Navy SEAL’s Viral Video Is Democratic Party’s Worst Nightmare – DNC Is Fighting To Keep This From Getting Out

Recently a video has been circulating on social media that demolishes the left and the damage and danger that they are propagating in America today and liberals are not happy.

Navy SEAL and NRA commentator Dom Raso, Jr. Tweeted a portion of the video posted by NRA TV that completely exposes the ‘organized anarchy’ pedaled by liberals as well as outed the “liberal resistance” with some of their footage.

Raso Jr. calls out the liberal thugs like the Antifa movement for their crimes against the public and against our police.

He then goes on to ‘educate’ the Antifa thugs about what real fascism is. If everyone in America were to see this brilliant video you can bet we wouldn’t be dealing with nearly the same level of crazy that the “liberal resistance” is creating every day in the streets.

Take a look at the video posted to Twitter below:

That’s just a portion of the video the full 5-minute video and all its glory.

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Obama Takes Over As Pres To Send SICK Warning To Drowning & Starving Flood Victims Instead Of Aid

Ever since Obama announced he’d be making his political comeback this fall, he’s been undermining Trump every time he gets half a chance. So predictably, when the first drops of rain began to fall in Houston, Obama launched his plan to take over as president and hog the lime light, while Trump tirelessly works behind the scenes to actually make a difference, by getting aid and assistance for the suffering victims. But unfortunately for Obama, a disgusting memo has just surfaced, exposing his true disgusting feelings about the American people that he used to lead.

Obama has struggled immensely to find a purpose in life ever since leaving the White House where his massive ego and desperate need for attention were continually fed. Now he spends his days obsessing with ways to bring Trump down, as he’s operates his little “shadow government” from the home he bought with Valerie Jarrett, just 3 miles from the White House.

Still brooding over not being America’s celebrity president, Obama is now using the hurricane tragedy to launch himself into the media spotlight, as he’s now pretending to care about the Houston victims while still presenting himself like he’s president of the United States. “Thank you to all the first responders and people helping each other out. That’s what we do as Americans,” he tweeted.

Obama’s sudden “concern” for suffering Americans is a enormous fake sham however, as couldn’t be bothered to cut his vacation short last August to visit Louisiana after catastrophic and historic flooding left 40,000 people homeless and 13 dead.

As Obama’s fake show of compassion is being exposed as a massive ploy to reclaim his relevancy in America and yank the attention from Trump, now a memo has surfaced of the sickening message that Obama sent to Louisiana flood victims as they were up to their chins in dirty swamp water, battling the real dangers of dying from drowning and starvation.

While Obama couldn’t be bothered back in August to let the Louisiana flood interrupt his vacation of whacking golf balls, he did let state and local officials know that he was watching them like a hawk to ensure sure they didn’t engage in racial discrimination. As the people of Louisiana struggled just to find food to stay alive, Obama callously fed them with a 16-page lecture on “DON’T BE RACIST.”

Louisiana flood victims lectured by Obama to “not be racists”

Louder With Crowder previously reported:

“In a 16-page guidance issued Tuesday, the Obama administration, led by the Justice Department, warned Louisiana recipients of federal disaster assistance against engaging in “unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited English proficiency).”

The guidance’s frameworks ‘highlight the importance of complying with nondiscrimination requirements of civil rights statutes, addressing the needs of the whole community, and ensuring equal opportunity to access recovery efforts.’”

As Obama’s shameful race-baiting memo resurfaces, Obama’s fake concern for the Houston hurricane victims was wrecked even further on Monday, after his minions were busted for circulating a fake photo of Obama “helping the Houston hurricane victims.” Liberals were out in full force spreading this picture across the internet as “proof” of what “real president looks like.” Obama and his band of morons were busted shortly afterwards for circulating the fake picture, as it was taken all the way back in 2015 when he was serving Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter.

