearing pink in your hair to honor breast cancer survivors and casualties is detrimental, twerking is detrimental but dishonoring the American flag is not detrimental to the integrity of the NFL. Hypocrites. You lousy lowlife mamby-pamby, money-grubbing, cowardly, politically correct, assholes can all go to hell.

Your decision to hide in the tunnel is disgusting and cowardly. Your decision to criticize Alejandro Villanueva a war veteran, a man who fought for your freedom, a man who saved lives, a man who was willing to lay his life down for you, a bronze heart recipient is beyond words.

Mike Tomlin, James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger and any Steeler who has the audacity to criticize or question Alejandro Villanueva standing for the National Anthem, choosing country over his team, you are what is wrong with America. As a team, you boys get a ball from one of a field to another side of the field and celebrate. As a man, Villanueva rescued wounded soldiers while under enemy fire and you cowardly clowns are hiding in a tunnel because you couldn’t decide whether or not to stand or sit for the American flag have the misguided intrepidity to criticize Villanueva’s dedication to America?

I hope my fellow Americans pray with me for a holy curse on your team, that you not win a single game for the rest of the season. I hope that you lose your tax exempt status, I hope you rethink your disgusting words and actions.

May the souls of the faithfully departed brothers and sisters who came home under the American flag haunt your every moment.

AMERICA’S oldest Suit Manufacturer Drops NFL Ads: “Our companies will not condone unpatriotic behavior!”

Cleveland, Tenn., businessman Allan Jones was proudly showing off his newly acquired Hardwick Clothing-brand suits by providing the wardrobe for NBC’s on-air talent during the network’s broadcasts of NFL football games.

But after NFL players and coaches challenged President Donald Trump and many took a knee during the national anthem played before their games over the weekend, Jones said he is through sponsoring the wardrobes or advertising on stations that air the National Football League.

Jones, CEO of the payday lending chain Check Into Cash and owner of Hardwick Clothes — America’s oldest suitmaker — tweeted his criticism and change of heart Tuesday.

“Our companies will not condone unpatriotic behavior!” said Jones, CEO of the payday lending chain Check Into Cash and owner of Hardwick Clothes — America’s oldest suit maker.

Jones, a strong supporter of Trump, directed his media buyer, the Tombras Group in Knoxville, to remove any commercials for Check Into Cash, Buy Here Pay Here USA, or U.S. Money Stores from airing during NFL games “for the entire season.” –Times Free Press

Allan Jones appeared on Fox and Friends shortly after Donald Trump’s inauguration to express his enthusiasm for his presidency and for his willingness to make American manufacturing a priority.



P.K. Subban

At a time when it seems almost fashionable to protest during the National Anthem, one professional hockey player insists he will never kneel while it plays. Who he is, however, is the real story.

P.K. Subban, of the Nashville Predators, isn’t just one of the biggest stars in the NHL. He’s one of the few black players in the league. He is known not only for his aggressive play as a defenseman, but for stating his mind, regardless of how people think. He is not, however, following the lead of many prominent black athletes on political issues.

On Tuesday night, Subban attended a fundraiser in Nashville and was asked about the political protests that started with the NFL and have spread to other sports. In response, Subban said he would “never” kneel during the anthem over a political issue, because he respects the American flag too much.

Yahoo News reports.

Subban performed at a fundraiser on Tuesday night at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, to benefit Comedy Cares. He told the audience that he would “never” take a knee during the national anthem, because he has too much respect for the American flag. His comments were sent to us by two eyewitnesses, and confirmed by the Predators. Subban, who is Canadian, is considered the most prominent black player in pro hockey.

Earlier in the day, the Nashville Predators announced that, as a team, they would not engage in any protests during the national anthem. This came less than two days after hundreds of NFL players, coaches and executives showed solidarity in rebuking President Donald Trump’s comments that players who protested police brutality against African-Americans during the national anthem were “sons of bitches” who deserved to lose their jobs.


According to Seth Dean, a Predators fans who attended the comedy fundraiser event, Subban took the stage and said “he will continue to stand, respect, and sing along with U.S. anthem.” At one point, he pointed out a friend of his in the crowd who was a law enforcement officer from Boston.

