CNN Reporter Tries to Say Trump Doesn’t Care About Hurricane Victims, IMMEDIATELY Regrets it

Kellyanne Conway is BACK and it’s just in time to defend President Trump against the lying mainstream media. Last night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo had the nerve to imply to Kellyanne that Trump doesn’t care about Hurricane Harvey victims… and she made him immediately regret it.

The CNN anchor asked Kellyanne if President Trump cared more about funding the border wall than he does helping Hurricane Harvey victims. Her response is brutal!(Video Below)  

Kellyanne responded by pointing out ludicrous that question is, and then she called out CNN for using this tragedy to attack Trump instead of actually trying to help the victims. She said, “Instead of having the same conversation 5 different ways over the course of this interview, you could be putting up 1-800 numbers or websites or giving people information about diapers or pet rescue or meals or water.”

Cuomo responded, “oh, we can do both” to which Kellyanne quickly shot back, saying “But you’re not, though.” She continued, pointing out how CNN has been having 8 person panels criticizing Trump instead of providing victims with what they need. WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook if you stand with Trump and Kellyanne against the lying media!

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