Obama not helping the Hurricane Huston victims

“The internet never fails to politicize natural disasters and troll President Trump,” the Daily Caller pointed out about the viral picture that went viral over the weekend of Obama allegedly helping Hurricane Harvey victims.

“This photo of Obama was actually from 2015 when he was serving Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter,” the Daily Caller pointed out. “The tweet had enough time to go viral, however, receiving close to 15,000 likes and almost 8,000 retweets today.”

It’s absolutely sick how Obama is trying to hijack this Houston tragedy to make himself relevant again, while pretending to give a crap about suffering Americans. If Obama really cared about the plight of suffering Americans, he would’ve proven that while he was still president back in August when Louisiana was buried underneath historic flood waters. But he couldn’t be bothered to interrupt his vacation, only sending 16-page memo lecturing Louisianians about not acting like racists, when what they really needed was food, water, shelter, and a Commander-in-Chief to genuinely care about their anguish.

BREAKING: Bill Passes – Gun Owners Forced to Forfeit Firearms or Be Arrested


Liberals are on a mission to destroy the Second Amendment and confiscate as many guns as they possibly can. They came one step closer to banning guns in the state of Oregon when Governor Kate Brown just signed a bill into law that allows for gun confiscation.

Oregon Senate Bill 719 “permits government officials to order the confiscation of guns, simply based off of hearsay evidence. There is no actual evidence required to order this confiscation, and before the gun owner is even given a hearing.”

The bill also makes it next to impossible for citizens whose guns were confiscated, to get them back.

Though Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas), the bill’s sponsor, has argued that his bill “is not confiscation,” the language of SB 719 says differently:
“Requires court to order respondent to surrender deadly weapons and concealed handgun license within 24 hours of service of initial order, and immediately upon service of continued or renewed order. Provides for law enforcement officer serving order to request immediate surrender of deadly weapons and concealed handgun license and authorizes law enforcement officer to take possession of surrendered items.”

If a requirement for “immediate surrender” of firearms and concealed carry license upon issue of an ex parte ruling is not confiscation, I don’t know what is!

Gov. Kate Brown did not comment on the bill when she signed it into law. However, she had previously said that the law is the “best way that a person who is at risk of harming themselves or others is identified, while still ensuring their rights are protected by a court review.”
This is, of course, nonsense.

“By allowing a law enforcement officer, family member, or household member to seek the [new law, it] would allow people who are not mental health professionals, who may be mistaken and who may only have minimal contact with the respondent to file a petition with the court and testify on the respondent’s state of mind,” the NRA’s legislative lobby arm said.

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Civil War Just Erupted In Houston After Who Showed Up To Stop ‘Cajun Navy’ From Saving Lives

Seeing the devastation and death toll rising with the water in Texas, an army of unsung heroes who know this kind of tragedy all too well, descended on Houston to help.

The self-titled “Cajun Navy” convoyed from Louisiana to Texas and started saving lives as soon as they arrived. However, not everyone appreciated the help and went to war with these heroes to stop them from their rescue efforts – turning the flood zone into a war zone for one disgusting reason.

Although Texas Governor Greg Abbott called in the help of 3,000 for rescue efforts of stranded people, the devastation was too large to ensure all were safe. Five have already died before this new kind of “navy” came in and changed the plight for one elderly woman so far, who may not have made it out alive if it weren’t for the skilled Cajuns.

If there’s anyone who understands the devastation and terrifying nature of a flood, it’s this group of Louisianans who recently lived through the horror themselves. During the torrential rainfall in their state last year, they took charge and did what Barack Obama refused to do as Commander-in-Chief at the time.

Today, they are facing a new adversary from Obama’s era who tried to derail them from rescuing more stranded Texans because the Cajun Navy had something these pirate thugs wanted.

Looting started as soon as the flood did when thugs realized there were televisions and other electronics left unattended in abandoned shops. This criminal behavior has only gotten worse as these ruthless degenerates are now trying to stake claim on the flood zone and take control of everything and everyone that crosses their path.