From Dean: “He also addressed why he always shuffles his feet during anthem. He first said it could be ADD but he was never tested. Then he mentioned just being pumped up by crowd and excited to support USA even as a Canadian. He even jokingly suggested we should all stand and sing anthem there at Zanies (which didn’t happen). He obviously wasn’t going to go against Lavy’s proclamation that players were going to stay standing, especially with his coach in the room, but he made his support for anthem as unequivocal as he possibly could.”

In an email to Yahoo Sports, Hailey, another attendee, described the scene in more detail:

Tonight was a comedy fundraiser at Zanies in Nashville, for which Ryan Hamilton was the headliner. As my attendance was spontaneous, I was pretty excited when PK Subban was the first “comedian”. Much to my surprise, his allegedly “impromptu” set ended with a tense promise from PK that despite his previous dancing antics during the national anthem, he would NEVER kneel during the national anthem, followed by a long rant about his “respect” for the American flag.

Subban has never been one to politicize his race, and doesn’t let race identity consume him. Earlier this year, he told ESPN “I never look at myself as a black player. I think of myself as a hockey player who wants to be the best hockey player in the league. I know I’m black. Everyone knows I’m black. But I don’t want to be defined as a black hockey player.”

He is a 60 Minutes report profiling Subban.

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Navy SEAL Who Killed bin Laden Just Issued Blistering Ultimatum To Kaepernick For Ruining The NFL

It’s difficult to understand what a person who’s suffered persecution is going through if you yourself have never gone through it. Those of us who’ve lived a relatively charmed life apparently have no idea what it’s like to grow up as a person of color in the United States. We’re not allowed to comment on it since we don’t know the struggle, and those who have been a part of the struggle have the last word, always.

That is what those who are protesting the anthem are telling the world.

They’re protesting the way African Americans are treated by police, and they’re protesting the idea that their lives are better because of what the anthem stands for.
So the question then becomes; is there anything that can trump race? The protesters are postulating that no one’s struggle is as bad as theirs and because of that, they’re protesting.

But what they’re doing is disrespecting those who’ve died for their right to protest their country. They’re making it seem as if being a black person in America today is just as hard as being injured or dying for your country, and at least one Navy Seal has something to say about that misconception.

Rob O’Neill, the very Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden was asked while on Fox News about Kaepernick and his brain trust that is this outlandish protest, and he said what we’ve all been thinking:

“‘I see the flag, I think of Iwo Jima, I think of Normandy,’ he said. ‘People don’t understand what’s going on.’

.@mchooyah: “Doesn’t matter what color you are, when you’re in Afghanistan and get killed you come back in red, white and blue.” — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 24, 2017

NFL players from Buffalo Bills back LeSean McCoy to several members of the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars’ squad at their game in London this morning objected to President Trump calling out those disrespecting the flag.

O’Neill focused Kaepernick, who all but started the trend of kneeling for the national anthem in objection to the state of race relations in America.

‘Colin Kaepernick: Where’s he playing today?’ O’Neill asked, dismissing the former 49er’s ability to comprehend the situation.

He rejected Kaepernick’s assertions, noting the 29-year-old recently wore a Fidel Castro shirt in protest against discrimination.”

I’ve never been a person of color and I’ve never been in the military, but I do know that there are many people of all ethnic backgrounds in the military, and they’re being disrespected along with the much mistrusted white people by those who kneel during the anthem.

Supposedly these protesters want to be treated with the same respect as everyone else, and yet they’re not willing to give the respect that those who have laid down their lives for those player’s freedom deserve.

More on O’Neill’s comments from Biz Pac Review:

Appearing on ‘Fox & Friends,’ Rob O’Neill said that the kneeling for the anthem protest Kaepernick started was “insulting” to him as a veteran.

‘There are different ways to protest,’ he said.

‘Colin Kaepernick, where’s he playing today? Oh that’s right, he doesn’t have a job,’ O’Neill said mockingly.

‘He gave a protest about anti-discrimination wearing a Fidel Castro shirt. Are you out of your mind?’ he said.

‘You can’t take a knee for the National Anthem and say ‘I support the troops,” he said. ‘No you don’t.’

Host Griff Jenkins started to ask O’Neill if Kaepernick might change his mind if he visited the troops in Afghanistan, but O’Neill cut him off.

‘If we took Colin Kaepernick to Afghanistan he wouldn’t leave Green Bean Coffee,’ he said, referencing the coffee served on military bases. ‘He would stay on the base very, very safe, guarded by guys wearing the American flag that he hates.’”

This is the same with any one of those who protest the anthem and by extension this country; they don’t risk anything by protesting because it won’t keep them from being protected. They’re essentially the same as an entitled trust fund kid who flips off his parents while climbing in his Range Rover and heading off to a party funded by those very parents. America and its armed forces, like those parents, don’t want any harm to come to the horrible child, they just want him to straighten up.

The NFL boycott taking place by those who still support the troops is being supported by what was referred to in the past as the “silent majority.” We’re the ones who voted for President Trump, who’s fathers brothers and sisters and cousins are currently serving in the armed forces, and who take deep offense to any slight toward those who would willingly take a bullet for the very protesters who are causing this fuss.

It’s probably a really great plan to take the players who want to protest the anthem to the Middle East and let them trade places with a soldier for a little while. They might have a little different feeling about the flag after they get away from their first world problems for a day or two.

Source: Biz Pac Review, Fox News],

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White Girl Is Burned Alive, 17 Black Gang Members Arrested Yet Media Refuses To Report Story


There is no doubt that the mainstream media has all but instituted a “blackout” on crimes committed by black thugs, and it’s almost epidemic across all forms of media coverage, and if an incident does make it to the evening news or within a newspaper, look for it to be buried in the newspaper or perhaps “aired” once with minimum time devoted to the story.

Even a horrific incident of a 19-year old girl being burned “alive” doesn’t raise much outrage within the mainstream media if the murdered girl happens to be white and her assailants black.

The FBI has rounded up 17 black gang members in connection with the murder of Jessica Chambers in Mississippi.

She was a white 19-year-old girl who had disappeared from a gas station while she was filling up her car with gas; her body was found burning just a few miles from the station.

The thugs doused her with gasoline and then burned her alive.

The stunning facts are that these types of crimes are happening with more frequency and are seldom reported by the mainstream media, it’s the same mindset that is putting Americans at risk when those in charge refuse to identify those that commit acts of terror, because of political correctness.

FBI agents targeted suspected members of the Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and Sipp Mob street gangs.

These men are violent murderers who deserve to pay for their crime. And this crime went virtually unreported by media.

Here are the names of the thugs facing charges:

Lyndon Mosely, Jr., 24
Edward House, 39
Joshua Cannon, 25
Anand Vijay Shegog, 39
Mondarious Armstead, 23
Gregory B. Andrews, 22
D’Irian Case, 18
Janicholas Vankeith Scott, 34
James Mosely, Jr., 26
George Todd, 23
Dedrick Ivery, 39
Antonio Johnson, 28​
Xavier Hooks, 25
Kevin Windfield, 37
Elgin Lamar, 38
Deon Smith, 20
Stanley Coleman, 40

Source: Right Wing News ,

Former Army Ranger Player Just Got NASTY Surprise From Black Coach After Defying Demand To Protest

Sunday football was more about the protests that far more players partook in this weekend than it was about the game. For every player who took a knee, hid in the locker room, or otherwise intentionally avoided the National Anthem, they feel like they won in a tug-of-war against our president who told them to stand.

One former Army Ranger who now plays for the Steelers knows what the anthem means more than his protesting coach and teammates. He defied coach Mike Tomlin’s demand that the whole team sit out for the anthem and stay inside the locker room to send a point to the country and President Donald Trump.

The whole team followed Tomlin’s disgusting demand except Alejandro Villanueva, a retired Army Ranger who did 3 tours in Afghanistan. He was immediately branded a hero for patriotism on Sunday by people who may not be a Steelers or even NFL fan but immediately became a supporter of Villanueva. The brave offensive lineman busted out of the locker room and onto the field, with his hand over his heart as soon as he heard the anthem start.

He stood alone as the sole patriot of the team and the NFL yesterday. This went directly against his coach’s orders who didn’t seem remotely happy that he stole the attention from his anti-American message he was hoping to send. Villanueva’s incredible show of patriotism far overshadowed anything that Tomlin thought he was going to say that day, and now he’s making the player pay a nasty price for his patriotic action.