This includes several boats carrying victims, manned by the Cajun Navy who just went to war with these Houston hoodlums after an apparent act of piracy.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

A potential act of attempted piracy was reported by the Louisiana Cajun Navy, a group of volunteers attempting to rescue victims of Hurricane Harvey in its aftermath.

The group, which has over 140,000 subscribers on Facebook, says that looters attempted to forcibly take boats at gunpoint:

“Clyde and the other team members and teams are all safe. Looters decided to pose as people needing rescue and they attempted to overtake the boats and there were shots fired at the boats. I repeat they are all safe. Looters must not have wanted our boats in the water for rescues. Please feel free to share this post. We are currently on stand down pending a new strategic plan.”

Although the post cannot be independently verified amid all the chaos in the area, the post was shared tens of thousands of times before being inexplicably taken down.

Texas Storm Chasers captured the original post:

The ‘Cajun Navy’ has stood down after looters attempted to commander their boats and fired weapons at said boats. No injuries. Texas Storm Chasers (@TxStormChasers) August 28, 2017

The Cajun Navy corroborated the claim that they were shot at. “It’s true,” the page manager replied to a commenter on the post. “People are desperate. Happens during most disasters, unfortunately.”

Worse than being shot at and having to defend themselves against these thugs, the Cajun Navy was forced to halt some of their rescue efforts, potentially leaving countless people in harm’s way, according to the group’s spokesman Clyde Cain.

“Cain also told CNN that looters tried to steal an inoperable boat that was broken down while crew sought shelter in a delivery truck,” IJ Review explains.

“They’re making it difficult for us to rescue them,” Cain said. “You have people rushing the boat. Everyone wants to get in at the same time. They’re panicking. Water is rising.”

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo did confirm that there have been looters attempting to capitalize on Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, which has tied up police resources.

“We’ve already arrested a handful of looters. We’ve made it real clear to our community we’re going to do whatever it takes to protect their homes and their businesses. And when people come from the outside to Houston, Texas, know we’re going to be out in the city, we’re not going to rest as a police department or law enforcement community until people restore their lives.”

It’s not ironic that the post mysteriously went away and that the mainstream media is not reporting this. The thugs literally turned into pirates in this attempted takeover and lost.

This is taking the looting and unrest to a new level of what’s legitimately a turf war, between heroes trying to rescue people and heathens trying to maintain control of an area to have their way.

Victims, stranded in their attics hoping for someone to save them, are essentially being held hostage by these thugs who are intentionally getting in the way of rescue efforts. If a war is what they want, they are going to get it.

Two Thugs Try To Rob Hurricane Victims’ House – Get Reminded They’re In Texas With Merciless Payback

Hurricanes and other natural disasters are often perfect opportunities for looters to come calling, thinking the pickings will be easy in homes that have been evacuated.

The opposite was the case in Texas on Friday, after Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a powerful category 4 storm.

Many residents spent days stockpiling food, water and other essentials getting ready to ride out the storm in their own homes.

Too bad a few two-footed predators didn’t know that.

Police reported two burglars were shot in separate incidents — one in Corpus Christi, the other in Houston — after suspected thieves broke into private homes still occupied by their owners.

One suspect had been shot in the head and is reportedly clinging to life in a local hospital. The second burglar was shot and killed.

Neither of these brainless thugs probably knew there are an average of seven firearms per household in Texas.

That is a lot of firepower.

In addition to open carry, the Texas Penal Code empowers licensed residents to use deadly force to protect public and private property.

Texans aren’t people known for running away from adversity, either. So, the odds were against these two looters that the homes they had targeted were empty.

“Burglars might want to think twice before they try to burglarize homes in a state where people are armed and willing to ride out the storm,” according to Blue Lives Matter.

It’s a hard lesson for these people to learn, but in Texas, private property is a cherished right, not a crime.

Do you think all states should adopt similar laws that give homeowners the legal right to use deadly force to protect both home and property?