According to the Daily Caller, Tomlin didn’t care that the vote to not participate wasn’t unanimous, he was going to force everyone on the team to comply with his opinion on the matter anyway. When the former Army Ranger rightfully didn’t listen, he found out two-fold what happens when you defy a coach who is an angry enough individual to force all of his players into protests, whether they agree with it or not.

Fox News reports:

For Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, being “respectful of our football team” trumped the right of Steelers offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva to show respect for the national anthem.

Speaking after his team’s 23-17 loss to the Bears, Tomlin appeared to take a swipe at the Bronze Star recipient’s decision. 

“Like I said, I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team,” Tomlin said.

Tomlin told the media that, prior to kickoff Sunday, the Steelers held a team meeting and decided, though not unanimously, to not come out of the locker room for the national anthem. Tomlin added the intent was to have his team focus on the game and not President Trump’s comments blasting players who chose to protest during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

What Tomlin is probably actually upset about is that his statement of sitting in the locker room was overtaken by the completely opposite message Villanueva sent. However, to come out and disrespect the former Army Ranger after he stood for the anthem he once fought to defend, is even more deplorable.

This wasn’t lost on the American people who responded with their wallets. Just as thousands of fans have boycotted the NFL to not pay to support these protests, they are willing to spend money when it’s for the right things, as was shown when Villanueva’s jersey sales skyrocketed overnight, while protesting players’ plummeted.

“Sales of the former Army Ranger’s jersey on shot up to the highest-seller among Pittsburgh Steelers jersey as of just 10 PM Eastern time,” according to the Daily Caller.

Additionally, Villanueva’s jersey sales rocketed into the top sellers in the entire league as of 7:45 PM EST behind only Marshawn Lynch, Derek Carr, Carson Wentz, Brown, and Aaron Rodgers, 247 Sports reported.”

This proves that the American people support patriotic players, especially war heroes, more than they do divisive protests. If anyone knows a thing about why we stand for the flag regardless of our misguided feelings, it’s Villanueva, who fought for it, and Senior Airman Brian Kolfage who lost three limbs in war over it. Kolfage came out publicly to defend what Villanueva did while the player’s coach rapped him for it.

“Three tours to Afghanistan and a Bronze Star with Valor,” triple amputee and Purple Heart recipient Kolfage began on Facebook today.

“Villanueva earned his Bronze Star medal with a Valor device for heroism in combat in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, while assigned to 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. After his team was ambushed by the Taliban, Villanueva helped evacuate three wounded soldiers, one of whom, Pfc. Jesse Dietrich, later died from his wounds. Villanueva carried one of the wounded men on his shoulders during the firefight.”

“After everything Villanueva went through in combat it was outright outrageous for coach Tomlin to even suggest he sit the anthem out. And anyone who has been in his situation or in combat knows exactly why. Kaepernick and his minions are chumps.”

Three tours to Afghanistan and a Bronze Star with Valor. Villanueva earned his Bronze Star medal with a Valor device…

Posted by Senior Airman Brian Kolfage on Monday, September 25, 2017

If Tomlin wants to talk about showing respect for a team, he could learn a lot about what that really means from these guys who never leave a brother behind.

Ashley Judd Wants To Live In Middle East Where Women Have “More Rights”

Ashley Judd is an American actress and political activist, but no one said she was smarter than a 5th grader. While she is best known for her ongoing acting career spanning a couple decades, she has become more involved in global humanitarian projects and politics. This year she was a strong supporter of the Soros funded ‘Women’s March on D.C.” although if you asked her, she probably doesn’t even know who Linda Sarsour is.

It seems Ashley Judd, felt the need to express to Americans, loud and clear that many other countries including those in the Middle East are way ahead of America when it comes to women’s rights and equality. Seriously?

It would appear that Judd needs to visit more countries in the Middle East and become a little more educated, maybe then she would understand the real rights of women in America are not too shabby. Or then again, she could just continue to be Ashley Judd, a misguided idiot who never learns from her mistakes, afterall, she did vote and support Obama for President, twice.

Misguided idiot liberal Hollywood actress / celebrity, Ashley Judd, actually sent out Tweets saying America lacks behind some other Middle Eastern countries in equal rights for women.

 The day after Trump took office, Judd also delivered her widely mocked “I am a nasty woman” speech at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., stating with the ferocity of a crazed person…

Ashley Judd, is the same nutjob that on one hand can wear a pink-eared hat to a ‘Women’s March on DC’  and shout obscenities and things like, “I’m as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheetos dust”, but then become ‘uncomfortable’ and have a ‘meltdown’ at a Kentucky Wildcats basketball game just because a man tells her he’s a ‘Trump supporter’. Get real! This woman exemplifies what it means to be a liberal nutjob!

Hat tip: Daily News Cycle

Judd should have left on the same plane with Cher, Whoopi, Lena Dunham, and others. This was the captain speaking on Trump Flight 1600:

Judd also addressed the matter on her Facebook page, asking, “What if emojis came, standard issue, in black? So WE whites had to scroll to find a color that more accurately resembled US?”

She wrote that such a question “gives me a glimpse of what it may be like to be a person of [color]in a white-centric world. Everything set to the standard of whiteness, everything else a variation thereof.”

More from Judd’s post:

I still want to be called a “non person of color,” to designate my whiteness in contrast with “person of color.” It could help address the inherent flaw in whiteness as the default standard, the term PoC being obviously a contrast to white. And “non person of color” has the added benefit of….”non.” A negating word preceding talking about me and my race/ethnicity. Now, wouldn’t that be helpful and good for a while? For me to experience what it may be like to have my personhood negated before a conversation even gets started? Because isn’t that what has happened with and to people of color for so long? Personhood negated through language, and a prism of other ways….

Some commenters supported Judd’s observation. One replied, “Thank you, Ashley, you make me proud to be a Kentuckian. You prove it is not the backward state that everyone wants to think it is!”

Trump Just Brought Hell On Kim Jong-un With ‘Day Of Reckoning’ We’ve ALL Been Waiting For

Since Kim Jong-Un over in North Korea took it upon himself to once again fire nuclear-capable long-range missiles earlier this week, President Donald Trump decided to give him a stern warning with a flare that only he knows how to give.

Standing before a massive U.S. flag and an intimidating B-2 stealth bomber which is a plane that’s capable of dropping more nuclear bombs than Fat Boy Un has in his entire arsenal, Trump lashed out at the dictator with fury. He sent him a stern warning that the highly advanced U.S. weaponry is designed to make the souls of America’s enemies ‘tremble.’ And that’s the way it should be.

What Fat Boy Un doesn’t understand, or just doesn’t have the capability to understand, is how in over his head he really is here.

President Trump isn’t Bill Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama. President Trump won’t let a two-bit 3rd world communist dictator continue to extort goodwill from the US every time he throws a tantrum. The days of getting signed Michael Jordan basketballs are over.

This time Kim Jong-Un won’t be getting his way. And if he continues to push it, all he will be getting is the unique ability to be able to glow in the dark for the next 500 years.

Reuters Reports:

North Korea says seeking military ‘equilibrium’ with U.S.

SEOUL/UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – North Korea said on Saturday it aims to reach an “equilibrium” of military force with the United States, which earlier signaled its patience for diplomacy is wearing thin after Pyongyang fired a missile over Japan for the second time in under a month.

“Our final goal is to establish the equilibrium of real force with the U.S. and make the U.S. rulers dare not talk about military option,” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was quoted as saying by the state news agency, KCNA.

Kim was shown beaming as he watched the missile fly from a moving launcher in photos released by the agency, surrounded by several officials.

“The combat efficiency and reliability of Hwasong-12 were thoroughly verified,” said Kim as quoted by KCNA. Kim added the North’s goal of completing its nuclear force had “nearly reached the terminal”.

North Korea has launched dozens of missiles under Kim’s leadership as it accelerates a weapons program designed to give it the ability to target the United States with a powerful, nuclear-tipped missile.

After the latest missile launch on Friday, White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said the United States was fast running out of patience with North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs.

“We’ve been kicking the can down the road, and we’re out of road,” McMaster told reporters, referring to Pyongyang’s repeated missile tests in defiance of international pressure.

“For those … who have been commenting on a lack of a military option, there is a military option,” he said, adding that it would not be the Trump administration’s preferred choice.

Also on Friday, the U.N. Security Council condemned the “highly provocative” missile launch by North Korea.