Liberals Spread FAKE Viral Photo of Obama Helping Hurricane Victims

Is lying the only thing liberals can do to get their point across? With a tragedy as massive as Hurricane Harvey, you just knew they were going to exploit it with phony claims.

And sure enough, on Monday a post by liberal Twitter user Aiden Benjamin regarding the hurricane went viral.

The only problem? What Benjamin posted was TOTALLY FALSE.

You see, he uploaded a photo of the Obama family serving food to others with the caption: “something you’ll never see trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!”

The implication was clear. While Trump was doing little to help the hurricane victims, there was Obama, selflessly serving food to the victims!

Only, he wasn’t.

Sure, the photo is real. But it’s of the Obamas serving Thanksgiving dinner to guests in 2015.

It has NOTHING to do with Hurricane Harvey. I mean, did Aiden Benjamin even bother to consider that the woman in the photo is wearing a heavy sweater, something no one in their right mind would wear in Texas during the month of August?!

The photo was called out by a number of people, eventually forcing Benjamin to remove the post and apologize.

Sadly, that was AFTER 15,000 liberals who don’t let facts get in the way of a good fake news story LIKED the post, and another 8,000 retweeted it.

So, while it’s no longer on Aiden Benjamin’s Twitter feed, this bit of fake news is out there, spreading like wildfire.

Expect to get a notification about Obama’s altruism from your liberal friends any moment now.

Source: NBC26,

Sammy Hagar’s Has INGENIOUS Message For ‘Crazy’ Anti-Trumpers – Nobody Saw This One Coming….

Rock star Sammy Hagar is disgusted and fed up with how the “crazy” anti-Trumpers have gone to great lengths, including breaking the law, to stop President Trump from making any progress to benefit American citizens.

When asked in a recent Rolling Stone interview on what grade Hagar would award Trump for his performance to date Hagar didn’t mince words:

“I don’t think you can grade him yet, because the poor guy can’t get anything done.”

“The opposition has become so crazy that they’re not gonna even give him a chance. I’d like to see him have a chance. He’s the president of the United States, and without getting any changes he ain’t helping us,” Hagar went on. “So maybe he makes some changes that don’t work, and then maybe the next guy will come in and say, ‘That didn’t work, I’ll do it this way.’ Because I don’t think anybody knows what the f*ck they’re doing out there right now.”

Hagar said before the election he admires Trump because he “busts people’s balls and says things that are politically incorrect.”

Clearly, in light of Trump’s victory, Hagar isn’t the only American who is sick and tired of the left’s increasingly outrageous politically correct demands on society.

Hagar also added: “musicians and artists should stay the f*ck out of politics.”

It’s rare to hear such clear and rationale commentary about President Trump from the entertainment industry that is dominated by out of touch liberals. Kudos to Mr. Hagar.

We think Sammy makes a great point for those liberal extremists who won’t give Trump any chance to make the changes that America needs.

Tell us if you agree with Sammy Hager in the comments section below.

Texas Hero Horrifically Attacked While Saving Countless Flood Victims After Racists See His Boat

This past weekend, Texas was hit by Hurricane Harvey that has left five dead and many people struggling to survive as flood waters continue to rise. Over the last couple days, harrowing images of how bad the conditions are on the Gulf Coast of Texas have been posted on social media and the news, but there are also some bright spots. While the liberal media and violent groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter continue to try and tear the country a part true Americans have stepped forward to help those in need. However, the relentless left does not give up easily and viciously attacked one Texas hero after spotting what he had on his boat. 

There are many stunning and horrific images coming out of Texas right now as historic rainfall continues to fall on the already drenched region. Though while there are plenty of accounts that are truly heartbreaking to hear there also many acts of bravery and heroism happening too. Neighbors have been helping neighbors escape the rising flood waters as families are trapped with no place to go. The media has reported that anyone that is not a part of a professional rescue team to stay out of flood waters, however, this is Texas and they don’t play by those rules. These hardworking individuals will stop to help neighbor in need no matter what. So, it was no surprise that many of these true Americans stopped what they were doing to help their neighbors in distress.