It had already stepped up sanctions against North Korea in response to a nuclear bomb test on Sept. 3, imposing a ban on North Korea’s textile exports and capping its imports of crude oil.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, echoed McMaster’s strong rhetoric, even as she said Washington’s preferred resolution to the crisis is through diplomacy and sanctions.

“What we are seeing is, they are continuing to be provocative, they are continuing to be reckless and at that point there’s not a whole lot the Security Council is going to be able to do from here, when you’ve cut 90 percent of the trade and 30 percent of the oil,” Haley said.

U.S. President Donald Trump said that he is “more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming.” He said at Joint Base Andrews near Washington that North Korea “has once again shown its utter contempt for its neighbors and for the entire world community.”


North Korea’s latest test missile flew over Hokkaido in northern Japan on Friday and landed in the Pacific about 2,000 km (1,240 miles) to the east, the Japanese government said.

It traveled about 3,700 km (2,300 miles) in total, according to South Korea’s military, far enough to reach the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, which the North has threatened before.

“The range of this test was significant since North Korea demonstrated that it could reach Guam with this missile,” the Union of Concerned Scientists advocacy group said in a statement. However, the accuracy of the missile, still at an early stage of development, was low, it said.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (not pictured) guides the launch of a Hwasong-12 missile in this undated combination photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on September 16, 2017. KCNA via REUTERS
On Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson called on China, Pyongyang’s only ally, and Russia to apply more pressure on North Korea by “taking direct actions of their own.”

Beijing has pushed back, urging Washington to do more to rein in North Korea.

“Honestly, I think the United States should be doing .. much more than now, so that there’s real effective international cooperation on this issue,” China’s ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, said on Friday.

“They should refrain from issuing more threats. They should do more to find effective ways to resume dialogue and negotiation,” he said, while adding that China would never accept North Korea as a nuclear weapons state.

North Korea staged its sixth and most powerful nuclear bomb test earlier this month and in July tested long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching at least parts of the U.S. mainland.

Slideshow (19 Images)
Last month, North Korea fired an intermediate range missile that also flew over Hokkaido into the ocean.

Warning announcements about the latest missile blared in parts of northern Japan, while many residents received alerts on their mobile phones or saw warnings on TV telling them to seek refuge.

The U.S. military said it had detected a single intermediate range ballistic missile but it did not pose a threat to North America or Guam.

Global equities investors largely shrugged off the latest missile test by North Korea as shares on Wall Street set new highs on Friday.


Trump has promised not to allow North Korea to threaten the United States with a nuclear-tipped missile.

Russia’s U.N. ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, said the United States needed to begin talks with North Korea, something that Washington has so far ruled out.

“We called on our U.S. partners and others to implement political and diplomatic solutions that are provided for in the resolution,” Nebenzia told reporters after the Security Council meeting. “Without implementing this, we also will consider it as a non-compliance with the resolution.”

Asked about the prospect for direct talks, a White House spokesman said, “As the president and his national security team have repeatedly said, now is not the time to talk to North Korea.”

South Korean President Moon Jae-in also said dialogue with the North was impossible at this point. He ordered officials to analyze and prepare for possible new North Korean threats, including electromagnetic pulse and biochemical attacks.

The United States and South Korea are technically still at war with North Korea because the 1950-53 Korean conflict ended with a truce and not a peace treaty. The North accuses the United States, which has 28,500 troops in South Korea, of planning to invade and regularly threatens to destroy it and its Asian allies.

It was known back in Roman times, that any Roman citizen could walk the world without any fear whatsoever of molestation because if any harm would ever come to them, the perpetrators would feel the wrath of whole Roman Empire rain down on them. That’s how it should be today for Americans, we have the technology, the know-how, and the brave souls so that no American Citizen should ever have to incur any harm from any outside force of any kind.

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Muslim Running For U.S. Senate Just Announced Her Horrific Plans For America If She Wins

45-year-old Democrat Deedra Abboud, a native of Little Rock, Arkansas who is now a Phoenix area attorney and civil rights activist has officially thrown her hat, or hajib in this case, into the ring to run for the US Senate representing the great state of Arizona.

Abboud formally launched her candidacy at a brief 10:30 a.m. event with her supporters at the Japanese Friendship Garden in downtown Phoenix.

“The journey that I have decided to take on today is not just for the people who look like me or sound like me, but for all Arizonans,” Abboud told onlookers. “Because we cannot continue to go backwards on this path that weakens our children’s education, strips health care from people who need it the most, locking up and breaking up families, and, once again, empowering big banks that caused the worst housing crisis in Arizona.

“I am with the growing majority of Arizonans who know that anger and resistance can only take us so far,” she added. “We need to unite to move our families forward. We need to unite to move Arizona forward. We need to unite to move America forward.”

What really concerned witnesses was who were in attendance was that during her 15-minute event, an upside-down Arizona flag flew behind Abboud. Although a campaign spokesman later said it was an error and not a political statement. Let’s all remember that the Muslim faith is very keen when it comes to symbolism.

I would have thought nothing much of it myself, but then I started to research as to who exactly this woman is. She is an attorney who self-professes herself as being a defender of Civil Rights. But not the civil rights of people from the cesspool nations where Muslims originate from. Places where women aren’t even allowed to display their faces, leave the house without a male relative, and can be beaten by their husbands at any time without consequence. She is an attorney for The Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR which has been labeled as a terrorist organization by The United Arab Emirates. In fact, she was the person who founded the first CAIR chapter in the state of Arizona.

Fox News Reports:

A U.S.-based pro-Muslim group that enjoys close ties with the Obama administration has landed on one Arab nation’s list of terrorist organizations.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was one of 82 groups around the world designated terrorist organizations by the United Arab Emirates, placing it in the company of Al Qaeda, Islamic State and others. While CAIR has previously been linked to Hamas, it has held hundreds of meetings with White House officials on a wide range of community issues and has sought to present itself as a mainstream Muslim organization.

“We call on the United Arab Emirates cabinet to review this list and remove organizations such as CAIR, the Muslim American Society (MAS) and other civil society organizations that peacefully promote civil and democratic rights and that oppose terrorism whenever it occurs, wherever it occurs and whoever carries it out,” CAIR wrote in a statement on its Facebook page, which also called its inclusion on the UAE list a “bizarre move.”

Despite its good standing in Washington, CAIR has had its share of controversy. In 2007, the organization was named along with 300 others as an unindicted co-conspirator in a case regarding funding to extremist group Hamas. Its critics have long accused the group of having ties to groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Some terrorism experts applauded the UAE’s designation, saying CAIR is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The United Arab Emirates could have banned the Muslim Brotherhood and left it at that,” Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst for the Clarion Project, told “Instead, they went the extra mile to call out major Brotherhood affiliates in Europe and the U.S. The point that the UAE is making is that the Brotherhood operates in the West and it is worried about these affiliates’ influence on Western policy.

“Federal prosecutors have explicitly named CAIR and MAS as Muslim Brotherhood entities, yet the UAE is expressing more public concern about this than the U.S. does,” Mauro added. “Whereas they appear in our media and meet with our officials, the UAE views them as extremists unworthy of being treated as representatives of Muslims.”

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said his organization, as well as other Muslims who are against terrorism, are often unfairly portrayed

“Obama provided examples of religious leaders engaged in the ideological fight against extremism, quoting a Muslim sheikh who said, ‘We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace,’” Hooper said. “That sheikh is Abdullah bin Bayyah, a 79-year-old cleric who, even though lauded on the world stage for his recent efforts at peacemaking, is dogged by controversy over connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The UAE’s list was likely to ratchet up the pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood by lumping it together with extremists such as the Islamic State and Al Nusra, Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria.

The move follows a decision by Saudi Arabia in March to designate the Brotherhood a terrorist group along with Al Qaeda and others. The Emirates voiced support for the decision at the time, and accused Islamist groups of trying to topple its Western-backed ruling system.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have taken a firm stance against the Muslim Brotherhood since its ascendance in Egypt in the wake of the Arab Spring, and the oil-rich Gulf neighbors are strong supporters of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi. He was elected earlier this year after leading the military overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Officials at the U.S. State Department did not immediately return comment when asked about the UAE’s designation list.

Of course, she is now whining about the backlash she has been receiving from Americans since she announced her candidacy. Because we know the drill, Muslims are experts at playing the “Victim Card” and Liberals excel at defending them, although Muslims don’t believe in anything Liberals stand for.