Well, one former Hillary Clinton staffer Logan Anderson was watching the news when she became incredibly triggered. You see as Anderson was watching the heroic efforts of good citizens saving people from the flood waters she could not help but notice a Confederate flag on one of the rescue boats that was busy helping people of ALL races. Instead of using this as a learning tool that the Confederate flag does not represent white supremacy or that it signifies he is a racist she had to blast the good samaritan on Twitter.

If that was not bad enough the intellectually unarmed Anderson took it one step further.

Thankfully, many people saw these hateful tweets and put the Clinton minion back in her place. 

The left is willing to paint this man a racist just because of a flag they know nothing about. If it truly meant racism and oppression do you really think that he would be allowing people of ALL races on his boat? Nope, not a chance. While these people are sitting around pontificating how enlightened they are I don’t see them rolling up their sleeves and helping people, do you? The Confederate flag hardly means that a person is racist it actually holds meaning. First off, it a symbol of Southern pride and there is not one thing wrong with that.

This man was taking the time out of his day to help his neighbors that were in need and that is his true character. However, don’t bother trying to tell Anderson that because while she was mocking this amazing man for helping those in need she was busy tweeting from California, where Antifa was simultaneously protesting at Berkeley.

Now, you can see the true spirit of this particular individual. 

Instead of Logan Anderson doing something to help those that have been affected she chooses to be just another social justice warrior and cause more division. People all over Texas are stepping in to help those in need and it does not matter what race they are to save a life.

For instance here is one man who was not a part of any professional rescue team helping people who were trapped. 

Here is another man who just wanted save lives because that is what you do when you are a good person. 

The reporter asks, “You guys just jumping in to help out?”

“Yes sir,” said the man who says he’s from Texas City.

The reporter asks what the man is “about to do.”

His response: “I’m gonna try to save some lives.”

You see, that is what the left does not seem to understand and maybe never will. They are so focused on the outside of a person and symbols that they do not see the heart of someone. A Confederate flag does not mean a person is racist and if anyone on the left would bother to study their history they would understand that. While slavery was a small part of the war between the states it was more about economics and less about hate. However, if that was actually taught to the younger generation they would not have their voting base for the next election.

Though what is interesting to note is that while people of all races are suffering there is not one black mask found to be helping.

That should tell everyone who the true Americans really are, don’t you think?

Obama Is SCREWED After What Picture Of Him At Hurricane Caught That He Didn’t Know Was Showing

Barack Obama has been working hard behind the scenes for months to try to dethrone President Trump any way he can.

When he saw Texas go into a state of emergency with Hurricane Harvey, he suddenly found it within himself to do what he never did while in office – by being proactive about reaching out to the victims.

Everything Obama does in the public eye is never what it seems, and what he did for the hurricane victims is no exception to his deception. While he’s used to hiding nearly everything, this time he was completely caught in the act in the most humiliating fashion. Now, he’s the one in deep water after the picture of it went viral this afternoon.

Exactly 24-hours before President Trump is set to arrive in Harvey’s path of destruction in Houston, Obama strategically beat him to the punch. Not only did that initially backfire when it was discovered what else he had done, but a photo that emerged of him with his allegedly empathetic announcement for the displaced Texans just made it ten times worse.

Prissy Holly for Freedom Daily first revealed the truth behind what Obama came forward and said this morning. She pointed out that it’s not ironic that he’s suddenly sad for flood victims, after completely avoiding the same disaster that took place in Louisiana his last term in office.

“To adequately paint the picture of Obama’s disgusting antics, let’s take a quick rewind back in history. In August of last year, while Obama was in office, prolonged rainfall resulted in catastrophic flooding across the state of Louisiana that submerged thousands of houses and business, leaving 40,000 Louisiana residents completely homeless,” Prissy Holly initiallypointed out.