Let’s hope and pray her candidacy doesn’t go anywhere. Leaving aside the fact that she’s a Muslim who still wears a hajib, she is a leader of a group known to have ties to terrorism. This isn’t what our great nation wants, nor needs!

Please share if you believe CAIR needs to be banned in the USA….

HUGE U.S. Biz Has Been Sneaking Feces Into Their Products For Months – Here’s Disgusting Reason Why

Many people feel that if they pay a premium for a product from a reputable company that they are getting top quality for their dollar. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case as one of the country’s most loved and consumed brand has just been hit with a devastating blow to their customer base after they were caught sneaking human feces into their overpriced product.

If the bitter burned taste of Starbucks doesn’t leave a bad enough taste in your mouth, their catering to Islam and hate for President Donald Trump probably does, but now that test results confirm customers’ worst nightmare, even their staunchest liberals supporters are seeking other places to get their daily fix without the side of feces, which probably got in there through the sickest of means.

Starbucks’ Public Relations person has probably been working overtime to cover the company’s backside from the second they alienated conservatives, but now their work is really cut out for them after unfortunate test results prove what they have been sneaking into their cup of joe. The company’s CEO telling customers who supported traditional marriage to get their coffee somewhere else turned out be doing right-wingers a favor who were spared consuming more of their dangerous beverages considering the nasty punch they have in them that millions of customers have been unaware that they’re drinking.

After Starbucks pledged to hire 10,000 Muslim refugees to rebuke President Trump’s initial travel ban back in January, they committed enterprise suicide. That disgusting decision made people wonder what would happen to the quality of their product and customer service with illiterate third-world people with foul customs running shops. That nightmare has just come to fruition, perhaps regardless of the refugees hiring spree, with test results proving that Starbucks is literally full of crap.

Conservative Daily Post reports:

Many people around the world enjoy iced coffee and other cool drinks from baristas employed by Starbucks, Caffe Nero, and Costa Coffee. However, they may want to think twice before ordering again. The BBC’s “Watchdog” program performs consumer affairs checks on popular businesses. Their latest discovery found fecal bacteria in samples from the three popular coffee chains.

Yes, that’s right, bacteria that is present in feces is now included with customer’s ice at Starbucks, Caffe Nero, and Costa Coffee.

Samples taken from various stores found changeable levels of contamination. Head of policy at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Tony Lewis said that the amounts were “concerning.”  He added that the bacteria “should not be present at any level – never mind the significant numbers found.”

The investigation tested 30 different branches of the chain to make this determination, which included taking samples to check how sanitary the tables, trays, and ice are. While this is probably not the first test of Starbucks products, it’s is the only one to result in evidence that the new item on the menu is actual fecal matter that customers are getting from free with their overpriced beverages. It’s probably of no coincidence that this comes soon after doves of dirty refugees were handed out employment to make a political point that’s clearly backfired on the company now.

After all of the travel ban debate and the tug of war on this executive order between liberal judges and our president, the Supreme Court decided to officially uphold Trump’s wishes on the matter. This resolve led to Starbucks immediately speaking out to say that they strengthening their commitment of hiring Muslim refugees. They followed through by bringing on 2,500 in England and other parts of Europe, right before fecal matter showed up in their products.

The problem with hiring and accepting refugees is the cultural hygienic difficulties it creates. In Germany and France, the situation is so dire that a company has invented a “multicultural toilet,” Conservative Daily Post explains. Despite pictogram instructions, third world invaders don’t understand how to use Western facilities.

“Many migrants will have never seen toilet paper before,” writes one Deutsche Welle journalist. He added, “refugees nationwide have squatted on toilet rims or the floor of the bathroom… others have relieved themselves in the shower stalls, leaving behind human excrement on the floors.”

While this did happen in England, there’s no saying that Americans aren’t drinking fecal matter here since it hasn’t been tested. The overseas tests were somewhat inconclusive about if the sick addition came from the ice or someplace else in the process, but the problem remains that it’s getting into people drinks and has the potential of causing illness in customers.

People are paying far too much for a simple coffee to get a heaping dose of crap politics and actual crap with it. Time to switch your fix to someplace local where customers are appreciated and not isolated.