“Louisiana’s governor John Bel Edwards called the disaster a ‘historic, unprecedented flooding event,’ declaring a state of emergency for the floods that tragically took the lives of 13 people.”

“The good, hard-working people of Louisiana waited and waited to hear their president extend his condolences and pay their suffering community a visit. But Obama was nowhere to be found. The plight of suffering Louisiana was the last thing on Obama’s list of priorities, as he continued to whack golf balls and vacation at his exclusive posh resort.”

His sudden show of compassion for flood victims was because of the opportunity he saw to beat Trump to it and reclaim the presidential spotlight he so desperately misses. Although it’s easy to see how insincere he is, in this sudden show of sympathy, a photo used to coincide with his condolences was the final nail in his coffin that contains whatever was left of his reputation.

Liberals jumped all over Obama’s supposed outreach with “photo proof” of what a “real president looks like.” They fell hook line and sinker for the bait he threw at them to help him in his cause of making Trump look bad, but it backfired even worse than his initial message today did.

Democrats are really easy to dupe, especially when they see an opportunity to throw Trump under the bus.

Shortly after Obama’s Twitter message thanking first responders in Texas for helping Americans, a picture of him emerged showing him allegedly serving food in Houston to victims at a homeless shelter.

It looked great and felt even better to liberals desperate for something to shove in the faces of every Trump supporter for why Obama is better than he is. The caption even proved that point with the original poster saying, “something you’ll never see trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!”

What’s funny, or perhaps sad, if we’re talking about how incredibly gullible/desperate liberals are, is that by blasting this picture they proved the opposite point they thought they were making.

“The internet never fails to politicize natural disasters and troll President Trump,” the Daily Caller pointed out in explaining that the viral picture of Obama allegedly helping Hurricain Harvey victims wasn’t taken in Texas and wasn’t even taken this year.

“This photo of Obama was actually from 2015 when he was serving Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter,” the news site pointed out. “The tweet had enough time to go viral, however, receiving close to 15,000 likes and almost 8,000 retweets today.”

It’s poetic justice that for all the effort liberals put in to making Obama look like a hero over Trump, as the good people in Houston are still trying to put their lives back together, that Obama is once again nowhere to be found. He tried to get the glory as a keyboard warrior by coming across like he’s “helping” when all he sent out was a tokenary message and link to where to donate to the Red Cross – which he probably didn’t even send money to anyway.

Meanwhile, President Trump is actually going to the storm-ravaged city, just like he did in Louisiana when he was running for president and not expected to make the visit. He’s dropped everything then and is doing so again now because he’s a president of the people and continues to prove that.

So, to use liberals’ own words – “this is what a REAL president looks like,” his name is Donald Trump.

BREAKING: Trump Announces Identity of White House Leaker – Nation Stunned

Ever since President Trump took office, the White House has been plagued by a series of leaks often classified information which provides damning information to the press. Now, one of the leakers has been caught red handed.

Gateway Pundit reported that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has been caught leading an active coup against our president at the White House.

This was confirmed by a White House insider days after WikiLeaks revealed that Ryan was one of six Republicans that Hillary Clinton bought off in order to form an alliance against Trump. The other five Republicans were John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich.

“He is on board, will retract the invitation to speak. Eyes only,” one email that was sent to Ryan last year read. This email was sent the day before Ryan oddly went back on his promise to help Trump speak at an event in Wisconsin.

Now, it’s been shown that Ryan is actively working with liberals and doing everything in his power to prevent Trump’s border wall from being built. He’s doing this in an attempt to destroy Trump’s chances of winning in 2020, as the president’s promise for the wall was the central platform of his campaign. Ryan and the Democrats collectively have teamed up in hopes of a government shut down over the building of Trump’s border. After all, a government shutdown will further cast Trump as a belligerent and divisive president which is the narrative that the left have been pushing all along.

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